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Hotels in Country Western Australia

This page is devoted to photos of pubs I have come across in my travels throughout the South West & Wheatbelt


Albany - London Hotel

The London Hotel, established in 1909, sits close to the courthouse on Stirling Terrace. First built on this site in the 1850's was a wooden inn named the Chusan Hotel. Photo - October 2014


Albany - Albany Hotel

The Albany Hotel and Brasserie on York Street. This was built circa 1890 and was formerly known as the Freemason's Hotel. Photo - October 2014


Albany - White Star Hotel

On Stirling Terrace is the White Star Hotel. Lots of brick paving going on today. On this site a Mr John McKail built a store in the 1860's. Pre-1898 the store was removed and the White Hart Hotel was constructed. By 1902 this has become known as the White Star Hotel. I believe the Tanglehead Brewery is on the premises these days. Photo - October 2014


Albany - Royal George Hotel

Next to the Star Hotel is the Royal George Hotel, looking somewhat washed out in unfavourable light. This building is at least 100 years old. In a circa 1898-1902 photo of Stirling Terrace this hotel does not appear. Another hotel, The Freemasons, used to be on Stirling Terrace but it was demolished in 1972. Photo - October 2014


Albany - Premier Hotel

On York Street is the Premier Hotel, erected in 1891. This and the Albany Hotel are the two remaining survivors of the first three hotels to be built in Albany. Photo - October 2014


Ardath - Hotel

Apart from a few houses there is not much in town. The population must number well under 100, perhaps a lot less. The town is special though as it is one of those rare tiny places that has a grand, old-style two-storey hotel, like Greenhills or Spencers Brook, for example. The hotel was completed and opened in 1926. Photo - June 2013


Augusta - Hotel

The Augusta Hotel sits on the main street, Blackwood Avenue. It was built in 1912. Photo - December 2013


Badgingarra - Tavern

The front of the Badgingarra Tavern. Photo - December 2015


Bakers Hill - Tavern

Here is the Bakers Hill Tavern. Rather a new building - it looks quite good in this photo. I wonder if XXXX brewery owns this? Remember when most pubs were Swan? Photo - February 2011


Balingup - Tavern

Handsome looking Balingup Tavern. This is off the main road, up Nannup Street where it bends in to Blackwood River Drive. There is an admirable looking restaurant around to the right. Photo - April 2012


Ballidu - Tavern

Splendid blue and white paintwork on the Ballidu Tavern which is on the corner of Federation and Alpha Streets. Photo - November 2014


Bencubbin - Hotel

This shows the full length of the Bencubbin Hotel stretching along the Monger Street. Photo - March 2015


Beverley - Freemasons Tavern

The Freemasons Tavern is a pretty imposing looking building.  This is on the left side of the main street going towards the Avon River. Building commenced in 1898 with extensions being made in 1908. Photo - September 2010


Beverley - Beverley Hotel

A prominent feature of almost all country towns and indeed Perth suburbs is the hotel and Beverley is no exception. This is the Beverley Hotel on the main street. This was built in 1885 and was originally called the Railway Hotel. Photo - September 2010


Beverley - Tattersall's White Hart Hotel

Constructed in 1904, this used to be Tattersall's White Hart Hotel. The upper storey was removed in 1954. These days it serves as the Beverley RSL Hall. Photo - April 2015


Bindoon - Scottalian Hotel

The most northerly part of Bindoon is this, the Scottalian Hotel - an unusual name. Today a few fellows on bikes are enjoying a visit but other than those you can see,  all seems quiet. Photo - August 2011


Boddington - Tavern

Rather a good looking tavern on the west side of the main road. As usual, these taverns make it hard to take a good picture! Photo - October 2011


Bolgart - Hotel

The Bolgart Hotel cuts a fine figure down near the railway lines. This hotel was built in 1916 and formerly was a State Hotel. The hotel has enjoyed recent renovations. Photo - November 2014


Borden - Tavern

The Borden Tavern sits close to the corner of Chester Pass Road and Moir Street. The magpie up on the sign keeps tabs on all the comings and goings. Photo - December 2016


Boyanup - Bull and Bush Tavern

Another grand-looking hotel, this time it's the Boyanup Bull and Bush Tavern. It's on the main street (South Western Highway). Closed this Sunday morning. Photo - February 2011


Boyup Brook - Hotel

The Boyup Brook Hotel on the corner of Abel and Bridge Street. The road sign shows just how far away it is from a few places! Photo - April 2012


Bridgetown - Scott's Tavern

One of three pubs in town, this is Scott's Tavern towards the south end of time. It was built in 1876 and was originally called The Farmers' Home Hotel. After World War 1, the hotel lessee, Mr J. Scott bought the hotel off the owner Mr Henry Doust and renamed it Scott's Hotel. Photo - April 2012


Bridgetown - Freemason's Hotel

On the corner of Steere Street and Hampton Street (or South Western Highway) is the impressive Freemasons Hotel. It was constructed in 1904. Photo - April 2012


Bridgetown - Bridgetown Hotel

Just north of the Steere Street and South Western Highway intersection is the Bridgetown Hotel. Town Ranger (you can see him in picture) told me that this pub is almost at demolition point 10 or so years ago but was purchased and has been renovated at huge cost by the new owners. Looks great now - well done. Photo - April 2012


Brookton - Bedford Arms

The Bedford Arms Hotel is over the train track from the main through road so keep a good eye out for it next time you're passing through town. Photo - November 2011


Brookton - Club Hotel

The Club Hotel sits towards the end on the main street in Brookton. Photo - November 2011


Broomehill - Hotel

The Broomehill Hotel previously known as the Imperial Hotel. This was built in 1905. The hotel is the section on the left. The building on the right was built three years later in 1908 and looks like commerical premises. Photo - December 2016


Bruce Rock - Hotel

On the main street, on the corner of Bruce Street is the tremendous looking Bruce Rock Hotel, formerly known as the State Hotel, established in 1914. Photo - June 2013


Brunswick- Tavern

Another iconic hotel. Don't they always look so good? Perhaps because a lot of effort went into building them so long ago when they would have been one of the first town buildings to be constructed?  Photo - December 2010


