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Railways Miscellany in Western Australia

The first rail line to operate in Western Australia was in 1871 which was a private line constructed for carting timber between Lockville to Yoganup. Yoganup is about 20 kms due south of Capel. The first government line to open was between Geraldton and Northampton in 1879. It wasn't until 1881 that the line between Fremantle and Guildford came into being. By the 1950's the rail network had peaked. In recent decades many country lines has been closed



Box B controlled the section of line between Cannington and Gosnells. In the foreground is the West Guildford station sign, the former name of Bassendean. Off to the left is an Australind carriage and to the right old passenger carriages and a guards van. This is at the Bassendean Train Museum. Photo - September 2012



A diesel metropolitan railcar used pre-electrification sits at Bassendean awaiting renovation. Photo - September 2011



These old carriages could no doubt tell a tale or two. You can go through most of them. They are stored under cover at the Bassendean Train Museum. Photo 2008


Bassendean - Old Carriage

Inside one of the old carriages, a nice shiny photo. I wonder where this one used to go to? Photo - 2008


Bassendean - Dining Car

A detailed view of the inside of an old dining car at the Bassendean Rail Museum. Photo - 2008


Bassendean - Metro Rail Map

If you're old enough to remember the old metropolitan diesel passenger cars then you might remember this rail map that used to hang on the wall in each carriage. It's interesting to compare changes with the current network map. Photo - 2008


Bassendean - Australind Car

This Australind carriage used to run up and down between Perth and Bunbury in the 1960's. Often when the Museum is open this car has been booked for a child's birthday party so access is not always available. Photo - 2011


Bassendean - Australind Buffet

The Australind buffet section in one of the cars. Anyone who caught this train would remember this. Photo - September 2012


Bassendean - Australind Seats

In the other half of the Australind carriage containing the buffet are typical Australind seats. I travelled on this many times myself. It was quite comfortable although if the weather was hot the vinyl seats got a bit sticky. The cars were not air conditioned but they did have small fans though they didn't help much. Photo - September 2012


Bassendean - Signal Box

Inside the signal box used to control the section of lines between Cannington and Gosnells. And interesting array of equipment. Manual signals have been replaced by lights and manual points have been automated. Photo - 2011


Beacon - Railway Barracks

Adjacent to the rail yard is the former railways barracks building. This is where rail crews stayed overnight after completing a trip to Beacon. The barracks were built in 1930. Photo - March 2015


Beacon - Rail Yard

The rail yard complete with the station sign. This is looking west. From here the line runs over to Mollerin and then on to Burakin. To the east it extends to and terminates at Bonnie Rock. Photo - March 2015


Bencubbin - Rail Yard

The rail line passes through town. The line runs eastwards from Koorda, through Bencubbin and then continues on to Mukinbudin. This is a view down the rail yard. The line is still used to haul grain. Photo - March 2015


Bencubbin - Rail Area

A former loading ramp or building foundation next to the railway line. Behind is the Sandalwood Dray shelter and beyond that the hotel. Photo - March 2015


Benger - Railway Line

Quite a lot of rail freight traffic passes through Benger and a rail loop exists alongside the highway. This is looking north where the loop line re-joins the main line and then disappears over the horizon on its way to Brunswick.  Photo - April 2013


Beverley - Rail Van

This old rail van sits at the rear of the Beverley railway station. Photo - April 2015.


Beverley - Railway Building

Behind the Beverley railway station is this old railways building. Photo - April 2015


Boddington - Rail Wagon

Adjacent to the Boddington caravan park is this memorial to rail days gone by. The train line from Dwellingup reached here in 1913 and was mainly used for carting timber. The line section closed in 1968. Much of the track has not been uplifted but bridges are unserviceable. Photo - October 2011


Boddington - Railway Line

The railway from Pinjarra was closed decades ago but some track still exists almost right into town. This section of disused track is over in the north west part of Boddington. Photo - April 2019


Boyanup - Railway Bogie

Just what is this railway bogie doing here at the north end of town? Perhaps it is part of commemorating the times when Boyanup was a really important rail town on the Bunbury-Bridgetown and Bunbury-Boyup Brook lines? Photo - February 2011


