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Anglican Churches in Western Australia

The Church of England's first appearance in Western Australia was in 1829, the year of the first European settlement. It wasn't until 1845, however, that the Diocese of Perth was formed. In 1858, the old St George's Church became the church's first cathedral. The Church of England expedited formal establishment partially due to the growth of Catholicism through generous funding from Rome. In 1981, the Church of England became the Anglican Church



St John the Evangelist Anglican Church, Albany, in the Diocese of Bunbury. Construction began in 1841 with many variations and additions being made over the decades. This is the oldest church to be consecrated in Western Australia. This view is from Peel Place. The church fronts onto York Street. Photo - October 2014



On the corner of Marmion Avenue and Graceful Boulevard is the Anglican Chapel of St James which is still under construction. This is next door to St James Anglican School which opened in February 2015. Photo - June 2015



St David's Applecross Anglican Church on Simpson Street in Ardross. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Archbishop of Perth, the Most Reverend R.W.H. Moline, on May 12th 1957. Photo - September 2018



St Matthew's Anglican Church on Prospect Road in Armadale. Construction began in 1904 with later additions and changes across the decades, particularly the new rectory which was built in 1976. Photo - January 2012


Arthur River

In Arthur River is St Paul's Anglican Church. The church was constructed in 1882 and falls within the Diocese of Bunbury. Photo - February 2013



Here is the Anglican Church of St Elizabeth of Hungary on Allnut Terrace, Augusta. The church was blessed by David, Bishop of Bunbury on 8th September 2002. Photo - December 2013



On Epsom Avenue just north of Sydenham Street is this former Anglican Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Reverend R. W. H. Moline, Archbishop of Perth, on September 27, 1952. Right now this building is the Administration Office of Airport City Community Services Incorporated. This organisation provides food parcels and emergency relief vouchers to those in need. A worthy cause. Photo - December 2017



On Waddell Road near Brown Road is St Christopher's Anglican Church. Photo - September 2018



In Australind is St Nicholas' Church which is reputed to be the smallest church in Australia. It was constructed in 1848 originally as a worker's cottage. This is a view from the rear taking in the lawn and memorial rose garden. Photo - April 2013


Bakers Hill

This is St Nicholas' Anglican Church in Bakers Hill. The verandah is as big as the main building. The church was originally a Methodist Church built in 1933. It was used as a schoolroom in the 1950's. The Anglican Church bought the building in 1994. Photo - February 2011



The Anglican Holy Trinity Church, Ballidu. The foundation plaque reads "Erected to the Glory of God by the Anglican and Congregational Communities of Ballidu, October 26th, 1963". Photo - November 2014



On Wilson Street is St Mark's Anglican Church. There is a stone on the front of the church which is simply inscribed "To the Glory of God 1915". There were extensions completed in 1937 which were opened by Mrs Ernest Foster on 3rd October of that year. Photo - May 2014



St Augustine's Anglican Church on Roberts Street. Construction was completed in 1965. Another church building used to occupy this site but that was dismantled in 1961. Photo - May 2016



St Augustine's Anglican Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by Revd R. E. Freeth, Bishop Assistant, Perth, on September 4th, 1957. Photo - March 2015



St Mark's Anglican Uniting Church. A plaque on the church was unveiled on November 13th, 1968 to commemorate the commencement of construction. At that time the church was known as St Mark's Anglican - Congregational Church. Photo - March 2015



The first Anglican Church in the district is located at Edward's Crossing, the site of the first Beverley townsite 6 kilometres north of the current townsite. St Paul's Church, Edward's Crossing, was built 1859 and consecrated 1862 and was for thirty years the Parish Church of Beverley. Photo - September 2016



St Mary's Anglican Church, Beverley. There doesn't appear to be a Foundation Stone on the building. The Church was consecrated on November 30th, 1892 by the Reverend Parry. Photo - September 2016



The Holy Trinity Anglican Church of Bindoon situated a few kilometres south of the townsite. It was built in 1886 by the people of the parish. The welcoming parishioners today were very proud of the 125th anniversary of their church. Photo - August 2011



St Augustine of Canterbury Anglican Church, Bolgart. The Foundation Stone was laid on June 11th, 1939 by Most Rev. Henry Frewen La Fanu, Archbishop of Perth. Photo - October 2011



St David's Anglican Church, Borden. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs Mavis Milne, in the company of Ralph, Bishop of Bunbury, on May 15th, 1959. Photo - December 2016



St George's Anglican Church, Boyanup. The church was consecrated in 1906. For a long time, the Foundation Stone has been obscured by bushes and shrubs which have recently been cleared. Now revealed, the stone reads "A.M.D.G. This Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs Venn. December 16th, 1905". Photo - July 2015