Bullfinch - Hotel

The Bullfinch Hotel, now closed. The original Bullfinch Hotel used to be at the south end of town. It burnt down. A former hotel on the pictured site also burnt down. This building looks of perhaps 1920's vintage. Photo - March 2015


Bullsbrook - Chequers Hotel

On the corner of Great Northern Highway is the local hotel. I think this must be part of Chequers Hotel, the entrance to which is a little up the street. This is viewing the pub end-on, at the bottle shop end. Photo - July 2011


Bullsbrook - Chequers Hotel

The main entrance to Chequers Hotel. It doesn't open until 12 noon. Between this building and the pub looks like residential accommodation. Photo - July 2011


Bunbury - Prince of Wales Hotel

The Prince of Wales Hotel sits proudly on Stephen Street. Photo - April 2013


Bunbury - The Burlington Hotel

The Burlington Hotel on Victoria Street. Once the most popular pub in town with its live music. "Be Early at the Burly". Photo - December 2009


Bunbury - Rose Hotel

The Rose Hotel with its ornate lattice work is an outstanding Bunbury landmark. Photo - April 2013


Bunbury - Trafalgars

On this site in 1857 Mr William Spencer built the Swan Hotel which was later to become known as the Wellington Hotel. Mr Spencer lived in the hotel until circa 1871. An event occurred in 1918 which might have be a total building reconstruction, or could have just been structural re-modelling. Approximately mid-1980's the hotel was re-badged as Trafalgar's Bar and Cafe. The hotel is on the east side of Victoria Street, close to the Burlington Hotel. Photo - April 2013


Bunbury - Reef Hotel

At one time the Captain Bunbury Hotel was the last building on Victoria Street heading north towards the port. Just past here was Guppy Park. An hotel was constructed on this site in 1890 and was then known as Gordon's Hotel. This hotel is recorded as being a re-construction so it seems the older hotel was demolished to make way for this building. Signage proclaims this is now the Reef Hotel. Photo - April 2013

(Demolished in June 2016 due to extensive fire damage from a Jan 2016 fire)


Bunbury - Highway Hotel

On the corner of Forrest Avenue and Spencer Street stands the Highway Hotel. I think this might have been built in the 1950's or earlier. Today it's still here and functioning nicely, although could do with a lick of paint. Photo - December 2010


Bunbury - Parade Hotel

The Parade Hotel hasn't changed much in decades. The outside is rather unimaginative but I recall the inside being quite palatable, especially the rear beer garden next to the estuary. Photo - December 2010


Burracoppin - Hotel

The Burracoppin Hotel sits on the corner of Springnell Valley Road and White Street. This was constructed in or about 1926. It seems that the hotel has been de-licensed and is now used as a private residence. Photo - March 2015


Busselton - Ship Inn

The Ship Inn is slightly west of the town centre, on Bussell Highway on the corner of West Street. I recall stopping here for a meal around 10 years ago and the food and premises were excellent. Photo - January 2013


Busselton - Albie's Bar & Bistro

Albie's Bar and Bistro on the corner of Queen Street and Albert Street. I feel sure this pub had a different name in the past as the name is unusual for the 100+ year-old looking architecture. Albie is probably taken from Albert Road or perhaps it was damaged in cyclone Alby? Photo - January 2013


Busselton - Vasse Hotel

The grand Vasse Hotel stands on the corner of Queen Street and Duchess Street. The Federation-style hotel was built in 1906 but has changed significantly over the years. The only remaining original part is the parapet including the hotel name. Photo - January 2013


Busselton - Esplanade Hotel

On Marine Terrace is the fine-looking Esplanade Hotel complex. Photo - January 2013


Capel - Hotel

The Capel Hotel was, today, hard to photograph due to the position of the sun. This is a section of the hotel which runs more-or-less parallel to the main road. Photo - February 2011


Carnamah - Hotel

The Carnamah Hotel on Macpherson Street. This was built in 1924. Mrs Davies was the first licensee. The upper storey of the building was added during the period 1929 to 1931. Photo - September 2014


Carrabin - Hotel

Carrabin fuel stop, hotel and caravan park alongside the Great Eastern Highway. Very handy for Westonia. Carrabin is east of Merredin travelling towards Southern Cross. Photo - March 2015


Cataby - Glassy's Hat Hotel

Sitting alongside the Brand Highway at Cataby, alongside the roadhouse, is the Glassy's Hat Hotel. You can see the entrance to Rippin' Yarns Bar. Photo - December 2015


Collie - Crown Hotel

Collie is not unlike other predominantly mining towns and Kalgoorlie immediately springs to mind which has a pub on almost ever corner. Collie doesn't have quite so many, but still it still rates well. This is the Crown Hotel on Throssell Street, constructed in 1913. Photo - February 2011


Collie - Federal Hotel

The Federal Hotel at 47 Throssell Street. This was constructed in 1900. It probably served as an important accommodation resource in the mining hey-day. Photo - February 2011


Collie - Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel at 119 Throssell Street right in the centre of town. This was erected in 1900. Photo - February 2011


Collie - Colliefields Hotel

Early morning autumn sun bathes the east face of the Colliefields. Renovations are well underway inside and out and the old pub is now in a position to receive guests. The host took me on a tour of the hotel and it is coming along magnificently but it is (and has been) a huge job to bring the place back to its former glory. Photo - April 2012


Collie - Club Hotel

Classic Australian country pub lines of the Club Hotel, established in 1908. The Club is on the north side of the train tracks on Forrest Street. Photo - February 2011


Collie - Premier Hotel

The Premier Hotel occupies a corner of Forrest and Harvey Streets. The hotel dates back to 1901. Photo - February 2011


Coorow - Hotel

The Coorow Hotel on Main Street. The hotel was established in 1930. It was once known as Halfway House as it is half way between Perth and Geraldton. Photo - September 2014


Corrigin - Hotel

On the corner of Campbell and Watson Streets is the Corrigin Hotel. The cream face fronts Walton Street. This opened in 1915. Extensive modifications were made in 1927 and the re-modelled hotel was re-opened on 17th September 1927 by Hon. J. W. Hickey M. L. A. Photo - June 2013


