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The town of Northampton is around 65 kms north of Geraldton and 500 kms north of Perth, on the North West Coastal Highway. It was classified as an Historical Town by the National Trust in 1993. The town was founded in 1848 when lead and copper were discovered. Northampton was originally called The Mines and was gazetted in 1864. The town is named after Governor, John Hampton. Going north, this is the last proper town until reaching Carnarvon

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Northampton - Welcome Sign

Northampton's Entrance Statement at the southern end of town. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN001


Northampton - Road Board Office

The former Road Board Office on Hampton Street is now home to Northampton Arts and Crafts. This structure goes back to 1898. Prior to being an Art Centre, it was the town's Public Library. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN002


Northampton - Old Convent

The Old Catholic Convent of the Sacred Heart. This building is now used for budget accommodation. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Rt. Rev. W. B. Kelly D.D., Bishop of Geraldton, on February 27th, 1919. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN003


Northampton - Old Convent

This is a look along part of the Old Convent taking in the front door and some fine brick and stone work. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN004


Northampton - Catholic Church

Next to the Old Convent is St Mary's In Ara Coeli Catholic Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Most Rev. J. P. O'Collins D.D., Bishop of Geraldton, on May 24th, 1936. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN005


Northampton - Family Store

On Hampton Street is the Northampton Family Store. The building was erected in 1890 and over the years has hosted such businesses as a drapery and residence, a saddlery, a billiard saloon, a barber's shop and a general store. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN006


Northampton - Hampton Street

A view looking south down the main street taking in a couple of rows of old shops. The row on the left contains the Northampton Family Store. Beyond is a slice of the newsagency. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN007


Northampton - Butcher and Hairdresser

A couple of old shops on Hampton Street which contain a butcher's shop and hair studio. The two-storey building on the left was erected in 1900. It was once the Northampton Bakery. The shop on the right was built in 1920. It was formerly the Wesfarmer's Shop. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN008


Northampton - Coffee Cafe

The Coffee Cafe at Burnt Earth was not open this Sunday. The business is for sale. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN009


Northampton - Hampton Street

A view looking south down the main street taking in the Coffee Cafe, then the hairdressers and butchers, and on down to the Family Store. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN010


Northampton - Newsagents

This corner shop is the town's newsagency. It is across the road from the Northampton Hotel. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN011


Northampton - Hotel

The Northampton Hotel occupies a large block of land with much facing Hampton Street. This has also been known as the Commercial Hotel, and the Middle Pub. It was built in 1900. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN012


Northampton - Hampton Street

A view down the main street looking south this time taking in the newsagency and the Northampton Hotel. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN013


Northampton - Tavern

On the southern side of town is the Tavern. The was formerly variously known as the Railway Hotel, the Bottom Pub and the Railway Tavern. It was constructed in 1876. During cyclone Seroja in 2021 most of that red roof was ripped off. By 2023 it has finally been repaired to the joy of all. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN014


Northampton - Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre viewed from the rear showing off its fine stone work. This was erected in 1894 as the Police Station, Courthouse, and police quarters. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN015


Northampton - Rail Car

This small park serves as a memory to the days when Northampton was an important rail head. This is rail carriage numbered AL3, the first built in Western Australia by Westralia Ironworks of North Fremantle in 1905. The Shire acquired it in 1981. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN016


Northampton - Old House

A classic period house sits on Hampton Street towards the south side of town. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN017


Northampton - The Barn

The old stone Barn also sits adjacent to the highway. This was once a cottage and it was built in 1880. It also housed a store in the very early days. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN018


Northampton - Anglican Church

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church of Northampton. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs W. Castell Brown on February 19th, 1908. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN019


Northampton - Uniting Church

Uniting Church, Northampton. This was erected as a Methodist Church in 1950. The Foundation Stone was laid by Reverend Norman Hicks on September 24th, 1950. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN020


Northampton - Masonic Lodge

This is the Masonic Hampton Lodge No. 93 W.A.C. The Lodge was consecrated on March 10th, 1913. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN021


Northampton - R.S.L. Memorial Hall

Towards the northern end of town is the R.S.L. Memorial Hall. The building was opened on October 20th, 1956. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN022


Northampton - Little Pickles

Little Pickles Kitchen on the left and a section of Home Hardware Store on the right. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN023


Northampton - National Bank

The National Bank seems to be the only operating bank in town at present. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN024


Northampton - Miner's Arms Hotel

The Miner's Arms Hotel was established in 1868. This has also been known as the Club Hotel and the Top Pub. December 2015. Photos Ref: NHTN025

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