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Schools & Colleges in Western Australia

Here are the primary schools, high schools and colleges encountered whilst travelling around Perth and the country towns. Quite a reasonable collection although many schools are extremely hard to picture due to their modern architecture or heavily treed surrounds. Some of the buildings and sites pictured may have historic merit



This was constructed in 1915 as the Albany Infants School. The High School, which was located on Serpentine Road, moved here and amalgamated with the Infants School in 1975. The whole school moved to new premises on Middleton Beach Road in 2002. Many old school rooms here have either been demolished or removed. Today the Dome Coffee Lounge occupies the premises. The building is on Albany Highway near the Albany Plaza. Photo - October 2014



The complex was constructed in 1895 as the Albany Public (High) School. This is on Serpentine Road. The Public School continued to operate here until 1975 when it moved to Albany Highway and merged with the Infants School. After the school move, these premises have been occupied by the Albany Local Education Office. Photo - October 2014



Here is a one-teacher school room within the Albany Historic Precinct grounds. This was once the Art Room at the old primary school on Albany Highway. Photo - October 2014



On Graceful Boulevard in Alkimos is the brand new St James' Anglican School. This is a primary school which commenced operation in term 1, 2015. Photo - June 2015



Allanson School (near Collie) commenced very soon after the town was established in 1911. This building looks to be very early, probably the first to be added after the original classroom which has now been restored and preserved. Pictured classroom is still very much in use. Photo - March 2014



A wing of the Applecross Senior High School which is located on Links Road in Ardross. Photo - September 2018



On Links Road here is the administration entrance to Ardross Primary School. This area is packed with native flora with "secret" pathways and the smell of the lemon scented gums is quite over-powering. The trees and shrubs were full of birds today. Fabulous job done here. Photo - September 20185



The Pioneer Village School is an integral part of Armadale's Pioneer World. The school was opened in 1981 with a mere 24 students. These days is has well over three hundred enrolled from kindergarten through to year 7. It is a private and non-religious school with exemplary values. Their motto is "Aim for Excellence". Photos - January 2009. Photo - January 2009



In Minnawarra Park in Armadale, in the Historic Precinct, is the original Armadale primary school which was built in 1900 and relocated to here in 1987. From 2003 the Birtwistle Local Studies Library has occupied the building. Photo - January 2012



From 1915 through to 1985 this was an operating school in Ardath. It consisted of this single classroom which looks in pretty good shape. Photo - June 2013



Another look at the Ardath school room. It appears like someone is looking after this building well, perhaps actually living here. Photo - June 2013



This is the street side of the Ballidu Primary School. The school was established in 1922 and at its peak it had nearly 100 students. The school motto is "Learning for Life". By 2016 the pupil number has dropped to just four so this school is set to close at the end of 2016. A great pity. Photo - November 2014



This is the road front of St Michael's Catholic School on Old Perth Road, Bassendean. The school was constructed in 1914 and run by the Sisters of Mercy. The school caters for students up to and including year 6. Photo - July 2010



On the corner of Murray and Leake Streets is the Bayswater Primary School. The entrance faces Murray Street, the side in this photo is on Milne Street. The school was built in 1894. The two-storey architectural style for schools was prominent in that era. Photo - July 2013



A wing of the Beacon Primary School. This side faces the road. Photo - March 2015



This is the former Beaconsfield Primary School. These days it serves as the Fremantle-Peel District Education Office. It was constructed between 1894 and 1914. It is located on the corner of Hampton and Lefroy Roads. Photo - July 2011



An entrance to the Belmay Primary School near the intersection of Epsom Avenue and Sydenham Street. Photo - December 2017



A little to the north of the townsite and off on a small road over the railway line east in the old Benger primary school. It all looks in great condition. The school ran as such from 1928 to 1996. Numbers must have dropped and these days any local primary aged children would bus to Harvey or Brunswick. This is now used by the Benger Community Centre and Mr Bill Fry opened the centre on November 28th, 1998. Photo - April 2013



Right down in the south of the suburb, on Hedley Street near Manning Road, is the local primary school. Photo - August 2018



The former school buildings are now used as the local Community Centre. This was the junior school which operated here from 1894 until 1950. Photo - April 2015



The Bicton Primary School on Harris Road. This is the school's main entrance. The school was established in 1904. Photo - November 2013


Bicton - Primary School

One of the wings on the Bicton Primary School. This appears to be the pre-primary section. Photo - November 2013


Bindi Bindi

Once the local primary school but not any more as the town doesn't have the numbers to support a school of its own. The building and grounds are now a private residence. This is on the main street, the Piawaning Road. Photo - July 2012



The Bindoon Catholic Agricultural College is located several kilometres north of Bindoon, set well back from the corner of Great Northern Highway and Dewar's Pool Road. This is one of the grand College buildings. Photo - September 2013



The Bindoon Catholic Agricultural College. This appears to be one of the main buildings of the college. I think this may be the administration centre. Photo - September 2013



