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Hotels in Perth Metropolitan Area

Here are photos of a few pubs around Perth. Put together especially for those who enjoy looking at these places


Applecross - Raffles Hotel

The Raffles Hotel has been fashionable ever since it opened in 1896. Originally called the Canning Bridge Hotel, it was remodelled and renamed as the Raffles in 1937 (after the Raffles in Singapore), which coincided with the construction of the present Canning Bridge. In the 1990's the then owner wanted to demolish the building but public pressure prevented that from occurring. This is a photo of the front of the hotel. Photo - January 2008


Armadale - Narrogin Inn

On Albany Highway near the junction of the South Western Highway, the Narrogin Inn was apparently the first building to be constructed in Armadale - in 1853. These days it is known as Ye Olde Narrogin Inne. Photo - January 2009


Armadale - Fox and Hound

Quite an attractive looking pub on Jull Street done up in mock-Tudor style, and right next door to the Tudor shopping arcade. Photo - January 2012


Bassendean - Hotel

The Bassendean Hotel on Old Perth Road. The hotel was built in 1929 for Patrick Connolly. In those days Bassendean was considered merely as an extension of Guildford. In 1973 Publican Murray McHenry celebrated major renovations. More renovations took place in the early 2000's. Photo July 2008


Bassendean - Hotel

Again, the Bassendean Hotel on Old Perth Road. Here is an updated photo. It looks quite grand. I see today that the hotel is currently leased and it is up for sale. Photo October 2020


Bayswater - Hotel

Built as far back 1898 this is the Bayswater Hotel situated on the south end of Beechboro Road, corner of Railway Parade, in Bayswater. The pub has survived a one-time demolition threat and has had renovations in the 1960's and 1990's, and so it survives to this day. September 2010


Belmont - Hotel

The Belmont Hotel on Wright Street, which is actually in Cloverdale as is just about all of the Belmont Forum. Photo - December 2017


Bentley - Hotel

On the corner of Albany Highway and Tate Street is the rather modern Bentley Hotel. Photo - August 2018


Bicton - The Leopold

Rather impressive looking hotel on the corner of Canning Highway and Point Walter Road. Constructed in 1907, the hotel was apparently named after the King Leopold Range up in the Kimberley. Photograph October 2010


Bullsbrook - Chequers Hotel

This is the "pub" section of the hotel on Great Northern Highway. The accommodation section and restaurants etc appear to be adjacent, up the side street. July 2011


Butler - 3 Sheets Inn

This is the 3 Sheets Inn, established in 2022, and built just across from the fairly new (2013) Butler railway station. January 2023


Carine - Tavern

1970's/1980's style tavern on Beach Road next to the Carine shops. That's when this area was first developed. Nice beer garden out the back! Very good in-house dining with excellent table service and an extensive but reasonably priced menu. Photo - October 2011


Carlisle - Hotel

On Rutland Avenue near Archer Street, Carlisle, is the Carlisle Hotel. The hotel is more or less opposite the railway station. Construction started in 1940. Photo - January 2012


Chidlow - Inn

Attractive looking old pub with its high-pitched iron roof and wide verandahs. It is on Thomas Street near the corner of Northam Road. No matter now small some of these communities are, they all seem to have a pub or tavern and Chidlow is no exception. Photo - September 2010


Claremont - Highway Hotel

This is now a Medical centre but I feel sure this is the old Highway Hotel that traded as such here until at least the 1980's. It is on Stirling Highway on the corner of Bay Street. Photo - January 2012


Claremont - Claremont Hotel

The Claremont Hotel on the corner of Bay View Terrace and Gugeri Street. When built in 1902, it was called the Family and Commercial Hotel. It became the Fink Hotel in 1912, named after the then licensee, Karl Fink. Up until a few years ago the hotel was known as the Continental Hotel. The hotel verandah was demolished in 1953 but rebuilt some years later. Photo - April 2013


Clarkson - Whale + Ale

On Ocean Keys Boulevard in Clarkson is the Whale-Ale Tavern. This establishment is family owned and offers premier dining for families in a homely atmosphere. The tavern also boasts having a wide variety of beers on tap. The tavern was probably constructed during the mid 1990's. Photo - June 2014