Cranbrook - Hotel

The Cranbrook Hotel displaying its two-storey grandeur. An hotel of sorts was established here in 1891 by Mr George Dunn. Mr Gardiner took over the site and rebuilt a single-storey brick hotel in 1907. Mr J. L. Williamson and family owned the hotel from 1924 and caused the second storey to be added in 1928. The Williamson's made the extension bricks on their farm. WWI veteran Mr Phil Walters helped with the 1928 extension. His dog's (Softy's) pawprints can still be seen in the verandah concrete floor. Photo - December 2016


Cuballing - Tavern

The Cuballing Tavern sits an Alton Street. The hotel was originally constructed as a single storey building in 1896. The upper floor was added in 1912. Photo - November 2011


Cunderdin - Ettamogah Pub

Looking somewhat out of place in this wheatbelt town is this replica Ettamogah Pub. The Ettamogah Pub was actually devised by cartoonist Ken Maynard and featured (from 1959) in an Australasian Post magazine. There is another "replica" pub looking much the same in Queensland and also one in Sydney. An old hotel used to exist on this site but it was very badly damaged in the 1968 Meckering earthquake. The Swan brewery subsequently built a new hotel on the site but that was destroyed by fire in 2000. Photo - June 2011


Dalwallinu - Hotel

The Dalwallinu Motor Hotel on Johnston Street. The hotel was built in 1926. Photo - November 2014


Dangin - Old Temperance Hotel Site

This sign makes interesting reading. The Temperance Hotel was completed in 1910 but was demolished in 1950. During the hotel's life, it was never licensed to serve alcohol and never did. Hence the name. Photo - January 2012


Dardanup - Tavern

The Dardanup Tavern was established in 1905 and is still going strong today. Possibly a more peaceful alternative to the hustle and bustle of Bunbury? Photo - December 2010


Darkan - Hotel

The Darkan Hotel on the Coalfields Road. This was built in 1906. Photo - April 2012


Denmark - Hotel

The Denmark Hotel on Hollings Road. The hotel was constructed in 1927 by Mr John Clarke. Photo - October 2014


Dongara - Hotel

The Dongara Hotel mostly hides behind trees and is difficult to view. This is a small section. This was constructed in in 1867 and was then known as the Irwin Arms. The structure has been significantly re-modelled in more recent times. Photo - September 2014


Donnybrook - Hotel

The Donnybrook Hotel on the South Western Highway. A timber hotel was constructed on this site, named the Terminus Hotel, in 1895, shortly after the railway arrived. The hotel was re-named as the Donnybrook Hotel in 1898. In 1907 the then owner, Mr George Pittman, significantly modified the hotel by having the upper storey constructed. The name "Pittman" is still visible in the upper brickwork. The wooden verandah was removed in the 1950's. Photo - July 2014


Donnybrook - Railway Hotel

This is a restaurant/hotel on the main street between the post office and the Donnybrook Hotel. 'Swag' says one restaurant shingle ... 'cu@68' ... says another. The building was constructed circa 1910 and then known as the Goldfields Hotel (or sometimes Club). In 1910 the name changed to the Preston Valley Hotel, and again in 1915 to the Railway Hotel. The building is still referred to as the Railway Hotel today. Photo - February 2011


Dowerin - Commercial Hotel

The large, double-storey Commercial Hotel dominates the main street. This was erected in 1908. Photo - April 2012


Dumbleyung - Tavern

The Dumbleyung Tavern formerly known as the Dumbleyung Hotel was erected in 1911. It sits a little south of the main street on Bartram Street, just over the rail track from the main part of town. Photo - February 2013


Dwellingup - Hotel

Dwellingup Community Hotel enjoying quite a good patronage today. There was a whole lot of 50-60 vintage Ford Mustangs etc outside, plus a number of motor cycles. The hotel was built in 1911 and survived the 1961 bush fires. Photo - August 2009


Eneabba - Tavern

The Eneabba Sands Tavern is located down near the Brand Highway, just across from the driver's rest area. Photo - December 2015


Geraldton - Freemasons Hotel

The Freemasons Hotel on the corner of Marine Terrace and Durlacher Street. The first Freemason's Hotel was erected on this site in 1880. The current structure is of around 1896 vintage. Photo - September 2014


Geraldton - Victoria Hotel

The former Victoria Hotel. Apparently the building was erected in 1872 but has been extensively altered over subsequent years. These premises appear to be unoccupied at present. Until recently it was known as the Blue Healer's Tavern. Photo - September 2014

(February 2021 Update: This building was largely destroyed by fire in the last few days and the remains will be demolished)


Geraldton - Geraldton Beach Hotel

Towards the western end of the CBD is the Geraldton Beach Hotel sporting an attractive two-tone blue exterior. Photo - September 2014


Geraldton - Geraldton Hotel

Also in the western CBD area is the Geraldton Hotel. Inside is a TAB. Photo - September 2014


Geraldton - Camel Bar

The Camel Bar on Chapman Road opened as such in 2005 but the building looks much older. The Bar features a top class restaurant and the whole place is adorned with ... camels. Photo - September 2014


Geraldton - Ocean Centre Hotel

The Ocean Centre Hotel. Formerly on this site was the Club Hotel (constructed 1880's). Photo - September 2014


Gingin - Hotel

The Gingin Hotel. The hotel is generally one of the grandest buildings in town, as is this one. This hotel is across the road from the railway station. It was constructed in 1902. Photo - February 2016


Gnowangerup - Hotel

The fine looking Gnowangerup Hotel on Allerdyce Street. This would date back to the time the town was established. It has been so re-modelled over the years that only about half of the original building remains. Photo - December 2016


Goomalling - Tavern

The Goomalling Tavern sits on the corner of Railway Terrace and Hoddy Street. This was formerly known as the Goomalling Hotel and it was erected in 1904. The hotel has been modified and refurbished over the years. Photo - July 2013


Grass Valley - Tavern

Not long after sunrise on this Sunday morning, the slanted beams bring out the beautiful colours of the Grass Valley Tavern. Photo - June 2011


