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A small settlement on Wanneroo Road between Wanneroo and Yanchep, around 38 kms north of Perth. This is a predominantly agricultural area with an accent on fruit and vegetable cultivation. The locality is named after the nearby Lake Neerabup which was thus named by Surveyor J. Cowle in 1867. The Neerabup name is of Aboriginal origin. This lake was once called Pappas Swamp. The name Neerabup was approved in 1982 as a suburb


Neerabup - Fruit and Vege Supply

Neerabup in north of Wanneroo on the way to Yanchep. This is a fruit & vegie market store on the road. September 2009. Photos Ref: NEER001


Neerabup - Strawberry Scarecrow

Behind the Neerabup Fruit and Vege Supply is a vast area of strawberry plants, all in neat rows and under plastic. This rather ghoulish scarecrow is intent on keeping marauding birds away from the crop. August 2012. Photos Ref: NEER002


Neerabup - Fruit and Vegie Shop

A couple of kilometres south of the first picture is another road-side fruit and vegie supplier but here the doors are closed and the building is available for lease. August 2012. Photos Ref: NEER003


Neerabup - Double Decker Bus

This old Leyland double-decker bus is parked outside a haulage contractor's business and is a bit of an eye-catcher. August 2012. Photos Ref: NEER004


Neerabup - Tenth Light Horse Heritage Trail

Slightly south of the main Neerabup area and off to the west of the main road is the Tenth Light Horse Heritage Trail. It's an easy 750-metre walk but apart from a couple of engine-house concrete blocks set in the ground, there are no ruins to see.  A very pleasant walk through the bush though. August 2012. Photos Ref: NEER005

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