Como - Hotel

Sitting on the north-west corner of Canning Highway and South Terrace is the Como Hotel. The Como - South Perth border is South Terrace and as this pub is on the north side it is technically in South Perth, not Como at all. Photo - October 2012


Coogee - Hotel

The old Coogee Hotel is on the east side of Cockburn Road just south of Powell Reserve. The hotel is currently undergoing renovations hence the fence around the building. This was built as a stop on the Fremantle to Mandurah coach route by Walter Powell in 1901. The railway was extended south from Fremantle in 1903 which boosted patronage however this was short-lived and in 1927 the hotel licence was surrendered. From 1931 to 1967 the Anglican Church used the building as a children's seaside home. Mains Roads acquired the building and land in 1971 and remains the current owner. Photo - June 2016


Cottesloe - Albion Hotel

Established in 1880 by John and Archibald Butler, this pub was an important stopping point for travellers on the then arduous route between Perth and Fremantle when the road was naught but a rough track. It's on Stirling Highway near the junction of Napoleon Street and still a good stopping place on the same journey. Photo - December 2014


Cottesloe - The Cottesloe Beach Hotel

The gleaming white Cottesloe Beach Hotel right on the beach-front on the corner of John Street. The hotel was constructed in 1905 and has seen many alterations over ensuing decades. January 2012


Cottesloe - Ocean Beach Hotel

The Ocean Beach Hotel - this is the residential portion of the hotel. The bars etc are off to the left. Long time favourite venue for many. Photo - June 2008


Duncraig - Glengarry Tavern

On Warwick Road near Glengarry Drive is the 1970's/1980's style Glengarry Tavern. Very nice inside. This area of Perth was established in the mid-1970's. Photo - October 2011


East Fremantle - Royal George

At the east end of George Street is the Royal George Hotel. The hotel was built in 1902 and has been a distinctive landmark in East Fremantle ever since. The building is no longer a pub and is currently used as an arts and community centre. Photo - December 2011


East Fremantle - Tradewinds Hotel

This is the western side of the Tradwinds which faces Hubble Street. The hotel used to be called (Jack Sheedy's) Plympton Hotel. Photo - December 2014


East Fremantle - Left Bank Bar & Cafe

On Riverside Road is the Left Bank Bar, Cafe & Restaurant. Years I ago I seem to recall seeing this building as a rather derelict old mansion which stood that way for a long time. Photo - December 2014


East Victoria Park - Balmoral Hotel

The Balmoral Hotel on Albany Highway. This was constructed in 1930. Over the years is has previously been known as the Balmoral Tavern and the Boulevard Hotel. In 1995 it became the Babylon Hotel. Photo - April 2015


Ellenbrook - The Brook Hotel

The Brook Bar and Bistro at 11 Main Street, Ellenbrook. Photo - July 2011


Floreat - Hotel

On this site was the old Floreat Hotel - a barn-style affair where patrons queued several deep at the bar to buy their jugs of beer at the Sunday session (the good old days)! Like the Floreat Forum, the hotel has undergone changes over the years and was closed for renovations when this photo was taken.  September 2010


Fremantle - The Esplanade

Constructed in 1897, the Esplanade is one of the finest looking hotels around the area. It is located on Marine Terrace in Fremantle, between Collie and Essex Street. This view looks up Essex Street. May 2008


Fremantle - Norfolk Hotel

On the corner of South Terrace and Norfolk Street is the Norfolk Hotel. This pub used to be called the Oddfellows hotel (it was in 1972 when I used to go there) and the site as a pub goes back about 100 years. January 2012


Fremantle - Commercial Hotel

Now Sun Dancer Backpackers, this grand old building on High Street (near Pakenham Street) is the former Commercial Hotel. At one stage (at least in the 1980's) this was called the New Orleans Hotel. There is still a bar in those doors but only available to live-in guests. January 2012


Fremantle - Cleopatra Hotel

This is the former Cleopatra Hotel on High Street. This building was constructed in 1907. Formerly on this site stood the Crown and Thistle Hotel which was demolished in 1906 to make way for the current premises. In 1985 the hotel became known as 'The Auld Mug', referring, or course, to the America's Cup. It's on High Street, near Mouat Street. In 2012 the building is owned by Christian Brothers and used largely for their community programs. Photo - December 2014