Grass Valley - Tavern

The main entrance of the Grass Valley Tavern. This place is actually for sale. Not only a tavern, it also boasts superior owner accommodation according to the "For Sale" sign. This was formerly known as the Grass Valley Hotel and it was built in 1898. The first publican was Mr Timothy O'Driscoll. Photo - June 2011


Greenbushes - Exchange Hotel

The fabulous Exchange Hotel in Greenbushes. This was built by William "Long John" Johnston in 1907. To the right of building used to be the Commercial Boarding House and equally impressive (as the Exchange) Courthouse Hotel, both now long gone. Photo - April 2012


Greenbushes - Shamrock Hotel

This hotel was built by as the Welford Hotel by Tom Cosgrove in 1900 and was initially used as a wine saloon. It was re-named the Shamrock in 1910 by Mr Welford, the licencee, when he successfully applied for a "Householder's Certificate for a Beer Licence". Photo - April 2012


Greenhills - Inn

The Greenhills Tavern on the main street. This was constructed in 1910 and was formerly known as the Railway Hotel. Greenhills is a small historic settlement about 19 kms east of York, going towards Quairading. Photo - January 2012


Greenough - Hampton Arms

The Hampton Arms is in Greenough South and is located on a local road slightly west of the main highway. This was built in 1863. It is still a functioning hotel. Photo - September 2014


Harvey - Hotel

This is a view of the north face of the Harvey Hotel taking in a bit of morning sunlight. The hotel was built around 1907. It was originally known as the Korijekup Hotel. The upper storey was added in or about 1915. Photo - April 2013


Highbury - Tavern

The Highbury Tavern previously known at the Highbury Hotel. This was the first brick building in town and was erected back in 1904. Photo - February 2013


Hines Hill - Hotel

Next to the Great Eastern Highway is the Hines Hill Hotel. Photo - March 2015


Hyden - Hotel

A modern hotel for such an old town. This is on Lynch Street. This is the Hyden Hotel/Motel and was built in 1966. Photo - April 2015


Jarrahdale - Tavern

Set on a small hill overlooking the main road through town is the Jarrahdale Tavern. This building goes way back to 1896. It was formerly known as the Murray Arms Hotel. Photo - January 2014


Jennacubbine - Tavern

The Jennacubbine Tavern located at the centre of the settlement. This was built in 1903 and was formerly known as the Wayside Inn. Photo - October 2011


Jerramungup - Hotel

Since the town was not really established until the 1950's there is nothing here of any historical note. No century-old buildings for example. Here is the hotel. It looks rather 1960's in design. Photo - December 2016


Jitarning - Hostel

The Jitarning Hostel is a building of substance and resembles many hotels seen in country towns. It was erected in 1919. Indeed, this was actually built as an hotel by Mr Michael Brown but politics of the time (and associated skulduggery) denied the issue of a liquor licence as the Kulin Hotel had already received one. This act can be seen as a pivotal point whereby the town of Kulin thrived but the town of Jitarning failed to develop. Such was the influence of having a licenced hotel in town. This is an hotel that never was. Photo - April 2015


Jurien Bay - Sandpiper Tavern

On a street a little way from the beach is the colourful Sandpiper Bar and Grill. I think this may be the only pub in town as I looked but didn't see another. Photo - January 2013


Katanning - Federal Hotel

The imposing Federal Hotel on Clive Street, also known as Fairclough's Hotel. This was built in 1904. The third floor was added in 1913. Photo - April 2015


Katanning - Katanning Hotel

The Katanning Hotel has recently been renovated. The hotel was erected in 1898 and has been known as the Katanning Unit Hotel. Photo - December 2016


Katanning - Royal Exchange Hotel

The Royal Exchange Hotel on Austral Terrace is opposite the railway station and was once known as the Railway Hotel. It was built in 1889. Photo - April 2015


Kellerberrin - Motor Hotel

This building was built post-1997. Kellerberrin had an old two-storey hotel which was built in 1906 but it was destroyed by fire in 1997. The old hotel stood on this site. Photo - June 2011


Kirup - Tavern

The Kirup Tavern on the South Western Highway. The hotel was established in 1905 and was then known as the Kirup Hotel. Mr H. Doyle built the hotel, and in many years gone by it used to provide refreshments for people on passenger trains at the railway station. The hotel staff took the food and drinks across to the station platform. Photo - April 2011


Kojonup - Royal Hotel

The sturdy Kojonup Hotel which was established in 1926 sits at the north end of town on the Albany Highway. Photo - October 2014


Kondinin - Hotel

The modern-looking Kondinin Hotel on the corner of Rankin and Gordon Streets. Photo - April 2015


Koorda - Hotel

The Koorda Hotel sits on the corner of Railway Street and Ningham Road. Construction was commissioned by the owner James McCallum Smith and commenced in early 1925. The hotel was opened on October 18th, 1925 and on that day patrons enjoyed free beer. The first licencee was Mr G. R. Mewburn. Photo - April 2012


Kukerin - Hotel

The Kukerin Hotel dominates the main street. This was built in 1928. Photo - April 2015


Kulin - Hotel

The Kulin Hotel faces onto Johnson Street. This was established in 1919. It seems the hotel ran into difficulties in the mid-1970's so rather than have no hotel in town, the local community purchased it, resurrected it, and went on to add the accommodation (motel) units. Photo - April 2015


Lake Grace - Hotel

On the main street (Stubbs Street) the Lake Grace Hotel glows in the afternoon sunlight. The hotel was built in 1924. Photo - April 2015


Lancelin - Beach Front Bar and Bistro

This Beach Front Bar & Bistro building is certainly closed. However, its replacement sits to the left and a bit further back from the road. The "new" pub didn't feel like having its picture taken today. I wonder if this building will be refurbished and re-opened or something? Photo - January 2011


Lancelin - Lancelin Beach Hotel

This is the Lancelin Beach Hotel in the north-ish part of town. Photo - January 2011


Mandurah - Slug and Hare Ale House

The Slug and Hare Ale House on Pinjarra Road is quiet today. Behind is a rather large block of apartments going up. Photo - August 2009


