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A small locality in wheat country noted now for its grand hotel and historic buildings. The townsite is 22 kms east of York, and two or three kms north of the York - Quairading Road. Greenhills is like a time capsule representing what many of these small rural communities looked like a hundred or so years ago. The main York to Quairading road used to run through Greenhills until the by-pass was built which almost, but didn't, spell the death of the town


Greenhills - Old 1896 Bakery

The old Bakery which is located a little north-west of the main townsite. The bakery was constructed around 1896. It was restored by the present owners in 2001. January 2012. Photos Ref: GRHL001


Greenhills - Old Shed next to Bakery

Just next to the bakery is this old shed and some disused farming implements. January 2012. Photos Ref: GRHL002


Greenhills - Rustic Fence

A wonderful example of an innovative Australian country fence. This is next to the old shed near the bakery. Wheat fields lie beyond. February 2015. Photos Ref: GRHL003


Greenhills - House for Sale

A house for sale in Greenhills, close to the old bakery and railway crossing. This is on the Doodenanning Road. February 2015. Photos Ref: GRHL004


Greenhills - Hall

On the main street of Greenhills is this sturdy old hall. The Greenhills Hall was built in 1912. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mary Anne McMullen on 4th September 1912. To the left of the hall is a playground. To the right of the hall are a couple of vacant lots which were once tennis courts, and then the Tavern. January 2012. Photos Ref: GRHL005


Greenhills - Former Post Office

There are some fine residences around the townsite. It is heartening to see a small place such as this seeing out the 20th century and surviving into the 21st. This building was once the post office and was built in 1899. January 2012. Photos Ref: GRHL006


Greenhills - Main Street view looking South

This is a view down the main street from the north. You see the hall on the left and glimpse the hotel beyond that. Over to the right is the CBH wheat storage facility. Those tins sheds to the left occupy ground where the Greenhills store used to be. January 2012. Photos Ref: GRHL007


Greenhills - Greenhills Tavern

The Greenhills Tavern on the main street. This was constructed in 1910 and was formerly known as the Railway Hotel. January 2012. Photos Ref: GRHL008


Greenhills - Greenhills Tavern

A view of the main street and side faces of the Greenhills Tavern. The bar entrance is the door in the centre. The bar is a fairly small area within the building nonetheless convivial and sparkling. February 2015. Photos Ref: GRHL009


Greenhills - Greenhills Tavern

A view along the hotel verandah showing off fine craftsmanship in the brickwork and windows. January 2012. Photos Ref: GRHL010


Greenhills - Greenhills Tavern

To south of the main hotel is what appears to be a later structure. This seems to be a dining room or function facility. This is a view from the rear on the hotel. January 2012. Photos Ref: GRHL011


Greenhills - Paddocks behind Hotel

Turn around 180 degrees from the hotel function room view and this is a look across the paddocks which seem to go on and on forever. January 2012. Photos Ref: GRHL012


Greenhills - Wheat Bin

The life blood of so many country towns - storage and shipping of farm produce - in this case wheat. January 2012. Photos Ref: GRHL013


Greenhills - Railway Line North

The rusty railway line leaves town heading north, then crosses this cattle grid before curving off through a wheat field and heading east to Quairading. Every fourth or fifth railway sleeper is made of metal. This is classified by Government as a tier-3 line, unimportant, not worth maintaining, and so it was closed. The wheat harvest is now hauled by road. February 2015. Photos Ref: GRHL014

October 2020: A newspaper report suggests the W.A. Government will fund the upgrade and re-opening of this line. Let's see what eventuates


Greenhills - Railway Line South

At the south end of town and looking south, the railway line crosses the Bally Bally Brook bridge. The brook is a tributary to the nearby Mackie River. To the right of the bridge are foundations of an older bridge. February 2015. Photos Ref: GRHL015


Greenhills - St Andrews Anglican Church

Set on the main York to Quairading road (and therefore a few kilometres from the Greenhills townsite), is St Andrew's Anglican Church. It was built by the local Penny family in 1912 and maintained by them thereafter. The original church, which fell into disrepair and eventual ruin, existed where the cemetery currently is located, was consecrated by Bishop (later Archbishop) Riley, on 20th May 1895. January 2012. Photos Ref: GRHL016


Greenhills - St Andrews Anglican Church

Another view of the church. The church cemetery is just to the west of here. January 2012. Photos Ref: GRHL017


Greenhills - Cemetery

The entrance to the Greenhills cemetery, set about half a kilometre west of St Andrews Anglican Church off the York to Quairading Road. February 2015. Photos Ref: GRHL018


Greenhills - Cemetery Church Ruins

Here are some of the ruins of the church which was built in 1895 and used to exist in the cemetery. February 2015. Photos Ref: GRHL019


Greenhills - Cemetery Church Ruins

The outline of the old church building is evident here together with the small stand of remaining stones. February 2015. Photos Ref: GRHL020


Greenhills - Cemetery Pioneer Graves

Pioneer graves. These have their original stones. Many graves in this cemetery don't. It seems that quite a number of people were buried here in unmarked graves, predominantly in the 1920's. Some kind organisation has recently placed small but simple headstones on the graves. Well done. February 2015. Photos Ref: GRHL021

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