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Lighthouses in Western Australia

Lighthouses are designed as warning devices of the coastline or obstacles for ships at sea and as navigation guides. At present there are about 27 functioning lighthouses in Western Australia. The Wadjemup lighthouse on Rottnest was the first to have a rotating beacon. Many lighthouses were built in the 1800's or early 1900's and needed a resident keeper as they were manually operated. Automation has now removed the need to occupy these buildings



The Casuarina Point lighthouse in Bunbury looms over the northern end of the city. This was built in 1971. An earlier lighthouse used to exist atop the nearby Marlston Hill. Photo - December 2013


Cape Leeuwin

The Cape Leeuwin lighthouse was constructed in 1895 and was opened by the then Premier, Sir John Forrest. The tower is the tallest in Western Australia, standing at 39 metres. However being so close to sea level, the light has an elevation of just 56 metres (compare Cape Naturaliste at 143 metres). Both lights have a common range of 25 nautical miles. Photo - December 2013


Cape Naturaliste

The Naturaliste lighthouse was constructed in 1903. In was opened by the then Premier, Hon. Walter James. The lighthouse sits on a 123 metres high bluff. The lighthouse itself is fairly short, standing at only 20 metres, although delivering a total elevation of 143 metres. The light was converted to operate automatically in 1978. Photo - December 2013



The Point Moore lighthouse in Geraldton was commissioned in 1879. This has an elevation of 35 metres and can be seen 23 nautical miles out to sea. Photo - September 2014



The Guilderton lighthouse was constructed in 1983 and is still operational. Photo - January 2011



The lighthouse on the northern breakwater at Hillarys was built in 1986. The light on top was actually relocated from a 1910 lighthouse formerly on Bedout Island some 50 kilometres off Port Hedland which was decommissioned in the 1980's due to a newer facility being built. Photo - April 2011


North Fremantle

This is North Mole lighthouse at the end of Rous Head in North Fremantle. It helps to guide ships through the channel into the Port of Fremantle. It was built in 1906. Photo - December 2011


North Fremantle

Standing on the groyne that forms Rous Head, this is looking across the entrance channel to Fremantle Harbour. The green lighthouse is on the southern Arthur Head. This is the South Mole lighthouse built in 1903. Photo - December 2011



At the north of Thomson Bay on Rottnest Island stands the Bathurst lighthouse which was built in 1900 and automated in 1986. Photo - January 2013



From the Rottnest lookout looking west, the road causeway splits Pearse Lake on the left with Herchel Lake on the right. In the distance is the Wadjemup Lighthouse which was constructed in 1851. Photo - January 2013


Woodman Point

Adjacent to Woodman Point but on the east side of Cockburn Road is the Woodman Light. A prominent lighthouse constructed in 1902 that is still functioning today. Photo - May 2012

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