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Baptist Churches in Western Australia

The Baptist Church is a Christian church which was formed in Europe circa 1609 as part of the Reformation. The Church was first established in Australia in what is now Tasmania in 1835. The first chapel was built in Bathurst Street in central Sydney in 1836. It was not until 1895 that the church founded a presence in Western Australia. By 2016 there are around 110 Baptist Churches across the state, servicing a congregation exceeding 11,000 people



Facing Chapman Road is the eye-catching Bentley Baptish Church. Shelter, Love, Learn, Serve. Photo - August 2018



The Claremont Baptist Church celebrated its centenary in 1998. This building was actually constructed in 1905. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs C. W. Simpson and Mrs J. E. Ackland on 15th March, 1905. This is on the east side of Stirling Highway just south of Bay View Terrace. Photo - April 2013



At the southern end of Robert Street, just before the road meets the Canning Highway, is the Como Baptist Church. The building looks of 1940's or 1950's vintage. Photo - October 2012



The Baptist Church looks of fairly recent construction however there appears to be an older section at the rear. Photo - October 2014



The Baptist Church centre just across the road from the Freemasons Hall. Photo - November 2014


East Fremantle

The recently renovated and extended Baptist Church on Canning Highway, East Fremantle, opposite the end of Walter Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by G. B. W. Filmer Esq., J.P., on October 30th, 1920. The Reverend F. Shiner was Pastor at that time. Photo - January 2016


East Victoria Park

The former Ukranian Evangelical Baptist Church on Hubert Street. This is now simply known as the East Victoria Park Baptist Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by H. Hunt Esq., on April 29th, 1930. The stone commemorates extensions to the original 1918 building. Photo - April 2015



The former Baptist Church on Carew Street, just off Clive Street. This is now the premises of Hung Wins Chinese Restaurant. As a church it was built and opened in 1900. Photo - April 2015



The Manjimup Baptist Church was constructed in 1927 originally as a Seventh Day Adventist Church. The current main church (a later brick extension) is behind the pictured building. Photo - October 2014



Marracoonda is a district located between Woodanilling and Katanning. There is no townsite. This church sits alone beside the highway. This is the Marracoonda Baptist Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs Metters on June 3rd, 1903. Photo - April 2015



The Maylands Baptist Church on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Coode Street. The church was opened on 29th November 1913 and Mrs A. Duncan later unveiled a commemoration stone to mark the event. The church was extended some 23 years later and a stone commemorating the extensions was unveiled by Mrs F. H. Hunt on 15th February 1936. Photo - January 2014


Mount Helena

The Bible Baptist Church on Chidlow Street. The Church has a local history going back over 50 years. This building complex started to take shape in the 1960's when WW1 barracks ex-Fort Harrison were acquired and transported to this site. It has expanded somewhat since. Photo - December 2011


Mount Hawthorn

The Mounty Mt Hawthorn Baptist Church on Hobart Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by H. J. Foreman Esq., on 4th February 1933. Photo - August 2018



The former Narrogin Baptist Church at 31 Fortune Street. The Foundation Stone was laid on 22nd May 1902 by Mrs A. Oliver. This apparently ceased being a church in 1980 and is now used by the Narrogin Beauty Clinic. The new Baptist Church is at 18 Fathom Street. Photo - November 2011



The local Baptist Church is on the corner of Hillsborough and Ravenswood Drives. Photo - July 2019



On Adelaide Terrace's north side near Bennett Street is this old church. The land is up for sale proclaiming this as a prime development site. The church was dedicated on 25th February 1940 by the Rev. R. H. Teed. Sometimes known as "The New Church", is has also been known as the Indonesian Mission Baptist Church. Photo - March 2013



The Pingelly Baptist Church. There are two Foundation Stones, both laid on 15th April, 1903, one by Mrs A. Oliver and the other by Mrs J. Lobban. Photo - June 2013



The Baptist Church Woodanilling. This was erected as a Presbyterian Church in 1908. The final service was conducted in the church in August 1997. The Foundation Stone was laid by H. O. Beeck on February 12th, 1908. Photo - April 2015

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