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A seaside city about 80 kilometres south of Perth. Mandurah has emerged from being a sleepy fishing village some 50 years ago into a thriving city. Thomas Peel is a famed first settler of the 1830's and indeed the name Peel was first touted as the town's name. Mr Peel's cottage was later called Mandurah House and this name has prevailed as the town's name. Mandurah is derived from the Aboriginal word 'Mandjar'. The town was gazetted as such in 1950


Mandurah - Anglican Church

Christ's Church Anglican Church is located on the corner of Sholl Street and Pinjarra Road in Mandurah and was consecrated in 1871. An older church occupied this site but was destroyed by fire in 1869. The Church yard contains graves going back over 150 years. Famous pioneer names of the district such as Sutton, Tuckey, and Peel can be found in the yard. Church extensions were completed in 1994. Photo - August 2009. Photos Ref: MDRH001


Mandurah - Anglican Church

Another view of the Anglican Church this time featuring the 1994 extensions. The earlier 1871 church building can be seen down the far right. July 2014. Photos Ref: MDRH002


Mandurah - Thomas Peel Grave

The grave of Thomas Peel in the grounds of the Christ's Church Anglican Church. Peel is the definitive Mandurah pioneer such that the locality and many other things are named after him. Thomas Peel arrived in what is now known as Mandurah on the ship 'Gilmore' on December 15th, 1829. October 2010. Photos Ref: MDRH003


Mandurah - Thomas Peel Memorial

This stone archway is part of the Thomas Peel Memorial right next to the old traffic bridge. Here's a look through the stones showing the Mandurah traffic bridge heading west. By 1834 Peel had an estate of some 250,000 acres of land here, granted to him through his pioneering efforts and the introduction of migrants. October 2010. Photos Ref: MDRH004


Mandurah - Old Road Traffic Bridge

The old Mandurah traffic bridge hasn't changed much over many decades and here it is. This bridge dates back to 1952. There are moves afoot to have it replaced as it apparently can no longer handle the required volume of traffic. December 2005. Photos Ref: MDRH005

(Demolished in 2017)


Mandurah - Old Road Traffic Bridge

A view along the traffic bridge from the nearby embankment, looking down to the water and under the bridge. A few people down there are trying their hand at netting crabs. January 2012. Photos Ref: MDRH006

(Demolished in 2017)


Mandurah - Old Road Traffic Bridge

A popular pastime with Mandurah locals and visitors is fishing and crabbing under the Mandurah road bridge. This is under the bridge. Not much fishing or crabbing being done today today. July 2014. Photos Ref: MDRH007

(Demolished in 2017)


Mandurah - New Road Traffic Bridge

The old traffic bridge proved too expensive to maintain so this new bridge has been built. Over in the background you can see what is left of the old bridge which is being progressively demolished. December 2017. Photos Ref: MDRH008


Mandurah - New Road Traffic Bridge

Underneath the old bridge was plenty of room for fishing. The new bridge provides a bit as you can see, but not nearly as much. Over on the right, under the new bridge, part of the old one can be seen here including many supports still in the water dotting off to the left. December 2017. Photos Ref: MDRH009


Mandurah - Estuary

From underneath the Mandurah traffic bridge, this is looking out towards the estuary mouth. The old Fairbridge Farm School Mandurah camp site was over there up on the left. December 2005. Photos Ref: MDRH010


Mandurah - Estuary

Another Estuary view from underneath the Mandurah traffic bridge. December 2005. Photos Ref: MDRH011


Mandurah - The Bridge

The Bridge Garden Bar Restaurant viewed from Pinjarra Road. This is very close to the traffic bridge and old Tuckey's house. December 2017. Photos Ref: MDRH012


Mandurah - Old Brighton Hotel

The Old Brighton Hotel in Mandurah was built by the Tuckey family in 1897. It must have been one of the few durable buildings in town in those days. In 1965 when I was here in Mandurah it was merely a sleepy fishing village without even a high school. High School children were bussed to Pinjarra. The Old Coast Road to Bunbury was then unsealed. The old hotel currently houses Bassett-Scarfe Realty and the inside looks magnificent. January 2012. Photos Ref: MDRH013


Mandurah - Tuckey's House

Tuckey's House is located on Mandurah Terrace across from the old Brighton Hotel. The building was constructed by members of the Tuckey family in 1880 as a cannery for fish and fruit. The cannery relocated elsewhere in 1905 thence this building was used as Tuckey's General Store. The wide verandah surrounding the building was not part of the original structure. July 2014. Photos Ref: MDRH014


