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Other Halls in Western Australia

The local hall was often one of the first buildings to be constructed in a new or pioneering locality after the hotel. It served as an important community centre and meeting place. On this page are a number of halls encountered on travels. There are individual pages for Town Halls, C.W.A. buildings, Masons Halls and RSL Halls on this web site. Many halls featured on this page are specialised. Some might be Local Government owned but not easily verified


Albany - Salvation Army Hall

The Salvation Army Hall is of 1911 vintage. No longer used by the Army, the building is currently available for lease. Photo - October 2014


Applecross - Tivoli Hall

For anyone who has spent anytime in Applecross, this old building - the Applecross District Hall - will be a familiar landmark. The Tivoli Hall was built in 1934 as a venue for social functions and is still used thus today. Photo - January 2008


Arthur River - Hall

Next to the roadhouse and slightly to the south is the Arthur River Hall, the large rear section being obviously fairly recent. The stone section at the front is far older. Photo - February 2013


Arthur River - Hall Old Section

This is a close-up of the old section of the Arthur River hall. It was built in 1890 and has had various extensions and changes since then. Photo - February 2013


Ballidu - Hall

The Ballidu Hall constructed in 1929 and sporting a colourful exterior similar to that of the Art Gallery. Photo - November 2014


Bedfordale - Hall

Set slightly off Admiral Road down near Blake Street is the Bedfordale Hall. Adjacent are tennis courts. Photo - March 2012


Bodallin - Community Hall

The Bodallin Community Hall which looks distinctly of 1960's or 1970's design. Photo - March 2015


Boyup Brook - Tourist Centre

The Boyup Brook Tourist Centre resides in this old pioneer building. It used to be the Agricultural Hall and was opened 27th April 1910. Photo - April 2012


Bridgetown - Girl Guide Hall

Attractive looking local Bridgetown Girl Guide Association Hall constructed in a style and with materials reminiscent of the Greenbushes Anglican Church. Photo - April 2012


Brookhampton - Hall

The Brookhampton Hall. This is on Brookhampton Road, just south of the Sandhills Road junction. The hall was constructed in 1899. The stone next to the hall has a plaque affixed commemorating the 1999 hall centenary. Pictured is the front of the building. Off the the right is a very large oak tree. Photo - January 2015


Bruce Rock - Old Hall

Pictured on one of the back streets of Brice Rock is this old hall. No longer in use as such now, it looks to be abandoned. Takes quite a good picture though. The brick toilet buildings on the right side are starting to crumble. Photo - June 2013


Brunswick - Guide Hall

In the Brunswick show-grounds area is this rather cute looking Guides Hall which overlooks the football oval. Photo - February 2011


Burekup - Hall

The solid Burekup Hall on the main street which was built in 1914 and now is home of the Burekup District Country Club. Photo - April 2013


Burracoppin - Hall

The local hall appears to be a fairly modern structure judging by design, although it could be older then later renovated and painted. Photod - March 2015


Busselton - Guides Hall

Next to the Busselton Railway Station is this Guides Hall which looks of similar vintage to the station building, i.e. 1930's. Photo - January 2013


Busselton - Scouts Hall

Right next to the Guides Hall is the H. J. Tyler Memorial Scouts Hall which architecturally blends in well with its Guides Hall and Railway Station neighbours. Photo - January 2013


Carbunup - Hall

In Carbunup, here is the local hall which probably dates back to when the townsite was established in 1926. The is now used by the Yallingup Steiner School as the Carbunup River Playgroup. Photo - December 2013


Cardup - Hall

Cardup Christian Community Centre - 'Baker Community Hall' - the sign offers marriage ceremonies etc. Nice peaceful area to be in, away from the city. Photo - January 2009


Chidlow - Hall

Chidlow is a small community located in the hills right on the eastern outskirts of the Perth metropolitan area. This is the Chidlow Hall. Photo - September 2010


Claremont - Congregational Hall

Next door to the former Congregational Church on Stirling Highway is the former Congregational Hall, constructed in 1896, and now occupied by Garland International and Jackie Battley Interior Design. Photo April 2013


Collie - Salvation Army Hall

The Salvation Army Hall on Wittenoom Street. This was erected in 1902. Photo - March 2014


Como - Anglican Church Hall

In the east side of Como. This is perhaps the original St Augustine's Anglican Church. Probably used as the church hall now. There is a sparkling new Church next door. This is on the corner of Cale and Park Streets. Photo - October 2012


