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Uniting Churches in Western Australia

The Uniting Church of Australia was formed in 1977 when the Methodist Church the Presbyterian Church of Australia merged. Methodism was inspired by Englishman, John Wesley (1703-1791). The Methodist Church was formed in the early 19th century, breaking away from the Church of England. The name Wesley is featured even today in the names of a number of the United Churches, the most prominent on this page being Perth's Wesley Church on Hay Street



The Uniting Church in Australia Wesley Congregation Church on Duke Street. The church was established in 1863. The building was built in 1890. A stone on the church was dedicated by the Sunday School Children on 29th October, 1890. Photo - October 2014



On York Street is the Uniting Church in Australia, Scot's Congregation Church. The Scot's Church was established in 1889. The Foundation Stone was laid by P. H. Nicholson Esq. on 25th November, 1891. Photo - October 2014



The Beverley Methodist Church built in 1907. This church is on the Great Southern Highway. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs Horace Smith on 20th February 1907. Photo - September 2010



The Boyanup Methodist Church built in 1956. This was until recently an Opportunity Shop for the Anglican Church. Rustic French Living now occupies the premises. The Foundation Stone was is inscribed "Boyanup Methodist Church, Dedicated to the Glory of God, 30-06-1956". Photo - July 2015



The Uniting Church in Australia, Bridgetown Congregation. Originally known as the Wesley Church, the Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs W. A. G. Walter on 26th December 1898. Photo - April 2012



The Brookton Uniting Church was built as a Methodist Church and two Foundation Stones were laid on 14th January 1909. One was laid by Mr Theo R. Lowe, J.P., and the other by Mrs R. L. S. Crawford. Photo - November 2011



This building was originally constructed as a hall in 1898 and was used by the Roads Board. It later became the Mechanics Institute. It was consecrated as a Presbyterian Church in 1929. From 1979 the Broomehill Museum has occupied the premises. Photo - December 2016


Bruce Rock

The Uniting Church on Dampier Street in Bruce Rock. The church was built as the local Methodist Church and was opened in January 1915. Photo - June 2013



The Byford Uniting Church. Originally the Presbyterian Church. It was built in 1927 and the Foundation Stone was laid by Right Rev. George Tulloch, Moderator, on 10th December of that year. Photo - April 2011



Formerly the Presbyterian Church, this building was erected in 1927. The Foundation Stone is inscribed thus: "Carnamah Presbyterian Church Hall. This stone was laid by Rev. Alex Crow on 16th July, 1927". Photo - September 2014



On the corner of Princess Road and Chester Road is the St Aidan's Uniting Church. It was opened in 1903 for the local Presbyterian Church congregation but was not given its current name (St Aidan's) until the late 1930's. Photo - April 2013



On Venn Street in Collie is the Uniting Church. The Foundation Stone proclaims this as the Collie Methodist Church, opened by Mrs W. Beauglehole and Mrs Baker, on 7th July 1956. Photo - February 2011



The Uniting Church, Dalwallinu. The Foundation Stone was laid by W. St Clair Brockway Esq., J.P. on 23th June 1927. Photo - November 2014



Constructed well back from the main highway is this former Methodist Church. A wooden church was built on this site in 1911 and was then replaced by the pictured structure in 1927. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs E. C. Johnston on 3rd August 1927. The Church Manse is adjacent and is now used as a private residence. The Church ceased operating as such some years ago. Photo - January 2012



The Uniting Church, on Arthur Street. Originally this was the Darkan Methodist Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs S. E. Curnow on 24th November 1954. Photo - April 2012



The Uniting Church on Darlington Road. There is even a netball/basketball court of the other side with one hoop attached to the building. I couldn't see any sign of then this was built but it looks around 1920's. Back then it would have been Methodist or Presbyterian. Photo - March 2012



The Australian Red Cross occupies this building today. This was the former Methodist Church which was built in 1927. October 2014. Photos Ref: DENM020



The Uniting Church Dongara, formerly the Methodist Wesleyan Church. The church was opened on 14th December, 1884. Photo - September 2014



Dowerin Uniting Church consists of an older and newer section, connected together. Pictured is the older section. There is no Foundation Stone. The church was built in 1923. Photo - April 2012



The Dumbleyung dual-denominational St Augustine's Anglican-Uniting Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by Ralph, Fifth Bishop of Bunbury on 19th April 1958. Photo - February 2013



A prominent feature of central Fremantle, across the road from the Post Office and located on the corner of Market and Cantonment Streets, stands the impressive Uniting Church. This is the Wesley Church, Fremantle. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs C. Shenton on March 7th, 1888. Photo - July 2010.