Boyup Brook

Saint Saviour's Anglican Church on Jayes Road, Boyup Brook. It was built in 1913. This is a rear view. Photo - April 2012



St Paul's Anglican Church, Bridgetown. The Foundation Stone was laid by Frances Dean, President, on behalf of St Paul's Ladies Guild on 26th January 1911. Photo - April 2012



St Mark's Anglican Church in Brookton. The Foundation Stone doesn't say who opened the church. It simply says 'To the glory of God and to the memory of the late Samuel Williams, Esq., J.P., 3rd February 1924'. Photo - November 2011



St Elizabeth of Hungary Anglican Church, Broomehill. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mr and Mrs V. Greenslade in the presence for Donald, Fourth Bishop of Bunbury, on April 18th, 1953. Photo - December 2016



Here is the Brunswick Anglican church. This is St Peter's Anglican Church Brunswick which is within the Anglican Parish of Brunswick/Burekup. The Foundation Stone was laid by K. M. Eastman Esq., W.M. of the Lodge of Freemasons of St Matthew's in 1907. The stone is too worn to read some words. Photo - December 2013



St Boniface Anglican Cathedral sits high upon a hill overlooking Spencer Street in Bunbury. The Cathedral was constructed in 1952. Photo - April 2013



Pictured is the Old Picton Church on Wollaston Crescent, Bunbury. This is St Mark's Anglican Church in the Parish of Carey Park.  It was built in 1842 by John Wollaston who was then the First Chaplain of Port Leschenault. Photo - April 2013



This building was formerly the Chapel at the Anglican Sisters of St Elizabeth of Hungary Convent at 192 Spencer Street in Bunbury. It was constructed in 1928 and was moved to Brunswick sometime after the Sisters returned to England in 1957. Now in the Brunswick show-grounds area overlooking the football oval, the building is currently the Brunswick Guides Hall. Photo - July 2018



The Church of Christ at 74 Austral Parade, East Bunbury. This was built around 1920 as St Patrick's Anglican Church. At another time this was a Greek Orthodox Church. The Rathmines War Memorial sits close by, next to the road. Photo - December 2018



On the corner of Hutchinson and Russell Roads in Burekup is the St John the Divine Anglican Church. It was consecrated on April 24th 1938 by Bishop Knight. Photo - April 2013



St Mary's Anglican Church on the corner of Queen Street and Peel Terrace in Busselton. It is claimed to be the oldest stone church in W.A. It was built in 1844-1845. The churchyard contains a number of very old graves including those of a number of members of the local pioneer Bussell family. Photo - January 2013



St John the Baptist Anglican Church, Calingiri. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Ven. C. L. Riley on February 6th, 1932. Photo - October 2011



Pictured is St John's Anglican Church in Capel. A 1903 stone church used to exist on this site but it was demolished in 1923 as it was deemed to be unsafe. Today's wooden church was constructed in 1923. Photo - February 2011



The Anglican Church of the Holy Apostles. The Foundation Stone was laid on 20th July 1963. It does not say who laid it. Photo - September 2014



The Claremont Christ Church on Stirling Highway. Building commenced in 1892. The Church was consecrated by the second Bishop of Perth, Harry Hutton Parry on 11th April 1893. The church was damaged in the Meckering earthquake of 1968. This, together with natural deterioration over the years, necessitated significant renovations which were completed and eventually dedicated by Bishop Michael Challen in March 1981. Photo - April 2010



The Collie All Saints Anglican Church. The Church's Foundation Stone lists Sir Harry Barron as laying it, on May 19th, 1915. Sir Harry Barron was the Governor of Western Australia between 1913 and 1917 (before that, he was the Governor of Tasmania for four years). This was formerly known as St Peter's Anglican Church. Photo - February 2011



On Park Street near Cale Street this is perhaps the St Augustine's Anglican Church Hall or Rectory. The Church is next door. Photo - September 2018



This is the St Augustine's Anglican Church, Como, in the Como Manning Parish. Photo - September 2018



This was once the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Cookernup. It was erected in 1908 but is now seemingly abandoned. Overall, the building is in quite good condition and it probably wouldn't take much to bring it back up to scratch. The interior is bare apart from a pile of old carpets on the floor and some bee nests high up on the walls. Photo - July 2015



St Mary's Anglican Church in Coolup was built circa 1926 and consecrated in 1933 by Rev. Cecil Wilson, Bishop of Bunbury. Travelling south from Pinjarra, take a right turn off the highway to go down into the Coolup townsite. One of the first buildings to be seen is this church on the right side of the road. Photo - December 2010



