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Cape Leeuwin

Cape Leeuwin is the most south-westerly point of the Australian continent. It is located some eight kilometres south of the town of Augusta. At this place, the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet. Englishman Captain Brooke charted this section of the coast in 1622 in his ship the Leeuwin (this was a Dutch ship and 'Leeuwin' translates to 'Lioness' in English), hence the name. Cape Leeuwin is the site of a very important shipping navigation lighthouse


Cape Leeuwin - Waterwheel

This water-wheel was constructed in 1895 to provide fresh water for the lighthouse site. Water from a nearby spring ran down the upper channel turning the wheel. The water was then collected below the wheel. The turning wheel provided the power to pump the water over to the lighthouse village. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN001


Cape Leeuwin - Flume

This is the channel, or flume, constructed out of wood and used to carry the spring water down to the water wheel. Water still exists in the flume but the wheel itself is encrusted in calcified lime. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN002


Cape Leeuwin - Waterwheel and Flume

Another view of the waterwheel and channel including the top of the lighthouse to provide some concept of distance. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN003


Cape Leeuwin - Rocks and Bluff

Looking north from the waterwheel area across the rocks and a small channel. The southern extremity of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Bluff can be seen behind. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN004


Cape Leeuwin - Rocks and Light

Looking south from the waterwheel area across rocks, this time taking in the upper section of the lighthouse which is down at the tip of the cape. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN005


Cape Leeuwin - Weather Station

The Leeuwin weather station at a rather exposed place over-looking the ocean. I'd bet some decent wind speeds are recorded here during the winter. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN006


Cape Leeuwin - Visitor Centre

One of a number of building in the lighthouse compound. This one has been renovated and serves as the park entry point and which also contains a small restaurant. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN007


Cape Leeuwin - Stone Cottage

One of a couple of very small buildings each with its own chimney meaning, of course, there is a fireplace inside. These may have been workers cottages for single men. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN008


Cape Leeuwin - Keeper's House

Here is one of three Keeper's cottages used as accommodation for them and their families. The keepers probably worked in 8-hour shifts hence the need for three. These cottages contained three bedrooms and were built using local granite or limestone. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN009


Cape Leeuwin - Walkway

A view along the pathway leading to the light. The two buildings closest are being restored with asbestos building materials being removed. The building farthest away contains toilet facilities. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN010


Cape Leeuwin - Cow near Light

Perhaps this cow would be more at home in Cowaramup or Brunswick? In the old days a small herd of cattle used to roam around in this area. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN011


Cape Leeuwin - The Lighthouse

The Cape Leeuwin lighthouse was constructed in 1895 and was opened by the then Premier, Sir John Forrest. The tower is the tallest in Western Australia, standing at 39 metres. However being so close to sea level, the light has an elevation of just 56 metres (compare Cape Naturaliste at 143 metres). Both lights have a common range of 25 nautical miles. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN012


Cape Leeuwin - Lighthouse Base

This is the base of the lighthouse. Operation of the light was automated in 1992. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN013


Cape Leeuwin - The Lighthouse

A giddy look up the lighthouse. Conducted tours are available if you are up to climbing the 186 steps over seven floors. Buy the ticket when you enter the park at the visitor centre. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN014


Cape Leeuwin - Tip of the Cape

This is the tip of Cape Leeuwin, the most south-westerly point of Australia. On the left is the Southern Ocean and on the right is the Indian Ocean. December 2013. Photos Ref: CLWN015

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