Mandurah - Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar is what was once known as the Slug and Hare. Photo - December 2017


Mandurah - Murphy's Irish Pub

Murphy's Irish Pub on Mandurah Terrace looks like a very hospitable retreat. Photo - December 2017


Mandurah - Brighton Hotel

Love the curved look. This is the new Brighton Hotel on Mandurah Terrace just off from the junction of Pinjarra Road. This photo was taken from the verandah of the old Brighton Hotel which is just next door. Photo - January 2012


Mandurah - Old Brighton Hotel

The Old Brighton Hotel in Mandurah was built in 1897. It must have been one of the few durable buildings in town then, as even in 1965 when I was here Mandurah was a mere sleepy fishing village without even a high school - the children were bussed to Pinjarra, and the road to Bunbury was unsealed. The old hotel currently houses Bassett-Scarfe Realty and the inside looks magnificent. Photo - January 2012


Manjimup - Hotel

The clean lines of the Manjimup Hotel grace the northern section of Giblett Street. The hotel was constructed around 1912 and was one of the first buildings in town. The hotel underwent significant re-modelling in both the 1930's and 1970's so quite probably what you see in this photo would barely resemble the original structure. Photo - October 2014


Margaret River - Hotel

The Margaret River Hotel is one of the few remaining original buildings on the main street. The hotel opened in 1936 and at that time boasted a rarity - running hot and cold water in all of its 16 rooms. Photo - December 2013


Margaret River - Settlers Tavern

The Settlers Tavern in the centre of town facing the Bussell Highway. This was built in the 1970's and was popular then with those pursuing the surf culture. It continues to cater for the younger set. Photo - December 2013


Meckering - Sporting Club

The only licensing premises to be found in town appears to be the Meckering Sporting Club. Photo - June 2011


Merredin - Commercial Hotel

The Commercial Hotel lines a part of Barrack Street. This building was erected in 1912. Photo - March 2015


Miling - Hotel

Another grand country pub although this one has been closed now for some years. There are moves afoot to get this place re-opened perhaps by the end of the year for at least accommodation. The building is strong and sturdy and a touch of paint would work wonders. (Dec 2013 update. Reported in the paper, 07 Dec 2013, is that the pub is now re-opened. Great news and congratulations to owner Gordon Burns, a fabulous achievement). Photo - July 2012


Miling - Hotel

An update on the Miling Hotel. This photo was taken about two and a half years after the above. I always thought some paint plus necessary licensing (and quite a bit of money) and devoted ownership would make all the difference. And so it has. What great work by the owners. Photo - November 2014


Mingenew - Commercial Hotel

Here is the Commercial Hotel sitting on the corner of the Midlands Road and Shenton Street. It was constructed in 1908. Photo - September 2014


Mogumber - Tavern

On the Bindoon - Moora Road sits the townsite of Mogumber as does the Mogumber Tavern. This was built in 1892, the same year the railway line arrived in town. Photo - July 2012


Moora - Drovers Inn Hotel

A typical grand country hotel, this is the Drovers Inn Hotel on the corner of Padbury and Dandaragan Streets, Moora. This was erected in 1908. The first licensee was Mr Lamzed (1908- 1912). Mr Lamzed then moved on to manage the Queens Hotel in Highgate. Photo - July 2012


Moora - Moora Hotel

Across the rail tracks from the commercial centre of town is the Moora Hotel on Berkshire Valley Road. This was built in 1907. An earlier Moora Hotel, which was not much more that a galvanised iron shack, burnt down in 1906. Robert James was the first licensee of the present premises. Photo - July 2012


Moorine Rock - Hotel

The Moorine Rock Hotel which was established in 1931 is located near the General Store. The hotel still functions as such.. A bright and modern building containing three motel-style accommodation units is next to the hotel. Photo - March 2015


Mount Barker - Plantagenet Hotel

On the corner of Muir Street and Lowood Road is the Plantagenet Hotel. This was built in 1912. It has also been known as the Park Hotel, the New Park Hotel, the Bush Inn and at another time the Bottom Pub. The current name was adopted in 1984. Photo - October 2014


Mount Barker - Hotel

On the corner of Lowood Road and Langton Road is the former Mount Barker Hotel. The hotel was erected in 1914 and now is known as The Top Pub. Photo - October 2014


Mukinbudin - Hotel

The Mukinbudin Hotel on the main street, Shadbolt Street (the Koorda - Bullfinch Road). The hotel was constructed in 1925. The upper storey of the hotel is used as accommodation for the owners and their live-in staff. A small block of self-contained motel units sits beside the hotel. Photo - March 2015


Mumballup - Hotel

The Mumballup (Mumby) Hotel on the Donnybrook - Boyup Brook Road. This was built in 1907 and was originally called the Forrest Tavern. It has also been known as the Forrest Hotel and the Forrest Wayside Inn. In the early days, the old hotel spirits store room was used as a school room for around seven years. There is a Westrail coach stopping point outside the hotel. Photo - February 2011


Mundijong - First Hotel

Polish immigrant Mr Antoni Szczecinski, who was a cabinet maker by trade, arrived in W.A. in 1888. In 1892 he caused this hotel be to constructed on land opposite the southern end of Paterson Street next to the railway crossing. This was known as the Serpentine Hotel. This soon became too small so he went on to construct what is now the Mundijong Tavern on Paterson Street. This old hotel appears to be a private residence now. Photo - January 2019


Mundijong - Tavern

The Mundijong Tavern on Paterson Street. This was built in 1897 Mr Antoni Szczecinski to replace his Serpentine Hotel which was located at the southern end of town. This hotel has also been known as George Worner's Mundijong Hotel. The Szczecinski family later owned the Quairading Hotel. Photo - January 2009


Nabawa - Valley Tavern

The Valley Tavern on Chapman Valley Road in the centre of town. Photo - December 2015


Nannup - Hotel

The Nannup Hotel on Warren Street. This hotel was constructed in 1910 but then with only a single storey. The upper floor was added in 1924. A wooden hotel, built in 1899, originally occupied this site. Photo - January 2015