Fremantle - Clancy's Fish Bar

Fremantle's Clancy's Fish Bar (I have seen another in Applecross too). This is next to the Theatre and old Education building in Princess May Park, on Cantonment Street, near Parry Street. January 2012


Fremantle - The Flag and Whistle

This used to be a wharfie's pub and simply known as "The Australia Tavern". Now it's the Flag & Whistle and looking decidedly in need of attention as a few back-packer hostels do. It's right across the road from where the bridge across the railway lines comes out at the end of Parry Street. March 2009


Fremantle - Hotel Fremantle

The "Hotel Fremantle" cuts a fine figure on Cliff Street. These days it's part of the Notre Dame University as is just about everything this end of town. Notre Dame has restored many buildings at this end of town, including the Fremantle, and reinvigorated the district. May 2008


Fremantle - National Hotel

The National Hotel sits on the corner of South Terrace and High Street. It was boarded up for about three years after it suffered fire damage in 2007. The building was previously damaged by fire in 1975. The hotel was built in 1895. The upper floors were added in 1902. Photo - December 2014


Fremantle - Newport Hotel

This is the Newport Hotel on South Terrace. The was originally called the Newcastle Club Hotel when it was built in the 1800's. March 2012


Fremantle - Terminus Hotel

Fabulous old Terminus Hotel on Pakenham Street. No longer a pub as such, it is now used by South Metropolitan Personnel (SMP Lifeskills to Work) who assist people with disabilities achieve their goals. March 2012


Fremantle - The Orient

The Hotel Orient - "The Family Hotel Orient" on High Street, corner of Henry Street. May 2008


Fremantle - P&O Hotel

The P&O Hotel on High Street still looks glorious and it continues to be a popular thirst-slaking establishment. May 2008


Fremantle - Rosie O'Grady's

Now Rosie O'Grady's, doesn't this building look quite resplendent? This is on William Street just up from the Town Hall. The pub used to be a simple worker's corner pub called the Federal Hotel. 2007


Fremantle - Sail and Anchor

Formerly known at the Freemasons (up until 1984), the Sail & Anchor Hotel sits on the corner of South Terrace and Henderson Street. The hotel was built in 1903 and has a rich history. July 2010


Fremantle - Oceanic Hotel

Here is the former Oceanic Hotel on the corner of Collie and Pakenham Streets. First on this site was the Welsh Harp Inn in 1866. It became the Collie Hotel in 1900. By around 1904 it had adopted the Oceanic name. The premises were bought by the Rajneeshie (Orange People) in 1980. Now it appears to be made up of private apartments. Photo - April 2012


Fremantle - Star Hotel

At 11 Essex Street is the former Star Hotel which is now the Pirates Backpackers and Croat Islands Cafe Restaurant. The former hotel was built in 1878 and then rebuilt in 1914. Some websites place the old hotel at 5 Essex Street but in fact it really is at number 11. Photo - December 2014


Fremantle - His Majesty's Hotel

On the corner of Phillimore and Mouat Streets sits His Majesty's Hotel. This was built in 1890. It was once called His Lordship's Larder and another time the Phillimore Hotel. Currently it is part of the Notre Dame University campus. Photo - April 2012


Fremantle - Park Hotel

The premises at 9-11 Parry Street, on the north-west corner of Ellen Street are unmarked. It is almost certainly the former Park Hotel, built in 1893 and owned by the Josephson family for over 80 years. Structural problems in the 1990's caused the building to be significantly re-modelled. It seems that these days the building is used by St Patrick's Catholic Church as a care centre. Photo - January 2016


Fremantle - Moondyne Tavern

On the corner or Wray Avenue and Hampton Road is the Moondyne Tavern. This used to be known as the Beaconsfield Hotel. It was constructed in 1894-1895 and has undergone various internal and external changes over the decades. Photo - July 2011


Gosnells - Hotel

The Gosnells Hotel alongside Albany Highway. The hotel was built for the Connell family in 1907. When built the hotel included an Assembly Hall which was used for various purposes including holding Catholic Church services. The hotel was extended in the 1960's and 1970's. In the 1990's the then owner Mr Geoff Ogden renovated the buildings and established a large restaurant. Photo - July 2008


Greenwood - Tavern

Probably constructed when this area was opened up in the early 1970's. The Greenwood is on Coolibah Drive, just off Warwick Road. I think this used to be called The Greenwood Forest  back in the 1980's. January 2011


