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Other Churches in Western Australia

There are specific pages covering Anglican, Catholic and Uniting Churches in Western Australia due to their sheer numbers. Here are other places of worship we have come across in our travels. What a diverse place we live in. Placing these denominations together on a single page does not serve to diminish the relevance of any of them



The Pinjarra Alliance Church located on the corner of George and Peel Streets. The Church acquired this building in 1978. Photo - January 2014

Bible Presbyterian


The Bible Presbyterian Church on Canning Highway, at the top of Sleat Road. Photograph September 2018



On Guildford Road in Maylands, on the corner of Ferguson Street, is the Fo Guang Shan Temple of W.A., a temple of the International Buddhist Association of Western Australia. The Temple opened in 1998. Photo - November 2013



Quan The Am Buddhist Association Temple on Nollamara Avenue near Flinders Street. Photo - July 2019



The Chua Chanh Giac Temple is on Money Street in Perth. The burning incense wafts pleasantly across the street. A relative new-comer to this area, it was constructed as recently as 1990. Photo - 2007

Calvary Westminster Presbyterian


On Richardson Street is the Calvary Westminster Presbyterian Church. This was built in 1910. Photo - June 2016

Christian Fellowship


The Nyabing All Saints Community Church, constructed in 1966 - 1967. Photo - December 2016

Chinese Presbyterian


The Chinese Presbyterian Church on Willcock Street. The school is next door in a former house. Photo - September 2018



At the eastern end of Spencer Avenue is the Christadelphian Hall. Photo - July 2018

Christian Science


At the western end of St Georges Terrace in Perth City is the First Church of Christ Scientist built in 1939. Photo - March 2013

Church of Christ


The Church of Christ at 74 Austral Parade, East Bunbury. This was built around 1920 as St Patrick's Anglican Church. At another time this was a Greek Orthodox Church. The Rathmines War Memorial sits close by, next to the road. Photo - December 2018



The Harvey Church of Christ. The Foundation Stone reads "Erected to the Glory of God and Dedicated to the Extension of God's Kingdom, Through Faith in Jesus Christ. Sept. 1957". Photo - January 2014



On the central part of Eighth Avenue is the Church of Christ. The church's Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs C. Brown on 24th March 1956. Photo - January 2014


Mount Pleasant

The Mount Pleasant Church of Christ which is on Darnell Way. Photograph September 2018



This is the Church of Christ on Carcoola Street. Photo - July 2019



Roleystone Community Church off Brookton Highway. The original Roleystone Hall, which later became a Congregational Church, is the building on the left. It was constructed in 1912. The current Community Church is the structure on the right. This was built later. Photo - May 2010



The Serpentine Church of Christ is a relatively recent structure. Photo - March 2017



The Church of Christ on Nanson Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by D. M. Wilson Esq. on September 2nd, 1939. Photo - September 2017



The Church of Christ on Nanson Street, this time looking down the side. It is easy to see here the old and new sections of the church. Perhaps the Foundation Stone was removed from the front of the old church and relocated to the front of the new section? Photo - September 2017

Church Of God

North Perth

Bethany Church Perth on Raglan Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by Rev. Prof. D.S. Adam M.A, D.D. on November 15th, 1913. Photo - September 2017



Adjacent to the Minnawarra Park in Armadale is the Minnawarra Historic Precinct. This photo is of the Congregational Church, originally built in 1903 and re-located to this site in 1988. Photo - January 2012



This old church is now occupied by Flannel. The church was built next to the Congregational Hall in 1906 as a result of increased church attendance. There are two Foundation Stones. One laid by Sir Frederick Bedford, Governor of W. A., on April 4th, 1906; and the other by Sydney Stubbs Esq., Mayor of Perth, on the same date. Photo - April 2013



Next to the former Congregational Church is the old Congregational Hall, constructed in 1896. The hall pre-dates the church by some 10 years. This building was used for, amongst other things, religious services until the church next door was built. The premises are now occupied by Garland International and Jackie Battley Interior Design. Photo - April 2013



The Kelmscott Congregational Church was the first such Church in the area. It was built in 1905 of locally produced bricks. It was constructed by John A. Buckingham and the Foundation Stone was laid by Mr Jacoby (Information on Historic Plaque set on the building by the City of Armadale). Photo - April 2011

Evangel Charismatic

Midland - Evangel Church

The Evangel Charismatic Church at 6 Padbury Terrace, Midland. The church has no foundation stone. It appears to be in very good condition. The building is not listed on the state heritage site and web searches regarding the church don't reveal a lot. Photo - June 2016



The Aboriginal Evangelical Church, formerly known as Noongar Christian fellowship, was established in 1974. Photo - April 2015



On North Terrace is the Aboriginal Evangelical Church. Great colours. I rather think this was formerly St Mary's Anglican Church, erected in 1915. Photo - December 2016