Boyup Brook - Railway Station Goods Shed

Adjacent to the Boyup Brook railway station is the old goods shed, still brightly painted and kept in good condition. Photo - April 2012


Boyup Brook - Railway Barracks

A little south of the Boyup Brook station is the old railway barracks where drivers, firemen and guards would overnight awaiting their return journeys from whence they came. It is looking in excellent condition. There seems to be a cafe of sorts in there. The rooms are let to backpackers and the like. Good to see it is preserved and in-use. Photo - April 2012


Boyup Brook- Vans

Next to the Boyup Brook railway station is this row of vans. The station itself is now used as Blackwood Community Agriculture Centre and I think these vans are annexed as part of that concern. Photo April 2012


Brigadoon - View To Rapids

From high up on top of a hill on Campersic Road looking down you can see a bit on the Avon River near the Brigadoon rapids. The interstate rail lines snake their way through the hills. Photo - July 2011


Bridgetown - Rail Yard

Looking back up the track towards the Bridgetown train station. You can glimpse the station up there on the loop line. Behind, the line continues on south to Manjimup - ahead to Donnybrook and beyond. Photo - April 2012


Brookton - Railways Goods Shed

Across the tracks from the railway station is the old goods shed. Photo - June 2016


Brookton - Railway Junction

Here the railway runs out of town to the south. The track ahead leads to Pingelly and eventually on to Albany. The junction going off to the left used to run to Corrigin but the track (apart from this bit) has been lifted. Photo - June 2016


Broomehill - Railway Platform

The foundation to the station building remains but all the buildings themselves have gone. Over the other side of the track you can the the hotel and further down, Jones Winery & Cafe. Photo - December 2016


Bruce Rock - Rail Yard

Here are the Bruce Rock rail yards such as they are today. Not much left of substance anymore. The station has been removed. The track in the distance runs off to Merredin. Photo - June 2013


Bruce Rock - Rail Building

This building is one of the few remaining in the Bruce Rock rail yard. It's flanked (from this angle) by a flag pole and a fine tree. Photo - June 2013


Bruce Rock - Rail Sign

All that remains of the Bruce Rock railway station is this sign, looking rather forlorn. Though at least it's still here. Photo - June 2013


Bunbury - Railway Institute

The Railway Institute building on Wittenoom Street in Bunbury. Not so many rail workers in town now, I guess. No more Bunbury loco and a Bunbury winter morning with the whole town centre shrouded in stream train coal smoke mixed with fog. Photo - December 2009


Bunbury - Power House Railway Lines

The Bunbury Power House stood on Koombana Bay around where the new port is now. When operational coal was railed up to the power station via the land bridge, where The Cut is now. Much of the old rail has gone but this last stretch still remains. This would just just slightly south of where the power station was. Photo - December 2018


Busselton - Jetty Town End

At the town end of the Busselton jetty looking back past the Interpretive Centre, over the train terminus and to the Visitor Centre beyond. You can glimpse a section of The Goose Cafe roof there too. Just for a bit of a perspective. Photo - January 2013


Capel - Railway Area

Here is what is left of either the railway station or simply a rail loading ramp. The railway line used to run through here from Boyanup to Busselton. The old Capel railway station building is now in Forrest Park in Bunbury. The line looks pretty intact though unused. The line from just beyond here through to Busselton has been lifted. Photo - February 2011


Clackline - Kalgoorlie Express Train Carriage

In the old days the train line ran through Clackline. These days it runs through Toodyay to the north. The local visitor map listed this place as a train museum. On the side of the carriage there is "The Kalgoorlie" indicating that this was an early Kalgoorlie Express passenger carriage. Photo - May 2009


Clackline - Kalgoorlie Express Train Carriage

Here is a closer look down the old Kalgoorlie carriage at Clackline. Photo - January 2012


Claremont - Railway Station

Looking up from the platform at the Claremont train station, here is the old original wooden passenger bridge and the signal tower is still pretty well intact up the top. Photo - February 2008


Collie - Railway Institute

Collie used to be a huge rail head and had many crews stationed here, running trains down to Bunbury and off into the eastern country. Railway Institutes were big time - there is a substantial building in Bunbury as well. Well, it's still here and functioning - the trains now mostly carry bulk freight. Photo - February 2011


