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Hospitals in Western Australia

Hospital services in W.A. are provided by both the public and private sectors. Public hospitals are located at strategic locations across Perth and in many of the medium to large country towns. A number of hospitals in the country have progressively closed due to economics, better centralised services and reliable modern transport. Many (but not all) private hospitals were established, funded and operated by the Sisters and Brothers of various religious orders



Heathcote Hospital occupies an elevated riverside site at Point Heathcote in north Applecross. This hospital was one for people with mental illnesses and operated as such from 1929 to 1999. These days buildings have been converted to art galleries, a restaurant and a Challenger TAFE, amongst others. Photo - May 2011



In Boddington, back a street or two from the main road is this medical centre. This building was originally a cottage hospital. Photo - October 2011



Boddington District Hospital. A little distance from the old cottage hospital is the new district hospital. Photo - October 2011


East Victoria Park

This impressive structure was erected as the Rotunda (maternity) Hospital 1912. Elizabeth Baillee caused the construction. In 1919 it was used to house Spanish Influenza epidemic patients. In 1920 it was renamed Edward Millen House and was used as a WWI veterans' repatriation hospital until 1982. In 1982 the building became the Hillview (psychiatric) Hospital for residential young people. The Town of Victoria Park took over the premises in 2003. Photo - April 2015



Fairbridge Farm near Pinjarra, Nightingale Cottage Hospital is a purpose built hospital constructed in the early 1930's. The resident sister lived here at the rear. The hospital had 2-four bed wards, one for boys and the other for girls. Photo - July 2005



This is the former Victoria Hospital facing Chapman Road. This was constructed in 1887. This building (and those behind it) now house various businesses and still includes some medical practices. Photo - December 2015



The new Midland Health Campus is still work-in-progess. It is situated across the road from the old Midland Railway Workshops. This facility is a collaboration between the State Health Department and St John of God Health Care and as a consequence will have both public and private wards. Photo - April 2013


Mount Claremont

The Graylands Hospital off Brockway Road. The oldest buildings, including the one pictured, where built in the 1910-1911 years. Pictured is a section of Fortescue House. This is a psychiatric hospital. Photo - June 2014


Mount Claremont

Another view of Fortescue House in Graylands Hospital. Prior to 1972, this establishment was known as the Claremont Mental Hospital. In 1972 the facility was split into two sections, this one which was renamed Graylands, and another in Swanbourne which has since closed. Photo - June 2014



Off Murdoch Drive and adjacent to the Murdoch train station is St John of God Hospital. This is a view of the Medical Centre building. The main hospital entrance is off to the left. Photo - October 2010



Fiona Stanley Hospital. Just behind the Murdoch St John of God Hospital and adjacent to the Kwinana Freeway, the new Fiona Stanley Hospital is starting to take shape. Photo - October 2010



The Fiona Stanley is now all but complete. Other than apparently finalising information technology infrastructure, it's ready for opening. This is the main building. There are other buildings adjacent but out of picture. Photo - January 2014



Uralia is located on Gordon Street in Northam and was established in 1902. Today it is a private residence and the owners sell antiques. From the late 1940's to the 1970's, this was a maternity hospital run by the Sisters of St John of God. It closed as such when the public hospital was opened. Photo - October 2012



At the rear of Uralia in Northam is this small building. When this place operated as a hospital this was probably used as nurses' quarters. Photo - October 2012



Royal Perth Hospital is an icon on Wellington Street. The section of the hospital in view was opened in 1949 although the hospital started operation in 1855. Photo - November 2008



Royal Perth Hospital. This is the main entrance just off Murray Street and near Victoria Square. Photo - November 2008



Royal Perth Hospital. Pictured is the original 1855 hospital located on Murray Street, very close to Victoria Square. The building is now called Colonial House and is the office of the CEO of the South Metropolitan Health Service. Photo - August 2010



The Mount Hospital on Mounts Bay Road. Here is a look at the Mount Hospital taken from across a lake in John Oldham Park. In view are also apartments atop Cliff and Malcolm Streets which are adjacent to Kings Park. July 2013. Photos Ref: PWES014



The Murray Districts Hospital is located towards the southern end of Pinjarra. This entrance is at the end of McKay Street. Photo - August 2011



King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, Subiaco. This is the main entrance on Bagot Road, Subiaco. KEMH is the primary public health maternity hospital in Western Australia and the only hospital, public and private alike, equipped to handle complex birthing procedures. The hospital dates back to 1916. Photo - September 2009


Wongan Hills

This building houses the Wongan-Ballidu Museum. The building was originally constructed as the town's hospital. The Government of the day (1930's and prior) rejected the town's plea for a hospital on the grounds that there was already one in Dalwallinu. Dr Stenning was instrumental in raising funds to have this built independently of Government. Photo - October 2011



The old York Hospital is on the other side of the Avon River from the town centre, on Clifford Street. It was built in 1894 as a replacement for an earlier hospital (1852-1894). Photo - January 2012

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