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Yoongarillup is a small hamlet situated on the Vasse Highway, slightly east of the Sue's Road junction. The locality is some 11 kilometres from the Busselton CBD. The name refers to the district. There is not townsite, as such, in its own right. This area is given to mixed agriculture, predominantly sheep, cattle and dairy farming. The name Yoongarillup is of Indigenous origin which means "Where the young kangaroos come down to drink"


Yoongarillup - Hall

The 1923 Yoongarillup Hall sits alongside the Vasse Highway. On this site used to be a larger hall which was constructed by a local carpenter who also built a number of cottages in the district. Adjacent to the hall, the old football ground has been disused for many years now and has given way to natural regrowth of vegetation. January 2015. Photos Ref: YOON001


Yoongarillup - Railway Signs

Only a couple of hundred metres east of the Hall, on Vasse Highway, is a compound containing old railway station buildings and a few rail cars. Here is their rather clever entrance signage. January 2015. Photos Ref: YOON002


Yoongarillup - Margaret River Station

Inside the rail compound are the former Margaret River railway station buildings. These were moved here from their original site in in mid-1980's. This place used to be known as the Whistlestop Miniature Railway but it is all locked up today and there are no signs meaning that it might have closed down altogether. January 2015. Photos Ref: YOON003


Yoongarillup - Margaret River Station

Another view of the former Margaret River station buildings together with a couple of passenger cars. January 2015. Photos Ref: YOON004


Yoongarillup - Spanish Settlement

This monument is located next to the main road between the Hall and above Margaret River station. This small area is called the Spanish Settlement Reserve which remembers the Spaniards who settled in this district between 1898 and 1903 (or 1909). The plaque is undated, it doesn't say who placed it, and it is quite difficult to read. December 2016. Photos Ref: YOON005

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