Collie - Railways Goods Shed

On the north side of the Collie train tracks are the old Good Sheds. They are put in really good use these days. This Sunday is market day. Inside .. well, look at the photo below. Photo - February 2011


Collie - Railways Goods Shed

Inside the Goods Sheds, and what a credit to whoever looks after them. Just look at this fine old passenger carriage and props. To the left of this (out of picture) is a goods van. Both are accessible so you can go inside and look around. Photo - February 2011


Collie - Locomotive Roundhouse

Collie West station these days is a marshalling yard for freight trains mostly servicing Worsley Alumina. In the old days this was a W.A.G.R railyard. Locomotives were housed and repaired in this roundhouse. Built around 100 years ago, it is gradually falling to pieces. Photo - March 2014


Collie - Locomotive Roundhouse

Another view of the old Collie roundhouse, this time viewed from the eastern (town) side. Photo - March 2014


Collie - Station Shed

Inside the Collie West rail complex is this old shed which is in a state of advanced demolition or overhaul. Photo - March 2014


Coolup - Railway Station Sign

The Coolup railway station was demolished over twenty years ago. Fortunately the station sign was rescued and it now adorns the wall above the counter in the Coolup General Store. Photo - January 2014


Corrigin - Railway Station Old Platform

Looking down what would be the original Corrigin railway station platform. The surface is still mostly sealed and it is raised up against where a track would have existed. Photo - June 2013


Dardanup - Railway Area

The railway line, now disused, looking south. Down the track the next stop is Boyanup. Visible here is the post office, store, tavern and garage (left to right). There used to be two loops in that area on the left. Beyond the railway crossing there was a goods shed on the left. The small station building was down there on the right, next to what used to be the South Western Highway. There used to be a watering tower here for steam locos but that's gone now. Photo - December 2016


Donnybrook - Railway Good Shed

On this site at Donnybrook was a large freight shed, the loading platform was laden with hessian bags full of Granny Smith apples awaiting transport to market. The odd bag, now and again, were misappropriated by the rail crews. Photo - February 2011


Dumbleyung - Rail Yard

A single rail track runs through town. This is a look west back down towards the station and eventually to Wagin. In the old days there would have been at least one loop line here and probably another running through the goods shed. The line continues eastwards to Kukerin and Lake Grace. Photo - February 2013


Dwellingup - Bulk Van

Bulk liquid car JM33S on a Dwellingup branch line next to the football oval. Photo September 2012


East Perth - Claisebrook Railway Depot

The entrance to the Claisebrook railway depot. I'll bet they will move this place before too long. What an expensive bit of real-estate when they could house these trains at Byford. Photo - 2008


Elgin - Railway Line

Looking along the track west towards Capel. This line came through in the early 1890's and a siding was established here around 1895. The siding buildings and facilities were probably on that land left of the track. This line (Boyanup to Capel and beyond) has been closed for over 30 years now. Photo - December 2016


Fremantle - Carriage Cafe

In the park between the Esplanade Hotel and the boat harbour is this 'Carriage Cafe' made out of a railway carriage. The park is called The Esplanade Reserve. Good place for lunch and a great place for kids. Photo - November 2008


Fremantle - Roundhouse and Railway

Although passenger trains terminate at Fremantle, the railway line continues on here past the Round House etc on its way to the industrial south. Occasional freight trains pass along here servicing the port. The Fremantle sandstone comes out quite well in this picture. Photo - 2007


Gillingarra - Railway

At Gillingarra the rail line runs past town but there is no stopping point. Photo - July 2012


Glen Forrest - Old Railway Truck

Adjacent to the old railway line in Glen Forrest, is this small truck in the park, which was probably placed as a memorial to rail days gone by. Photo - April 2012


Gnowangerup - Rail Yard

The once proud railway literally comes to a dead end. Apart from what you see, there is nothing left here now. Photo - December 2016


Goomalling - Railway Signal Levers

On the north side of Railway Terrace in Goomalling is this set of railway signal levers. Up above are a couple of manual railway signals atop their wooden poles. Photo - July 2013