The Grace Church on the corner of Nollamara Avenue and Flinders street. Photo - July 2019

Greek Orthodox


The magnificent and solid Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Constantine and Helen on the corner of Francis and Parker Streets. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs J. Michelides and Mrs T. Kalafatas on July 24th 1924. Photo - January 2020


West Perth

The Greek Orthodox Church of Evangelisimos is located in Carr Street in West Perth. The Parish was established in 1958. The church was constructed in the late 1950's and in to the early 1960's. Photo - December 2011



On the corner of William Street and Robinson Avenue, this Mosque is a familiar landmark. It is hard to believe this was built as long ago as 1904 as it looks a lot more recent. Photo - July 2010



Behind these shops is the old Jewish Synagogue which was built in 1902. The Star of David is still there right at the top. The synagogue only operated as such for a handful of years before another one opened in Perth. The shops at the front were added later by Mr Beer. Photo - January 2012



This is the rear of the synagogue which is behind the Beers Buildings. This view is as seen from near the main entrance to Fremantle Oval. Construction work is being undertaken on the land on this side of the building so this view may be lost in time. Photo - December 2014

Latter Day Saints


On Labouchere Road is this rather futuristic yet eye-catching Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. It's near the end of Eric Street. Photo - October 2012



The earlier St Stephen's Lutheran Church now used as the church hall. The Foundation Stone was laid on January 31st, 1926. Photo - April 2015



St Stephen's Lutheran Church. The Foundation Stone is inscribed: "To the Glory of God. May 31st, 1964". Photo - April 2015



On Francis Street is the St John's Lutheran Church. The Foundation Stone was laid on November 20th, 1936. Photo - March 2015

Macedonian Orthodox

North Perth

On Angove Street is this Macedonian Orthodox Church of St Nikola. Photo - January 2018



The Immanuel Methodist Church on Cloister Avenue. The Foundation Stone was laid by Conference President A.W.C. Candy on April 3rd, 1960. Photo - September 2018



Nations Church on Epsom Avenue. This is a multi-cultural and multi-generational Christian church, one of three in Perth, the others are in Myaree and Port Kennedy. Reach and influence. Photo - December 2017



On Morley Drive, the Church of the Nazarene has been a local icon for many years. It looks very well furnished inside. Just to the south of here is Mount Yokine. You can see the tall city buildings from there. Photo July 2018

Non-Denominational, Multi-denominational and Unclassified


The Church of the Good Shepherd is part of the Swan Christian Fellowship Inc. This Non Denominational Christian Church is on Clayton Street, Bellevue, just east of Midland. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sophia Pinnell Robinson on October 9th, 1909. Mr Edward Robinson caused the church to be built as memorial to his wife. This was an Anglican Church from 1909 until 2000. Photo - August 2016



Just behind the Woodloes Homestead in Cannington is this church known as the "Church with Chimney". It is a replica of the 1890 original church on Albany Highway which had to be removed due to road widening. Materials from the original church were used in this reconstruction. Photo - October 2013



The Cadoux Nondenominational Church is located across the road from the primary school. This was built in 1959 and opened on April 17th of that year. It was erected through the cooperation of the local Methodist, Anglican and Salvation Army congregations. After the 1979 earthquake, the church was used as a temporary school room. Photo - April 2012



A few kilometres east of Dardanup, on the Ferguson Road, is the St Aidan's Non-Denominational People's Church. The Foundation Stone is inscribed thus: 'St Aidan's Church of England - Congregational - Presbyterian Church, 1953'. Photo - July 2014



On Shenton Street is this former church which is now a private residence and at this time it is up for sale. Photo - December 2015



This is the Gidgegannup Community Church. A modern structure which is shared by a couple of denominations which is not unusual in some country towns. Combined services are held for Anglican & Uniting Churches whilst Catholic Masses are held at other times. Photo - February 2011


Hutt River

The Chapel of Nain, named after Nain in Israel, a village in Galilee, as is this village. The Chapel opening was attended by representatives of the Jewish, Anglican, Presbyterian and Catholic faiths. Photo - December 2015



The United and Anglican Christ Church sits by the highway. Rather a modern-looking building suggests it was built in the last 20-30 years. Photo - October 2011



Warren Valley Community Church is located is what looks like a former factory or garage. This is on the main street. Photo - October 2014



The Minnivale church was originally established as a Methodist Church in 1925. These days it is used mainly by the Church of Christ although all denominations are welcome. There is no foundation stone. Photo - July 2015


North Dandalup

The North Dandalup Community Church is right beside the fire station (you can see a sliver in the background), and adjacent to the Memorial Hall. Photo - March 2017


North Perth

A former church on Woodville Street which now appears to be a private residence. There is nothing outward to state was this once was and is behind a locked gate. Photo - September 2017