Guildford - Hotel

The Guildford Hotel on the corner of James Street and Johnson Street. The hotel was erected in 1886. The hotel suffered major fire damage in September 2008. Picture -October 2007


Guildford - Stirling Arms Hotel

The Stirling Arms Hotel on James Street, across from the Meadow Street railway crossing. The hotel dates back to 1852. The original owner was Mr John Welbourne. Mr Welbourne constructed the building with the help of convict labour. Picture - January 2012


Guildford - Rose and Crown Hotel

This is the Rose & Crown Hotel which is on Terrace Road. Mr Thomas Jecks built the Inn in 1841. Thus it is the state's oldest functioning hotel. It has been rebuilt in sections over the years so little original is left. The sign out the front states "The Inn was often used for public meetings, though is was perhaps more notorious for spawning drunken behavior which may have led to the building of the nearby courthouse and gaol". Now it's a popular wedding venue and a good spot to enjoy a fine meal. April 2013


Guildford - Woodbridge Tavern

On the corner of Swan and East Streets, a mere stone's throw from East Guildford station, is the Woodbridge Hotel. The pub is of 1902 vintage. The name Woodbridge is taken from a nearby area which was named after Governor Stirling's wife's home in Surrey, England. October 2010


Hamilton Hill - Newmarket Hotel

Here is the former Newmarket Hotel constructed c.1912. It's on the fork in the road where Hampton Road turns into Rockingham and Cockburn Roads. The hotel has a long history with local horse racing identities and at one time even had a horse water trough on the west side of the building. In the early days it was also popular with market gardeners in the district. It ceased operating as an hotel in approximately 2002. Photo - July 2011


Henley Brook - Mash Brewing

A popular pub on West Swan Road in the Swan Valley. It is a brewery and also a bar. Other Mash's can be found in Bunbury and Rockingham. July 2011


Highgate - Queens Hotel

On Beaufort Street in Highgate is the ever-popular Queens Hotel. The Queens was built as far back as 1898. It had a significant facelift in 1986. In the past, this has been known as the Stanley Hotel and at another time the Newcastle Club Hotel. From 1912 Mr Lamzed was the licencee. He was formerly the first licencee of the Drovers Inn Hotel in Moora. Photo - July 2013


Hillarys - Breakwater Tavern

Hillary's Boat Harbour aka Sorrento Quay. It started life around 1987 as a result of America's Cup activities. This is the popular Breakwater Tavern which sits wholly above the water. January 2009


Inglewood - Civic Hotel

The Civic was built in 1940. It's on Beaufort Street, Inglewood. January 2011


Inglewood - Inglewood Hotel

The Inglewood on the corner of 5th Avenue and Beaufort Street. This was built in 1935 and 1936. January 2011


Innaloo - Botanica Hotel

Formerly the Nookenburra Hotel, this is now known as the Botanica Hotel and is located on the corner of Scarborough Beach Road and Liege Street. The old hotel name is adapted from the area's traditional name. The hotel was constructed in 1962. Photo - October 2014


Innaloo - St George Hotel

On Barnes Street, close to the corner of Morris Road, is the Saint George Hotel. This was formerly known as the Morris Hotel and was erected in 1959. The refurbishment and name change has occurred only within the last few years. Photo - October 2014


Kalamunda - The Best Drop

On Haynes Street, Kalamunda is the Best Drop, formerly the Last Drop. It has been here since 1973. A most distinctive building designed in mock-Tudor fashion. February 2011


Kalamunda - Old Kalamunda Hotel

The old part of the Kalamunda Hotel on Railway Road. The "new" part is right next door, off to the left. The old hotel pictured now serves as a bottle shop. It was built in 1902 and was the first pub in Kalamunda. January 2012


Kalamunda - New Kalamunda Hotel

And the "new" Kalamunda Hotel on Railway Road. A rather grand building but hard to get a good picture due to all the trees along the front. January 2012


Karragullen - Rock Inne Tavern

Set on Brookton Highway on the corner of Herbert Road is the Rock Inne Tavern. This is a few kilometres east of the Canning Road intersection. Not sure when it was built but certainly was here in the 1980's with the same name. Famed for live music concerts. January 2012