Narembeen - Hotel

It is a little unusual to see a single-storey hotel in a town the size of Narembeen, still, here it is. This was built in 1923. It seems to have undergone renovations in 1975. Photo - April 2015


Narrogin - Hordern Hotel

The Hordern Hotel on Federal Street. This building was constructed by Michael Brown in 1922. A previous hotel on this site, built in 1890, was destroyed by fire. Photo - November 2011


Narrogin - Duke of York

On the corner of Federal Street and Egerton Street, this cream-coloured hotel contrasts well with surrounding tree foliage. This was built in 1905. Photo - November 2011


Narrogin - Cornwall Hotel

The Cornwall Hotel at 12 Doney Street. This was erected in 1904. This was constructed for Mr William George Cornwall, a prominent district pioneer. Down the side (right in picture) the spelling is "Cornwall". It would seem that the signwriter who created the shingle over the front entrance got it wrong? Photo - February 2013


New Norcia - Hotel

The hotel glittering in the dawn sunlight. This early morning thousands of pink and grey galahs were all over the place and so a few are in this picture. The New Norcia hotel was established in 1926 by the Benedictine Monks. Photo - November 2014


Noble Falls - Hotel

This is the Noble Falls Hotel which is just across the Toodyay Road from the Wooroloo Creek and Falls site. Photo - July 2011


Northam - Avon Bridge Hotel

The Avon Bridge Hotel just down from the road bridge was established in 1858 making it 151 years old. It is pretty quiet today but the hotel trades on and is especially busy at the Avon Decent time. At one time the Avon Bridge Hotel was known as the Railway Hotel. Photo - October 2012


Northam - Wilding's Hotel

Next door to the Avon Bridge Hotel is this old stone building. It is actually part of the Avon Bridge Hotel now and houses the restaurant. This is all that is left of the original Wilding's Hotel which was built in 1860. Photo - October 2012


Northam - Shamrock Hotel

The Shamrock Hotel bends around a corner on Fitzgerald Street. Up until around 3 years ago the hotel sported a verandah which terminated at the top of the visible brick-work. The hotel has been here since 1866. It was originally called the Farmer's Home Hotel. At one stage it was called Riley's Bar. Photo - October 2012


Northam - Commercial Hotel

The Commercial Hotel on Fitzgerald Street. This was constructed for Mr Michael Cody who also had the Grand Hotel built around about the same time. The Commercial Hotel was constructed in 1902-1903. Photo - June 2011


Northam - The Northam Hotel

The Northam Hotel is more or less right in the centre of town on the main street and seems to be quite well patronised this Sunday afternoon. This was built in 1887. Photo - June 2011


Northam - Colonial Tavern

At 197 Duke Street is the Colonial Tavern. This was erected in 1906 as McCarthy's Hotel. It has also been variously known as the the Colonial Hotel, the Club Tavern, the Club Hotel and the Duke's Inn. Photo - June 2011

(May 2021: It seems this establishment changed its name to Duke's Inn some time ago)


Northam - Grand Hotel

On Fitzgerald Street, just across from the old railway station, is the former Grand Hotel which was constructed in 1895. Proximity to the railway station made the hotel popular with both rail workers and passengers. This is now a private residence. Photo - October 2012


Northam - Fitzgeralds Hotel

Another hotel in town, this time Fitzgeralds on Fitzgerald Street which incorporates the Fountain Restaurant. This was formerly known as the Tatt's Hotel. Photo - October 2012


Northampton - Hotel

The Northampton Hotel occupies a large block of land with much facing Hampton Street. This has also been known as the Commercial Hotel, and the Middle Pub. It was built in 1900. Photo - December 2015


Northampton - Tavern

On the southern side of town is the Tavern. The was formerly variously known as the Railway Hotel, the Bottom Pub and the Railway Tavern. It was constructed in 1876. Photo - December 2015


Northampton - Miner's Arms Hotel

The Miner's Arms Hotel was established in 1868. This has also been known as the Club Hotel and the Top Pub. Photo - December 2015


Northcliffe - Hotel

A typical grand and large country hotel. Here is the Northcliffe Hotel. Photo - October 2014


Nungarin - Woolshed Hotel

The Woolshed Hotel on the Railway Avenue. This was erected in 1929 and was previously known as the Nungarin Hotel. Photo - March 2015


Nungarin - McCorry's Hotel

McCorry's hotel is a little north of town and about 1km east. The sign says "Old McCorry's Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Deli, Takeaways, Caravan Park and Restaurant", followed by 9046 5187 if you'd care to call them. It was constructed in 1912 and was formerly known as St Lawrence House (or Inn). Photo - March 2015


Nyabing - Hotel

On Richmond Street next to the shops. This is the Nyabing Hotel. It was built in 1919. Part of the building was once a boarding house. Photo - December 2016


Ongerup - Hotel

The Ongerup Hotel is undated but looks rather 1940's or 1950's in style. Photo - December 2016


Pemberton - Hotel

Pemberton Hotel on the Vasse Highway. Just above the sign you can make out the name "Johnston's". This hotel was originally built in the early 1900's in Greenbushes and was known as the Courthouse Hotel. In 1926 the Pemberton Hotel was constructed out of materials from the demolished Courthouse Hotel which were transported here. Photo - October 2014


Pingelly - Exchange Tavern

The Exchange Tavern cuts a fine figure on the corner of Quadrant and Pasture (or Brown) Streets, down close to the railway line. This was built in 1906. November 2011. Photo - November 2011


Pingelly - Tavern

The Pingelly Tavern on the main street at the north end of town. This was formerly called the Pingelly Hotel. It was built in 1889 by Mr G .M. Sewell. Around 1902, the upper storey was added. Photo - November 2011


Pingrup - Sailors Arms Hotel

The hotel is opposite the Road House at the eastern end of town. It looks to be quite new. Was there ever a grand two-storey hotel in town? This hotel was built in 1964-1965. It used to be a shearer's boarding house. Photo - December 2016


