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Banks in Western Australia

In 1817, the first bank to be established in Australia opened. This was the Bank of New South Wales which later became known as Westpac. 18 years later the Bank of Australasia was established. Later this became known as the ANZ Bank. Others followed. In 1960 the Reserve Bank was formed, taking away the central banking function undertaken by the Commonwealth Bank. Takeovers and mergers over the years has resulted in just four major banks



Albany House on the corner of York Street and Stirling Terrace. Currently for lease, this was constructed in 1878 as the Union Bank. Photo - October 2014



The Bankwest and Lions Pre-Loved Toys store on the main street. Photo - December 2013



On Federation Street is this structure was former business premises but is now a private residence. On the window on the left can be read "First Bank in Australia" in gold letters, plus evidence of an old Westpac business sticker remains. It seems that this was built in 1928 and was indeed erected as a Bank of New South Wales branch. Photo - November 2014



The Old Bayswater Post Office (the sign even says 'old') and the Bendigo Bank on King William Street. Photo - January 2009



On Monger Street is this former Bank of New South Wales building which now appears to be a private residence. This was erected in 1929. Photo - March 2015



Probably the most impressive of all the old buildings in Beverley, this is the Bank House established in 1907. This was formerly the premises of the Union Bank. Photo - September 2010



The old ANZ Bank, centre, flanked by the Post Office on the left, and a shop being rejuvenated on the right. The Bank building was erected in 1909. Photo - April 2015



In the main town area of Bolgart, the Trees Cafe occupies what was once the Bank of New South Wales Building. The building was constructed in 1939. I didn't see an operating bank in town today. Photo - October 2011


Boyup Brook

On the corner of Abel and Bridge Streets in the Boyup Brook Medical Centre. This is the old Commercial Bank of Australia Limited building constructed in 1910. Photo - April 2012


Boyup Brook

A sign out the front of the building says that this was Mr Lancaster's butcher's shop/store in the old days. Before that, this was originally the Bank Of New South Wales as it was common practice to include the bank's establishment year on their buildings - which was 1817. Photo - April 2012



A glimpse of the front of the old National Bank Building constructed circa 1910 which is currently occupied by MacNeils, Certified Practicing Accountants. Photo - April 2012


Bruce Rock

Near the hotel is the Bruce Rock Museum. You can see the verandah of the hotel further down the road. This building was erected in 1921 as a branch of the Western Australia Bank which later became the Bank of N.S.W. Photo - June 2013



On a corner of Stephen and Victoria Streets, this building was the Commonwealth Bank up until around the late 1960's when they moved to more modern premises further down Stephen Street. Lighthouse Realty has its business here now. The building was constructed in 1929. Photo - April 2013



The building on the left is the former Western Australian Bank. It was constructed in 1896. It seems that this building, together with its neighbour on the right at number 99, now join as Bunbury Lotteries House. Photo - April 2013



On the corner of Queen Street and Marine Terrace in Busselton is the Artgeo Gallery. This is part of the arts complex which also includes the former courthouse and police station which are across the road. The building was constructed in 1931. This is the former Agricultural Bank of Western Australia and one time Office of the Department of Agriculture. January 2013



The former Bank of Australasia premises on Macpherson Street. This was a purpose-built bank and operated from circa 1930. The R&I Bank (later Bankwest) operated here until 1996. Photo - September 2014



The Commonwealth Bank premises on Bay View Terrace. To the right is the Jacobson's Pharmacy building which was erected in 1925. Photo - April 2013



Sitting on the corner of Bay View Terrace and Stirling Highway is the former National Bank Building which was erected in 1911. As was often the custom in those days, the bank manager lived on the upper floor. The building was constructed by Mr Walter Drabble. Photo - April 2013



This building perhaps really illustrates local industry and the dependence of the local populace upon it. These premises were once a Commonwealth Bank. The building is of 1955 vintage. It is now the Collie Miners Credit Union. Photo - February 2011



Next door to the Post Office in Corrigin is the operating National Australia Bank. This was the first bank to be opened in town. That occurred in 1923. Photo - June 2013



Towards the top of Campbell Street up near the Shire Office is the Bankwest building. This was formerly the Bank of New South Wales and it was constructed in 1926. Photo - June 2013