Grass Valley - Railway Cutting

The east-west standard gauge railway line runs past Grass Valley, indeed close to here is a complex of silos for storage and transportation of grain. This very steep cutting is close to the townsite. The bridge also carries a water pipeline over on the other side. Photo - June 2011


Highbury - Railway

The railway which passes through town forms a part of the Great Southern line which runs from Perth to Albany via York. A rail mishap occurred here in 1992 causing enough damage for Cooperative Bulk Handling to close their Highbury depot. Photo - February 2013


Hovea - National Park Rail Bridge

In the John Forrest National Park in the old days a railway line ran through here. It was an extension of the line from Midland which ran through Swan View, then here, and then through to Mt Helena, Chidlow etc. The railway reserve is still here and provides a good walking trail. This bridge crosses the very upper reaches of Jane Brook. Photo - October 2010


Hyden - Railway Barracks

Constructed in 1932 is the Railway Barracks which served as an overnight stopping facility for rail crews - drivers, firemen and guards. This is the oldest surviving building in Hyden. Photo - April 2015


Hyden - Railway Barracks

On a wall on the Barracks is this illustration depicting the importance of the railway in the towns years ago. Photo - April 2015


Hyden - Railway

Down at the railway, here is a shed and crane. The railway opened in Hyden on July 28th, 1933. The line runs up from Lake Grace and terminates here. Photo - April 2015


Jarrahdale - Disused Railway

A disused railway line crosses Nettleton Road north of Jarrahdale. This was used for hauling bauxite from Alcoa's nearby minesite. The mine operated from 1963 to 1998. The track joins the Perth - Bunbury line just south of Mundijong. Photo - January 2014


Jitarning - Rail Yard

The Narrogin to Kulin rail passes through Jitarning. The line is well maintained. Here you can see the mainline, the loop, and an old loading platform. Those trees look like salmon gums. Photo - April 2015


Kalamunda - Arts and Crafts Train Carriage

Adjacent to the new Zig Zag Cultural Centre in Kalamunda is this arts and crafts shop domiciled in an old railways guard's van in which you can go and sit in the 'monkey box' if you wish. Photo - July 2008


Kalamunda - Historic Village Zig-Zag Sign

In the old days trains ran up to Kalamunda from Midland. They got up the hills via the Zig-Zag, a series of switch-backs. This sign affixed to the railway station wall explains it all. Photo - July 2008


Katanning - Rail Yard

Looking south-east down the railway lines across the yard. The station is that building you can see over yonder. Photo - April 2015


Katanning - Rail Yard

Another look south-east down the track across the Clive Street level crossing. This line leads to Albany. The tracks gleam with continual use. Photo - April 2015


Kewdale - Freight Depot

Into the Kewdale freight yard behind the hotel. This view is looking towards the rain-swept hills from right up the western end of the rail lines. Photo - July 2011


Kewdale - Railway Equipment

On the northern side of the Kewdale freight yard is John Holland's yard and inside is this rail construction/maintenance unit. Photo - July 2011


Kewdale - The Rail Main Line

The main line between Kwinana and Midland passes by the Kewdale yards with spur lines going right into the yard. This track section runs under the Roe Highway bridges. Photo - July 2011


Kirup - Railway

The Bunbury - Donnybrook rail passes through Kirup. The rails are pretty rusty indicating no traffic. All that is left of Kirup station is a little mound up away in the distance. Photo - April 2012


Kondinin - Railway Goods Shed

A former goods shed sits in the railway yard. It dates back to 1921. Photo - April 2015


Kondinin - Railway Yard

The Kondinin rail yard. The line runs down here from Narembeen. The track south to Kulin seems intact but the line is closed. Photo - April 2015


Kulin - Line to Kondinin

The line north of here to Kondinin obviously has not been used in quite some time judging by the size of that tree in the middle of the track. The line to the south veers west over to Harrismith and then Wickepin. Photo - April 2015


Lake Grace - Railway Goods Shed

A former railways good shed alongside the Lake Grace yard. This dates back to 1924. Photo - April 2015


Lake Grace - Rail Yard

At sunset, the railway line disappears off on its journey to Dumbleyung. Photo - April 2015


Merredin - Signal Box

The impressive old signal box elevated to give a good view of the rail yards for those controllers who worked in here. Photo - March 2015


