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Masonic Halls in Western Australia

The beginnings of Freemasonary are lost in the centuries. Indeed, it wasn't until 1717, in England, that any written lodge records were kept. The origin of the fraternity is also unclear. A popular theory is that it was formed as a guild of stonemasons, an honoured trade, those who constructed many important buildings across Europe. The Masonic philosophy is basically world peace and unity through love and understanding. Here are a few halls we encountered



The main building is actually the Albany Club with the new Masonic Centre being added onto the left side in 2007. This is at 23 Aberdeen Street. Photo - October 2014



On Spencer Street is the large former Freemasons Hall. This was Lodge No. 1464.EC. The Foundation Stone was laid by Bro. J. Mckenzie on 3th July, 1903. This hall is built on the site of the original 1873 Masonic Lodge (Lodge of St John) which was demolished in 1903. Photo - October 2014



On the corner of Fourth and Church Avenues is the Masons Hall. There are two foundation stones. The earlier reads: "To the Glory of God. This stone was laid by Mr Henry Wright, President Churches of Christ Conference WA, March 13th, 1926", and the second: "Goolamrup Lodge No. 94 W.A.C., This tablet was unveiled by M.W. Bro. F. A. McMullen, Grand Master - Grand Lodge of W.A., to commemorate opening Masonic Hall Armadale, July 28th, 1934". Goolamrup was the Noongar name for Kelmscott where the Lodge met until it moved to Armadale in 1934. Photo - June 2014



The former Masonic Hall on the corner of Wilson and Palmerston Streets. This first operated as the West Guildford Lodge No. 102 then later as the Bassendean Masonic Lodge No. 102. The lodge was constructed in 1934 and was used as such until 1988. From 2012 this has been a private residence. I could not see a foundation stone. Photo - October 2020



This is the Masonic Lodge W.A.C. No. 330. It was erected in 1958. Photo - March 2015



This is the Beverley Masonic Lodge. W.A.C. No.73. Photo - September 2010



The sturdy Masonic Lodge on Hampton Street, Bridgetown. The Foundation Stone was laid by Bro. H. Doust, Treas., on 13th April 1910. United Lodge No. 60 WAC. I would assume that Bro. Doust is Henry Doust, original owner of the Bridgetown's Scott's Tavern. Photo - April 2012



The former Mason's Hall on Richardson Street. Ownership very recently changed hands. A lot of excited activity around here today as the Brookton Bandicoot Girl Guides are having a garage sale here. Irrespective of who the new owner is, it seems this is now the town's new Guide Hall. Photo - June 2016


Bruce Rock

This is the Senior Citizen Centre Association of Bruce Rock. This building was formerly the local Masonic Lodge. The Foundation Stone was laid by Bro. John Lethlean on 17th October, 1923. Photo - June 2013



On Wittenoom Street is the Masonic Wellington Lodge. This was built in 1893. The Lodge was formed on May 10th, 1886. Photo - December 2016



The former local Masonic Hall. This appears to be now used as some kind of workshop. Photo - September 2014



The Masonic Hall at the eastern end of town on Main Street. This was built in 1955. Photo - September 2014



The Dalwallinu Freemasons Lodge No. 123, W. A. C. The Completion Tablet was unveiled by R. W. Deputy Grand Master, Bro. A. C. McCallum, on 13th October 1927. Photo - November 2014



On the South-Western Highway towards the south end of town is the Donnybrook Masonic Lodge No. 87. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Rt Rev. C.O.L. Riley, Bishop of Perth, on September 6th, 1912. Photo - July 2018



The Dowerin Lodge of Freemasons hall. The Memorial Tablet (Foundation Stone) was unveiled by Bro. F. D. Sewell (Senior Grand Warden) on 9th May, 1929. Photo - April 2012


East Fremantle

On Canning Highway opposite the end of Gill Street is the former Masonic Hall now used by The Complete Advantage Therapy Focus Group for children. Photo - December 2014



On Augustus Street is the Masonic Lodge No.3 W.A.C. This is also used by other Masonic Lodges such as Mullewa No. 105, and Champion Bay No. 130. The lodge was built in 1892. Photo - December 2015



The Gingin Masonic Hall on Edwards Street looks 1950's or 1960's in design. Photo - September 2013



This is the former Agricultural Hall erected in 1910. In 1924 the building was sold to the Freemasons. Photo - December 2016



On the corner of Quinlan and Lockyer Streets, Goomalling is the Masonic Hall. This is Goomalling Lodge No. 106, W.A.C. The Foundation Stone was laid by Deputy Grand Master Bro. A. C. McCallum on 22nd April 1930. This is now the Senior Citizens Hall. Photo - July 2013



Harvey Mason's Hall, The Harvey Lodge No. 96. The Hall was dedicated on May 16th, 1934 by M. W. Bro. F. A. McMullen, Grand Master. Photo - January 2014