Coomberdale - Hall

The local hall looks fairly substantial in size and of fairly recent vintage although its origins appear to date back to the 1920's. Photo - September 2014


Cowaramup - Hall

Set a little way down Bottrill Street in the Cowaramup Hall which was established in 1930. Photo - December 2013


Cuballing - Agricultural Hall

Here is the Cuballing Agricultural Hall in all its splendour. This Hall was opened on the 6th December 1912 by W.D. Johnston Esq., M.L.A., Minister for Works. Photo - November 2011


Cunderdin - Hall

This is the Cunderdin library. So well maintained and certainly very eye-catching. This building was formerly the Cunderdin Hall and was erected in 1910. Photo - June 2011


Darkan - Pioneer Hall

A close look at the Darkan Pioneer Hall. Lovely old stone-work and as solid as, well, a rock. This would have been probably built right back when the town was established around 1906. Photo - April 2012


Darlington - Hall

The Darlington Hall is adjacent to the sports ground and volunteer fire station. This is the original section of the hall. To the right, additions have been made which were opened on the 5th May 1979. Photo - March 2012


Dinninup - Brick Hall

Fine and sturdy old brick hall on Dinninup East Road adjacent to the show ground. This was built in 1905. Photo - April 2012


Dinninup - Wooden Hall

Next door to the old brick hall is this later addition. It looks in pretty good shape. This hall was erected in 1920. Photo - April


Donnybrook - Guides Hall

The colourful Donnybrook Guide Hall on Ramsay Terrace, on a rather wet day. Photo - July 2014


Donnybrook - Scouts Hall

This is the Ray Bode Scout Hall home of the 1st Donnybrook Scout Group. Photo - July 2014


Doodlakine - Hall

Here is the Doodlakine Agricultural Hall. It looks quite 1960's in its design. Photo - March 2015


Dowerin - Exhibition Hall

In the Dowerin Showgrounds is the 1939 Exhibition Hall. It is within these grounds that the annual Dowerin Field Day is held. Photo - July 2015


Dudinin - Hall

Here is the local hall. The building is undated. Further research shows that this was built in 1968. Photo - April 2015


Duranillin - Hall

Set off the main road, in the north section of Duranillin is the local hall. Photo - April 2012


Dwellingup - Community Hall

The shiny Dwellingup Community Hall on the main street contrasts with black rain clouds in the background. Photo - August 2009


Fairbridge - Dining hall

The Fairbridge dining hall was primarily constructed as a place for children to eat evening meals. The hall was also used for functions socials, concerts etc. Construction commenced in 1921. Photo - April 2011


Ferguson - Hall

Set just off the Ferguson Road is the Ferguson Valley Hall. This was built in 1966. Photo - July 2018


Forrestdale - Hall

On the corner of Armadale Road and Weld Street is the Forrestdale Hall. One side of the building is painted with an incredibility realistic and detailed mural depicting wildlife on the nearby Forrestdale Lake. The mural was painted by Ian Dickinson. Alas, the lake is currently dry. (to see close-ups of the art, go to the Statues and Sculptures special page). Photo - January 2014


Fremantle - Trades Hall

The Fremantle Trades Hall on Collie Street has recently undergone lots of renovations and painting and it looks magnificent. Photo - October 2010


Gidgegannup - Agricultural Hall

The Gidgegannup Agricultural Hall is just outside the Show Grounds. It was built in 1941 and was donated to the town by Perth Jarrah Mills. Photo - February 2011


Gillingarra - Hall

The Gillingarra Hall which also contains a kiosk probably to support sporting events on the sports ground at the rear, as would the building in general. The original hall was built in 1936. A new hall was built around the shell of the old one in 1986. Photo - July 2012


Glen Forrest - Hall

The very functional looking Glen Forrest Hall. Construction commenced in 1958 and the building was opened in 1960. Photo - April 2012


Glen Forrest - Octagonal Hall

The Octagonal Hall is right next door to the Uniting Church on McGlew Road in Glen Forrest. This fine building is home to The Wildflower Society of W.A., Inc., Eastern Hills branch. Photo - April 2012


Goomalling - Farmers Club

The fabulous Goomalling Farmers Club building constructed in 1912. They don't build places like this anymore. Photo - October 2011