Merredin - Water Tower

Atop the water tower the water tank is still here advertising Kalgoorlie Bitter. Water in the tank was used for replenishing steam locomotives. It has stood here since 1893. Photo - March 2015


Merredin - Rail Yard

Looking west down the rail yard. To the right is alighting/boarding area. Technically a platform but it is not raised. Photo - March 2015


Midland - Railway Institute

Here is a rather grand looking Railways Institute building. This was build in 1914 and is adjacent to the Midland Railway Workshops. Up until 1958 the building included a Technical School, its primarily purpose was in training those who would be engaged in engineering and other activities in the Railways Workshops next door. Photo - April 2013


Midland - Railway Workshops

Looking inside the old railway workshops on the south side of Midland station. These workshops were established in 1894 and opened in 1904. Years ago they build steam locomotives here and later diesels. These workshops were finally closed in 1994 and around that time were listed on W.A.'s list of Heritage Places. Photo - February 2008


Midland - Railway Workshops

Another look at the old workshops and they really look grand. So much work has been put it to renovate them. I wonder what use they will be put to? Photo - October 2010


Midland - Railway Workshops

Part of the Midland workshops, this is an old Time Office where presumably workers would clock in and out. In the windows very cleverly, they are made to look like reflections of workers coming and going. Photo - October 2010


Midland - Railway Workshops

Another look inside the workshops. This view really brings out the fine brickwork of the complex. This is just next to the security gate. Photo - October 2010


Midland - Railway Workshops

This Workshops photo features the statue on the left which forms a part of the Peace Memorial which commemorates railway workshop workers who were killed in the First World War (70) and the Second War (26). A memorial in the form of a Flagpole was originally constructed in 1916. The Peace Memorial was built in 1925. Photo - April 2013


Midland - Railway Workshops

A face of the southern part of the railway workshops including the chimney stack. Photo - April 2013


Midland - Old Rail Platform

Here is an old, disused railway platform at Midland. The track alongside has been lifted. disused railway platform. Up until approximately 1970, this was the main platform of the former Midland Junction Railway Station. Just beyond this view of the platform used to be a footbridge linking this to the Railways Workshop across the lines. Photo - October 2012


Midland - Coal Park Dam

Just west of the Midland Railway Institute and workshops is Coal Dam Park. In the days of steam, they used to haul coal up from Collie and stored it underwater as a preservation measure. The bit of track you can see is where the coal was unloaded into the water and later extracted for use. Photo - October 2012


Midland - Coal Park Dam

On the other side of the Midland coal dam is this "arm" which apparently assisted in the unloading and later loading of the coal. The dam was constructed around 1915. Photo - October 2012


Miling - Railway and Wheat Bins

Looking south down the rail tracks which run between the Miling wheat bins. Photo - July 2012


Mogumber - Rail Ballast

Down in the Mogumber rail precinct, great piles of rail ballast partially eclipse the wheat handling facilities. Photo - July 2012


Muchea - Railway Lines

This is part of the Perth - Geraldton narrow-gauge line. There was once a railway station building but this has been removed. Now just this crossing maze and a rusty loop-line remain. The main line doesn't look as if it is much used either. Photo - July 2011


Mukinbudin - Railway Yard

The rail yard looking east towards the wheat bins. This is where the rail line ex-Wyalkatchem terminates. Prior to 1957, the line went further east to Bullfinch. The line is now classified as tier 2 and therefore is still very much maintained and in use during the grain harvest season. Photo - March 2015


Mumballup - Railway

Look closely through the greenery here and you'll see a glimpse of what was once the thriving Bunbury to Boyup Brook railway line. In many places now, healthy trees have sprung up between the tracks. I believe the line was closed in about 1980. Photo - February 2011


Mundaring - Old Railway Area Signals

Just down from the old Mundaring Station Master's House is the railway easement and in this picture is a replica signal box in which the kids can play, plus a few well-kept railway signals. Construction of the railway area commenced in 1898 and this pre-dated construction of nearly all the rest of the locality. Photo - May 2011


