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Post Offices in Western Australia

The first post office in Australia opened in 1809 in George Street, Sydney. Mail was delivered via overland mail routes. In 1841 W.A.'s first mail route was a horse-drawn service between Perth and Albany. Post stamps appeared in the 1850's. Federation in 1901 saw the creation of the Post Master General's Department. 1921 saw the first airmail services. Australia Post was born in 1975 with telegraph services being removed as a responsibility



On Stirling Terrace in Albany is the Old Post Office which is now used by the University of W.A. This building was constructed in 1869 and had major alterations in 1895. October 2014. Photos Ref: ALBY028



Post Office Armadale on Jull Street. Years ago the local Postmaster provided postal, telegraph and banking services and he/she was probably a Freemason and on the local Council - quite a VIP. These days they do all that (minus the telegraph) plus the Post Office is a stationery shop, a gift shop, a receiver of any bill you'd care to pay but the status of the manager is on par with ... well, ask your local Postmaster. Buy a coffee and pie at the Post Office? Maybe soon. How times change. Photo - July 2008


Arthur River

On the western side of the highway is a small historic 'compound'. This building is the original post office. The first post office operated out of the old inn (next door). Sometime around 1900 it moved to this building. Appointed in 1866, Mary Ann Spratt was Arthur River's first postal chief. Photo - February 2013



The old Balingup Post Office is across the road from the tavern. Whereas this looks like it still functions as a post office, it also serves as HQ for The Hiker's Hideaway budget accommodation. I reckon that people who work in post offices are exceptionally versatile. Photo - April 2012



This used to be the Bassendean Post Office however Australia Post has now vacated the premises giving way to "Tomorrow's Memories". Photo - July 2008



The Old Bayswater Post Office (the sign even says 'old') which is now the Bendigo Bank. The building is on King William Street. Photo - January 2009



On Monger Street is the post office. No construction date is listed but this would surely date back to the time when the town was established in 1917. Photo - March 2015



The classic-looking Beverley Post Office which dates back to 1910. It's situated next door to the Town Hall. September 2010



The Post Office and Bisous next door. "Many of the old buildings in town have given way to more modern structures", lamented one of the local townsfolk to me. There are still a few left, however, but not the post office. Photo - October 2011


Boyup Brook

The Boyup Brook Post Office is located on Railway Parade, opposite the railway station. Photo - April 2012



The grand looking post office, just across the road from the Bridgetown Hotel. This building was constructed prior to 1895 although records are unclear. However, it is known that the first Postmaster in the district was Mr J. Blechynden from 14th April 1864. Mrs Esther Moulton replaced him in 1866. These amazing historic facts are thanks to Geegelup Heritage Trail signs. Photo - April 2012



The local post office on the corner of India and Journal Streets. This was erected in 1892. Photo - December 2016


Bruce Rock

Bruce Rock Post Office, postcode 6418, is on the main street, Johnson Street. Photo - June 2013



On the South Western Highway is the Post Office. Not sure if it still functions as such due to the "Jones Trading Post" shingle. Cows like the three in the picture are all over town, some made out of bits of metal and cans etc. It all adds to the charm of the town and the pride they obviously take in being a dairy centre. Photo - December 2010



The Bullfinch post office was erected in 1905. It does not appear to be operational anymore though outwardly is still displays many of the trappings of a post office. Photo - March 2015



The current Bunbury Post Office on the corner of Stirling and Victoria Streets. This opened in 1970. The former post office, a two-storey brick building on Stephen Street, was demolished after being occupied by the Crown Law Department for just a few years after the post office moved, whilst its own court accommodation was being sorted out. Photo - December 2016



Carnamah Post Office 6517 is on the main street, Macpherson Street. This was opened in 1932. Photo - September 2014



The rather historical looking Chidlow post office and newsagency. Photo - September 2010



Clackline is a small hamlet a few kilometres west of Northam on the Great Eastern Highway. This is the local village store. The store opened in the 1890's and not only being a general store, it has served as a manual telephone exchange in years gone by, and also as the local post office. Photo - May 2009