Gooseberry Hill - Hall

Just off Ledger Road is an area containing the Gooseberry Hill Primary School and Ledger Road Reserve. Within the Reserve is this building, the Community Centre. Photo - March 2013


Grass Valley - Hall

This is the rather sturdy looking Grass Valley Hall. Is was opened by Sir James Mitchell, Premier of Western Australia on 31st August 1921. Photo - June 2011


Greenhills - Hall

On the main street of Greenhills is this solid old hall. It comes completion with Foundation Stone which was laid by Mary Anne McMullen on 4th September 1912. To the left of the hall is a playground. Photo - January 2012


Greenmount - Hall

The Greenmount Hall sits on the corner of Great Eastern Highway and Scott Street in Welbourne Park. The building looks of asbestos and iron construction. Inside is spacious with a wooden floor. It also has a bright and clean kitchen facility. The hall was built in 1956. Photo - September 2010


Guildford - Apothecaries Hall

This shop is just a tiny bit west of Stephen Street and right next door to Tindale Cottage (to the right). The building is currently the "Pink Champagne" but back in 1894 J.T. Tindale occupied this Apothecaries Hall. An apothecary is an archaic term for chemist. Photo - October 2010


Guildford - Mechanics Institute

Next to the Post Office on Meadow Street is the Mechanics Institute building. The building was built in 1865 pre-dating mechanical engines when the word simply described a tradesman or craftsman. The was the first hall built in the district and over the years has been used for education, public meetings, lectures and concerts. It's also been used as a library, by music ensembles and all manner of clubs and classes. Photo - April 2013


Hamel - Hall

This is the Hamel Hall on Cornucopia Street which was built in the 1890's and apparently served as a prison in its very early days (until 1907). Today it remains a strong wooden structure although up until renovations in the 1980's it had fallen into considerable disrepair. Photo - December 2010


Highbury - Hall

The Highbury Hall on the corner of Wilson and Burley Streets. This was constructed in 1906 and therefore post-dates the hotel by some two years. Photo - February 2013


Jennacubbine - Hall

This is the Jennacubbine Agricultural Hall. To the rear are tennis courts and a fire station. Photo - October 2011


Jitarning - Hall

This is the fine Jitarning Hall. The local community raised funds for the construction which was completed and then opened on October 16th, 1918. It was used extensively for social activities and later for CWA meetings and school accommodation. In the 1990's, residents and the Shire of Kulin rescued the hall when it was ear-marked for demolition. Photo - April 2015


Jurien Bay - Hall

One of the older buildings in town is the Jurien Hall which is home to the Jurien Bay Youth Group. Photo - January 2013


Kalamunda - Community Hall

Kalamunda Town Square Community Hall on Barber Street. It's opposite the post office. Photo - February 2011


Kalamunda - Agricultural Hall

This building is south of Kalamunda, a little down Canning Road on the way to Lesmurdie. The building was established in 1896. Is doesn't look that old. Perhaps it's had a few face lifts along the way? Photo - February 2011


Kamballup - Hall

Across the road from the road house and a just few metres along the Mount Barker Road is the Kamballup Hall. This was built in the mid 1960's, so it seems. Photo - December 2016


Karlgarin - Hall

The local hall is mostly shrouded in trees. Photo - April 2015


Karragullen - Hall

The Karragullen Hall on Old Station Road up near the oval. This is home of the local scout group. Photo - January 2012


Kendenup - Hall

Hassell Avenue runs alongside the railway line at the end the the feeder road into town, Beverley Road. Along this avenue are a number of buildings a few of which would go back to the days when the townsite was established. This hall was erected in 1934. Photo - December 2016


Kendenup - Agricultural Pavilion

Just off to the right of the main feeder road in from the highway (Beverley Road) is the 1936 Agricultural Pavilion. Photo - December 2016


Keysbrook - Hall and Fire Depot

Off South Western Highway at the General Store then just up Elliot Road a hundred metres or so is the Keysbrook Hall and Fire Depot. Photo - April 2011


Kirup - Hall

Kirup Hall looks sparkling in the afternoon light. Photo - April 2012


Konnongorring - Hall

Konnongorring boasts quite a large hall no doubt used for functions by surrounding farming families as I only saw a single house in the townsite. This was erected in 1913. Photo - October 2011


Koorda - Girl Guide's Hall

On Allenby Street in Koorda is this rather quaint Girl Guide's Hall. Photo - April 2012