North Perth

This seems to be known as The Chapel Space and is used for various community activities rather than for purely religious pursuits. It is at 117 Angove Street. Photo - September 2017


Pickering Brook

Interesting historic church right next door to the Pickering Brook Primary School. This used to be the Barton's Mill Prison Chapel and was relocated to this site in or before 2008. The old Chapel is located in the Heritage Park. Photo - July 2012



Pingrup Community Church looks clean and neat and at home set amongst the landscaped boulders. This was built in 1959. Photo - December 2016



Alongside Thomas Street is the Multi-Faith Chapel of Princess Margaret Hospital. This was built in 1909 and originally served as an Out-Patients Building. Photo - August 2015



A visit to Yarloop nine months after the devastating January 2016 bushfire. This building was spared. This is on the south side of town and used to be the Anglican All Saints Church built in 1909. Up until recently the building was abandoned, the home of just bees. The January destruction of the Catholic Church and the need for a spiritual presence has seen the building renovated by the community and opened as a Christian Non-Denominational Church. Photo - September 2016



More or less across the road from the school on View Terrace is the Bicton Presbyterian Church. Photo - September 2018

Progressive Spiritualist


On Stirling Street is the Progressive Spiritualists Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Revs M. McDonough and E. Milner on 25th November 1956. Photo July 2013

Reformed Church


The Byford Reformed Church on Soldiers Road. This church was instituted in January 1985. The Free Reformed Church is a Christian fellowship and this church is one of fourteen Reformed Churches located within Western Australia. Photo - January 2009



At 191 Wright Road but only slightly south of the Mundijong townsite is the brand new Free Reformed Church complex. Just nearing completion, it looks fabulous. A whole lot of passionate work must have gone into building this place because you can feel that in the air. Photo - March 2017



Here is the Romanian Baptist Church on Guildford Road near Leake Street. The Foundation Stone of the building was laid on 22nd September 1906 by Mr W. Frew. This may have been originally built as an Anglican Church. Photo - July 2013.

Russian Orthodox


This is Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church on Whatley Crescent in Bayswater. It was founded in 1950. Photo - June 2008

Salvation Army


On Francisco Street near Kooyong Road is the Salvation Army Family Church. Photo - March 2017

Scots Presbyterian


Here is the Scot's Presbyterian Church which is located on the corner of South Terrace and Parry Street, very close to the Fremantle Oval. The Church was established in 1886. The Foundation Stone of this building was laid by Hon. John Forrest on March 26th, 1890. Photo - December 2014

Serbian Orthodox

Perth North

On Marlborough Street close to West Parade is this Serbian Orthodox Of The Holy Trinity Church. There are no obvious identifying signs on the complex. Photo - June 2019

Seventh Day Adventist


Bookara is a tiny locality on the northern periphery of the Shire or Irwin, about 20 kilometres from Dongara. This former Seventh Day Adventist Church is in the process of being privately restored and conserved. The church served as a Seventh Day Adventist Church from 1905 to 1954. It was the first SDA church in Western Australia. Photo - September 2014


Boyup Brook

On Jayes Road on the outskirts of Boyup Brook travelling towards Bridgetown is this rather unusually designed 'A' frame structured church. It is the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Photo - April 2012


Mount Barker

The Seventh Day Adventist Church. Most of these buildings were part of the first Mount Barker Primary School (1893 - 1933). In 1983 residents erected a memorial to the early teachers and pupils of the school. Photo - October 2014


Osborne Park

The Osborne Park Seventh Day Adentist Church is on Edward Street. Photo - April 2019



The Seventh Day Adventist Church at 10 Cleopatra Street. This was probably built in the 1960's or 70's. Photo - June 2016



On Murray Street close to the Bayswater primary school is the Sikh Gurdwara Perth. Lovely stonework at the front of what appears was once a church of a different persuasion. Looking at the Foundation Stone, I note it was laid on 21st May 1955 by Miss M. O. Stevens B. A. Photo - July 2013


Middle Swan

This is the former Buffaloes Lodge on the corner of Great Northern Highway and Viveash Road. This building was constructed originally as a church. The Swan Memorial Church's Foundation Stone was laid by Sir Francis Newdegate on 17th December 1922. The building is now the Middle Swan Spiritualist Church. Photo - October 2013

Ukrainian Catholic Church


Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist on Ferguson Street, Maylands. The church was established and constructed around 1966. The structure in the foreground celebrates one thousand years of Christianity in the Ukraine, 988 to 1988. Photo: November 2013

Venanta Church of Universal Religion

Yokine - Vedanta Church

On Golf View Street is the Venanta Church of Universal Religion (Branch of Ramakrishna Math & Mission of India). This complex was once the Yokine Uniting Church and Hall constructed in 1958. Photo - July 2018

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