The General Store is now closed and the Post Office business has been moved into the old railway carriage which sits very close to the old store. Photo - July 2018



The Claremont Post Office on the corner of Bay View Terrace and Gugeri Street. This building was designed in 1896 and built shortly afterwards. The Post Office was structurally altered during the 1920's and again more recently. Photo - April 2013



Built in 1908 is the former Collie Post Office located at 63 Throssell Street. Looking closely, I see a 'To Lease' sign outside. Photo - February 2011



On Cockburn Road next to the old Coogee Hotel is the former Coogee post office which, along with the hotel, is being renovated. This side faces the road. This is believed to have been built circa 1928 by Mr Jock McKinnon, who was the brother-in-law of Mr Powell, the former licencee of the next door hotel. Photo - June 2016



Walton Street seems to be more the commercial area of Corrigin whereas Campbell Street is for shopping. Here's the Post Office on Watson Street. It opened in 1925. Photo - June 2013



Cranbrook Post Office seems to be about the same age as the current railway station building, perhaps dating from the 1950's. Photo - October 2014



On Campbell Street is the former Post Office and staff quarters. This was built in 1912. It is now a private residence. Photo - November 2011



In the main shopping area of Cunderdin, here is the local post office and newsagency. Photo - June 2011



These premises look like they were once occupied by IGA but now the post office has moved in. Photo - November 2014



The former post office building on Johnston Street at present appears to be unoccupied. This was built in 1924. Photo - November 2014



A close of view of the front of the Dardanup post office which is situated on the main street. Photo - December 2010



On the Coalfields Road in Darkan stand the Post Office and the typically blue C.W.A. Hall, side by side. Photo - April 2012



What a wonderful looking building is the Darlington Post Office, and it is for sale right now too! The 'For Sale' sign says 'Home and business all in one' Behind is a 3-bed, 2-bath home set over two storey's. What a buy! Photo - March 2012



On the South Western Highway is the town post office. This building was constructed in 1898, a few years after the nearby hotel was completed. Prior to the existence of this building, Post Office activities (then the Preston Post Office) were carried out in the Minninup police station. Photo - February 2011



This grand building is the former post office which dates back to 1914. This is on the main street, next door to the general store. This ceased being a post office in 1978. Photo - March 2015



Post Office Dowerin, 6451 at 15 Stewart Street. A rather stately building of 1913 vintage. Photo - July 2015



On Absolon Street here is the old Post Office which was constructed in 1912. It's empty now. The Post Office and local newsagency were amalgamated in 1978, in other premises. Photo - February 2013



This clothes shop is on the opposite corner to the local delicatessen. Rather a windy and wet day today. This building was the original post office. Photo - August 2009


East Fremantle

On Canning Highway in East Fremantle is Manera Antiques. In the old days this was the East Fremantle Post and Telegraph Office. It was constructed in 1898 as the Plympton Post Office and changed its name to East Fremantle the following year. Photo - June 2008


East Victoria Park

On the corner of Albany Highway and Cantebury Terrace is this former post office. Today it is looking great as New Day Furnishings. There is a fine red period post box out the front which I didn't manage to get in the frame this time. Photo - January 2024



Fairbridge Post Office was located in this building. It was actually a sub-post office of Pinjarra. They both bore the same postcoe - 6208. The building was constructed in 1934. It provided postal and banking services and housed Farm records and continued as such until the Fairbridge Farm closed in 1981. Photo - July 2005



The Fremantle post office showing most of the north side. The building was erected in 1906. Photo - March 2013



The Gingin post and telegraph office was opened in 1886. A telephone exchange opened here in 1914. The 6503 post code came much later. This building still functions as a post office today. Photo - August 2010



On the main street, Yougenup Street, is the local post office which was erected in 1918. Photo - December 2016



Goomalling boasts quite a classic looking post-office which is located on the main street, Railway Terrace. It was built in 1910. Photo - July 2013