Kununoppin - Hall

The Kununoppin Hall on Wilson Street which was built in 1930. Photo - March 2015


Lake Clifton - Community Hall

Lake Clifton is more than just the old roadhouse complex, it is a locality in its own right with many fine properties just south of the old roadhouse, and off to the east. This is the Lake Clifton Community Hall on Tuart Grove Avenue. Photo - January 2012


Mahogany Creek - Hall

Just across the road from the Old Store is the Mahogany Creek Hall, sitting here quietly shrouded in greenery. Photo - April 2012


Mardella - Hall

Here is the Mardella Hall which is situated on Lowlands Road. Across the paddocks in the Darling Range as this is looking basically east. Photo - October 2013


Margaret River - Historic Village Hall

This old hall is a dominant feature in the Margaret River historic precinct. The far end has been renovated (or extended) with stonework and new timber. Photo - December 2013


Maylands - St Joseph's Hall

St Joseph's Hall in on Seventh Avenue in Maylands. This is undoubtably part of the nearby church complex. Photo - June 2010


Meckering - Hall

The Meckering Hall stands a little behind the earthquake display area and the shopping area. This hall was constructed post October 1968 as was everything else in Meckering as the town was destroyed in the earthquake. Photo - June 2011


Merredin - Agricultural Hall

This old building is unmarked however it is believed to be the former Agricultural Hall built in 1928. At some stage this was known as the Exhibition Hall. Photo - March 2015


Middle Swan - ROAB Hall

The very noticeable old Buffaloes Hall on the corner of Great Northern Highway and Viveash Road. This building was constructed originally as a church. The Swan Memorial Church's Foundation Stone was laid by Sir Francis Newdegate on 17th December 1922. While I was there today, this building was being used for church activities. Photo - October 2013


Miling - Hall

This Miling Hall was erected in 1955. There used to be a weatherboard hall on this site which was built in 1929. It was demolished to make way for this newer brick building. Photo - July 2012


Mogumber - Hall

The Mogumber Hall is just beyond the townsite to the north and sits alongside the sports ground. This hall opened in 1959. Photo - July 2012


Moorine Rock - Hall

The local hall is in good repair and appears to be still in use. Photo - March 2015


Mount Lawley - Hall

At 69 Barlee Street, this old hall has been a residential property since 2003. It was built in 1919 as a Salvation Army Citadel and remained thus until 1973 when it was taken over by the Cracovia Club and used as their hall. Photo - April 2011


Muchea - Hall

The Muchea Hall is located next to the sports grounds. It was built in 1961. Behind here is a tennis centre which looks either new or recently re-furbished. July 2011


Mumberkine - Hall

On the Goomalling - Toodyay road at the start of Tyndall Road, the former Mumberkine Hall is crumbling. The Foundation Stone says the building was opened on 17th November 1897 by B. O. Clarkson Esq. J.P., President (probably of the Goomalling Road Board). It was then a multi-purpose hall. In 1961 the Anglican Church took over the building and it became known as St Luke's church. It is now abandoned. Photo - April 2012


Mundaring - Scouts Hall

The hall of the First Mundaring Scout Group on the south side of town. Photo - May 2011


Mundaring - Agricultural Hall

On the corner of Jacoby and Nichol Streets is the Mundaring Hall. This face looks onto Jacoby Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mathieson Jacoby Esq, M.L.A., on October 12th, 1901. The hall was enlarged and restructured in 1937. March 2015. Photos Ref: MDRG014


Mundaring Weir - Hall

Mundaring Weir Arts & Crafts Centre occupies what was once the Mundaring Weir Hall. This was built in 1908 and was formerly the Mechanic's Institute. Photo - April 2009


Nangeenan - Hall

The Nangeenan Hall looks sturdy but has seen better days. It was built in 1912. Photo - March 2015


Needilup - Hall

The Needilup Hall sits alongside the road. It has no date sign but it certainly looks to have been built in the 1950's or 60's. Photo - December 2016


Newlands - Hall

The Newlands Hall. This is situated alongside the South Western Highway between Donnybrook and Kirup. Photo - January 2015


New Norcia - Victoria Plains Hall

What was undoubtedly once a fine old building, the remains of the old Victoria Plains Agricultural Hall stands in a paddock off the eastern side of Great Northern Highway, south of New Norcia. Photo - September 2013