All Saints Anglican and Uniting Church in the Parish of North Midlands. A plaque on the building is inscribed thus: "All Saints Coorow Church. Interdenominational. A.D. 1961". Photo - September 2014



Here is St Matthew's Anglican Church within the Diocese of Bunbury. The Foundation Stone was laid by R. W. H. Moline, Archbishop of Perth, on 26th October 1954. Photo - June 2013



Adjacent to the Pioneer Park is the Cowaramup St Mary's Anglican Church. The church was constructed in 1929. Photo - December 2013



St Oswald's Anglican Church of Australia, Cranbrook. The church has no Foundation Stone. The building was constructed in the years 1917-1918. Photo - December 2016



St George's College is on Mounts Bay Road in Crawley, almost opposite the University of Western Australia. At the rear of the College is the Chapel. The College was established in 1931. The Chapel is open 8am - 10pm every day of the year. Funds bequeathed by Sir Winthrop Hackett, first Chancellor of The University of Western Australia, enabled the College and Chapel to be built. Photo - January 2013



On Campbell Street is the former St Peter's Anglican Church. This was erected in 1911. It is a private residence now. Photo - November 2011



St Philip's Anglican Church at Cullham, which is just a few kilometres north of Toodyay on the Bolgart Road. This is the view of the church you may glimpse from the road travelling north towards Bolgart. Photo - November 2014



The rear of St Philip's looking across gravestones. Brother-in-law of the first Bishop of Adelaide (Augustus Short), Mr S. P. Phillips, donated land here in 1846 to build a church which he and the local community did. The church was completed in 1852 but fell apart very soon afterwards. This current church was opened on 19th July 1857 but was not consecrated until 1895 and that was undertaken by the Right Reverend C. O. L. Riley, Bishop of Perth. Photo - November 2014



This is St George's Anglican Church in Cunderdin. The Foundation Stone was laid by Archdeacon C. L. Riley on 13th October 1935. Photo - June 2011



St Lawrence's Church in Dalkeith. The Foundation Stone was laid by Governor Sir Charles Gardiner on 28th April 1957 and consecrated by Archbishop Moline on 15th September 1957. Photo - December 2010



St Luke's Anglican Church, Dalwallinu. The Foundation Stone is simply inscribed thus: "Church of St Luke. This stone was laid 2nd May 1929. A.M.D.G.". Photo - November 2014



St Anne's Anglican church, Dandaragan. This building was opened in 1888 as the local school but closed on and off over the years due to low enrolments. The rear rooms were added circa 1900 as teacher accommodation. In those days it was also used as a dance and meeting hall and also served as an unofficial church. In 1962 the building was consecrated as St Anne's Anglican Church. Photo - December 2015



St Mary's Anglican Church, Dardanup. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Hon. Sir George Shenton, on May 9th, 1906. Photo - December 2016



St Cuthbert's Anglican Church in Darlington. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Archbishop Of Perth, Charles Riley, on 13th September 1924. Photo - March 2012



St Leonard's Anglican Church nestled amongst the trees facing Strickland Street. This is the oldest surviving building in town. It was constructed by the congregation in 1899. In 1914, the layout of the church was reversed with the entrance being moved to the rear due to the steep steps descending to street level. The steps were deemed too difficult to negotiate for elderly people. Photo - October 2014



The Anglican St John the Baptist Church. The church was constructed in 1884. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs Eliza Moore, Mrs Jane Plester and Miss Clementine Nairn. The church is on Waldeck Street. Photos - September 2014



The Anglican Church of Australia, All Saints Church, Donnybrook, established in 1907. The Foundation Stone is inscribed thus: "AD Majorem Dei Gloriam. Hung Lapidem Posuit. Iohannes Winthrop Hackett LLD. XXV11 Oct. A.D. 1906". Photo - July 2014



Anderson Hall now forms part of the school and is used as a drama and music centre. This is the original St Barnabas Anglican Church built in 1909. It was moved to its present site in the school grounds in 1999. Photo - July 2015



The current St Barnabas Anglican Church. This was built in 1939 as a Catholic Church but was taken over by the Anglican Church in 1967. The original Catholic Foundation Stone was removed and re-affixed to the new St Therese's Catholic Church. The stone was laid by Rt. Rev. A. Catalan, Abbott Nullius of New Norcia, on September 3rd, 1939. Photo - July 2015



Across the street from the Dumbleyung primary school is the dual-denominational St Augustine's Anglican-Uniting Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by Ralph, Fifth Bishop of Bunbury on 19th April 1958. Photo - February 2013