Kulin Masonic Lodge W.A.C. No. 160. The Foundation Stone describes this as the Golden Fleece Chapter No.39 S.G.R.A.C. of W.A. One stone was unveiled by Dr J.L. Rossiter, First Grand Principal, on March 6th, 1948. An earlier stone was unveiled by Bro. DR J.S. Battye on October 25th, 1937. Photo - April 2015


Margaret River

Masons Lodge 166 WAC on Station Road, Margaret River. This building was opened on October 31, 1936. Extensions were made in 1953. Photo - December 2013



This rather attractive and gleaming-white building is on the corner of Spring Park Road and Poynton Avenue. This was constructed as a Masonic Hall in 1903. The Foundation Stone was laid by Dr J. W. Hackett, MLC, Grand Master on February 2, 1903. In residence in 2013 is Scanlan Surveyors. Photo - April 2013



The Mingenew Lodge of Freemasons No. 101 W.A.C. The hall completion tablet was unveiled by V. Wor Bro G. A. Kempton on 25th October, 1926. Photo - September 2014



This is the Mundaring Stratford Day Lodge No. 90 W.A.C. on Jacoby Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Most Worshipful Grand Master, The Most Rev. C.O.L. Riley, Archbishop of Perth, on March 13th, 1926. Photo - March 2015



The Masonic Lodge - The Jarrahdale Lodge No. 49 W.A.C. - is located across the road from the new primary school on Butcher Street. This was built in 1901 and was originally located at Jarrahdale. The building was moved to this Mundijong site in 1947. Photo - September 2012



At the top of Broadway almost at Stirling Highway in Nedlands is the old Nedlands Park Masonic Hall constructed in 1935. Photo - January 2013



Stone Court is on the corner of Duke and Gordon Streets and is now a private residence. Originally this was the Masonic Lodge built in 1900 to their typical solid design. Later it was a restaurant. Photo - October 2012



This is the Masonic Hampton Lodge No. 93 W.A.C. The Lodge was consecrated on March 10th, 1913. Photo - December 2015



Pemberton Karri Lodge No. 149 WAC. on Ellis Street. Photo - October 2014



This is the International Co-Freemasonry Temple on Brisbane Street. It is St Cuthbert's Lodge No. 408. The Foundation Stone was laid by Illus. Bro. S.S. Fisher on 25th April, 1936. Photo - January 2014



The Masonic Hall on Pinjarra Road which is just across the road from the Shire of Murray offices. This view is post-renovation. The Foundation Stone was laid on behalf of the district Freemasons by The Hon. E. McLarty M. L. C., Brother John Pollard McLarty, Brother John McNabb and Brother A. E. Thomas on November 28th, 1903. Photo - April 2013


Shenton Park

On Herbert Road is The West Subiaco Lodge No. 113. The Foundation Stone was unveiled by the M.W. Grand Master, The Most Rev. C.O.L. Riley, Archbishop of Perth, on November 6th, 1928. Photo - September 2019


Southern Cross

The Southern Cross Masonic Lodge No. 2574 E.C. The Foundation Stone was laid by Bro. Samuel Colman on June 1st, 1898. Photo - March 2015



On the corner of Roberts and Coughlan Roads in Subiaco is the former Freemasons Hall. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Deputy Grand Master, Bro. A. C. McCallum, on July 14th, 1929. In 2015 this building is being used by the Peard Real Estate corporate operations office. Photo - September 2015



On North Terrace is Masonic Lodge WAC No. 206, built in 1954. Photo - December 2016



The Masons Hall is on Fiennes Street, Toodyay, very close to the courthouse. There are no outward signs on the building of a construction date but it appears to be around the 1890's. Photo - October 2013


Victoria Park

The fine brickwork of the Victoria Park Masonic Hall stretches from Albany Highway down Temple Street. This was erected in 1927. Photo April 2015



Across the road from the Wagin Anglican church is the Masonic Lodge. It is Wagin Lodge No. 74 W.A.C. The Foundation Stone was laid by Bro. F. Goldsmith, Lord Bishop of Bunbury and Past Grand Chaplain on 27th November, 1907. Photo - February 2013



Here is the old Road Board Office and Hall building. This was built in 1909 and is believed to be the first brick building to be erected in Wickepin. When the Road Board moved out it was then used as a Masonic Lodge. Photo - June 2013


Wongan Hills

Constructed in 1928, this is what once was the local Masonic Lodge. It operated as such until around 2003 when the Lodge amalgamated with Dowerin. The Apex Club how occupies the hall. October 2011. Photo - October 2011



This building is the Wyalkatchem Lodge of Freemasons. The building completion stone was unveiled by Bro. C. O. L. Riley, Grand Master and Archbishop of Perth, on 13th September 1926. Photo - April 2012



The Yarloop Masonic Lodge No. 138 W.A.C., consecrated in 1928. Photo - January 2014



This building was constructed in 1887 as a hall for the Oddfellows. It was sold to the Freemasons in 1925 whereby it became their Lodge Number 5 in Western Australia. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs J. R.M. Thomas on May 18th, 1887. Photo - September 2010

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