Northam - Memorial Hall

The Northam Memorial Hall on the main street looks rather 1960's in its design. Photo - June 2011


North Dandalup - Memorial Hall

The North Dandalup Memorial Hall on the South Western Highway. The hall opened in 1957. Photo - July 2010


Nyabing - Hall

This building is the third Agricultural Hall erected in 1960. Two others pre-dated this building on this site. Photo - December 2016


Ongerup - Hall

The Ongerup Hall on Eldridge Street. This was built in 1953. Another hall built in 1930 which housed the school, was located at another site and was later demolished. Photo - December 2016


Parkerville - Hall

The Parkerville Public Hall on the corner of Seaborne Street and Riley Road. The hall was opened in 1922. Photo - April 2009


Pemberton - Mill Hall

The Pemberton Mill Worker's Hall was constructed by volunteer labour and of donated timber in 1913. The Hall was used as a school between 1914 and 1919. The building has been owned by various saw-milling companies across the decades. Bunnings donated $30,000 for restoration works in 1995 and also ceded ownership to the Crown (Pemberton Progress Association). Photo - October 2014


Perth - Trades Hall

The imposing Trades Hall building on Beaufort Street. On this site previously was the Shearer Memorial Hall, the first home of Scotch College (1897 to 1905 after which they moved to Claremont). The building pictured was opened by Andrew Fisher, Labor Prime Minister, on 8th August 1911, home to the Trade Unions. The building left Labor Party and union hands for years but was re-purchased by them early in 2013. Photo - May 2013


Perth - Protestant Hall

On Beaufort Street is the former Protestant Hall building which dates back to 1901. January 2012. Photo - January 2012


Piawaning - Hall

The Piawaning Hall was built in the 1950 with extensions being added in the 1970's. The first Piawaning school existed on this site from 1922. The school in those days was also used as a hall. The school opened and closed a few times over the years, eventually closing for good (at another site) in 1977. Photo - October 2011


Picton - Hall

The Picton Agricultural Hall on the South Western Highway, across from the superphosphate works. Construction of the hall was proposed by a group Glen Iris settlers, at a meeting on the proposed site, in May 1904. The meeting was documented at length in an issue of the Waterloo Gazette in 1904. Photo - July 2014


Pingelly - Baptist Church Hall

Next door to the Baptist Church in Pingelly is this building which is probably the parish hall. Photo - June 2013


Pingrup - Hall

The Pingrup Hall on Sanderson Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by Joseph Deacon in 1956. Photo - December 2016


Pithara - Hall

The Pithara Hall and Supper Room established in 1931. This is at 41-43 Leahy Street. It was later known as the Pithara Town Hall. Photo - November 2014


Popanyinning - Community Hall

The Community Hall in Popanyinning with good solid stonework. This was erected in 1907. Photo - November 2011


Porongurup - Hall

Here is the Porongurup District Hall which is situated slightly to the east of the centre of town. This hall goes right back to 1913. Photo - December 2016


Quairading - Youth Centre

The Quairading Youth Centre. The rear is made of weather-board and iron. The brick wall at the front looks like a later addition. Photo - January 2012


Quindanning - Hall

On the south side of the Williams River is the community hall which was established in 1958. Photo - April 2014


Roelands - Hall

The Roelands Hall and community centre. It is located next to the Roelands Progress Federation Grounds. The hall dates back to 1900. Photo - April 2013


Round Hill - Hall

Sitting all by itself on the corner of Nibby Nibby Road is the Round Hill Hall. This was built in 1934. The hall address is 744 Miling-Moora Road, Berkshire Valley. Photo - July 2012


Shackleton - Hall

At the eastern end of town is the Shackleton Memorial Hall, constructed in 1955 when the town was somewhat bigger than it is today, with regards to population. Photo - June 2013


Tenterden - Hall

The new Tenterden Hall. Next door is the fire shed. There was an earlier hall in town, built in the early 1900's but demolished about 10 years ago. Photo - December 2016


Vasse - Hall

The Vasse Hall on Kaloorup Road in Vasse. Markets are held here on alternate Saturdays plus the hall is used by the local Tai Chi Society. Photo - December 2013


Victoria Park - St Joachim's Hall

St Joachim's Hall on the corner of Shepparton Road and Harper Street which is in the Ursula Frayne Catholic College and chapel compound. Photo - March 2013