Grass Valley

How about this for a post office? It's just a metal garden shed with an entry door at the rear, a little service window at the front, and a number of private post office boxes. Looks like it's been here since 1986. It has even been included on the State Heritage list. Photo - June 2011



Greenbushes' first Post and Telegraph Office opened on 5th August 1891 although apparently not in this building. The pictured Post Office was built in 1907 and operated thus until the 1970's. It appears to be now privately owned and occupied. Photo - April 2012



The Guildford Post Office looking from a little to the north down Meadow Street towards the railway crossing. The first post office in Guildford operated out of an inn and then a store on Swan Street. Mail came up by boat. This post office was built in 1897. Previously on this site was a hospital and old convict depot. The clock tower was added in 1900 and raised in 1901. The tower also included a bell which used to toll at the top of each hour. Photo - 2008



Harvey S. E. S. Headquarters is located in this building just next to the railway station. This was built in 1923 as the post office and was used as such until 1957. Photo - April 2013


Hutt River

The Hutt River Province Government Offices which includes the Post Office. Photo - December 2015



The Old Post Office and Bank Museum on Jarrahdale Road. Photo - January 2009



The Kalamunda Historic Village is located up the north end of main street Haynes Street and west of the Zig Zag Cultural centre. Here is the old Kalamunda Post Office (1921-1972) wonderfully preserved. Photo - September 2012



Inside part of the old Kalamunda Post Office. That red sign on the wall reads 'Smoking Permitted Until 30 Mins. Prior To Ceasing Duty'. The good old days (cough). Photo - September 2012



Katanning Post Office 6317 sits on the main street, on the corner of Richardson Street. It was built in 1913. Behind it you can the the telephone exchange building. Photo - April 2015



The Kellerberrin Post Office building is close to the western end of town. It was constructed in 1912 and built with a semi-circular porch. The Postmaster's quarters were up on the top floor. The post office was officially opened on March 7, 1913. Photo - June 2011



The headquarters of the Kojonup Historical Society. This building was constructed as the town's first post office in 1897. It later became the headmaster's house, probably after the construction of the current post office was completed in 1913. Photo - October 2014



The current post office which is still functioning as such. This was erected in 1913. The building used to have a residence and a telephone exchange building attached. Photo - October 2014



Kondinin Post Office 6367 on Jones Street. This was constructed in 1923. Photo - April 2015



This is the Koorda post office on Railway Street. This dates back to 1937. Photo - April 2012



Post Office Kulin, 6365, presents a classic post office design. It was built in 1926. Photo - April 2015



Post Office, Kununoppin. This was built in 1911 and has been a private mixed business since 1974. Photo - March 2015


Lake Grace

Lake Grace post office, post-code 6353. Those coils of wire at the front are not real - they are sculptures and there are others around town. The post office was built in 1926. Photo - April 2015



On the north east corner of Oxford and Vincent Streets is this Dome coffee lounge. This was once the Leederville Post Office. The building was erected in 1897 and continued in that business until 1999. The new Post Office is on Vincent Street just behind this old one. Phone - January 2015



On a back street is this garage which also functions as the town's Post Office. They are still using the old name - Snag Island. Photo - September 2014



The Manjimup Post Office looks like a fairly recent building. Nice clean lines. Photo - October 2014



On the corner of Seventh Avenue and Whatley Crescent is the old Maylands post office. Photo - June 2010



Post Office Merredin. This building opened on May 26th, 1913. It was originally red brick, and it still is underneath the rendering and paint. Photo - March 2015



The Miling Newsagency and Post Office on the east side of the main road. This was built in 1927 by Mr G. Woods. Photo - July 2012



This Post Office doubles up as the NAB Bank. Photo - September 2014



Slightly north of the hotel is this old stone building which has been abandoned. This is now known as The Old Stone House. It was constructed in 1899 by James Atkinson who was then also in charge of the hotel. This building functioned as the town's post office and store. Photo - July 2012



Off the main road, at the north end of town is the current post office and library building. The building was part of the old school. The other part of the school was moved to Gillingarra post-closure. This school actually opened in the early 1960's and was attended by children from nearby farms but the majority of children came from the Mogumber Mission. Photo - July 2012