Kelmscott - Inn

The Kelmscott Inn is on Albany Highway, Kelmscott, a little north of the main townsite and railway station. July 2008


Kewdale - Hotel

The Kewdale Hotel is on Kewdale Road right next to the western end of the Kewdale Freight Terminal and rail marshalling yards. The signage makes these quite attractive looking premises. This is the bottle-shop entrance. July 2011


Lathlain - Empire Bar

The old Rivervale Hotel on Great Eastern Highway and Cornwall Street has recently undergone a considerable transformation to re-emerge as the Empire Bar. This hotel is actually in Lathlain, not Rivervale. December 2012


Leederville - Hotel

Doesn't the Leederville Hotel look good on this day? This is just around the corner from Oxford Street on Newcastle Street. January 2009


Leederville - Fibber McGees

Fibber McGees, what a magic name for this Irish Pub and Steakhouse on Newcastle Street in central Leederville situated right across the road from the Leederville Hotel. July 2013


Leederville - New Oxford Hotel

Up in the northern reaches of Oxford Street, on the corner of Anzac Terrace, sits the Oxford Hotel. January 2012


Maddington - Tavern

Next to the shopping area up Helm Street, off Albany Highway. I'm sure it's fine inside but the outside is pretty bland, still, that's the way they build them these days, I suppose construction budgets prevailed. January 2012


Maddington - Attfield Tavern

The Attfield Tavern on Attfield Street. An improvement on the Maddington Tavern but hardly a building worth marvelling at in 100 years time (nothing personal, neither will 99% of any of the other modern ones). January 2012


Mahogany Creek - Mahogany Inn

The Mahogany Inn on the corner of Great Eastern Highway and Homestead Road has recently undergone renovations. This is how the Inn looks today. Some of the original brick structure has been retained which is out of picture on the right. December 2011


Manning - Mt Henry Tavern

Right at the western end of Manning Road is the Mount Henry Tavern which used to be known as simply the Manning Hotel. January 2012


Maylands - Old Peninsula Hotel

The grand old Peninsula Hotel stands on Railway Parade opposite the railway station. The hotel was constructed in 1906 and was one of the three original hotels in Maylands together with the Central Hotel, and the now demolished Hoffman's Hotel. Photo - September 2010


Maylands - New Peninsula Hotel

Not a very flattering picture of the new Peninsula Hotel which is right next door to the old Peninsula Hotel. Architecturally these premises are very different than the old hotel. Consideration of re-developing this site is apparently on the drawing board. Photo - September 2010


Midland - Commercial Tavern

Right next to the railway line on Railway Parade is this fine old pub. There used to be another pub just a block east of here called the Stockman Hotel but I didn't see it this day so perhaps it's gone? October 2010


Midland - The Darling Range

Right up at the east end of Midland, on the corner of Great Eastern Highway and Horace Street is this fine looking old pub, the Darling Range Tavern. Or at least it used to be. It is just the Ranges Inn now. This side is the Bayleaf Indian Restaurant. The pub is around the back. December 2011


Midland - Eastern Tavern

The Eastern Tavern on Great Eastern Highway. Before this name it was known as the Junction Tavern and before that the Freemasons Hotel. Nothing like a name change and bit of paint to re-invent yourself, and they do it well. It was built in the 1890's. October 2010


Midland - Council Club Hotel

This fine old building, the Council Club Hotel was erected in 1901. You can find it more or less behind the Midland Town Hall on Old Great Northern Highway. January 2012


Morley - Morley Park Hotel

The former Morley Park Hotel fronting Walter Road, just east of the Wellington Road intersection. This is now a Fast Eddy's Retaurant. November 2015


Mosman Park - Hotel

The Mosman Park Hotel as such ceased trading a number of years ago but the building remains albeit shrouded in cool greenery, and here it is. Now a fine set of apartments, it is on Glyde Street, on the corner of Monument Street. January 2012


Mount Hawthorn - Paddington Ale House

The Paddington Ale House on Scarborough Beach Road. This was once known as The Mounty (The Mount Hawthorn Hotel). This was built in 1932 and has seen a number of structural alterations over the decades. Photo - August 2018


Mount Helena - Tavern

The Mount Helena Tavern. This was formerly the Mount Helena Hotel and before that known as the Lion Mill Hotel. It was constructed in 1902. A number of internal and external alterations have been made over the years. Photo - December 2011


