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Walyunga National Park

Walyunga National Park is located a few kilometres east of the Great Northern Highway, between Bullsbrook and Upper Swan. The park contains 1,800 hectares of hilly bushland and it borders the Avon and Swan Rivers. Following the river valley on the opposite side to the park is the main east-west railway line. The Noongar people used this area as a meeting place for in excess of 6,000 years. The annual Avon Descent passes along this section of the river


Walyunga National Park - Highway Turnoff

On the Great Northern Highway trucks rumble past the turn-off into the Walyunga National Park. June 2014. Photos Ref: WALY001


Walyunga National Park - Access Road

The entrance road to the National Park. The park is 2-3 kilometres east of here, along all sealed roads. The park is open from 8.00am to 5.00pm. It costs $12.00 per car to enter. June 2014. Photos Ref: WALY002


Walyunga National Park - Map

A simple map of the Walyunga National Park area which was seen adjacent to Walyunga Pool. The park is a popular bush-walking destination. The longest walk takes around 5 hours. The tracks alongside the river are easy and suitable for children. June 2014. Photos Ref: WALY003


Walyunga National Park - Avon River End

At Boongarup Pool, this, I believe, is the start of the Swan River. The Swan flows off to the right of picture, the Avon continues to the right upper picture a little way to where the Wooroloo Brook joins. The combined flow goes down the Swan. The water in the foreground is part of the Avon River. June 2014. Photos Ref: WALY004


Walyunga National Park - Swan River Start

No more than 100 metres downstream of the Swan River is this interesting study of tipped and tumbled trees which look like they are in a war zone. June 2014. Photos Ref: WALY005


Walyunga National Park - Swan River

Another 100 metres down stream on the Swan the river broadens out as it runs across these swift rapids. June 2014. Photos Ref: WALY006


Walyunga National Park - River Guides

Close to Walyunga Pool are metallic wires strung across the river suspending markers, which are apparently used for obstacle course river sports. You have to weave in, out or through designated poles in your kayak or boat depending on the event. June 2014. Photos Ref: WALY007


Walyunga National Park - River Guides

Another view of the markers slightly upstream from Walyunga Pool. They look like they are designed to be adjusted depending upon the river condition of the day or the rules of the particular sporting event. Some of the settings today might lure you into crashing into a rather large boulder in the river if you're not careful. June 2014. Photos Ref: WALY008


Walyunga National Park - Picnics

Picnickers at Walyunga Pool enjoying the facilities. A car park and ablution block are located very close-by. June 2014. Photos Ref: WALY009

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