The Moora Post Office constructed of sturdy stone is on the opposite corner of Padbury and Dandaragan Streets to the hotel. This opened in 1912. The first Moora post office commenced operation in 1894 from makeshift premises. Photo - July 2012


Mount Helena

The Mount Helena Post Office is tucked away on Evans Street and was a hive of activity today. Photo - December 2011



This is the local garage - shop - post office which appeared to be a popular stopping off point for locals and some trucks travelling up and down the Brand Highway. Photo - July 2011



Beejays Outpost is the town's post office and it is located on White Street. The first part of this building was erected in 1925 and has been extended and modified over time. By 1928 this building housed the town's telephone exchange and boasted a 20-line switchboard. At various times, the post office building also housed other businesses, such as drapery. Photo - March 2015



The Mundaring Arts Centre on Great Eastern Highway. This was formerly the post office and was built in 1926. This building became the Arts Centre in 1997. Photo - March 2015



The first Mundijong post office at 26 Paterson Street. This was built in 1896 and operated as the town's post office until 1995. It then became Dot's Teagarden. It now appears to be a private residence. Photo - September 2015



Next door to the hotel is the fish and chip shop and the post office. The post office used to be at 26 Paterson Street. Photo - April 2014



The Post Office on Fortune Street is just across the road from the Commonwealth Bank. This building was erected in 1912. Photo - November 2011



The still functioning post office on Churchill Street. This is of 1927 vintage. Photo - April 2015



The former Nedlands Post Office at 35 Stirling Highway is now the premises of Globetrotter Corporate Travel. The post office was opened in 1934. Photo - February 2015



The Post Office doubles up as the town service station - or is that the other way around? Photo - October 2014



Lovely brickwork makes this craft shop look great. It's on Wellington Street. This used to be the town post office before it moved to more central premises on Fitzgerald Street. The building was constructed in 1873. It is now operated by the Avon Valley Arts Society and is open daily, 10-3pm weekdays and 11-3pm weekends. Photo - October 2012



As most post offices do, this one certainly dominates the streetscape on Fitzgerald Street. The building was constructed in 1908. The previous post office is now a craft shop on Wellington Street. There used to be another post office in Northam, in a room at the old railway station. Photo - June 2011


North Fremantle

The North Fremantle post office is close to the corner of Queen Victoria Street and Tydeman Road. It is constructed of sandstone found so typically in many Fremantle buildings. The post office is on the left. To the right are two terraced houses. This complex was built in 1898 as a police station, lockup and police quarters. The police station closed as such in 1969 and that is when the post office moved in. Photo - December 2014


North Perth

At 39 Angove Street is an unusual mix of a Cafe and Paper Fusion. This was North Perth's first purpose-built post office, erected in 1903. It operated thus until 1916 when larger premises were opened on View Street. When the post office moved out this was used by the State Bank until 1930. Photo - September 2017


North Perth

The old North Perth post office on View Street. The new post office is just down the road on Fitzgerald Street. Photo - January 2013



Nungarin Post Office, 6490. This was built in 1925. Photo - March 2015



The Pemberton Post Office. As with many post offices now, this is really a mixed business. Photo - October 2014



Here is the iconic Perth GPO is Forrest Place. It's right next door to the old Commonwealth Bank. Photo - August 2010



This building used to be a post office. More recently it was a foreign language book shop. In 2010 it's the home of the Australia Chinese Times newspaper. It was built in 1896. This is on Brisbane Street, near William Street. July 2010. Photo - July 2010



Post Office Pingelly 6308. This was built in 1918. When this photo was taken the business was for sale complete with the Australia Post Licence so it will continue to function as the town's post office after the sale. Photo - November 2011



The Pinjarra Post Office at 20 George Street. Pictured is the main road frontage. The building was erected in 1896 and modified in 1923. The upper floor suffered structural damage in the October 1968 Meckering earthquake and therefore was rebuilt in 1972. This building ceased operating as the town's post office in 2008. Photo - August 2011