Mount Lawley - Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman pub on Beaufort Street. This is located in the 1934-built Clarke's Buildings (originally merely a "retail" building). From 1938 this building apparently was a wine saloon so has a long history of providing a wee tipple for the locals. April 2011


Mundaring - Hotel

Here is the Mundaring Hotel which was built in 1899. It has recently had some exterior changes particularly to the upper verandah area. September 2010


Mundaring Weir - Weir Hotel

The Weir Hotel in the Weir Village area, just off the Kalamunda - Mundaring road. There is a substantial amphitheatre at the rear, today filled with chairs so some entertainment must be forthcoming. The hotel was erected in 1898 and has also been known as the Goldfields Reservoir Hotel and the Weir Lodge Hotel. Photo - January 2012


Naval Base - Hotel

Nestled in the heart of heavy industry country is the Naval Base Hotel. It is on Rockingham Road. I'm sure this place used to have a bigger road frontage? Perhaps as some stage the road has been widened. January 2010


Nedlands - Captain Stirling Hotel

On Stirling Highway on the corner of Stanley Street is the famous Captain Stirling Hotel. Plenty of greenery on the road side makes it hard to photograph. This is a front view, looking slightly west. January 2012


Nedlands - New Steve's on Broadway

This new building is on the corner of Broadway and The Avenue, down at the river end of Broadway. This is called Steve's Fine Wine and Food. The old Steve's next door closed due to excessive noise which was considered inappropriate for this primarily residential district. Photo - February 2010


Nedlands - Old Steve's Tavern

Here is the original Steve's Tavern. This building is being turned into four stylish apartments. This was built in 1908 and at various times in its history it has been known as The Nedlands Hotel, The Nedlands Park Hotel, and Sutton's Nedlands Park Hotel. Photo - February 2010


Northbridge - Impact Bar

The Impact Bar on James Street looks colourful. I think it's on the corner of Lake Street. August 2009


Northbridge - Brass Monkey

On the corner of James and William Streets is the impressive Brass Monkey Hotel. This used to be known as the Great Western Hotel. January 2012


Northbridge - Elephant and Wheelbarrow

A rather British looking pub with a very British name. The Elephant and Wheelbarrow on Lake Street in Northbridge. Photo - January 2012


Northbridge - Old Fitzgerald Hotel

On Fitzgerald Street, at the corner of John Street, is the former Fitzgerald Hotel, once known as the Clarendon Hotel. It was erected in 1925. The premises are now used as offices. Photo - June 2010


Northbridge - Rosie O'Grady's

Rosie O'Grady's pub on James Street. Until fairly recently this pub was the Victoria Tavern (Victoria Hotel). Thirty-odd years ago it was known as Broderick's Tavern. Indeed, even today, there is an upstairs function facility known as the Broderick Room. My 1987 MSD Street Directory lists the site as Milligan's Tavern. It was erected in 1885. Photo - January 2014


Northbridge - Aberdeen Hotel & St John's Building

St John's Building is on the near side. Further up is the hotel. This precinct was built in 1886. I read somewhere recently that the Aberdeen Hotel is the longest continuously operating hotel in Perth. The hotel has also been known as the Union Hotel, the Cosmopolitan Hotel, the Red Lion Hotel, and simply the Deen, over the decades. Photo - November 2016


North Fremantle - Railway Hotel

The Railway Hotel is adjacent to the North Fremantle wharf and the container terminal and container storage areas, big fuel tanks and other port-type facilities. Situated on the corner of Pearse Street and Tydeman Road this hotel has been here since 1894. The street is a bit noisy now with a seemingly endless stream of trucks carrying shipping containers passing by. Photo - June 2008


North Fremantle - Rose Hotel

This rather splendid building is the Rose Hotel. No longer used an hotel anymore, it still sits majestically on Queen Victoria Street. This road used to be Stirling Highway until it was re-routed over the Stirling Bridge back in the 1970's. The hotel was built in 1927 for the Swan Brewery. Photo - December 2010.