Pinjarra - Exchange Hotel

At 12 George Street is the Exchange Hotel. The hotel dates back to 1866 and there have been many modifications and renovations over the years. The hotel ceased trading in 2008 due to poor upkeep (according to a sign on the door at the time). The premises were purchased by the Shire of Murray in 2012. Photo - August 2011


Pinjarra - Premier Hotel

The Premier Hotel across from the Railway Station was built by the McLarty family in 1894. The family transferred their licence from the Pinjarra Arms (at Blythewood) to here. It seems that this was a much more favourable location for an hotel due to its proximity to the railway. This is now the only operating hotel in Pinjarra. Photo - August 2011


Pithara - Tavern

Somewhat set aside from the rest of town, on the eastern side of the railway line, is the Pithara Tavern. This used to be known as the Pithara Hotel and was built in 1916. Photo - November 2014


Quairading - Hotel

The Quairading Hotel recently underwent renovations so that for a while much of the exterior was shrouded in scaffolding and protective covering. The original builders and owners were the Heggarty family who constructed the hotel in 1908. In 1921 Mr Antoni Szczecinski bought the hotel and added the upper storey in 1927. Mr Szczecinski earlier built, owned and managed the Mundijong Hotel. Photo - June 2013


Quindanning - Hotel

The focal point of Quindanning particularly for those travelling through is the Quindanning Hotel, established in 1900, and modelled as an Old English Inn. This is the main entrance, a section of the front. The hotel has been extended over the years. The section visible in this picture was built in 1921. At one stage the hotel also doubled as the town store and post office. Photo - April 2014


Ravenswood - Hotel

The Ravenswood Hotel on the banks of the Murray River. This was built in 1863 as a residence for Captain John Thomas. It was not used for accommodation until the 1880's, some years after Captain Thomas retired and moved away. A liquor licence was later obtained in 1907 or 1908 whereby the hotel became a wayside inn or public house. Photo - July 2010


Ravenswood - Hotel

A view of the river side of the Ravenswood Hotel accentuating the upper storey. Photo - July 2010


Seabird - Tavern

The Seabird Tavern. A modern structure reflecting the 1960's age of the town. Photo - January 2011


Serpentine - Tavern

The Serpentine Tavern on the corner of Richardson and Wellard Streets. Construction commenced in 1903. This was formerly known as the Serpentine Falls Hotel. The hotel superceded the former Inn on Baldwin's property on the South Western Highway after the railway line was built. Photo - May 2012


Serpentine - Tavern

The Serpentine Tavern has been closed for a while now. The signage has been removed. It must be well over a year now. Perhaps longer. This is the front entrance in the afternoon sunlight. On the windows they say that soon a new restaurant will open here. Photo - July 2019


Southern Cross - Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel on Orion Street (a section of the Great Eastern Highway). This was constructed in 1911 and has also been known as the Anniversary Hostel. Next to this used to be the Exchange Hotel which was demolished in 1950. Photo - March 2015


Southern Cross - Club Hotel

The Club Hotel and the corner of Antares and Achenar Streets. This was erected in 1910. Two other small hotels pre-date this structure on this site. The first was built in 1888, a simple structure. A more substantial hotel was erected in 1904 which was the base for Coolgardie to York Cobb & Co. coaches. Photo - March 2015


Southern Cross - Railway Hotel

The Railway Hotel is set a little north of the main town centre. It was built in 1911. In those days, this in fact was the centre of town (or at least Railway Town) as much activity was centred on the nearby railway. An original hotel on this site burnt down in 1911 but this replacement was quickly rebuilt. Photo - March 2015


Spencers Brook - Tavern

The grand two-storey tavern at Spencers Brook. This was erected in 1884 by Mr Thomas Wilding and in those days was known as the Brookton Hotel. The name changed to Spencer's Brook Hotel in 1920. Photo - January 2012


Tambellup - Hotel

The Tambellup Hotel sits on the Great Southern Highway. It was erected in 1910. Photo - December 2016


Tammin - Hotel

On the north side of town on Donnan Street is the Tammin Hotel. An earlier hotel existed in town however it was damaged beyond repair during the October 1968 Meckering earthquake. Photo - June 2011


Three Springs - Commercial Hotel

The imposing Commercial Hotel on the corner of Railway Road and Thomas Street. Photo - September 2014


Toodyay - Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel started out simply as an alcohol store. It was extended in 1875 with guest rooms being appended and in 1904 the upper storey was added. In the foreground of the picture is the Billiards Saloon which is part of the hotel. The saloon looks like it pre-dates the actual hotel. Photo - May 2009


Toodyay - Tavern

The Toodyay Tavern is on the main street on the right when approaching from Perth. This was built in 1862 for Mr Joseph Monger who was a local businessman and also occupant of Butterly House, down next to Connor's Mill. At the time of construction, this place was called the Newcastle Hotel. Photo - February 2011


Toodyay - Freemasons Hotel

This is the Freemasons Hotel. A very prominent building in town and a popular stopping spot for weekend bikers. The hotel is down the western end of Stirling Terrace. The original part of the hotel was built in 1860. It has had a number of extensions added over the years. Photo - February 2011


Trayning - Hotel

The Trayning Hotel looking very modern and functional. There used to be an old style hotel in town but that was removed at an indeterminable date. In February 1926, the licencee of the old hotel, Mr Horace Brown, was murdered in his bedroom by an aggrieved former employee, an ex-yardman. Mr Brown was assaulted with a block of wood which resulted in terminal injuries to his head. The murderer was soon taken into custody but he hanged himself using his braces attached to the window bars of his police cell. Photo - April 2012


Wagin - Moran's Wagin Hotel

Down near the rail yards and on Tudor Street is Moran's Wagin Hotel. The hotel was built circa 1900 with extensions being made in 1912. The first publican was Mr Arthur Tunney and the hotel was then known as Tunney's Hotel. Mr James Moran from Coolgardie bought the hotel in 1921 and the Moran family has run it ever since. On this site previously stood the 1889 James Spratt's Wagin Hotel. Photo - February 2013


