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A hamlet off the South Western Highway just 2-3 kms south of Waroona. The only non-farming building is the Hall. Hamel owes its name to a local land owner (pre-1890's), solicitor and Member of Parliament, Lancel Victor de Hamel. Land surrounding land was purchased from Mr de Hamel's estate in 1898 and the town was gazetted one year later. The area is also known for the nearby Hamel wetlands, home to many species of birds, plants and animals


Hamel - Hall

This is the Hamel Hall on Cornucopia Street which was built in the 1890's and apparently served as a prison in its very early days (until 1907). Today it remains a fine, sturdy, wooden structure although up until renovations in the 1980's it had fallen into considerable disrepair. December 2010. Photos Ref: HAML001


Hamel - Hall

The rear of the Hamel Hall. The hall was once in another place about 750 metres away and long ago enterprising people rolled it to this location on wooden logs. January 2014. Photos Ref: HAML002


Hamel - Park

Next to the hall, which you can see in the background, is this small park. The park bench has been decorated with colourful 'Kids Ideas of Hamel". January 2014. Photos Ref: HAML003


Hamel - Park

And still looking further away from the Hamel Hall, this photo features three "totem poles" depicting local wildlife, agriculture and flora. January 2014. Photos Ref: HAML004


Hamel - Lake

On the road into Hamel from the highway, this lake can be seen. It is one of a series of perennial lakes which make up the Hamel Wetlands. January 2014. Photos Ref: HAML005


Hamel - Bus Shelter

The phone box sits next to the bus shelter. This is probably where the local children catch the school bus to Waroona. January 2014. Photos Ref: HAML006


Hamel - Farm

Hamel is situated off the South Western Highway south of Waroona. This is a view just past the Hall looking over the Perth-Bunbury railway line level crossing to farm buildings beyond. December 2010. Photos Ref: HAML007

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