North Fremantle - Swan Hotel

The Swan Hotel on Stirling Highway, just a bit north of the Fremantle traffic bridge, was built in 1922. In the 1880's an hotel was erected on this site but it burnt down in the early 1920's which lead to the construction of this, the current building. Photo - June 2008


North Perth - Charles Hotel

On north Charles Street is the Charles Hotel. This is the bottle shop area plus a bit of accommodation is visible. I think the main pub entrance is around the corner on Ellesmere Street. January 2012


North Perth - Rosemount Hotel

The colourful Rosemount Hotel on the corner of Angove and Fitzgerald Streets. January 2013


Osborne Park - Hotel

Fair dinkum working blokes pub by the look of it, with a group of happy fellows enjoying a few around 11.00am in that "dug-out" under the red canopy! January 2012


Osborne Park - OP's Tavern

OP's Bar and Cafe on Scarborough Beach Road not far from Hutton Street. July 2009


Parkerville - Tavern

Looking across Owen Road here is the front of the Parkerville Tavern. Once noted for its fabulous Sunday Sessions when (in the 1970's), pubs where not allowed to open on a Sunday within a certain radius of Perth city. The hotel was built in 1905 and over the years has been known as the Railway Hotel and another time as Judge Parker's. Photo - April 2009


Perth - Fenians Pub

Fenians Pub is a colourful Irish-style pub on the corner of Adelaide Terrace and Hill Street. April 2011


Perth - City Hotel

This used to be called the City Hotel. It's now called the Belgian Beer Cafe Westende (which is apparently a chain of pubs across the country). The Perth version is on the corner of Murray and King Streets. November 2010


Perth - Melbourne Hotel

Here is the fine Melbourne Hotel on the corner of Milligan Street. Unlike quite a few hotels around the metropolitan area, this pub has retained the same name for decades. November 2010


Perth - Moon and Sixpence

The Moon & Sixpence pub is right next door to the Wentworth Plaza Hotel on Murray Street, a little east of William Street. The pub/bar is immensely popular - you can sit out there nursing a pint and watch the world go by. November 2010


Perth - Palace Hotel

Once the popular lunch venue for Terrace lawyers, accountants and financiers, what's left of the old hotel turned into a bank and now perhaps just office space. Bondy's building (behind the hotel) mostly displaced the hotel. This hotel was built in 1896. May 2010


Perth - Carlton Hotel

The Carlton Hotel sits on Hay Street near Bennett Street. Not the most up-market hotel in Perth nevertheless the architecture is characteristic of its period. Looks pretty good inside. October 2011


Perth - Grosvenor Hotel

On the corner of Hay and Hill Streets sits the resplendent Grosvenor Hotel. October 2011


Perth - Wentworth Hotel

Right on the corner of Murray Street and William Street is the Wentworth Hotel, established in 1928. Today it continues to trade as such. For what seems like years this building has been obscured by construction work on William Street. August 2011


Perth North - Northbridge Hotel

The fine old Northbridge Hotel on the corner of Brisbane and Lake Streets, Perth. This is actually away north of Northbridge. Constructed in 1897-1898, this pub was originally called the Royal Standard Hotel. December 2011


Perth North - Brisbane Hotel

Looking like a slice of cake, the Brisbane sits on a wedge-shaped parcel of land on Brisbane and Beaufort Streets. The moody paintwork works well in daylight and is probably a bit eerie in the dark. It actually is really eye-catching. January 2014


Perth North - Court Hotel

The Court Hotel - or wine bar now? The pub got its name and used to be well frequented from staff across the road in the Police Courts building. It's at the southern end of Stirling Street. January 2012


Perth North - Court Wine Bar

The Court Wine Bar & Cellar Restaurant is located in the 1899-built United Friendly Societies Building. To the left is the Ferguson Building occupied by Tong86 Korean Style BBQ Restaurant. These buildings are on Beaufort Street just opposite to the end of Francis Street. Earlier, the wine bar building was occupied by Manchester Trading Co. Photo - May 2013


Rockingham - Hotel

Set a little bit back from Rockingham Beach Road and extending through to Kent Street is the Rockingham. This is a view from the "beach" side. And the chair says "No Parking" so don't sit there. The pub looks very 1960's in design. January 2012


Rockingham - Zeldas

On the corner of Kent Street and Railway Terrace is Zelda's occupying a slice of a retail centre which opened in the late 1970's. Is this a pub or a night club? It's only open nights, Wednesday through to the weekend. January 2012

