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The locality of Bodallin is situated almost half-way between the large centres of Merredin and Southern Cross. The Perth - Kalgoorlie rail line passes through the town. A railway siding here preceded the establishment of the town. The siding was established in or about 1895. The town was gazetted in 1918 and would have been an important coach stop. In 1918 the town spelling was Boddalin. This changed in 1947. The Aboriginal name was Boodalin


Bodallin - Heritage Sign

There is not too much of the old Bodallin left these days. This sign depicts a little of the town's history. Just about all the pictured buildings no longer exist. March 2015. Photos Ref: BDLN001


Bodallin - School

The Bodallin school is still here albeit closed. The school dates back to 1924. Mrs Sherlock initiated the school and this act is commemorated by a plaque at the school unveiled by Mrs Laurel Blyth, daughter of Mrs Sherlock, on March 3rd, 1984. March 2015. Photos Ref: BDLN002


Bodallin - School

Another view of the old Bodallin school. The school opened on February 19th, 1924 and closed on December 18th, 2002. March 2015. Photos Ref: BDLN003


Bodallin - Community Hall

The Bodallin Community Hall which looks distinctly of 1960's or 1970's design. March 2015. Photos Ref: BDLN004


Bodallin - Highway

The Great Eastern Highway sweeps though Bodallin. Here is the Liberty Roadhouse. March 2015. Photos Ref: BDLN005

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