Mundijong - Former Rail Bridge

Talk about bad timing. I have been meaning to take a photo of the old Aloca rail bridge which spans the South Western Highway for ages. I'm sure the bridge was here as late as just last week but now it's gone. The bridge and line were constructed in the early 1960's. The span is actually sitting next to the rail line in the townsite opposite the Shire offices. Photo - January 2014


Mundijong - Wright Road Rail Crossing

Wright Road runs south from Mundijong through Mardella to Serpentine. Just south of Mundijong this rail spur line branches off from the Perth - Bunbury mainline, crossing Wright Road. It used to lead to an Alcoa bauxite mine in the hills, and probably still does although it has been disused for decades. It once crossed the South Western Highway via the bridge in the above picture. Photo - March 2017


Nanson - Museum Rail Wagons

In the Historical Society's museum are these rail wagons. Photo - December 2015


Narembeen - Goods Shed

A brightly-painted former goods shed in the railway area. This is now a re-cycling centre. Photo - April 2015


Narrogin - Old Cars

A couple of forlorn looking railway guards vans sit in the Narrogin yard just beyond the railway station. Photo - November 2011


Naval Base - Rail Yards

The rail marshalling yard just south of Naval Base controls Alcoa and other rail traffic in and out of the industrial area. Photo - October 2013


North Fremantle - Leighton Rail Yards

This building was the control centre for the Leighton railway marshalling yards. Up until at least the 1970's this was an important rail facility. The old building has been retained at least for the time being. Photo - September 2010


Northam - Old Train Station Sign

Just east of the old Northam railway station is this tumble-down platform and Northam station sign. To the rear a few old rail vans can be glimpsed through the trees. Photo - October 2012


Northam - Narrow Gauge Rail Bridge

At the west end of Northam this rail overpass crosses Mitchell Avenue. This is a view of the narrow gauge track as it passes onwards to the south and into Northam from York. Underneath the bridge and alongside the road is the Kep Track which is an old railway or pipeline easement and is navigable (no motor bikes or cars though) all 71 kms to Mundaring Weir. October 2012. Photos Ref: NRTM055


Northam - Old Passenger Car

This old passenger car plus a few freight vans in advanced state of disrepair in the yard next to the old Northam station. Photo - October 2012


Northampton - Rail Car

This small park serves as a memory to the days when Northampton was an important rail head. This is rail carriage numbered AL3, the first built in Western Australia by Westralia Ironworks of North Fremantle in 1905. The Shire acquired it in 1981. Photo - December 2015


Ongerup - Goods Shed

The railway goods shed was an integral part of rail operations. Simply storage of inwards and outbound goods. It was built in 1918 and now forms part of the Museum. The railway station building itself has gone. Photo - December 2016


Ongerup - Railway Barracks

Once upon a time the railway was in town and their crews needed overnight accommodation. This building is the former Railway Barracks. It was constructed in 1918. The barracks ceased being barracks when the Gnowangerup to Ongerup line closed in 1957. These days it serves as part of the Ongerup - Needilup Museum. Photo - December 2016


Pemberton - Car and Vans

Passenger car coupled to vans in the railyard at Pemberton. Photo - October 2014


Pemberton - Turntable

Vans parked on the turntable in the Pemberton rail yard. Photo - October 2014


Pickering Brook - Railway Vans

Old railway vans front what appears to be fruit storage sheds in Pickering Brook. Photo - July 2012


Pingelly - Railway Station

Some locals have produced their own station signage. You're going to be waiting here quite a while for a passenger train to any of those places! Photo - November 2011


Pingrup - Platform and Shed

In 1923 the railway arrived with huff and puff and fanfare and thus giving rise to Pingrup's existence. Now the railway has gone. Not even the tracks exist anymore. The service was suspended by the government in 1951 and then officially closed in 1960. All that is left is this raised platform and shed. Photo - December 2016.