St Mark's Anglican Church is on Newton Street just across the road from the primary school. This building was originally located at Holyoake and was built in 1923. Shortly after construction, someone tried to burn down the church. That didn't succeed and nor did the 1961 Dwellingup bushfire. Photo - July 2013


East Perth

On Bronte Street East Perth is a pioneer cemetery and church. At one stage urban extension threatened but luckily this place is now Heritage protected. This church is St Batholemew's Anglican. Originally a burial chapel established very soon after the 1829 Perth settlement, it became the parish church in 1888. In 1900 the church was extended (different brick styles can be seen in the western wall). The church was consecrated by the first Bishop of Perth, Mathew Hale, on 16th February 1871. Photo - December 2012


East Victoria Park

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church on the corner of Whittleford and Washer Streets. This was opened in 1964. There is no visible foundation stone. Photo - April 2015



Fairbridge Village's most iconic building is the Church of the Holy Innocents designed by Sir Herbert Baker and largely funded by Mr Thomas Wall. On completion the Church was dedicated by the Bishop of Bunbury in 1931. Photo - July 2008



St John's Church, also known as St John the Evangelist Church, faces onto Adelaide Street in Fremantle very close to the Town Hall. This side view was taken from Kings Square. The original church, built in 1843, was located where the Town Hall now stands. The pictured church was completed in 1882. The Foundation Stone was laid on 28th January 1879. Photo - February 2009



The Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross. This is on Cathedral Avenue. It is in the Anglican Diocese of North West Australia and was constructed in 1964. Photo - December 2015



St Peter's Church, Cemetery and Glebe, Gilgering. This former Anglican Church was constructed in 1858 by local residents. The church has been deconsecrated. Ownership passed to the National Trust in 2014. Photo - September 2019



St Luke's Anglican Church is slightly west of the town centre and is set amongst a well-treed cemetery. The church was built in 1860 and was opened on 23 February 1861 by The Rev. George Boston, the then Chaplain. The bell was added in 1862. The church was used as a school room in the 1860's and 1870's. The surrounding picket fence was added in 1908-9. Photo - February 2016



St Margaret's Anglican Church, Gnowangerup. This is no Foundation Stone on the building. This is on Yougenup Street and was built in 1930. Photo - December 2016



Attractive in its dark weatherboard and burgundy metal roof offset with bright white window trim is the St Barnabas Anglican Church Greenbushes, founded in 1900. Photo - April 2012



Set on the main York - Quairading road (and therefore a few kilometres from the Greenhills townsite), is St Andrew's Anglican Church, Greenhills. It was built by the local Penny family in 1912 and maintained by them thereafter. The original church, which fell into disrepair and eventual ruin, existed where the cemetery currently is located, and was consecrated by Bishop (later Archbishop) Riley, on 20th May 1895. Photo - January 2012



St Catherine's Anglican Church in the Historic Settlement, Greenough. This is in the Diocese of North West Australia. The church still functions. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Lord Bishop of Perth on 22nd November, 1913. Photo - September 2014



In South Greenough is what was formerly St James' Church. The church was consecrated by Bishop Hale on 27th July, 1873. The National Trust of Australia now owns this site. Photo - September 2014



St Matthew's Anglican Church located in Stirling Square, Guildford. This park has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last few years. The church is still the dominant landmark in the area. There is a centennial commemoration stone inset into the church wall celebrating one hundred years since the opening on 15th October 1893. Photo - May 2008



Guildford Grammar School Chapel of St Mary and St George on Terrace Road. This Chapel is made largely of Donnybrook stone. Construction was caused by the then headmaster Rev. Percy Henn and funded by Cecil Oliverson, a resident of Inverness, Scotland. The chapel was consecrated in 1914. Photo - June 2016



This old, timber hall is the Anglican Hall, formerly the Church of England Hall. It is on Young Street. The hall was built in 1906. It was moved to this site in the early 1950's. Next to the hall is the new St Paul's Anglican Church which was consecrated in 1960. Photo - January 2014



Anglican Church of St Mary Magdalene on the corner of Caridean Street and Lysander Drive. There is no Foundation Stone. Photo - January 2020


Henley Brook

The Anglican All Saints Church, Henley Brook. It is the oldest still-functioning church in Western Australia. The first church service was held in this building on 10th January 1841 and in those days this was in the Diocese of Adelaide. At this site, Governor Stirling camped whilst exploring the Swan River in 1827. The Foundation Stone of the church was laid on October 31st, 1831. Photo - July 2011



On the corner of St Albans Avenue and Beaufort Street is St Alban's Highgate Anglican Church. This is as seen from the rear. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sir John Forrest on 30th July 1898. Photo - July 2013



