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Yallingup is a coastal settlement to the south of Cape Naturaliste and is some 266 kms south of Perth. Caves in the area were discovered in 1899. The historic Caves House first opened in 1903 and has since undergone many extensions and changes. The name Yallingup is of Aboriginal origin. This area is world renowned for spectacular surfing conditions. Local tourism is fed by the surfing along with fishing, the caves, rock formations and the beaches


Yallingup - Caves House

This is the front of the historic Caves House Hotel. This was the first major building in town with construction starting in 1903. Caves House was badly damaged by fire in 1930. December 2013. Photos Ref: YALL001


Yallingup - Caves House

Another face of Caves House Hotel. This side overlooks the Heritage Gardens which is a popular place for weddings. December 2013. Photos Ref: YALL002


Yallingup - Seashells

The Seashells Yallingup resort on Yallingup Beach Road. Seashells offers 4.5 star accommodation. This is situated next to Caves House and also overlooks the Heritage Gardens. December 2013. Photos Ref: YALL003


Yallingup - General Store

Caves Park Store incorporating the local post office. December 2013. Photos Ref: YALL004


Yallingup - Surf Shop

Vintage Surf, home of Yallingup Surf School with its fine paint work looks a bit like a boat shed. December 2013. Photos Ref: YALL005


Yallingup - Hall

The historic Yallingup Hall which was established in 1920. The hall is located just a handful of metres from the store, on Caves Road. December 2013. Photos Ref: YALL006


Yallingup - Town Beach

This beach is the one closest to town. The popular Canal Rocks is 7-8 kilometres south of here. The bay forms a safe family swimming area. December 2013. Photos Ref: YALL007


Yallingup - Townsite

Part of the townsite of Yallingup viewed over the rocks at the town beach. December 2013. Photos Ref: YALL008


Yallingup - Cape Naturaliste

At the town beach, looking north across the rocks over towards Cape Naturaliste. At the tip of Cape Naturaliste is the lighthouse. December 2013. Photos Ref: YALL009


Yallingup - Road Sign

Just to present a bit of perspective of where we are, here is a road sign just across the road from the old hall. December 2013. Photos Ref: YALL010

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