The National Australia Bank curves around the north-west corner of the intersection of Napoleon Street and Stirling Highway in Cottesloe. Beyond the bank you can see the Albion Hotel. Photo - April 2013



The former Western Australian Bank which was, in 1927, swallowed up by the Bank of NSW. This building is on Aton Street. It was built in 1900. This is now a private residence and is meticulously maintained complete with the original signage. Photo - November 2011



The former Western Australian Bank building in Dangin is now a craft shop. This was erected in 1934. It is on the road parallel to the York - Quairading Road and visible from that road. Photo - January 2012



This is the former Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd, Donnybrook branch. The building was purpose built as such in 1907 and operating as a bank, fronting the South Western Highway, for many decades. The branch closed sometime in the 1980's (or thereabouts) probably when the CBA was acquired by the Bank of NSW. Since then the premises have been used by a variety of businesses. Photo - February 2011



The NAB is very well represented throughout the wheatbelt towns although in Dowerin there is also a Westpac. This building dates back to 1909. Photo - April 2012



On Stewart Street is the local Westpac Bank erected in 1910. This was formerly the Commercial Bank of Australia. Photo - July 2015



The former Bank of N.S.W. building. You can just make out some of the lettering above the door. From 1910 to 1927 on this site (but not this building) was the Bank of W.A. which later merged with the Bank of N.S.W. This building was constructed in 1939 as a purpose-built bank and continued as such through to 1993. Today SnipTrix Hair Salon uses the premises. Photo - February 2013



The Secret Tea Garden - Olde Village Wares - occupies what was once the town's National Bank. The bank (Union then National) occupied this site from 1918 to 1940. In 1942 the place became a general agency under the ownership of Mr English. Later the site was occupied by Elders until closure in 1984. Photo - December 2016



A modern Fremantle building. This structure is on the corner of Queen and Cantonment Streets. This building and others off to the left are all banks, at least at street level. All the four main banks in a row. Photo - April 2012



At 5 Cliff Street and 4 High Street is this fine structure. This is the former Union Bank building, the Cliff Street face. Another side faces High Street. This was built in 1889. In 1930 the Union Bank moved further up High Street and this then became the home of the Flying Angel Mission of Seamen. Over the front door is "G.S. Murray Pty Ltd, Customs Brokers". Today it is part of the School of Arts and Sciences, Building ND32, Notre Dame University. Photo - October 2012



On High Street is the Bank of Adelaide building. This is on the corner of Pakenham Street. The first two floors of the building were constructed in 1910. The upper floor was not added until decades later. Amongst other current tenants of the building is the Navy Club. Photo - December 2014



On High Street just west of the National Hotel is the New Edition Bookshop. This is at 82 High Street. The building was constructed for the Commonwealth Bank in 1934. "Fremantle Branch" can still clearly be seen over the doorway. Later this became an ANZ Bank branch. From 1977 to around 2002 the Hospital Benefit Fund of W.A. occupied the premises. December 2014. Photos Ref: FTLC030



The former Union Bank building on Marine Terrace, constructed in 1885. Later the premises of the ANZ Bank. The State Housing Commission moved here in 1973. The building underwent extensive refurbishment in 1998. Photo - September 2014



Since 1910 the NAB has been going strong in town. Photo - December 2016



A newsagency and ANZ Bank on the main street. The bank building was constructed in 1915 as the Bank of Australasia. Photo - December 2016



The former Bank of NSW, constructed in 1929, is now used by the local Shire. Photo - December 2016



The former Union Bank building was constructed in 1925. It is located at 41 Railway Terrace. This was apparently one of the first commercial buildings to be erected on the town's main street. At one time this was known as Peter's Pantry. It seems this building is now a private residence. Photo - October 2011



The Bendigo Bank next to Lareema Fashions, on the main street of Goomalling. The bank building looks quite old indeed used to be the National Bank. In 1949 (and probably other years) there was a speed car classic run around these streets, right passed here. Photo - October 2011