Wagin - Mitchell Hall Hotel

On the corner of Tudhoe and Tudor Streets is the Mitchell Hall Hotel. A few people are out there on the verandah this morning enjoying a long breakfast. This was built by Mr Mitchell in 1895-6. It was formerly known as the Federal Hotel. A few years after the hotel was built, due to lack of their own space, the Wagin primary school used the dining room for lessons. At that time however, the hotel did not possess a liquor licence. Photo - February 2013


Wagin - Palace Hotel

A little east of the Mitchell Hall (Federal) Hotel and still on Tudhoe Street is the Palace Hotel. This was built in 1905 by Paddy Durack of the famed north-west cattle Durack family. Photo - February 2013


Walkaway - Tavern

The Walkaway Tavern established in 1907. This business appears to be for sale. Photo - September 2014


Walpole - Hotel

The Walpole Hotel sitting at the west end of town beside the highway. This is a fairly modern structure. Photo - October 2014


Wandering - Tavern

At the southern end of town, is the Wandering Tavern. This was formerly known at the Wandering Hotel. Photo - October 2011


Waroona - Hotel

The Waroona Hotel, the only hotel now in town. The hotel faces Fouracre Street not far from the railway line. This was constructed circa 1920 and was then known as the New Farmers' Arms Hotel. There used to be three hotels in Waroona, the last of the other two being demolished in the late 1960's. Photo - December 2010


Waroona - Hotel

A rear view of the Waroona Hotel. This is how it looks from up on the South Western Highway. Photo - December 2010


Watheroo - Station Tavern

Watheroo Station Tavern has been constructed in front of the old railway station building. The railway station itself was constructed circa 1894. Photo - September 2014


Westonia - Tavern

The Westonia Tavern formerly known as the Edna May Hotel. The hotel opened in February 1915. Edna May was the sister of Alfred Weston, a pioneer sandalwood worker who later made the first gold discovery in the district. Photo - March 2015


Westonia - Club Hotel

The former Club Hotel on Wolfram Street. This opened in October 1913. The pictured building is perhaps a replica or has maybe been considerably re-modelled. No more beer here anyomre, this is now a museum. Photo - March 2015


Wickepin - Hotel

The Wickepin Hotel was constructed circa 1910. This is quite a big building but it seems the hotel only occupies the end closest in picture now. I looked inside and they had a huge roaring fire going. Other sections of the hotel building are used by various businesses. Photo - June 2013


Williams - Hotel

The Williams Hotel, established in 1850, sitting on the east side of the Albany Highway. The hotel underwent modifications in 1912 and then various other changes over the decades. Photo - November 2011


Wokalup - Tavern

The Wokalup Tavern facing the South Western Highway which was formerly known as the Wokalup Hotel. The building was completed in 1909. A publican's licence was first applied for by Mr Edwin Higgs in late 1906, well before the hotel was completed. Photo - April 2013


Wongan Hills - Civic Hotel

On Fenton Place is Wongan Hills Civic Hotel. The hotel construction was completed in 1940 and designed so that it could be converted into a war-time hospital if the need arose. The Hotel was originally called the State Hotel. An earlier State Hotel was built in town in 1914. Photo - October 2011


Woodanilling - Tavern

The Woodanilling Hotel was built in 1908. Another hotel preceded this one. It was a single storey structure, built in 1900, located next door to the current tavern. It is recorded as looking more like a house than an hotel. It was demolished in the 1960's. The site of the first hotel is now the current tavern's beer garden. Photo - April 2015


Wooroloo - Loose Foot Tavern

Behind the Great Eastern Highway roadhouse which is adjacent to the El Baballo Resort is the Loose Foot Tavern. October 2015. Photos Ref: WOOR023


Wubin - Hotel

The Wubin Hotel sits alongside the Great Northern Highway. Construction commenced in 1930. (State Heritage Place Number 00671). Photo - November 2014


Wundowie - Club

This is the closest I came to seeing a proper Pub in town, although I could have missed it. This modern building in the Wundowie Club. Photo - February 2011


Wyalkatchem - Hotel

The Wyalkatchem Hotel sits on Railway Terrace. This is the two-storey later section which was built in 1925. There is a single-storey section off to the right of picture. Photo - April 2012


Wyalkatchem - Hotel

This is the single-storey section of the hotel. It appears that this is the original, earlier part of the hotel which was constructed in 1919. Photo - April 2012


Yallingup - Caves House

This is the front of the historic Caves House Hotel. This was the first major building in town with construction starting in 1903. Caves House was badly damaged by fire in 1930. Photo - December 2013


Yarloop - Hotel

The Yarloop Hotel is across the park and railway line from the workshops and restaurant. This seems to be one of the few hotels around which is actually younger than a lot of the other buildings in town. The hotel was erected in 1901 but then rebuilt after a fire in 1955. Photo - December 2010

(This building was destroyed in the January 2016 bushfire)


Yealering - Hotel

The Lake Yealering Hotel on Dalton Street. This was built in 1925 and was formerly known as the Commercial Hotel. Photo - June 2013


Yerecoin - Tavern

The rather attractive Yerecoin Tavern painted in its distinctive green. This was formerly known as the Yerecoin Hotel and it was built in 1955. Photo - October 2011


York - Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel is a fabulous sandstone and iron structure that will out-live many later buildings. It's a credit to York and a statement of superior building design and construction of 1886. Photo - January 2012


York - Castle Hotel

The Castle Hotel on Avon Terrace. Apparently this is the second oldest surviving hotel in Western Australia built using convict labour. It was completed in 1853. The hotel was constructed for publican Samuel Craig. Photo - January 2012


York - York Hotel

Towards the northern end of the town is the York Hotel. This is at 145 Avon Terrace. This was built in 1909 and originally known as the Palace Hotel. Photo - January 2013


York - Triumph Bar

On Avon Terrace down near South Street is the Triumph Bar - a good place for an ice cold beer on a warm day, as the sign says. This is early on Sunday morning. Later in the day the road-side is typically lined with patrons' motor-cycles as indeed it was later on this day. Photo - January 2012


York - Albion Hotel

The former Albion Hotel at 17-19 Avon Terrace in Blandstown. The hotel commenced construction in 1859. No longer a licensed hotel, this is now the Old Albion Bed & Breakfast. Photo - June 2016

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