St Paul's Anglican Church, constructed in 1896, was originally located near Armstrong Road. In the 1950's it was moved to Atkins Street. It was subsequently moved to its present location in December 2008. Photo - January 2009



All Saints Anglican Church Jerramungup. The Foundation Stone was laid by Hon. L. A. Logan MLC, on November 10th 1967. The building was officially opened on June 8th, 1969 by the Governor Sir Douglas Kendrew. Photo - December 2016



St Andrew's Anglican Church, Katanning. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs F. H. Piesse on June 25th, 1898. Photo - April 2015



St Andrew's Church Hall. The Foundation Stone was laid by Hon. F. H. Piesse on March 27th, 1911. This is located next to the church. Photo - April 2015



This is the Anglican Church of Australia, St John the Baptist, Kellerberrin. The Foundation Stone was laid by Hon. James Mitchell M.L.A., on 16th February 1910. Photo - June 2011



St Mary-In-The-Valley Anglican Church on River Road, Kelmscott. This Church was constructed in 1963 although the cemetery is a lot older - tombstones date back to the 1870's. The original Church on this site was completed on 16th August, 1871 and was built by Thomas Buckingham Junior. Photo - April 2011



The Kendenup Community Church, build by the people of Kendenup in 1960. There does not appear to be a Foundation Stone. Photo - December 2016



All Saints Anglican Church, Hyden. This was built in 1955. There is no Foundation Stone. Photo - April 2015



St Mary's Anglican Church, Kojonup. The Foundation Stone was laid by Brigadier A. W. Potts on 28th September, 1958 (+ Ralph Bunbury). Photo - October 2014



The denomination of this old church is not displayed, indeed it may no longer be in use as a church. I suspect this may be the predecessor to the 1958 constructed St Mary's Anglican Church. The Foundation Stone on the church was laid by A. E. Piesse, esq, M.L.A., on 25th March, 1911. Photo - October 2014



St Peter's Anglican Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by Ralph, Bishop of Bunbury, on July 29th, 1959. Photo - April 2015



St Paul's Anglican Church, Koorda. The Church was dedicated on 13th September 1928 by the Right Rev. W. E. Elsey, Bishop of Kalgoorlie. P. F. Carnley, Archbishop of Perth, visited on 2nd October 1988 to commemorate the church's 60th anniversary. Photo - April 2012



St Mary's Church of England, Kulin. The Foundation Stone was laid on December 11th, 1937. The stone does not state by whom it was laid. Photo - April 2015



This was the local Church of England from 1928 to 1970. After 1970 it was used as a Scout Hall. It now appears to be unused. Photo - March 2015


Lake Grace

The Anglican Parish Church of St Anne, Lake Grace. The Foundation Stone was laid by Ralph Gordon, Fifth Bishop of Bunbury, on March 16th, 1958. Photo - April 2015



St Swithun's Anglican Church of Australia, Lesmurdie. Local landholder, Mr Archibald Sanderson, caused this to be constructed in 1910. Photo - February 2011



Christ's Church Anglican Church is located on the corner of Sholl Street and Pinjarra Road in Mandurah and was consecrated in 1871. An older church occupied this site but was destroyed by fire in 1870. The Church yard contains graves going back over 150 years. Famous pioneer names of the district - Sutton, Tuckey, and Peel, - can be found in the yard. Church extensions were completed in 1994. Photo - August 2009


Margaret River

St Margaret's Anglican Church on Station Road. The church was built in 1927. Photo - December 2013



The only remaining historic building in Marradong is St Alban's Anglican church. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mr Arthur Batt on 17th April, 1894. There are no ruins in Marradong. The old buildings have either been totally demolished or removed. Behind is the churchyard containing many pioneer and recent graves. Photo - April 2014



St Luke's Anglican Church in Maylands. The church is in two sections, the old and the new. This is the old section which was constructed in 1906. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sir Edward A. Stone, Lieut. Governor on October 20th, 1906. The newer part of the church is visible in the background. Photo - November 2013



St Luke's Anglican Church in Maylands. Next to the 1906 construction is this later addition, built in the 1930's. The Foundation Stone was laid on Palm Sunday 1931 by the Archbishop of Perth, Henry Frewen Le Fanu. Photo - November 2013



St John the Baptist Anglican Church at Metricup. This is on the corner of the Bussell Highway and Metricup Road. The church was built in 1935. Photo - December 2013


Middle Swan

In the Swanleigh complex is St Mary's Anglican Church and its adjoining cemetery. The first church was built on this site in 1840. The pictured building was constructed some 29 years later. The Foundation Stone was laid by Isabella Ferguson on 10th March, 1869. Photo - October 2013



