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A brand new suburb on Marmion Avenue located about 8 kms south of Yanchep and 6 kms north of Jindalee and Butler. This suburb is named after the Greek freighter "Alkimos" which ran around on the nearby beach in 1963. The general area has been known as Alkimos for decades but it's only been in the last couple of years that building blocks have been sold here and construction of homes has begun. Developers seem to prefer the name Shorehaven


Alkimos - Marmion Avenue

Sweeping down the hill, coming down from Yanchep, here is a view of some of Alkimos, a brand new suburb. Almost all display homes or homes under construction, I don't think too many people are actually living here yet. Apart from that, there are no services in this area right now. February 2012. Photos Ref: ALKM001


Alkimos - Suburb Sign

This sign proclaims the suburb. It is actually gazetted by the government as Alkimos. Developers often adopt their own name - in this case Shorehaven  - as a supposed attractive "come-and-buy-here" alternative. Actually, this place is nowhere near the shore. The beach is a few kilometres west of here as yet no road goes there. I wonder which name will hold out? Alkimos sounds better to me although this district is huge and is bound to be split up one day. February 2012. Photos Ref: ALKM002


Alkimos - Park Sculpture

There are two of these rather impressive sculptures, one on either side of Marmion Avenue which tend the lend some "authenticity" to this area as a real suburb. They stand out displaying their authority. February 2012. Photos Ref: ALKM003


Alkimos - Park

In the park on the east side of Marmion Avenue. You can see the sculpture off to the distant right. There are barbecues here still under wraps - I wonder whether they are to remain - as with the synthetic grass bordering some of the display homes? February 2012. Photos Ref: ALKM004


Alkimos - Display Homes

Rows of display homes on the eastern side of Marmion Avenue. There are also a few sales offices nearby. Various vendors compete for prospective buyers and of course sales. February 2012. Photos Ref: ALKM005


Alkimos - Display Homes

More display homes further down the same street. Vendor signs have the same effect as bunting. I wonder where everyone is today? Not a single person here. I would have thought Sunday afternoon would be the best day and time for customers? February 2012. Photos Ref: ALKM006


Alkimos - Land Sale Sign

Land for sale from $173,000. Then build your house. Display homes are in the background. February 2012. Photos Ref: ALKM007


Alkimos - House Under Construction

On the west side of town there is quite a good deal of construction going on. These houses are not display homes - people here are tending to spent some serious money on large two-storey houses. February 2012. Photos Ref: ALKM008


Alkimos - House Under Construction

Another house under construction, and very attractive too. Where will people who live here work? There is no industries, offices up this way apart from services in Yanchep and the suburbs to the south. I wouldn't like to be commuting to Perth from here. 90 minutes each way peak times?  February 2012. Photos Ref: ALKM009


Alkimos - Road Under Construction

On the western edge of the suburb, facing the ocean but it's too far away to be seen. This sand-dune area has no doubt been ear-marked for future housing and one day this road might lead down to the beach. February 2012. Photos Ref: ALKM010


Alkimos - Road Under Construction

Ten months later from the above photo. Lots of building infrastructure going in down this road now but it's not open yet. A sign back there suggests there will be beach access by autumn 2013 so I'll return around April/May to have a look. December 2012. Photos Ref: ALKM011


Alkimos - Shorehaven Avenue

It's July 2013 and hooray, the road to the beach is finally opened. Here is a view from near the beach looking back to the end of Shorehaven Avenue. The road actually turns off to the right in picture but the sand has blown across the surface obscuring most of the black-top. July 2013. Photos Ref: ALKM012


Alkimos - Lots For Sale

Building blocks for sale. Lots and lots of lots. Many have already been sold. This is a southern view on Zodiac Drive, just next to Spray Lane. July 2013. Photos Ref: ALKM014


Alkimos - Beach Sand Dunes

Towering sand dunes next to the beach are playground for child today. Not many people around but those who are here are enjoying this newly accessible area. July 2013. Photos Ref: ALKM015


Alkimos - Beach Sand Dunes

A look through the sand dunes down to the beach. You might be able to make out the wreck of the Alkimos in the ocean a little right of the centre of the picture. July 2013. Photos Ref: ALKM016


Alkimos - Beach Looking South

This is looking south along the Alkimos beach. Even the most sturdy of four-wheel drive vehicles can get caught in soft sand. July 2013. Photos Ref: ALKM017


Alkimos - Beach Looking North

Threatening skies loom over the look north along the beach. Up that way is Yanchep. July 2013. Photos Ref: ALKM018


Alkimos - Shipwreck

The wreck of the Alkimos in the ocean. Nice perch for birds. The ship has mostly broken up over the decades and now there is not a lot left to see. June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM019


Alkimos - Eastern Section

An update on what is happening on the east side of Marmion Avenue. Lots of new homes, many people seem to be moving in. Human activity is increasing! July 2013. Photos Ref: ALKM020


Alkimos - Waterfront Park

Glance up at photo ALKM016 and you can see sand dunes. Now see the new Waterfront Park which is located between where those dunes used to be. This is beach-side. The park was opened on February 8, 2015 by Mayor of Wanneroo, Tracey Roberts. A sign says that by late 2015 a Beach Cafe will be opened next to the park. June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM021


Alkimos - Woolworths Site

Just across from the Waterfront Park area and a little way from the beach is this land set aside for a future Woolworths store. No dates yet. June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM022


Alkimos - New Houses Near Beach

When we were here back in 2013, there were no houses in this area, just marked-out lots (see above ALKM014). Homes are springing up as you can see. June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM023


Alkimos - New Houses Near Beach

More new homes on the western (beach) end of Zodiac Drive. June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM024


Alkimos - Zodiac Drive

These new houses on Zodiac Drive are fairly typical of an architectural pattern being employed all around the locality. The stone wall frontage and series of access steps from the road seems to be quite common. June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM025


Alkimos - School Site

About halfway between the beach and Marmion Avenue, off Shorehaven Avenue, is this land set aside for a future school. June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM026


Alkimos - New Development

House building on Shorehaven Drive close to the proposed school site. Access to these homes also will be via steps from the road as with those on Zodiac Drive. I had to climb up a set of steps to take this photo. June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM027


Alkimos - Commercial Building

On Shorehaven Drive and on the corner of Broadside Avenue is what looks like commercial premises being built. They look more like professional rooms rather than retail shops. June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM028


Alkimos - Medical Centre

Next to the new commercial premises is this Medical Centre, Pharmacy and Child Care Centre, still under construction. June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM029


Alkimos - Petrol Station Site

Close to Marmion Avenue on Shorehaven Drive is this land set aside for a petrol station, a liquor and other retail stores. June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM030


Alkimos - Anglican School

The next road south from Shorehaven Drive is Graceful Boulevard. Pictured is the operational St James' Anglican School. The school opened in February 2015. Photo - June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM031


Alkimos - Anglican Church

Next to the Anglican School and on the corner of Marmion Avenue is the Anglican Chapel of St James, still under construction. June 2015. Photos Ref: ALKM032

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