Wagin - St Georges Hall

The imposing St Georges Hall is located across the road from the Anglican Church. This is the Parish Hall and construction was completed in 1912. Photo - February 2013


Walkaway - Hall

The public hall. The building was erected through voluntary labour in the early 1900's. A porch was added in 1920 to commemorate locals who were involved in World War I. A stone on the building was laid by Mrs M. J. Logue on 3rd January, 1920. Photo - September 2014


Walpole - Community Centre

Walpole Community Centre and library on Pier Street. This building is an amalgamation of the former Shannon River Hall (1940's to 1978) which was moved to Walpole in 1978, and the original Walpole Hall (opened 1939) which used to be located just a short distance away on the same Walpole street. Photo - October 2014


Wandering - Hall

The very smart looking Wandering Agricultural Hall dates way back to 1896. Mr Robert Turton cut the timber, made the bricks and constructed the building. The hall was opened on March 9th, 1896 by Mr George Watts. Photo - October 2011


Waroona - Guides and Scouts Hall

On Fouracre Street nearly opposite the railway station is this old wooden Guides and Scouts Hall. Construction date is unknown although a Shire of Waroona Heritage Report (2001) suggests 1941. At one time this was a Salvation Army Hall, later a Baptist Church and from the 1970's it became the Guides and Scouts Hall. Photo - January 2014


Waterloo - Hall

The Waterloo Community Hall faces the South Western Highway just south of the Waterloo Road to Dardanup. This looks of recent design. I am sure I can recall an old fibro or asbestos hall here or close by which has gone now. Photo - July 2018


Watheroo - Hall

The Watheroo Hall on the main road. The hall opened in 1960. Photo - September 2014


Wellington Mills - Hall

Across the road from the welcome sign and log is the local hall which with that stained-glass window, resembles a church. Photo - July 2018


Westonia - Miners Hall

The Miner's Hall is the oldest surviving building in Westonia. It was constructed in 1914. In 1918 the newly established Road Board took over the building and extended it. The Road Board continued to use the premises up until the 1960's after which the Shire of Westonia moved into its own new building. Photo - March 2015


Wickepin - Uniting Church Hall

Adjacent to the Wickepin Uniting Church is this small iron building which is probably used as the church hall. Photo - June 2013


Williams - Agricultural Hall

The Williams Agricultural Hall was opened on 22nd February 1898 by M. Quinn Esq. The hall was originally used for social events, church services, weddings, Road Board meetings and as a school. In the Second World War it was used as an aircraft spotting station. These days it is an arts and crafts centre. Photo - November 2011


Witchcliffe - Druids Hall

On Bussell Highway is the wooden Druids Hall. The building dates back to 1922 and was originally constructed as a shop. The Druids acquired the premises as their Hall in 1945. Recently, the Red Cross used the premises as their store for a while. This is now owned by the Shire of Margaret River. Photo - December 2013


Witchcliffe - Hall

On Redgate Street this building is now unoccupied. This was built as the Witchcliffe Hall in 1922. It was later used as a store. One of the earlier owners where Mr and Mrs Fearn and at that time the shop was known Fearn's Cash Store. Mr Darnell purchased the store in 1938. Photo - December 2013


Wooroloo - Hall

On the outskirts of town is the Wooroloo Hall. This was built in 1904 and has been extended and modified a few times over the years. Photo - February 2011


Wubin - Hall

The Wubin Hall was constructed in 1935. The extension running off to the left looks later. A plaque on the front of the building serves to mark the completion of the extension of the comprehensive water supply scheme to Wubin in 1977. (State Heritage Place Number 11771). Photo - November 2014


Wundowie - Hall

The Wundowie Hall serves as a venue for local functions. It is of fairly recent construction. Photo - February 2011


Yallingup - Hall

The historic Yallingup Hall which was established in 1920. The hall is located just a handful of metres from the town centre, on Caves Road. Photo - December 2013


Yarloop - Hall

The Yarloop Hall is a fine structure The paint on the date on top of the building has worn off somewhat but close scrutiny suggests 1938. Photo - December 2010

(This building was mostly destroyed in the January 2016 bushfire)


Yoongarillup - Hall

The 1923 Yoongarillup Hall sits alongside the Vasse Highway. On this site used to be a larger hall which was constructed by a local carpenter who also built a number of cottages in the district. Adjacent to the hall, the old football ground has been disused for many years now and has given way to natural regrowth of vegetation. Photo - January 2015

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