The front of the Anglican Ascension Church of Midland faces Springpark Road. The church was consecrated by Bishop Riley in February 1899. Photo - April 2013



At the northern end of town is this Christian Church. There are no signs outside the church. This was built in 1960 through the cooperation of the Anglican and Methodist communities. Photo - July 2012



The Anglican Church of the Resurrection, Mingenew. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs Elinor Oliver in July 1908. Photo - September 2014



St James' Anglican Church of Moora. The Foundation Stone was laid by Walter Padbury Jnr on 4th March 1911, son of a well-known pioneer of the same name who landed in the state in 1829 and passed away in 1907. Walter Padbury Sen. was an avid benefactor of the Anglican Church and his generous donations and support assisted the establishment of the Diocese of Bunbury. The Padbury family is particularly remembered in the Guildford and Bassendean areas. Photo - July 2012


Mosman Park

St Luke's Anglican Church on Monument Street, Mosman Park. The original part of the church facing Monument Street (the rear in the photo) was built in 1887. The rear section, this end, was added in 1997. A slab was placed on the wall of the church on December 17th, 1904, by Rt Rev. C.O.L. Riley, Bishop of Perth. Photo - August 2016


Mount Barker

The Anglican All Saints Church in Mount Barker. The front section was built in 1926. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sir Wm. Campion, Governor, on 5th November, 1926. Photo - October 2014


Mount Barker

Here is the Anglican All Saints Church viewed from the rear. Very clear is the earlier stone section which was constructed in 1900 and consecrated in December of that year. Photo - October 2014


Mount Helena

On the corner of Ealy Street and Keane Street West is the abandoned Anglican Church of St Mark. The exterior looks reasonable but the interior is somewhat derelict. The Church was deconsecrated on January 22, 2012 by Rev. Tom Wilmot, Assistant Bishop of Perth. The Church was constructed in 1903 and perhaps deserves a better future. Photo - October 2015



The former St Luke's Anglican Church of Mukinbudin. The church ceased to operate as such a few years ago. The building is showing signs of disrepair. The Foundation Stone was laid by Most Rev. R. W. H. Moline, Archbishop of Perth, on May 12th, 1953. Photo - March 2015



A view of the rear of the former St Lukes Anglican Church. I thought that the Church sign seemingly discarded against the wall there looks a bit forlorn. Photo - March 2015



On the Goomalling - Toodyay road at the start of Tyndall Road, the former Mumberkine Hall is crumbling. The Foundation Stone says the building was opened on 17th November 1897 by B. O. Clarkson Esq. J.P., President (probably of the Goomalling Road Board). It was then a multi-purpose hall. In 1961 the Anglican Church took over the building and it became known as St Luke's church. It is now abandoned. Photo - April 2012



The Mundaring Anglican Church. This is the Parish of Mundaring, Church of the Epiphany. The Foundation Stone was laid by W. T. Loton Esq. J.P., on June 27th, 1914. Photo - July 2018



St Bartholomew's Anglican Church, Nabawa. There is no evidence of a Foundation Stone on the building. This was built in 1959. Photo - December 2015



The All Saints Anglican Church, Nannup. It was built in 1913 and was consecrated by Bishop Goldsmith of Bunbury on June 6th, 1914. The church is made of local jarrah. The font inside is dedicated to a school girl who was accidently killed in the church grounds in the early 1900's. Photo - January 2015



St Luke's Anglican Church, Nanson. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Right Rev. J. Frewer, Bishop of North West Australia, on February 3rd, 1952. Photo - December 2015



This is the original St Paul's Anglican Church. It has been superceded by a new church and now this building is used as a museum. This was erected in 1927. There is no Foundation Stone. Photo - April 2015



Here is the new St Paul's Anglican Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by E. Yeomans, Rector's Warden, and W. T. Hall, People's Warden, on June 7th, 1964. Photo - April 2015



The Narrogin Anglican Church of the Resurrection was constructed in 1901. No Foundation Stone could be found on the building. Photo - November 2011



St John's Anglican Church pictured between gum trees. The Church is on Wellington Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Bishop of Perth, Dr Parry, on 2nd April 1889. The church was consecrated in January 1890. Photo - May 2009



Northam has two Anglican Churches, this one and the larger St John's. This is St James Church and the Foundation Stone was laid by David T. Morrell, Esq., J.P. on June 21st 1911. Photo: June 2011



The Holy Trinity Anglican Church of Northampton. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs W. Castell Brown on February 19th, 1908. Photo - December 2015