(2023 update: Seems this place closed down about 10 years ago and now it is VAT116)


Rottnest - Hotel

The Rottnest Hotel was previously known as the Quokka Arms. It is located near the beachfront just a little south from the Thomson Bay ferry landing. This is a 1864 structure which was originally built as a majestic summer residence for past Governors of Western Australia. It was then known as Government House. Photograph January 2009


Sawyers Valley - Tavern

The Sawyers Valley Tavern and Leather Green Restaurant on Great Eastern Highway. This was built in 1930. May 2009


Scarborough - White Sands

Very popular pub back in the 1970/1980's - I don't know how they are faring now - well, I hope. This is the only view you can get of the White Sands as the other side is built out now. January 2012


Scarborough - Indie Bar

Part of the Indian Ocean Hotel complex is the Indie Bar Live. This is the view from Hastings Street. January 2012


Shenton Park - Hotel

On Nicholson Road, the old Shents is no longer an hotel. It is now used for accommodation and a government office. It was built in 1907 and closed its doors (as a pub) in 1999. January 2011


South Fremantle - Seaview Tavern

This is the Seaview Tavern on South Terrace. It's been here since 1897 and was originally opened as the Seaview Hotel so the name has prevailed over all these years which is a little bit unusual.  Photo - January 2009


South Perth - Windsor Hotel

Here is the Windsor Hotel on the corner of Mill Point Road and Mends Street. The pub was built between 1895 and 1898 and designed by the same fellow who designed the old Swan Brewery on Mounts Bay Road (amongst many other buildings) - J.J. Talbot Hobbs. The hotel was built for Mr George Strickland. March 2014


Subiaco - Hotel

The fine Subiaco Hotel is diagonally opposite from the Regal Theatre, on the corner of Hay Street and Rokeby Road. It was built in 1896. There used to be a turret on the top of the front tower but that was removed in 1968. This was once known as Murphy's Hotel. Jan 2008


Subiaco - Victoria Hotel

On Hay street but well east of the Subiaco Hotel, is the striking Victoria Hotel, or "Vic". It is very close to Ellen Street. January 2012


Swanbourne - Hotel

These apartments "The Beaumont" are on Claremont Crescent and a little to the south of the shops. On this site, up until about 15 years ago, was the Swanbourne Hotel. January 2011


Thornlie - Tavern

The Thornlie Tavern on Spencer Road adjacent to the main shopping centre. January 2012


Two Rocks - Tavern

The local Tavern perches high on this hill over looking the boat pens and the ocean. September 2009


Victoria Park - Broken Hill Hotel

This is the Broken Hill Hotel on Albany Highway. As usual, pubs always look great in photos and in real life, inside and out! January 2012


Victoria Park - Victoria Park Hotel

On Albany Highway 2-3 kilometres south of the Broken Hill Hotel is the amazing-looking Victoria Park Hotel. It was constructed in 1927. January 2012


Wanneroo - Sneakers

Next door to the Wanneroo Central shops near Dundebar Road, and set up on a bit of a hill, is the local tavern. This is one of the entrances. March 2011


Wembley - Hotel

The Wembley Hotel on Cambridge Street, near Alexander Street. The hotel was built in 1932 for Mr M. F. Cranley and it stayed in the Cranley family ownership until the late 1980's. The hotel was once the end of the tramline from Perth and the start of the precarious planked-road journey over to the beach. Photo - January 2011


West Leederville - J.B. O'Reilly's

J.B. O'Reilly's Irish Pub and Restaurant on Cambridge Street. This is named after Irish writer John Boyle O'Reilly (1844-1890). O'Reilly was sentenced to transportation to the Western Australian colony for Fenian misdeeds in Ireland. He arrived here 1868. Through a series of ingenious plotting and planning, he escaped on a ship and ended up in the U.S.A. where he married and published several books of poems. Photo - June 2008


West Perth - Hyde Park Hotel

This is the Hyde Park Hotel on Bulwer Street. This was always a hang out for those following some of Perth's rock bands - a good music venue. A recent renovation has reclaimed a lot of its past glory. Looks fabulous.  December 2011


Yanchep - Inn

The Yanchep Inn viewed across its front gardens. That is the main entrance. The Inn is in the Yanchep National Park and looks a picture. September 2009

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