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A fashionable northern beach-side suburb around 30 kilometres from Perth City, north of Ocean Reef and south of Quinns Rocks. This area has undergone massive growth within the last 10 years (i.e. 2000 to 2013 - present). The cutting of inland waterways and construction of marinas has turned the locality into an oceanic haven. The nearby Mindarie Lake was named by Alexander Forrest in 1874. The locality originally was to have been named Clarkson


Mindarie - Harbour View

About 30 kms north of Perth, this fabulous beach and boat area has grown quickly over recent years. October 2007. Photos Ref: MIND001


Mindarie - Harbour View

Looking down the Mindarie inlet. Through that cutting up there is the sea. Many fine houses surround the water. October 2007. Photos Ref: MIND002


Mindarie - Brewhaus & Grill

Viewed across the boat ramp, near a whole lot of boat pens, is the Indian Ocean Brewing Company, Brewhaus and Grill. This is a restaurant, microbrewery and pub. March 2011. Photos Ref: MIND003


Mindarie - Brewhaus & Grill

The main entrance to the Brewhaus. This place is also home to the Indian Ocean Brewing Company. Today there was an outdoor market here selling fashion accessories and novelty items. March 2011. Photos Ref: MIND004


Mindarie - Brewhaus & Grill

A look out of the walk-way which leads to the back of the tavern from the promenade. Behind me, people enjoy food and drink whilst listening to a rather convivial three-piece band. March 2011. Photos Ref: MIND005


Mindarie - Dome Coffee Lounge

On the water-front promenade, the Dome coffee lounge is doing good business today. March 2011. Photos Ref: MIND006


Mindarie - Fishing Boat

Outside the shops near the Dome and fashion shop, this boat looks a little out of place. It's a fishing boat laden with floats and what look like cray pots. March 2011. Photos Ref: MIND007


Mindarie - Houses Across the Inlet

A view across the water from behind the shopping area. This inlet is a safe haven for many boats. Beyond are apartment buildings. March 2011. Photos Ref: MIND008


Mindarie - Dive Boat

Learn to dive at Mindarie. The signs on this boat says it all. March 2011. Photos Ref: MIND009


Mindarie - The Boat

"The Boat" is a restaurant at the back of the main shops (where Dome etc is). Upstairs is a function centre. In the "Dive Boat" picture you can see the steps leading up to the function centre. March 2011. Photos Ref: MIND010


Mindarie - Wooden Promenade

This is the very end of the inlet, taken from the steps going up to the function centre. A rather pleasant looking wooden walk way provides access from car parks and nearby homes to the business centre. March 2011. Photos Ref: MIND011


Mindarie - Lime Kilns

Given the "newness" of this locality, this rather enigmatic site has been preserved from days gone by. This is what remains of Cooper's Lime Kilns, constructed around 1932 by Henry Cooper as a facility to bake at very high temperature, local limestone, to produce lime. The lime was subsequently shipped to gold mines where it was used in the process of extracting of gold from gold-bearing ore. September 2013. Photos Ref: MIND012


Mindarie - Lime Kilns

This is the top of the lime kilns. Limestone would have been loaded through here, where the grate is now, burnt, and then the recovered lime dropped down and was collected at the base. This site is in what is now known as Cooper's Park, now no more than the size of a single building block on the corner of Fairport Vista and Baton Rouge Drive. September 2013. Photos Ref: MIND013


Mindarie - Lime Kilns

This sign tells the Kiln's story. Mr Albert Facey's name is included. If you'd care to look at the Wickepin locality, you can see Mr Facey's old cottage. The Facey's were a pioneer family in that area. In the 1930's depression he was forced out of his Wickepin home and so it seems here in Mindarie is the place where he came to work, at least for a while. September 2013. Photos Ref: MIND014


Mindarie - Roof Tops

From up at the lime kilns, this is a view over surrounding roof tops and yonder out to sea. September 2013. Photos Ref: MIND015

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