Christ Church Northcliffe, in the Anglican Diocese of Bunbury. Some records suggest this was built in the 1950's but I'd venture to suggest that it pre-dates that period by some 20-30 years and may have been relocated here from elsewhere. Photo - October 2014


North Perth

St Hilda's Anglican Church on View Street, North Perth. The Foundation Stone was laid by W. T. Loton Esq., on 24 July, 1915. Photo - January 2013



St Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church, Nungarin. This church was consecrated by The Most Reverend R. W. H. Moline on November 16th, 1955. Photo - March 2015



On Hammad Street is Saint Peter's Palmyra Anglican Church. The Foundation Stone reads "To The Glory of God This Stone Was Laid By Admiral Sir F.G.D. Bedford K.C.B. Governor of Western Australia July 1st 1903". Clearly this stone is one of another church building which once occupied this site. Photo - June 2016



The chapel at the Parkerville Children's Home. Construction was completed in 1909. The Nave of the Church was dedicated on May 24th, 1959 by Rev. R.W.H. Moline, Archbishop of Perth. This is the Chapel of St Michael and All Angels. Photo - March 2015.



St Hilda's Anglican Church on Guppy Street, Pemberton. The Manjimup Municipal Heritage Inventory lists the church as being constructed in the 1920's. Photo - October 2014



St George's Cathedral on St Georges Terrace in Perth city. This Cathedral was designed by Edmund Blacket and was built between 1879 and 1888. Photo - July 2010



This is the Anglican Church of St Luke and St Paul in Pingelly. It was opened on 2nd August 1900 by Mrs J. Sewell. Photo - November 2011



St John's Anglican Church is located adjacent to the Murray River. The first church on this site, consecrated in 1848, was of whitewashed wattle and daub and had a thatched roof. The church later suffered severe flood damage rendering the building a total loss. The pictured Church was built in 1860 and consecrated in 1863 by Bishop Hale. The front porch was added in 1879. Internal woodwork was made by convicts in Fremantle. The church was again flooded in 1945 when the water level peaked at approximately one metre above the floor level. Photo - 2005



Slightly north of the main townsite is St Boniface Anglican Church. A very sturdy stone structure, the church was established in 1956. Photo - April 2014



Now a dentist surgery, this is the former Anglican St Nicholas All Saints Church on Kent Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by Henry Frewen Le Fanu, Archbishop of Perth, on May 12th, 1945. A second stone is dated August 31st 1980 and was laid by Colonel Roy Lovatt. This building became a dentists in 1990. Photo - May 2015



This former Anglican Church which was constructed in 1954 is now in private hands. The church congregation became too small to support this and other churches in Brunswick and Burekup so this one was sold. Photo - April 2013



St Christopher's Anglican Church on Hall Road. This church dates back to 1938 though the current building appears to be far more recent. Photo - March 2015



The Rottnest Chapel on Kitson Street is right next to the entrance to the Rottnest Lodge. It was built around 1860 and at one time it served as a school, an evening reading room, and as a candle-lit place to read newspapers. Photo - January 2013



This Church is just across Falls Road from the roadhouse and fronts onto the South Western Highway. This is St Stephen's Anglican Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Lord Bishop of Perth on 10th May 1913. Photo - September 2012



On Venemore Street at the east end of town is St Gile's Anglican Church built in 1954. The Foundation Stone was laid by Ven. L. Bothamley, Archdeacon of Northam on an undisclosed date. This building is no longer a functioning church. Venemore Street was re-named from Irvine Street in honour of a local soldier killed in WWII. Photo - June 2013


Shenton Park

St Matthew's Anglican Church, Shenton Park. The church has two Foundation Stones. One laid by Rev. Milton Maley on May 7th, 1932. The other was laid by Sir William Lathlain, Lord Mayor of Perth, on the same date. Photo - March 2015


South Fremantle

This is St Paul's Anglican Church on Hampton Road in South Fremantle. The Foundation Stone was laid on 23 August 1905 by Admiral Sir Frederick Bedford who was the then Governor of Western Australia. Photo - July 2011


Southern Cross

The Anglican Church of Australia, Parish of Southern Cross Westonia, Christ Church. The is no visible Foundation Stone on the Church. The church was constructed in 1907. Photo - March 2015



St Mark's Anglican Church, on Barker Road Subiaco. The original Foundation Stone was laid by the then Governor, Admiral Sir F.C.D. Bedford on June 27th, 1906. Another stone marking Church extensions and the State centenary was laid by Lady Campion on May 11th, 1929. Photo - September 2016