Pingrup - Old Rail Shed

This old shed alongside the former railway precinct looks like a former grain storage facility erected in 1938. Photo - December 2016


Pinjarra - Railway Barracks

A little to the east of the Pinjarra are these the old Railway Barracks where train crews, drivers, firemen and guards would overnight. These crews would have mostly come from Perth or Bunbury, work a train to Pinjarra and then work another one back the next day. Photo - August 2011


Pinjarra - Railway Barracks

A closer view of a section of the Pinjarra Barracks. These days I think the diligent Hotham Valley volunteers occupy these premises. Photo - August 2011


Pinjarra - Hotham Valley Station

This is a view from Pinjarra Station across the tracks to the Hotham Valley Railway Pinjarra platform and depot. Right now Hotham Valley trains don't run all the way into Pinjarra because of exorbitant insurance fees imposed by the state government to use a few kilometres of their track. A real tragedy. Photo - August 2011


Pinjarra - Hotham Valley Platform

Standing on the Hotham Valley Railway platform at Pinjarra. That little goods van off to the left is the station toilet facility. Photo - August 2011


Pinjarra - Valley Rail Shed

A rear (eastern) view of the Hotham Valley Railway platform and shed at Pinjarra. Photo - August 2011


Pinjarra - Hotham Valley Signal Box

Set just a little south of the Hotham Valley platform is this signal tower. Upstairs all the levers are neatly in place but the pulleys and wires out to the points no longer exist. The points around here (except on the main line) are all manual. This cabin was originally located at Narrogin. Photo - August 2011


Pinjarra - Hotham Valley Workshops

Over the other side of the track near the Barracks is this shed. It may not look much but inside is where the HVR volunteers turn run-down locomotives and passenger cars into ones that are sparklingly serviceable. Photo - August 2011


Pinjarra - Hotham Valley Workshops

A look into the HVR engineering compound. This is taken from just near the main Perth - Bunbury line. Photo - August 2011


Pinjarra - Alumina Junction

A row of bulk vans plus at this end a steam locomotive tender sit disused on a track at Alumini Junction. Photo April 2019


Pinjarra - Alumina Junction

A close-up of the steam tender. It is not marked (at least in railways signage). Photo - April 2019


Pinjarra - Alumina Junction

A flat top with another loaded on board are rusting away. Photo - April 2019


Pinjarra - Alumina Junction

Another flat top suffers the effects of entropy. Photo - April 2019


Popanyinning - Railway Station Sign

This certainly looks like the original Popanyinning station sign. It's not located right on the station, rather a few dozen metres to the south, standing on its own. This may have been moved while the station was being renovated and then later moved back. Photo - November 2011


Roelands - Rail Traffic

Rail traffic trundles past Roelands. This one is on its way to the Picton yards to the south. Over to the left is the highway. Photo - April 2013


Serpentine - Railway Crossing

A railways 'road-car' carefully sneaks across the railway crossing without activating the lights. These adapted vehicles are used by engineers to inspect the track. Photo - January 2009


Shackleton - Railway

At Shackleton, which is between Quairading and Bruce Rock, here is what remains of the rail siding. Just a sign and an old crane now. Along the track further east is the CBH grain depot and bulk grain handling equipment which dominate the landscape somewhat. This line is in danger of being closed due to lack of government funding. Photo - June 2013


Shenton Park - Wood Yard

This strip of land that is situated between the railway line and Stubbs Terrace has housed these light industrial businesses for years. They seem a little at odds with the way Shenton Park has modernised but then what else to do with the land? Photo - September 2009


Swan View - Rail Tunnel Western Portal

This is the western portal of the Swan View railway tunnel. Etched in the rock up above the portal is the year 1895. The tunnel opened one year later. Men camped in tents west of here, away from their families, and carved out the cutting and the tunnel using pick-axes and dynamite - very hard work. Photo - May 2011


Swan View - Rail Tunnel Interior

Inside the Swan View tunnel. You can see the light at the eastern end some 340 metres away. The tunnel was lined with around 330,000 bricks to shore up the loose rocks up above and to prevent cave-ins. You can walk through here anytime. It's a good idea to take a torch though. Photo - May 2011


Tambellup - Water Tower

The Tambellup water tower sits between Norrish Street and the railway precinct. One time water tanks would have been atop the tower and used for replenishing steam locomotives. Photo - December 2016


Toodyay - Rail Lines

The railway lines wend their way through Toodyay and then off towards the east heading to Northam and beyond. You can see the railway station in the centre of the picture. Photo - October 2013


Wagin Platform

A look north along the Wagin railway station platform. The gravel bit used to be platform too. The main line and three loop lines still exist. Red lights up ahead so don't proceed across the Tudhoe Street crossing just yet. Photo - February 2013


