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C.W.A. Buildings in Western Australia

The Country Women's Association (C.W.A) was established in NSW and Queensland in 1922. Between 1922 and 1936 other States followed. In 1946 the C.W.A. became a national body. The charter of the Association is to improve the lives of women and children living in rural and remote parts of Australia, to to enhance family life of those living in these regions. Without modern transport and telecommunications, life in the country was often a life in isolation



The Country Women's Association of Augusta building nestled amongst the trees. Photo - December 2013



The C.W.A. building with traditional splashes of blue. Photo - March 2015



The Beverley CWA Rooms on Vincent Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mary Adamson and Mary McDonald on September 12th, 1936. Photo - April 2015



The CWA rooms on Robinson Road. Very well maintained and rather 1960's in design. Photo - June 2016



The CWA rest rooms sporting their traditional blue and white colours. Photo - December 2016



I wonder why most C.W.A. buildings are blue?. Probably because that is the major colour on their logo. This dainty hall is more or less opposite the General Store on Russell Road in Burekup. Photo - April 2013



The Coolup Country Women's Association (CWA) Hall. This building dates back to 1896 and was erected as a school house. The Coolup school closed in 1933 whence this building was sold to the local Progress Association who in turn donated it to the C.W.A. Photo - December 2010



The local CWA cottage on Main Street, close to the Hall and the Shire offices. This was built in 1951 and was formerly used as an Infant Health Centre. Photo - September 2014



The local C.W.A. building. A bit more substantial than in some towns and it still carries the traditional blue colour. These rooms were built for the CWA in 1951. In 1958 the building was extended. Photo - June 2013



The local C.W.A. building in Cowaramup. December 2013



This is the original Agricultural Hall constructed in 1898. In 1912 it was bought for use by the local Road Board. These days it is used by the C.W.A. A handsome building. Photo - November 2011



On the Coalfields Road in Darkan stand the Post Office and the typically blue C.W.A. building, side by side. Photo - April 2012



The rather well-appointed Country Women's Association headquarters. The right section was once a Group Settler's House. The left section was constructed from the remnants of the first Denmark school after it was demolished. Photo - October 2014



The Country Women's Association building of Dowerin. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs Eric Place on 10th January 1940. Photo - April 2012



The Dwellingup Country Women's Association rooms. I believe this building once operated as a nursing post. The original CWA rooms were lost in the 1961 bushfires. This building used to be the Huntly school house and was relocated here post-1961. Photo - August 2009



From 1899 to the mid-1920's this cottage was the school headmaster's house. Mrs W.G. Gordon subsequently lived here as a private resident and in the 1950's the building became the CWA Rest Rooms (thanks to Mrs Gordon). Today it's home to an Arts and Crafts centre. Photo - August 2011



The very smart C.W.A. House on the Railway Terrace, Goomalling. This building looks like it was once someone's home. Photo - July 2013



This wooden cottage is the HQ of the Greenbushes Country Women's Association. The cottage was transported here by horse and cart from nearby Grimwade in 1936. The building was officially opened on 13th December 1939. The building suffered some damage in Cyclone Alby on 4th April 1978. Photo - April 2012



The smart looking local C.W.A. building down near the Harvey railway station. Photo - December 2010



The C.W.A. Rooms on Lynch Street. This building sits alongside the Memorial Hall. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs T. M. Walton, President, on December 14th, 1949. Photo - April 2015



The Jennacubbine C.W.A. building located a couple of hundred metres west of the Tavern. Photo - October 2011



The Kellerberrin CWA rooms. This building is on Sewell Street. June 2011. Photos Ref: KELL015



The Country Women's Association Memorial Centre. This looks to be a former residence. Photo - October 2014



The Kulin C.W.A. Rooms. It seems that the Uniting Church holds their services in here. At least they did on Easter Sunday this year, preceded with morning tea. Photo - April 2015



The local Country Women's Association building painted in their customary blue livery. This building was constructed in 1934 in another location and was moved here in 1954. In 1954 the front brick verandah was also added. Photo - October 2014


Margaret River

Located on a side street just east of the main street is the local Country Women's Association building. Photo - December 2013



The home of the Moora Historical Society pictured just after sun-up. This was erected in 1936 as the Moora CWA rooms. It remained with the CWA until 1983 when it became the SES Headquarters. Photo - September 2014


Mount Barker

The Country Women's Association local headquarters with the usual blue paintwork included. Photo - October 2014



The Country Women's Association building which is now used by The Boodie Rats, occasional child care and playgroup. The CWA building was erected in 1938. Photo - March 2015



The C.W.A. building, Mundaring, certainly caught my eye. Such wonderful artwork - it stands out like a beacon in a wooded park area on the south side of town. Photo - May 2011



Next door to the old Narembeen Road Board Building is the C.W.A. Rooms. On this site formerly stood a green grocer's store which was later used as a barber's shop and saddlery. Photo - April 2015



The CWA Hall on Park Street. This building is still functional and continues to be used by the CWA. Photo - November 2011



The Nungarin C.W.A. building was opened on September 17th, 1936. The commemorative plaque was unveiled by J. Jolly Esq. Photo - March 2015



On Lamont Street is the CWA Rest Rooms. The earliest part of this building (there have been add-ons) was constructed in 1944 as part of the East Ongerup Primary School. The CWA bought the building from the Education Department in 1949 thence it was transported to this location. These rooms were opened by CWA State President P. Dempster on July 20th, 1949. Photo - December 2016



Country Women's Association local headquarters on Hospital Avenue. Photo - October 2014



The CWA Rest Rooms and hall at the south end of town. Photo - March 2017



The CWA rest rooms on Henry Street. The building was constructed in 1962. Another CWA building (built in 1940) previously occupied this site. Photo - December 2016



The local Country Women's Association has its headquarters in this rather grand house set on a huge block in Tammin. Photo - June 2011



Good to see the CWA has representation in Watheroo. Photo - September 2014



On Redgate Road, just off the Bussell Highway is the C.W.A. building constructed out of local timber and probably dating back to the 1930's. Photo - December 2013



The bright CWA Rooms. This building was erected in in 1958. It was extended in 1967. Photo - April 2015



CWA and Pioneer Women's Memorial Herbarium opened 13th September 2008. Photo - November 2014



The former CWA House on Honour Avenue. The Foundation Stone was laid by H. Threlfall Esq., Chairman of the Road Board, on September 3rd, 1952. This is a private residence now. The owners have thoughtfully retained the CWA sign and the building foundation stone. Photo - July 2015



The fine looking C.W.A. Building York, located towards the north end of Avon Terrace. Photo - January 2013

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