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Power Generation in Western Australia

The first power station was constructed in East Perth in the period 1913 to 1916. This had an A and B station which were coal fired. The station operated until 1980. The South Fremantle power station was also coal-fired which opened in 1951 and closed in 1985. These stations were replaced by higher yield stations at Kwinana and Muja (near Collie). The State Electricity Commission was established in 1946 to oversee the production and sale of electricity



In the hills to the west of Albany are 18 giant wind turbines forming a Wind Farm which produces much of the town's electricity. These are quite elevated and close to the coast to take advantage of the usually strong prevailing winds. Photo - October 2014



On Stirling Highway is the former 1923 Electric Sub-Station building which is now Beaurepaires. Photo - March 2015



Around 15 kilometres east of Collie on the Darkan Road at Buckingham, Premier Coal mining pits are clearly visible from the road. Coal from here is mainly consumed by Verve Energy in its Muja Power Station. The power station is just a handful of kilometres away and the coal is fed there by conveyor belt. Photo - March 2014



This is what remains of the South Fremantle power station on Robb Road in what is now North Coogee but used to be part of Spearwood, just a little north of the bit of Cockburn South known then and known now as Owen Anchorage. This station was abandoned 28 years ago. Photo - January 2010


East Perth

A view of the old East Perth power station taken from down near the Swan River. A government restoration project is underway and perhaps this place will become a museum in time? Photo - March 2009


East Perth

Another view of the old East Perth power station and one which is familiar to motorists on the Graham Farmer Freeway heading south. You can see evidence of restoration work being done. Photo - March 2009



Huge piles of coal next to the Kwinana power station. The power station chimneys seem to grow out from the coal, waiting to be fed. The coal is soaked with water to preserve it. In the days of steam, the railways used to dump all their Collie coal in the coal dam at Midland (see Midland locality) as a similar preservative measure. Photo - October 2013


Naval Base

A silver dome gleaming in the sunlight neatly seals in its gas contents. This gas production plant belongs to BOC in Naval Base. Photo - October 2013


Naval Base

This tower is burning off excess gas in a gas production plant. Photo - October 2013


Naval Base

This row is of tanks of diesel fuel which is used to feed a Verve Energy diesel fuelled power station in Naval Base. The power station is that blue structure off to the left. Photo - October 2013



Constructed in 1915, this used to be the No.4 Electricity sub-station. It is on the corner of Palmerston and Stuart Streets. You can see the construction details up there in the white if you look hard enough. Photo - December 2011



On Murray Street west in the city is this former 1914 'Electric Light Sub Station'. Its purpose isn't clear today. Photo - November 2010



Next door to the library and recessed a bit back from Rokeby Road is the Subiaco Museum. Sunlight filters through the trees then reflects off the tin roof. This building was constructed in 1911 and originally used as the Board of Health, later Subiaco Municipal Electric Light Supply and was even as an electricity sub-station from 1923 to 1975. Photo - June 2012



This electrical substation is at 195 Hay Street, Subiaco. It was commissioned in 1923 and appears to be still functioning. Photo - September 2015


West Perth

On Colin Street in West Perth is the old Electricity Sub-Station number 3 building which is probably now office suites or apartments. Photo - June 2013


Woodman Point

This old building is called Woods Reserve. It is located near Cockburn Road, on O'Kane Court. This looks pretty old and I think this might have been once used as a power station - see the outlet nodes on the top right. You might make out the Woodman Light off on in the distance to the left of the building. Photo - August 2012.

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