An outstanding example of local architecture in Greenbushes is the Community Centre. It was purpose built in 1899 as the local branch of the Bank of Western Australia and served as a bank branch then later as a bank agency until the 1970's. A private residence for a while, later (and now) it is used as the Community Centre. Photo - April 2012



On the corner of James and Stephen Streets in Guildford is this cafe. Thirty years ago this was a delicatessen and lunch bar known as the Guildford Milk Bar. The building was erected in 1900 as a Bank of New South Wales branch. Photo - April 2013



This bank was constructed in 1938 as the West Australian Bank. It later became the Bank of New South Wales and later Westpac. This is on the corner of Uduc Road and Hayward Street. Photo - January 2014



The historic Post Office and Bank Museum on Jarrahdale Road. The building was constructed in 1896. Photo - January 2009



This grand two-storey building at 93 Clive Street is the former ANZ Bank. Prior to being an ANZ branch, it was the Union Bank. Construction of the original building was completed in 1910. The building has since been modified. It is presently available for lease. Photo - December 2016



On the main street is the classic-looking Westpac Bank building, formerly the Bank of N.S.W. Photo - April 2015



This is the former Bank of New South Wales premises at 60 Massingham Street. This was erected in 1927. The bank first had a presence in town from 1910 at another place. The 1817 on top of the building is the year the Bank of N.S.W. was established, not the year this building was built. Photo - June 2011



The National Australia Bank building on Massingham Street. This was built in 1910-1911. The NAB bought this site in 1908. Prior to that, the bank operated out of temporary premises. The NAB seems to be the only operating bank in town. Photo - June 2011



The local Bank West building looks of 1930's vintage. Photo - October 2014



This is a former bank but is completely unmarked. It could be a private residence now. Photo - April 2015



Here is the former Bank of New South Wales on Wilson Street, Kununoppin. This was erected in 1915. This is now a private residence. Photo - March 2015



On Wilson Street, Kununoppin is the former Agricultural Bank which operated here between 1936 and 1942. This was then the R. & I. Bank between 1948 and 1979. The building was erected in 1936. It is now a private residence and the owners have done some fine renovations. Photo - March 2015


Lake Grace

On the opposite road corner to the hotel is the Westpac Building. This was built in 1929 as the Bank of NSW. Photo - April 2015



The sturdy National Australia Bank branch sits on the main street. This was constructed circa 1930's. Photo - October 2014



This building is on the north-east corner of Mitchell and Bates Streets. This appears to be the former National Bank and quarters, built in 1930. It has also been known as Middleton's Building. Photo - March 2015



At 12 Cale Street, this was built in 1904 as the Western Australian Bank. The building was later used as the Police Department Regional Office and the Midland Police Service Building. For a period in the 1980's the Midland Traffic Branch and Midland CIB used this building. In 2010 a firm of surveyors is in residency. Photo - October 2010



Across the road from the Miling Hotel is this former Bank of New South Wales building, built in 1939. Bank living quarters were located in the rear of the building. Mr Walstab was the first manager of these premises. This is now a private residence. Photo - July 2012



The NAB has a strong country presence. These premises double up as the post office. This was built in 1908. Photos - September 2014


Mount Barker

On Lowood Road, near the hotel, is this second-hand shop, "George's Books, Records and Collectables". The proprietor (whom I assumed to be George) advised me that this building used to be a branch of the English, Scottish and Australian Bank. After the ES&A and ANZ banks merged in 1970, this became an ANZ Bank branch. The building was erected in 1928. Photo - October 2014


Mount Barker

The Westpac Bank on the corner of Lowood Road and Short Street. This was formerly the Bank of New South Wales and was constructed in 1932. Photo - October 2014


Mount Hawthorn

Fairfield, on the corner of Fairfield Street and Scarborough Beach Road. This used to be a Challenge Bank branch. Photo - August 2018



The former Bank of NSW building on Churchill Street. This was constructed in 1928. Prior to becoming the Bank of NSW, this was the Western Australian Bank. The bank is now closed. The premises have since been used as a garden centre and a video store. It appears to be a private residence at present. Photo - April 2015



Quite large for a rural bank, the Commonwealth Bank building sits alongside its banking neighbours on appropriately named Fortune Street. This building was erected in 1940. Photo - November 2011



