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Road Board Buildings in Western Australia

Road Board buildings are usually small, robust buildings found in many country towns and built 80-90 years ago. Local Road Boards mostly preceded the existence of Shire Councils and apart from constructing and maintaining roads, the Road Board undertook quite of few of other activities which we normally associate with a local authority



On Murray Street is the former Drill Hall which is now part of the Family Centre. The hall was erected in 1906 to house the local Road Board. It was later used as part of war effort activities. Photo - May 2016



The Mount Marshall Road Board building which was built in 1927. At the rear is the Shire Hall which is a later addition, probably constructed in 1950. These premises are now used by Bennymart Grocery Store. Photo - March 2015



The old Roads Board building. The Foundation Stone was laid by Frank Tyndall Broun, Esq. J.P., Chairman (presumably of the Road Board) on the 14th December 1908. This is a private residence now. February 2013



The Shire of Chittering Road Board. This building is situated about 2 kilometres south of town in the arts/museum complex. This building was constructed circa 1929 and was classified by the National Trust in 2000. Photo - November 2014



Situated next door to the Town Hall. Since 1993 it has been occupied by Boddington Community Newsletter Inc. The building started its life in 1925 as the Marradong Road Board. Marradong continued to be its name until 1961 when the Shire of Boddington was formed. October 2011



Beautifully preserved old Road Board building partially obscured by a tree. This was constructed in 1887 and is currently occupied by Fetter Chiropractic. April 2012



This building was originally constructed as a hall in 1898 and was used by the Roads Board. It later became the Mechanics Institute. It was consecrated as a Presbyterian Church in 1929. From 1979 the Broomehill Museum has occupied the premises. Photo - December 2016



The Road Board Building of the Shire of Victoria Plains. The building is being well cared for by the Five Roads Cafe, the current occupants. The structure was opened by P.D. Ferguson, M.L.A., on March 20th, 1937. October 2011



On Forrest Street. The beautifully maintained building is now the Capel Senior Citizens HQ. This building was erected in 1926 as the local Road Board Office. It later known as Scouts' Building and in the mid-1990's served as a children's playgroup centre. Photo - February 2011



On the west end of Throssell street is this tiny but impressive Museum building. There are a number of other museum buildings to the rear of this. This was the local Roads Board Office built in 1915. Photo March 2014



Next door to the Town Hall is another of the few rural road board buildings remaining. The Foundation Stone was laid by Coulson Murphy Esq, Chairman of the Corrigin Road Board on 15th October 1923. Currently the building is occupied by Small Business Centre, Eastern Wheatbelt. June 2013



At 583/585 Stirling Highway right across from the end of Irvine Street is this old building. Passers-by perhaps would hardly give it a glance. In fact the building was constructed in 1898 for the Cottesloe Road Board. Later it was the premises of Holmes Butchers and later still that of Prosser Scott. Today the left side is occupied by Wright + Feldhusen, Architects; and the right by Raats & Turner Travel Associates. Photo - December 2014



On the town's main street, Gathrone Street, is the 1908 Road Board Building. Photo - October 2014



The side of the Road Board Building. The rear is now used as the Cranbrook Hall Supper Room. It is also a venue for Arts and Crafts exhibitions. The front section is used as a doctor's surgery. The doctor usually visits one day per week. Photo - October 2014



This is the original Cuballing Agricultural Hall constructed in 1898. In 1912 it was bought for use by the local Road Board. These days it is used by the C.W.A. A handsome building. Photo - November 2011



The splendid Dalwallinu Road Board building, constructed in 1924. This is a building of substance and would be the largest hall in town. Photo - November 2014



The former West Arthur Road Board building, built in 1929. Later it was used by the Agricultural Protection Board. These days it seems to be being used by the Health and Resource Centre next door as the buildings appear to have been linked. Photo - April 2012



The former Road Board building on Point Leander Road in Dongara. This was built in 1910 and continued to serve the Road Board until 1958. This is currently a music shop, Stomp Music. Photo - September 2014



Here is the former Dowerin Road Board Office constructed in 1924. This is at 20 Stewart Street. It was constructed in 1924. This building was later a Kindergarten and at another time a Pre-Primary Centre. It is currently the occupied by Lifestyle Hair Design. Photo - April 2012



The Gingin Road Board building was commissioned in 1910 and opened by local MLA Mr S.F. Moore on 29 April 2011. The building cost 310 pounds to construct and continued operating as a Roads Board until 1968. These days this building is used as a pre-school and Red Cross centre. August 2010



The former Goomalling Road Board Building erected in 1907. Later this was used as a thrift shop and at another time as a National Bank branch and staff residence. The premises are currently used by Renascence beauty therapists. The building is on the corner of Railway Terrace and Hobby Street. October 2011



The Greenough Road Board building was erected in 1906. This is located in the Historic settlement. Photo - September 2014



On Albany Highway is the former Road Board Building. It was built in 1909. The original red bricks have been rendered. The building operated as the Road Board until 1929 after which it was used as the Agricultural Bank then later Bill Thring's General Store. The Kojonup Women's Club Inc. is the current occupant. Photo - October 2014