Pictured is St Mark's Anglican Church, Tammin, which was constructed in 1932. The Foundation Stone was laid by John Packham, Esq., J.P. on 13th August 1932. Photo - June 2011



St Mildred's Anglican Church, Tenterden. The Foundation Stone was laid by H. J. Townsend J.P., on December 22nd, 1926. The Church also serves as a memorial for all those who fell in World War I. Photo - December 2016


The Dale

St John's In The Wilderness Anglican Church, The Dale (west of Beverley). A sign is attached to a wall in the porch of the church. "St John in the Wilderness. This little Church was built almost single-handedly by Mr A. E. Woodruff, student of St Paul's College, Burgh, near Lincoln in England and lay-assistant to Canon C. E. Groser, the second Rector of Beverley. It was consecrated on May 22nd 1895 by the Rt Rev C.O.L. Riley, 3rd Bishop, later first Archbishop of Perth". Restored by the community 1975. Photo - September 2016



Across the road from Connor's Mill is St Stephen's Anglican Church Toodyay, built in 1862. There is no foundation stone on the building. Reverend Charles Harper was instrumental in having the church erected. Photo - October 2013.



The All Saints Anglican Church on Coronation Street, Trayning. The Foundation Stone was laid by C. O. L. Riley, Archbishop of Perth, on 26th October 1924. Photo - April 2012


Victoria Park

On Leonard Street is St Peter's Anglican Church. The Foundation Stone was laid on Quinquagesima Sunday, March 3rd, 1935. It was consecrated by the Archbishop of Perth, Dr Le Fanu on that date. Photo - April 2015



Erection of St George's Anglican Church commenced in 1899 and was completed in 1902. This was the first church in Wagin. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs C. A. Piesse on 29th July 1899. The land was donated by the Piesse family and they were also part of the building planning process. Photo - February 2013



St George's Anglican Church Walpole in the Diocese of Bunbury. This was built in the 1950's largely through the efforts of Denmark minister George Kingston. Photo - October 2014



The Anglican Church of St Martin set on the south side of town. The Foundation Stone reads "To The Glory of God. This Stone Was Laid By Mrs Francis Watts, on the 11th Aug. 1929". Photo - April 2019



Christ Church, Watheroo. "The Foundation Stone of the Watheroo Joint Owned Church was laid by Mrs L. Kramy on 4th April 1956". Photo - September 2014



St Luke's Anglican Church, Westonia. This church was built in 1916 and was originally located at Naretha, a camp on the Trans-Australian Railway. In March 1918, when the railway work was done, the church was dismantled and sent by rail to Kalgoorlie. The church was re-assembled in Westonia in October 1918. It was blessed by Rev. A. R. Edington on October 22nd, 1918. Photo - March 2015


Wongan Hills

St Peter's Anglican Church, Wongan Hills. The Foundation Stone (mostly now obscured by a ramp) was laid the Archdeacon C. L. Riley on February 7th, 1932. Archdeacon Riley, the son of former Archbishop C.O.L. Riley, went on to become Archbishop of Bendigo. Photo - October 2011



Here is the Anglican Church of Australia, Parish of Mundaring, St Francis, Wooroloo. It was built in 1940. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Hon. L. Thorn M.L.A. on 8th December 1940. The church was built by R.J. Davies. Photo - February 2011



The Anglican Church of St Simon and St Jude, Wundowie. This church was built in 1937 and was located at the Mogumber Mission until it was moved here in 1951. The church was dedicated on 12 August 1951 by Bishop Cecil Muschamp, and then again after renovations by Bishop Brian McDonald on 13 November 1966. The church is in the Parish of Mundaring. Photo - February 2011



St Saviour's Anglican Church, Wyalkatchem. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Most Rev. R. W. H. Moline, Archbishop of Perth, on March 31st, 1960. Photo - July 2015



Yanchep St James Anglican Church on the corner of Marmion Avenue and Lagoon Drive. Quite unlike any other Anglican Church I have come across so far around Perth and the south west. Photo - January 2014



This was once the Anglican All Saints Church Yarloop, built in 1909. Up until recently the building was abandoned, the home of just bees. The January 2016 bushfire destruction of the Catholic Church and the need for a spiritual presence in town has seen the building renovated by the community and opened as a Christian Non-Denominational Church. Obviously the church was untouched by the bushfire. Photo - September 2016



The Holy Trinity Anglican Church in York. The church was completed in 1854 and consecrated in 1858. There is a replica foundation stone of the original laid by Mrs W. Edwards of Hart-Leap Hill on May 3rd, 1893. The Parish Hall alongside the church used to be in the old cemetery on the other side of the river and was carried, brick by brick, to its present site in 1905. Photo - January 2013

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