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Green Head

W. E. Archdeacon surveyed this area in 1875 and coined the name Green Head simply because it was descriptive of what he saw. Green Head is a small fishing town along the Batavia Coast. Cray fishing is the dominant industry. The town is north of Jurien Bay and south of Leeman and approximately 290 kms north of Perth. Camping land was set aside in 1946 and such was the demand that building lots began selling by 1959. The town was gazetted in 1966


Green Head - Welcome Sign

The Green Head welcome sign is adorned with a brace of seals. September 2014. Photos Ref: GRHD001


Green Head - General Store

The local general store and garage. This is well away from the main highway. September 2014. Photos Ref: GRHD002


Green Head - Town Jetty

The town's main jetty is a popular place for trying a bit of fishing. September 2014. Photos Ref: GRHD003


Green Head - Small Jetty

Seagulls make this small jetty their home. In the background, the rocky coastline curves around to the south. September 2014. Photos Ref: GRHD004


Green Head - Shop

Off the main road and next to Centrebreak is this shop selling all manner of food and drinks, including fresh lobster. September 2014. Photos Ref: GRHD005


Green Head - Centrebreak

Next door to the shop is Centrebreak offering a bar, a cafe and accommodation. September 2014. Photos Ref: GRHD006


Green Head - Caravan Park

The caravan park reception building with brightly coloured walls and enough solar panels to brighten them up even more. September 2014. Photos Ref: GRHD007


Green Head - Community Centre

The Green Head Community Centre which also incorporates the library. September 2014. Photos Ref: GRHD008


Green Head - Point Louise

Point Louise is accessed via an unsealed road from a couple of kilometres north of town. A good place for fishing, paddle boarding, swimming or just fossicking around the rocks. September 2014. Photos Ref: GRHD009


Green Head - Point Louise

In the ocean at Point Louise a paddle boarder makes his way back to shore. The colours in the clear waters are magnificent. September 2014. Photos Ref: GRHD010


Green Head - Point Louise

At Point Louise, pigface and other hardy plants seem to thrive in the sand between the rocks. Here is a pigface in flower. September 2014. Photos Ref: GRHD011


Green Head - Town from Point Louise

Looking back towards the town of Green Head from Point Louise. September 2014. Photos Ref: GRHD012

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