The Koorda C.W.A. Community Centre. There is a craft shop, an opportunity shop and book exchange in the building. This was formerly the Koorda Road Board Office and was erected in 1937 - 1938. Photo - April 2012



The former Upper Irwin Road Board Office dates back to 1905. The building was recently renovated and re-opened by Hon. Paul Omodei, MLA, on 13th May, 1998. It is now used by the local Historical Society. Photo - September 2014



Arriving in Moora from the south, one of the first significant buildings to be seen is the Road Board Building which was built in 1913. July 2012



The former Road Board building on Paterson Street. This is now the Shire library. The Road Board's Foundation Stone was set by the then Premier, The Hon. D.R. McLarty on February 26, 1949. Photo - January 2019



The Nannup Road Board Building on Warren Street. This is now used by the Nannup Historical Society Inc. A plaque on the building wall honours Mr Herbert (Pops) Hall and his son Arthur, stonemasons and builders, who built a number of prominent buildings in Nannup. Herbert (Bert) Hall lived from 1876 to 1956. Photo - January 2015



The Chapman Valley Road Board Office as seen from the road. This opened in 1913 and closed in 1964 when the Shire of Chapman Valley was constituted. Photo - December 2015



Constructed in 1927, this is the former Narembeen Road Board building. This is now used as The History Centre housing four museum collections. The Foundation Stone was laid by C. G. Latham, Esq. M.L.A, on August 13th, 1927. Photo - April 2015



At 43 Federal Street is the offices of the Shire of Narrogin. Narrogin has both Town and Shire councils. This building was erected in 1905 and was formerly the Road Board Office. The building underwent major renovations in 1961 when the Shire of Narrogin was established. Photo - November 2011



City of Nedlands buildings at 71 Stirling Highway. These were built in 1937 and included the local Road Board office. Photo - February 2015



The former Road Board Office on Hampton Street is now home to Northampton Arts and Crafts. This structure goes back to 1898. Prior to being an Art Centre, it was the town's Public Library. Photo - December 2015



The old Nungarin Road Board Office, 1922 to 1936. The Board was founded in 1921. Photo - March 2015



On the wheat bins side of Richmond Street is the old Settlers Hall built in 1915. This was the town's school from 1915 to 1923 and then the Road Board Office. It has also been used as a Hall and Church. It was moved from its original Martin Street location to here in 2008. Photo - December 2016



The Pingelly Roads Board building was erected in 1909. This building hosted the Road Board up until 1961 at which time the Shire of Pingelly was established. It is now being used as the Community Agriculture Centre. November 2011



From construction year 1909 to 1935 the Murray Road Board occupied these premises. After 1935 the board met in a former school building on Henry Street. Since 1935 this building has had various uses, the most recent being the Edenvale Information and Coordination Centre. August 2011



The front section is the former Roads Board Office built in 1925. The hall behind was added in 1934. The two Foundation Stones were both laid by Hon. A McCallum, Minister for Works and Labour. The first for the front section on May 23rd, 1925, and the second for the hall additions on April 10th, 1934. October 2018



The former Road Board building and now the Rockingham Museum. This is on the corner of Kent Street and Flinders Lane. The building foundation stone was laid by Hon. E. H. Gray, Minister for Local Government, on July 3rd, 1946. Photo - May 2015


South Perth

This building was a purpose-built Road Board Office in or about 1904. At one time the building was used to house the local Council Offices. These days The May and Herbert Gibbs Art Gallery occupy the premises. The building is on Mill Point Road, just across from the Windsor Hotel. January 2009



The local library building has rather a chequered history in terms of occupancy and extensions. Originally constructed around 1908, the building has been used as the Mechanic's Institute, a meeting and reading room and a theatre. At one time, the local Road Board also occupied the building. October 2013



Built in 1912, this is the Wagin Road Board building. At present the building serves as a home for the Shire of Wagin library. February 2013



Smaller than some although still a striking old building. Here is Wandering's Road Board Office sitting intact inside what I assume is a council compound. This was built in 1928. October 2011



Originally the Drakesbrook District Road Board, this is now the Waroona Historical Society and Museum. The first Road Board building was erected in Waroona in 1905. The current structure, erected in 1933, replaced the original building. From 1963 these premises were used as the local library for a number of years. Photo - December 2010



The Miner's Hall is the oldest surviving building in town. It was constructed in 1914. In 1918 the newly established Road Board took over the building and extended it. The Road Board continued to use the premises up until the 1960's after which the Shire of Westonia moved into its own new building. Photo - March 2015



Here is the old Road Board Office and Hall building. This was built in 1909 and is believed to be the first brick building to be erected in Wickepin. When the Road Board moved out it was then used as a Masonic Lodge. Photo - June 2013



The Williams Agricultural Hall was opened on 22nd February 1898 by M. Quinn Esq. The hall was originally used for social events, church services, weddings, Road Board meetings and as a school. In the Second World War it was used as an aircraft spotting station. These days it is an arts and crafts centre. Photo - November 2011

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