St John's Uniting Church (formerly Presbyterian) on Lester Avenue. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs McK. Grant on 26th July 1893. Photo - September 2014



On Weld Street Gingin is the Uniting Church. This building was constructed as a Wesleyan Church in 1870. Photo - September 2013


Glen Forrest

The Glen Forrest Uniting Church on McGlew Road. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs A. Schneider and Mrs B. Pittersen on 30th January 1905. Photo - April 2012



This little church is totally unmarked though it appears to be the former Methodist Church constructed in 1923. Apparently these days it is used as a meeting place by the local Brethren Community. Photo - December 2016



The Uniting Church Wesley Chapel situated on James Street just east of the town hall. This church was built in 1883. Photo - April 2013



Here is Harvey's first Methodist Church constructed in 1924. These days it may serve simply as a church hall to the newer church next door. Photo - January 2014



Just to the right of the Uniting Church Hall on Uduc Road (West) is the newer Methodist Church. The Foundation Stone reads: "Harvey Methodist Church, Erected to the Glory of God by Voluntary Effort, 1954". Photo - January 2014



On the corner of Mead Street and Railway Road is this old Methodist Church. It was built of ironstone and bricks brought up from Midland in 1918. It cost 465 pounds and 10 shillings to construct which was quite a bit of money back then. Photo - March 2013



The Uniting Church Katanning. The Foundation Stone was laid by Right Rev. H. C. Matthew on October 19th, 1906. This church was the Scot's Church from 1906 to 1926. In became the Presbyterian Church in 1926 and remained so until the Uniting Church was formed in 1977. Photo - April 2015



Originally a Methodist Church, the building was constructed and opened in 1910. The Reverend Fred Finch, the first Methodist Minister in the district, laid the Foundation Stone. The front porch was added in 1939 and rear hall around 1960. Photo - June 2011



The Uniting Church in Australia, Kondinin Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by Moderator Rev. A. C. Eadie, on December 8th, 1956. Photo - April 2015



The Uniting Church, Kukerin. The Foundation Stone was laid by Rev. S. Hodgkins, Chairman of the District, on May 10th, 1958. Photo - April 2015


Lake Grace

Uniting Church, Lake Grace. There is no Foundation Stone. This was built as a Methodist Church in 1920. The front porch was added in 1931. In 1978 the interior of the building was destroyed by fire however the exterior remained intact. Photo - April 2015



Manjimup Uniting Church on Bath Street. The church and hall were built circa 1930's. Photo - October 2014



This is the former Maylands Presbyterian Church which was opened in 1904. The new Foundation Stone reads: "The original stone was laid by Miss Jessie Ross on behalf of the scholars of the Sunday School on Wednesday 7th September 1904. Kids Open Learning School founded by Margaret and Graham Hodgkin, 1975, bought this building, Maylands Presbyterian Church, September 1979". Photo - June 2010



A wonderful example of 1909 church architecture. The building has four Foundation Stones laid by The Rev. Joseph Snell, Mrs M. T. Padbury, Mrs James Drummond and Mr Arthur Waldeck, all on the 5th September, 1909. This was built as a Methodist Church. Photo - July 2012


Mosman Park

The Uniting Church on Willis Street, Mosman Park, just off Stirling Highway. It was constructed in 1929-1930. Next door is the Old Wesleyan Church which was the earlier Methodist Church. Photo - January 2011


Mosman Park

Next to the current Uniting Church is the Old Wesleyan Church which pre-dates the brick church by over 30 years. This building operates these days as the Church hall. Construction is mainly of weatherboard and fibro and was built in 1898. Photo - January 2011


Mount Barker

This old Methodist Church sits right alongside the road. Behind is the church now in use. The first Mount Barker Methodist Church (though not necessarily the one in the picture) stood on this site. It was bought from the Baptist Church in 1909. Photo - October 2014


Mount Hawthorn

The Uniting Church on Kalgoorlie Street. This was constructed in the period 1936-1938 as the local Presbyterian Church. It is now a private residence. Photo - July 2010


Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant Uniting Church and associated buildings on Coomoora Road. Photograph = September 2018



"To the Glory of God. This Church was erected for the use of Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational Churches by the residents of Mukinbudin district to commemorate the memory of the Pioneers of the District. Opened and dedicated by the State Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, the Rt Rev. C. J. P. McKaay B.A. B.D. on 21st March 1964". Photo - March 2015



The Mundijong Uniting Church. The building has recently undergone extensive renovation, painting etc. The Church was established in 1905. This was built as a Methodist Church. Photo - September 2012



The Congregation of Nannup Uniting Church located on Warren Street. This seems to be a functioning church however today inside it seems to be full of clothes and other things for sale. Signs out the front include Nannup Uniting Church Shop (Low cost food and toiletries), Community Shop; and The Match Factory. This was built in 1930 as a Methodist Church. On the site used to be a Manse and Church Hall but both have been demolished. Photo - January 2015



This former Methodist Church is now the Senior Citizen's Social Centre. The Foundation Stone was laid by John Henry Price on April 9th, 1955. Photo - April 2015



On Duke Street is the Uniting Church. At the rear there seems to be a much older structure. The pictured building has two Foundation Stones - one laid by Mr J. H. Gregory on 25th September 1901 and the other by Mr N. J. Stewart, on the same date. Photo - October 2012



The Link Theatre on Duke Street is the former St Paul's Presbyterian Church. The Foundation Stone is very weathered and hard to read but I think the name is G. Throssell, laid on 8th August 1908. Photo - October 2012