Watheroo - Shed and Depot

Behind the railway station and beyond where the old rail yards once were is the former station goods shed and locomotive depot. This building was constructed in 1944. September 2014. Photos Ref: WATH013


Welshpool - Tracks and Train

A view from Welshpool station looking across the tracks and over towards Wesfeeds as a Thornlie 'T' pattern train recedes on its way to next stop which is Queens Park. Photo - October 2012


West Leederville - Tracks

Looking west down the railway line from the little road bridge that crosses the tracks - I think it's Hamilton Street. You can see West Leederville station. Off to the left is a light tower at Subiaco Oval. Photo - January 2011


Whiteman Park - Signal Box

This signal box was originally at East Perth and was moved to Whiteman Park. The Whiteman light railway commenced construction in the early 1980's. The railway is known as the Bennett Brook Railway as that is the name of the creek that feeds Mussel Brook and what remains of the old wetlands here. December 2010


Whiteman Park - Old Cottesloe Box

Across the line from Mussel Pool station is this fine looking old signal box. This was originally (here) used as a ticket office. In its previous life is was a signal box and staff cabin at Cottesloe. It's been in this location since 1988. Photo - December 2010


Whiteman Park - Old Signal Box

Around about where the old Cottesloe box stood is now occupied but another albeit fine looking piece of rail memorabilia. I do not know where this originated. Photo - February 2013


Whiteman Park - Old Rail Van

Some rail trucks parked at Mussel Pool in Whiteman park. This van looks rather colourful. Photo - February 2013


Wickepin - Rail Yard

Looking along the rail tracks through the Wagin rail yard. The station building is visible up in the distance. The lines are still used seasonally for grain haulage. Photo - June 2013


Wokalup - Hills

A sliver of the South Western Highway and the Pinjarra - Bunbury railway line are visible below the hills at Wokalup near Harvey. Photo - December 2010


Wongan Hills - Railways Good Shed

Across the railway tracks from the station is this old goods shed which has been decorated with a mural depicting freight and a locomotive of yesteryear. This was built in 1914. Photo - October 2011


Wongan Hills - Railways Water Tower

Part of the railyards. Steam locomotives took on water and coal here. The 1914 water tower looks dark and forbidding, contrasting with the white of the sign and blue of the sky. Photo - October 2011


Wongan Hills - Railways Barracks

The railway barracks have been preserved. Wongan Hills was a major train crew swapping point and drivers, firemen and guards who would overnight here and work a train back to their originating depot the next day. Construction of the barracks commenced in 1914. They have also been known as The Trainmen's Barracks and also The Enginemen's Barracks. Photo - October 2011


Wooroloo - Old Carriage

A little look into someone's garden. This is an old railway guards van sitting in their front yard. I'd love to get one of those. Photo - February 2011


Wubin - Railway Yard

Heading into the Wubin rail yard from the north. The station is visible up the track. Photo - November 2014


Wubin - Railway Line

Heading north out of town, the railway line pushes on to Perenjori, Morawa and Mullewa (and intermediate sidings). Photo - November 2014


Wyalkatchem - Railway Station Sign

An original Wyalkatchem station sign. Set at the west end and slightly beyond the platform. Photo - April 2012


Wyalkatchem - Railway Barracks

Years ago, this place was a fairly major rail centre and as such, rail crews used to swap over trains here and many would spend the night in town. These are part of the old railway barracks just south of the station. The barracks were built in 1910 and later extended in 1921 and 1956. Photo - April 2012


Yelbeni - Railway Tracks

No trains in Yelbeni anymore. The line from Wyalkatchem which extends further east of here is closed but the tracks have not been lifted. You can see a ground-level signal, points changing mechanism, and the loop line branching off the mainline to the right. Photo - April 2012


Yerecoin - Grain Storage

Here is the railway line and grain storage bins at Yerecoin! Photo - October 2011


York - Carriage Cafe

Down near the Avon River is the Carriage Cafe (which makes an excellent lunch!). In this old guard's van is where they make the food and drink. There are a couple of other old train vans adjacent. Very picturesque and recommended - a good spot to take the kids for lunch. Photo - September 2010

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