On Egerton Street the old Courthouse has been transformed into a museum. Built in 1894, this was originally a school. It was the local courthouse from 1905 to 1976 apart from the period 1924 to 1945 when is was used by the Agricultural Bank. Interesting history. Photo - November 2011



The former premises of the Union Bank and later the ANZ Bank. This is at 104 Federal Street and was constructed in 1905 by Mr J.H. Brown. The building is now occupied by the Narrogin Chiropractic Clinic. Photo - November 2011



The NAB seems to be almost the sole provider of banking services in many country towns along Great Eastern Highway east of town.  Northam, being a larger centre however, has representation by Westpac, ANZ and Commonwealth banks. This fine brick building is at 141 Fitzgerald Street and dates back to 1940. Photo - June 2011



The Commonwealth Bank. This is rather a grand building and looking up the side, all the building behind this facade is made of good-old solid bricks. This was built in 1923 and it seems it has always been a Commonwealth Bank. Photo - October 2012



'Directions' (which appears to be a Training organisation) occupies this building which used to be the ANZ Bank (the night deposit box is still there). There is a new fully-functional ANZ Bank in the main shopping centre. The building was erected in 1905 as the Union Bank. Photo - June 2011



'Focussed' organisation occupies this fine old building on Fitzgerald Street. This building was built in 1908 and in prior years the Northam Shire Council and the National Bank have occupied it at different times. Photo - June 2011



Mayberry Hammond and Co. is a law firm whose presence in Northam goes back decades. They occupy this impressive building on Fitzgerald Street. It was built in 1918 and as the Bank of Australasia. The bank operated until 1943 at which time Goldsborough Mort acquired the premises. Photo - June 2011



The National Bank seems to be the only operating bank in town at present. Photo - December 2015


North Perth

At 39 Angove Street is an unusual mix of a Cafe and Paper Fusion. This was North Perth's first purpose-built post office, erected in 1903. It operated thus until 1916 when larger premises were opened on View Street. When the post office moved out this was used by the State Bank until 1930. Photo - September 2017


North Perth

The former Bank of New South Wales building at 452 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth. This was built in 1938. Photo - September 2017



On Eldridge Street is this building which was for many years the local Rural and Industries Bank. It operated thus from 1954 to 1997. This building was actually erected in 1918 as Miss Maudie Eldridge's boarding house. The bank took over later. Photo - December 2016



At 938 Hay Street, on the corner of Milligan Street is the former English Scottish and Australian Bank (later ANZ) which was constructed in 1928. Lately this has been used by Dome but it seems they have now moved out. Below the Dome sign can be seen "Cheque Accounts, Savings Accounts". Above the Dome sign is "Ex Dono Dei" (Latin for "the Gift of God"). Further around to the left is a T .D. Williamson sign. Photo - December 2015



The old Bank of New South Wales building on Hay Street in Perth City looks resplendent in the afternoon sunlight and almost looks one-dimensional, which I can assure you it isn't. The establishment date of 1817 was of the bank, not the building. I think this was once a bookshop. Now home to Canali, men's fashions. Photo - June 2012



The former Commonwealth Bank building is a commanding structure in Forrest Place, particularly those strong looking doors. It's no longer a bank. Out of here now appears to operate a clothing market. Photo - March 2010



A sign of the times. Perth is coming of international age. This Bank of China branch soon to open on St Georges Terrace. Almost directly across the road from the HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corp.) Building. Photo - March 2012



King's Corner Central Convenience Store is on the south side of Murray Street on the corner of King Street. This was built in 1904 as a branch of The Bank of New South Wales. Later it became known as Bushell House. Photo - November 2020



The former Commercial Bank of Australia dominates the streetscape in the centre of Pingelly. This structure was completed in 1911. Renovations were carried out in 1974. Prior to the bank being built, a blacksmith's shop stood on this site. November 2011. Photos Ref: PGLY002



A rather grand building at 7 Parade Street that was built in 1912 for the Union Bank. The manager lived on the first floor. When this photo was taken the building was up for sale. Signage indicates this was also once a newsagency, bookstore, stationer and jeweller (all at the same time). Another time it was tea rooms and a bed and breakfast. What a history. This is currently a private residence. Photo - November 2011