Mandurah - Brighton Hotel

This is the new Brighton Hotel on Mandurah Terrace just off from the junction of Pinjarra Road. This photo was taken from the verandah of the old Brighton Hotel which is just next door. January 2012. Photos Ref: MDRH015


Mandurah - Slug and Hare Ale House

The Slug and Hare Ale House on Pinjarra Road. Behind is a rather large block of apartments going up. August 2009. Photos Ref: MDRH016


Mandurah - Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar is what was once known as the Slug and Hare. December 2017. Photos Ref: MDRH017


Mandurah - New Apartments 2009

New apartments going up near the town centre, just behind the Slug & Hare. This photo was taken on Sholl Street. There will be good views from the top floors. August 2009. Photos Ref: MDRH018


Mandurah - New Apartments

Those apartments showing as being constructed (up above, behind the Slug and Hare) are finally finished. Here's a view from the coffee/fish and chip precinct down by the waterfront. Left in picture is the new Brighton Hotel, to the right is the old Brighton Hotel. October 2010. Photos Ref: MDRH019


Mandurah - Mall

The mall runs between Sholl Street and Mandurah Terrace. It is called Smart Street. You can glimpse the estuary beyond the Terrace. August 2009. Photos Ref: MDRH020


Mandurah - Tuckey Fish Canning Works Wall

This piece of wall behind the post office is all that remains of the fish canning factory (Peel Inlet Preservation Works) established by the Tuckey brothers (Charles and John) around 1880. At one time part of this building was barracks to many Japanese fishermen who were invited here to fish and provide the factory with their produce. Fish canning ceased in 1914. The factory also preserved fruit. The building was all but demolished in 1931. December 2017. Photos Ref: MDRH021


Mandurah - Waterfront Restaurant

Along the foreshore there are many restaurants. Here is one just a few metres north of the old traffic bridge. December 2007. Photos Ref: MDRH022


Mandurah - Waterfront Restaurant

The same restaurant as above but ten years on. Visible in the background is a section of the brand new traffic bridge. December 2017. Photos Ref: MDRH023


Mandurah - Murphy's Irish Pub

Murphy's Irish Pub on Mandurah Terrace looks like a very hospitable retreat. December 2017. Photos Ref: MDRH024


Mandurah - Government Jetty

Towards the southern end of Mandurah Terrace is the former Government jetty, these days popular with fishers and swimmers. The jetty was constructed in 1897 and was used as a landing and loading point for goods being transported by sea between here and Fremantle. July 2014. Photos Ref: MDRH025


Mandurah - Estuary

Here is a view of part of the estuary looking across what is known as Mandjar Bay towards the foreshore on Mandurah Terrace and the old traffic bridge. October 2010. Photos Ref: MDRH026


Mandurah - New Apartments

Here are some apartments being built on a site that was a caravan park for many years. These buildings will become The Sebel. December 2007. Photos Ref: MDRH027


Mandurah - Sebel Apartments

The Sebel apartments now completed. They're right at the end of Ormsby Terrace, next to Stingray Point. In the foreground is a Mandurah Cruises vessel. September 2012. Photos Ref: MDRH028


Mandurah - Sebel Apartments

Another view of the new Sebel apartments featuring the Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire business office in the foreground. September 2012. Photos Ref: MDRH029


Mandurah - Jetty and Boats

Looking across moored cruise boats towards the Mandurah town centre and the old traffic bridge away there in the south, centre horizon. You can also see the block of apartments behind the Slug and Hare tavern. September 2012. Photos Ref: MDRH030


Mandurah - Boardwalk Theatre

The Boardwalk out the front of the Boardwalk Theatre. Beyond are restaurants etc on Mandurah Terrace. A very pleasant place for a stroll around on a spring afternoon. September 2012. Photos Ref: MDRH031


Mandurah - Cicerellos

Cicerellos, already famous in Fremantle as an exquisite fish and chippery, has made its way down south to Mandurah. The building is constructed in the same style and materials of that in Fremantle. September 2012. Photos Ref: MDRH032


Mandurah - Ferry Cruises

Up in the Cicerellos, Sailing Museum, Arts Centre end of Mandurah is this ferry cruise building. September 2012. Photos Ref: MDRH033


