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A tiny settlement on the Dowerin - Kalannie road, about 20 kilometres north of Dowerin. This is in the central wheatbelt district and therefore much activity is focused in local agriculture. The town is very small yet surviving. The town is on a railway between the towns of Amery and Kalannie. Back in 1930, Amery was known as Ejanding but changed its name. The current Ejanding was gazetted in 1930 and takes its name from the nearby Hejanging Well


Ejanding - Highway and Railway Crossing

Ejanding is a tiny settlement set adjacent to the rail line and wheat storage facilities. Here is where the rail crosses the Dowerin - Kalannie Road. You can see a sign pointing to the school. April 2012. Photos Ref: EJAN001


Ejanding - Townsite from Main Road

A view from the main road across to the wheat bins and town area. April 2012. Photos Ref: EJAN002


Ejanding - School

Here is the old school, set a few hundred metres along the Ejanding Road East. A single-roomed classroom now abandoned. A little further up this road is a Go-Kart track which was well in swing today. Perhaps with people coming up from Dowerin. April 2012. Photos Ref: EJAN003


Ejanding - Old Shop

An old shop in the main town-site. In days gone by this was probably the general store. April 2012. Photos Ref: EJAN004


Ejanding - House in Town

A spick and span local house which is occupied, as are a couple of others up behind this. I must say this would be a very peaceful place to live but you wouldn't want to run out of anything essential late in the evening  - the nearest shop is 20 kms away. But then country people are used to that - ask any farmer. April 2012. Photos Ref: EJAN005


Ejanding - Old Business Premises

On the northern outskirts of town, actually away from the main townsite and on the main road, is this tumbling down former business (by the look of it). The Ejanding district is apparently the original home of AFL star Lance Franklin. April 2012. Photos Ref: EJAN006

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