Uniting Church, Northampton. This was erected as a Methodist Church in 1950. The Foundation Stone was laid by Reverend Norman Hicks on September 24th, 1950. Photo - December 2015



The Northcliffe Uniting Church. A plaque of the building commemorates the founding of the building by Rev. J. Vaughan on 20th September, 1959. The building may have been moved here from elsewhere as it looks about 30 years older. The construction style and design is consistent with others built in the 1920's. Photo - October 2014



The Ongerup Faith Community Uniting Church. There is no evidence of a Foundation Stone. This was erected in 1956. Photo - December 2016


Osborne Park - Uniting Church

On Federal Street is this weather-board and iron-roofed Uniting Church in Australia and out-buildings. This appears to be a former Methodist Church constructed in 1915. It became United in 1977 when Methodists, Presbyterians and others came together to form the Uniting Church. This church is still very much active today. Photo - June 2013.



The Bicton Uniting Church on Canning Highway. The old and the new. The building in the foreground has a Foundation Stone which reads: "This Stone Was Laid To The Glory Of God On 16th May 1959 by Stanley R. Bray Esq. Praise Ye The Lord". Photo - June 2016



Pemberton Uniting Church in Australia. This was constructed in 1926 then as the town's Methodist Church. Photo - October 2014



The Trinity Uniting Church right in the centre of St Georges Terrace and therefore Perth. The Church was completed in 1897. There are two Foundation Stones - one laid by George Randall on 22nd March 1893, and the other by Sir William Cleaver Francis Robinson, Governor of Western Australia, on the same date. Photo - March 2013



St Andrew's Uniting Church on St Georges Terrace in Perth. The Foundation is inscribed thus: 'St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, founded 1879. This stone was laid by Sir Frederick C. D. Bedford, Governor of Western Australia on 1st September, 1906". Photo - April 2013



The Wesley Uniting Church on the corner of William and Hay Streets is one of the most prominent and enduring landmarks in central Perth. The Church was built in 1870. Photo - May 2010



This is the Trinity Uniting Church on the corner of George Street and Pinjarra Road. Originally it was the Methodist Church. The Foundation Stone was laid by William James George MLA on 2nd July 1910. Photo - August 2011


South Perth

The Uniting Church on Angelo Street, South Perth. The building has two Foundation Stones, one laid by Mr J.P. Walton J.P. on 5th September 1925, and the other on the same date by Mr A. Douglas. Photo - November 2011



At 315 Bagot Road is what is now Earthwise Community Tear (Australia). This is an Opportunity Shop which also offers yoga lessons. This building was erected in 1897 as a Presbyterian Church which later became a Uniting Church. The Foundation Stone seems to have been removed. Photo - September 2016



This is the former Tambellup Methodist church. It was erected in 1905. The new church was built next door in 1960 thus superseding this one. Sunday School continued to be held in this old building up until 1975. Photo - December 2016



The new Uniting Church, Tambellup. The Foundation Stone was laid by Miss M. Saggers, on July 22nd, 1960. Photo - December 2016



On Duke Street North, Toodyay is the old Newcastle School which later was known as the Toodyay School. At another time this place was the Toodyay Methodist Church. For a time later in its history, it has also housed the local Repertory Club. Photo - October 2013



This church building was constructed in May 1968. The history of the Congregational Church in Trayning goes back to the 1920's. Prior to this building, the congregation met in the former Nukarni Church which was moved into Trayning in 1953. Photo - March 2015



The Uniting Church of Wagin. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs Wesley Maley on 17th April, 1907. This is on Ranford Street. Photo - February 2013


West Perth

The Ross Memorial Uniting Church on Colin Street, near Hay Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sir John Forrest on 15th July 1916. This was originally a Presbyterian Church. The church was built largely through the efforts of Reverend Ross who died very shortly after the church's completion. Photo - August 2015


West Perth

Constructed in 1890, this is the Methodist Mission Chapel facing Charles Street. This was the Wesleyan Church prior to the construction of the new church next door. Photo - September 2015


West Perth

Here is the more recent of the two former Methodist churches on Charles Street. They sit side by side. There are three Foundation Stones all laid on October 27th, 1896. The stones were laid by Mr Walter Simpson, Mrs H. Cowell Ashton, and The Hon. Sir George Shenton MLC. Photo - September 2015



A rather curious design which perhaps has not stood the test of time well. The Wickepin Uniting Church was built in 1962 and the Foundation Stone was laid by L. J. Hosken on 21st July of that year. This is on Henry Street and was formerly a Methodist Church. Photo - June 2013



On Wilson Street is the rather tumble-down Uniting Church. This was constructed as a Methodist Church in 1924. It is no longer in use. Photo - July 2015



The Uniting Church, York Congregation. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs Monger of Faversham House on 25th April, 1888. At the time the resident minister was the Reverent T. Bird. Mr J. H. Monger and his wife (Joaquina) caused this church to be built. Photo - January 2013



This building is the old York Uniting Church, or Methodist Church as it then was. It was built in 1852 and used as a church until the new one was completed in 1888. Today the building serves as the parish hall and meeting place. Photo - January 2013

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