Mandurah - Chocolateria

Next to Cicerellos and Ferry Cruises is Chocolateria San Churro. July 2014. Photos Ref: MDRH034


Mandurah - Sailing Museum

This is the Australian Sailing Museum in Mandurah. It's located at the north of Mandjar Bay, near the Arts Centre & theatre. September 2012. Photos Ref: MDRH035


Mandurah - West Estuary Bank

West of the Estuary these days the roads have all changed and given way to canal-style living and sumptuous housing. In the distance the land curves away to the east (the left), eventually to the west side of the old Traffic Bridge. December 2005. Photos Ref: MDRH036


Mandurah - Henry Sutton Grove

Slightly south of the above photo is the Henry Sutton Grove reserve. This area has always been parkland. The reserve sits between the estuary and Fairbridge Road. The inlet you can see in the photo is actually the entrance to one of a series of canal developments so you can't simply walk down from here to the traffic bridge anymore without taking a long detour. April 2013. Photos Ref: MDRH037


Mandurah - View East Across Estuary

A view looking back towards the townsite (the northern part of town) taken from near the boat ramp up towards the estuary entrance. April 2013. Photos Ref: MDRH038


Mandurah - Halls Cottage

Still on the west side, here is Hall's Cottage which is called 'Dedallumup'. The cottage was constructed around 1833. The cottage underwent considerable restoration and was re-opened after such on April 20th, 1994. April 2013. Photos Ref: MDRH039


Mandurah - Canal Living

Life in west Mandurah is mostly centred on living next to these canals, at least in the area close to the old traffic bridge. It's actually all quite attractive but the canals have had a chopping-up effect of through-ways (road or walking) in the area. April 2013. Photos Ref: MDRH040


Mandurah - Halls Head Windsurfing

At Hall's Head, a brave windsurfer matches himself against the brisk autumn gusts that were prevailing this day. A little out to sea is a navigation marker and beacon. April 2013. Photos Ref: MDRH041


Mandurah - Halls Head Ocean

At Hall's Head, a glimpse out to sea with the sunlight glistening off the waves and spray creating a bright and sparkling effect. April 2013. Photos Ref: MDRH042


Mandurah - Train Station First Day Opened

Many people enjoyed the train trip from Perth on the very first day services commenced on the Perth-Mandurah train line. The day is 23 December 2007 at around 3.30pm on Mandurah Station Platform 1. Photo - December 2007. Photos Ref: MDRH043


Mandurah - Dog Track

Just off Mandjoogoordap Drive, near Gordon Road is the Mandurah Greyhound Racing Association. Is is located in a part of Kanyana Park. Pictured is a section of the track and the grandstand. The Mandurah Raceway was opened on 5th January 1979. The Sand Track was opened on 12th May 1989. January 2014. Photos Ref: MDRH044


Mandurah - Dog Track

Part of the Mandurah Greyhound Racing Association track showing the starting box (centre left) and the winner's podium in front of the grandstand. January 2014. Photos Ref: MDRH045


Mandurah - Rushton Park Football

The home of WAFL Club, Peel Thunder. Here is the front section of Rushton Park. This forms the administration area and fronts on to Dower Street. Rushton Park would only be about a 10 minutes walk from Mandurah railway station. January 2014. Photos Ref: MDRH046


Mandurah - Rushton Park Football

Under its sponsorship arrangement, Rushton Park is also known as Bendigo Bank Stadium. The is the spectator entrance used on game days. January 2014. Photos Ref: MDRH047


Mandurah - Rushton Park Football

Peel Thunder joined the expanded WAFL competition in 1997. From 2014, Thunder will be the host club of the Fremantle Dockers. The club's fortunes are probably about to change. One notable player to emerge from the club is Dockers player Haydn Ballantyne. He has the scoreboard wing named after him. January 2014. Photos Ref: MDRH048


Mandurah - Rushton Park Football

Here is a view of the new Rushton Park stadium and facilities. This building was constructed by the City of Mandurah and was completed in 2011. The ground can hold around 10,000 people and has adequate ground lighting to host night football games. January 2014. Photos Ref: MDRH049


Mandurah - Rushton Park Football

The Peel Thunder 100 Club room. Membership to the club is $100 per annum and funds (subscriptions and fund-raising events) are used for ground and facilities development. January 2014. Photos Ref: MDRH050

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