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Hyden is a small town on the eastern edge of the agricultural area. East of Hyden are no towns of substance until far-off Norseman. Hyden is some 340 kilometres east of Perth and 51 kilometres east of Kondinin. Area rock formations are popular tourist attractions. The town was gazetted in 1932. A railway line from Lake Grace to Hyden was constructed in 1930. Hyden may be derived from Karl Heyden's name, a German prospector in the area in the 1890's


Hyden - Welcome Sign

The town welcome sign which naturally features Wave Rock. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN001


Hyden - Shops

The main shopping area is quite modern. Here is a section of the shops featuring the entrance and the right section. This is the Bush Shopping Village. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN002


Hyden - Bakery

Off to the right of the main Bush Shopping Village building is the bakery and cafe. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN003


Hyden - Anglican Church

All Saints Anglican Church, Hyden. This was built in 1955. There is no Foundation Stone. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN004


Hyden - Anglican Church

All Saints Anglican Church, Hyden. This is a view of the rear. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN005


Hyden - Bower Birds

Bower Birds Secondhand Shop on Marshall Street, near the corner of Lynch Street. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN006


Hyden - CWA

The C.W.A. Rooms on Lynch Street. This building sits alongside the Memorial Hall. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs T. M. Walton, President, on December 14th, 1949. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN007


Hyden - Hotel

A modern hotel for such an old town. This is on Lynch Street. This is the Hyden Hotel/Motel and was built in 1966. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN008


Hyden - Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall is dedicated to all those who lost their lives in World War II. The building was erected by the Hyden Memorial Hall Finance Committee and was opened in November 1952. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN009


Hyden - Letter Box

A clever sculpture outside a business serves as their mailbox. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN010


Hyden - Main Street

A view across to the main commercial area of town from over near the railway area. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN011


Hyden - Sports Ground

This is a look across the sports ground. In the distance where those cars are parked is the primary school. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN012


Hyden - Catholic Church

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church (Our Lady of Sorrows). The Foundation Stone was laid by Redmond Prendiville, Archbishop of Perth, on July 26th, 1953. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN013


Hyden - Railway Barracks

Constructed in 1932 is the Railway Barracks which served as an overnight stopping facility for rail crews - drivers, firemen and guards. This is the oldest surviving building in Hyden. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN014


Hyden - Railway Barracks

On a wall on the Barracks is this illustration depicting the importance of the railway in the town years ago. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN015


Hyden - Railway Barracks

Another place on the Barracks is this plaque setting out the history. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN016


Hyden - Railway

Down at the railway, here is a shed and crane. The railway opened in Hyden on July 28th, 1933. The line runs up from Lake Grace and terminates here. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN017


Hyden - Railway

A close-up of the rail shed. The sign on the front tells us the opening hours for whatever is in there, plus the fact that the keys are available at the Mobil Travel Stop. The rail line from Lake Grace seems to be still functioning though closed for a while in early 2017 due to track damage caused by flood waters. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN018


Hyden - Walk Through Time

A very clever set of sculptures which depict a walk through time. The first of the items is this horse and cart. The collection is arranged in a chronological sequence to show how transport and technology evolved over the years. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN019


Hyden - Walk Through Time

At the end of the sequence are these bicycles and a motorised truck. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN020


Hyden - Wave Rock Kiosk

Only 2-3 minutes walk from Wave Rock itself, is this General Store and Museum. You can buy souvenirs and drinks. Admission to the park is $10 per vehicle. This includes not only the rock but access to other formations such as Hippo's Yawn (about 20 minutes walk away). April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN021


Hyden - Wave Rock

Wave Rock. A rather incredible rock formation and well-known tourist attraction, albeit a long way from just about anywhere. Children on the rock face might help show some size perspective. The rock is some 15 metres high and 100 metres long. It is thought to be about 60 million years old and was formed underground. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN022


Hyden - Wave Rock

A group of fellows walk along the top of the rock. Up there is easily accessed. The vertical rock strata is well presented in this picture. April 2015. Photos Ref: HYDN023

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