The old Bank of New South Wales building on the main street, the Great Northern Highway. This was formerly the Western Australian Bank, including staff quarters, and was built in 1923. Photo - November 2014



The former Commercial Bank building is located on the main street. This building was constructed in 1937 and opened the following year. On the window just next to the door it proclaims 'The Brass Razoo Bank'; and '1938'. This appears to be a private residence now. Photo - January 2012



This tiny bank is on Jermyn Street. It operated as an agency of the Agricultural Bank, and then the Bank of New South Wales (then later R&I and Bankwest) from the 1930's until 1997. During the war this was used as an aircraft observation post. At one stage the building also served as a child health centre. This building was originally a blacksmith's office in Bruce Rock and was relocated to Shackleton. Photo - June 2013



A rather grand building at 162 Rokeby Road, near Bagot Road and the Crossways Shopping Centre. Right now this building is home to Tokay clothes and fashion. This is on the corner of Churchill Avenue. It was constructed in 1915 as a Government Savings Bank. That bank became the Commonwealth bank in 1917. Later this was a branch of the Commercial Bank of Australia. Photo - January 2011



On Norrish Street is the Tambellup Health Centre. This building was once the Westpac Bank (and various other names it operated under over the years, e.g. Bank of New South Wales). Photo - December 2016



The National Bank building, Tammin, which was constructed in 1930. This is located on Walston Street next to the post office. Photo - June 2011


Three Springs

A typical country NAB provides banking services for residents. This is the only bank in town. Photo - September 2014


Three Springs

An old building on the main street which is now a private home. This is most certainly the former premises of the E.S.& A. Bank, constructed in 1930. The bank closed in 1941 and for some time after the building was used by Elders. Photo - September 2014



This building dates back to 1898 and has been a bank continuously throughout its existence. Initially the Western Australian Bank, it became the Bank of New South Wales (thence Challenge Bank, thence Westpac) after a few commercial take-overs. These days the Bendigo Bank provides finance services to Toodyay. Photo - October 2013



This attractive old English Scottish & Australian Bank building is located on Railway Street in the centre of town. This looks like a private home now and it is being well preserved. The bank was erected in 1936. Photo - April 2012



At 87 Tudor Street is the National Australia Bank. A majestic two-storey structure and the pale colour of its street face stands out vividly in the early morning sunshine. This was built in 1912 and has continuously operated as a National Bank branch. Photo - February 2013



On Tudhoe Street is the Australia Broadcasting Commission Great Southern studio and office. This building was formerly a Bank of Australasia branch from 1917, then a Commonwealth Bank branch from 1944 to 2002. The ABC took over the building in 2002. The ABC was set to close these premises in early 2015. February 2013. Photos Ref: WAGN015



This old building is on Tavistock Street. This was erected circa 1939 as the Wagin District Club. Later it became the premises of the West Australian Bank. Photo - February 2013



The Union Bank building on Tudhoe Street, on the corner of Usil Lane. The building was erected in 1927. It was later the premises of Elder Smith & Co. Limited. Since 1979 it has been the local Community Centre and RSL sub-branch. Photo - February 2013



In the main shopping area in this tiny BankWest branch. This is only open for 2 hours per week. Wednesday's, 10.00 am to 12 noon. Photo - October 2014



This building is the former Bank of New South Wales and was constructed in 1935. Now this is home of Drakesbrook Antiques and Collectables, purveyors of many fine products including Moorcroft china. Photo - January 2014



On Wyalkatchem's main street is the National Australia Bank building which was constructed in 1925. Photo - April 2012



The former Bank of New South Wales building on the corner of Honour Avenue and Wilson Street. This was erected in 1927. Now the premises are used as the Community Resource Centre. Photo - April 2012



This building is on Avon Terrace in York and its original purpose was the premises of the Bank of Australasia which operated here as such between 1909 and 1919. Photo - January 2013



Close to the York Hotel is the Westpac Bank. Another vintage building. The West Australian Bank opened in town in 1841 but didn't move into this building until 1889. The manager lived upstairs. The bank became Westpac (via the Bank of NSW) in 1982. Photo - January 2013

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