On Jennaberring Road is the local post office and Quairading Book Post so it seems this business doubles at the local library. This was built in 1927. Photo - January 2012


South Perth

The South Perth Post Office flanked by the Commonwealth Bank on Angelo Street. Photo - November 2011


South Fremantle

This is the old Beaconsfield Post Office on Hampton Road (formerly Prison Road). This was constructed in 1896. From 1904 it was known as the South Fremantle Post Office. It ceased operating as a post office in 1985 and was sold to a private interest. It has since been used as a medical clinic.  Photo - January 2009


Southern Cross

On the main street near Achernar Street is the Southern Cross Post Office. This was established in 1892. Photo - March 2015



This Tambellup post office was built and opened in 1935. The town had a former post office which opened in 1925 but became too small. Photo - December 2016



On Walston Street is Post Office Tammin. This was constructed in 1940 and also includes staff quarters. It appears that there may have been an earlier Post Office building on this site which was erected in 1900. Photo - June 2011


Three Springs

Three Springs Post Office on Railway Road. This was built in 1939. In 1940 the town's automated telephone exchange was installed in the building. Photo - September 2014



The fine two-storey post office on Stirling Terrace. It was originally known as the Newcastle Post Office and was built in 1897 and was designed by Government architect George Poole. Since this photo was taken, this building has been leased to private concerns. Photo - May 2009



The Trayning Post Office. It is actually a Post Shop which sells everything from postage stamps to skin products to plants. A true mixed business. Decades ago there was also a telephone exchange on this site. The post office was built in 1927. Photo - April 2012


Tuart Hill

Classic post-war post office style. Built mostly out of metal sheeting. There used to be quite a few of these around but Tuart Hill may be one of the last left. This operated as the post office from the early 1950's to the 1990's. It doesn't look very occupied at present. Photo - November 2018


Victoria Park

Here is the Old Post Office on Albany Highway which continues to be operated and occupied by Australia Post. Photo - January 2009



The sunlight shines off the classic-style post office. This was constructed in 1912. An earlier post office existed next door which was used for postal staff quarters after the pictured building was opened. Photo - February 2013



The Waroona post office is a little more modern looking than its counterparts in other towns. Although perhaps somewhere in town there is an older one but I didn't see it. Photo - December 2010



The Westonia Post Office on Wolfram Street. Photo - March 2015



Post Office Wickepin 6370. This is at 26 Wogolin Road and was built in 1912. Photo - June 2013



Post Office Williams 6391 is on the corner of Albany Highway and Brooking Street. This building dates back to 1923. Photo - November 2011


Wongan Hills

Post Office Wongan Hills set one street back from Fenton Place. This building was erected in 1959, replacing the former premises on Wilson Street. In the early days, postal facilities were provided in one of Mr Roger's stores. Photo - October 2011



The Old Post Office on Werribee Road, Wooroloo. This looks remarkably like the old bank building in Shackleton. Photo - February 2011



On Orchard Road is the operating Wooroloo Post Office. It doesn't look that much newer than the old post office building. Photo - October 2015



The small post office and Mini Mart on the Great Northern Highway. On the front of the building is a collage of drawings and writings about the history of the town. Photo - November 2014



The Wyalkatchem Post Office. It's also the business premises of D. & G. J. Pease, communications equipment specialists. This was built in 1925. Photo - April 2012



Great looking building, naturally built from timber as are most buildings in Yarloop. This building doubles as the Post Office and also for the office/entrance point for the Yarloop Steam Workshops (which are open from 10.00am to 4.00pm daily). Photo - December 2010



When I was in town about 3 years ago, the post office was in the Steam Workshops shop. Now it has its own premises. Was this formerly the Bridgette and Me shop? Photo - January 2014



Apart from the hotel, this seems to be one of the few remaining operating businesses in town. The Post Office and general store. Photo - June 2013



On Avon Terrace is the York Post Office which still functions as such. Parts of the premises are sub-let to other businesses. The post office is next door to the old courthouse (off to the right). The Post Office was built in 1893. Photo - January 2013

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