The Bindoon Catholic Agricultural College. An imposing view of another building. It looks rather forbidding in some ways. It is bigger than it may appear in the photo. The College was constructed mainly during the years 1940 to 1945. Photo - September 2013



The Bodallin school is still here albeit closed. The school dates back to 1924. Mrs Sherlock initiated the school and this act is commemorated by a plaque at the school unveiled by Mrs Laurel Blyth, daughter of Mrs Sherlock, on March 3rd, 1984. Photo - March 2015



On the west side of the Boddington main street, not far from the Town Hall and Road Board building is this is the old school which is currently undergoing maintenance. The building no longer operates as a school. There is public Internet access inside today. Photo - October 2011



The local primary school. A school has operated here since 1935 although it did close between 1945 and 1950 due to low numbers. The school continues to operate today. The immaculate presentation is a credit to those concerned. Photo - December 2016.



The former Bullfinch Primary School. It seems that this is (or was) used by the Sons Of Gwalia Ltd as a single persons quarters and camp mess. It looked pretty deserted today. Photo - March 2015



The front section of Bunbury Senior High School atop Boulter's Heights. At least this section of the school is heritage listed. Photo - December 2009



On Wittenoom Street this rather attractive pink building has been the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery since 1987. This building was formerly the Convent of Mercy and was opened in 1897. December 2009. Photo - December 2009



The original Bunbury Boy's School built in 1886. This is on Arthur Street and is now called the Paisley Centre. Behind here used to be the railway yards with an overhead pedestrian bridge. The complex became the Bunbury Public School in 1895 and operated thus until 1961. In the late 1960's this was the town's technical school. Later it became a dance studio. Chequered history. Photo - April 2013



The River Valley Primary School located on Russell Road has this mural depicting local logging and wood milling activities from days gone by. The first school opened in Burekup 1913 but has been demolished. The River Valley school opened in 1999. Photo - April 2013



It is pleasant to find a functioning primary school here and it looks a picture. Beautifully maintained. The school as it is today was mostly built and opened in 1948. The original 1933 school room is perhaps used as the school library now. Photo - April 2012



This is one face of the Calingiri Primary School - a view down a verandah showing some of the classroom doors. The school first opened on August 1st, 1917. The school looks very attractive and is well maintained. Photo - October 2011



This is the first classroom of the former Caversham Primary School on West Swan Road near the junction of Benara Road. This building was constructed in 1903. The school opened in 1904 and was then known as Beechboro School. It was re-named as Caversham School in 1910. In 2015 these premises are used by the Caversham Training and Education Centre. Photo - January 2015



Near the corner of Thomas Street and Old Northam Road is the site of the original Chidlow's Well school which operated from 1897 to 1952. The school buildings have obviously been removed. The well to the right was erected in honour of pioneer William Chidlow in 1951. Photo - December 2011



On the southern section of Bay View Terrace, beyond the council buildings and park, is the Freshwater Bay Primary School (formerly, simply, Claremont Primary School). This building looks like one of the oldest in the complex and faces Bay View Terrace. Photo - April 2013



East Claremont Primary School on Princess Road. This looks like an original class-room. The school is adjacent to the Teacher's College so many a student teacher might have used this as a teaching "Prac" school. Photo - April 2013



In the grounds of the University of Western Australia's Claremont Campus off Bay Road is this fine Teacher's Training College constructed in 1901. Photo - April 2013



In the grounds of the Claremont Teacher's College campus are quite a few buildings such as this which are undoubtedly old classrooms. Perhaps they are located here for preservation reasons plus serving as a practical reminder to students on what their school may look like upon their first posting usually in the country. Photo - April 2013



Penrhos College traces is roots back to St Anne's Protestant Girl's School which was located on Angelo Street, South Perth, and operated from at least 1951. The college continues to embrace Christian values. The current complex was opened in 1971. Shown is the Thelma Street frontage. Photo - September 2018



St Pius Catholic Primary School is located on the corner of Cloister Avenue and Ley Street in Como. The school was founded by the Sisters of Joseph of the Sacred Heart in 1957. The building was actually opened as a Church on 27th June 1954. The Church is now on Paterson Street. Photo - September 2018



Constructed in 1895, this is the original former Cookernup school. It also doubled as teacher accommodation. The actual classroom was a single room at the front of the building (to the right in this photo). A later school was built next door to this building but that was closed in 1953 and removed and relocated to Hoffman Mill in 1957. The old school is now a private residence. Photo - July 2015



What seems to be a school room although no longer in use as such. Local children are now be schooled in Moora, some 20 kilometres to the south. The Coomberdale school was first established in 1909. It expanded over the decades but was eventually closed in 1990. Photo - September 2014



Within the confines of the Corrigin Museum is this old school-room. The adjacent sign simply says 'Country School' and doesn't say where it originated though I daresay it would have been local. Photo - June 2013



The Cottesloe Primary School, originally called the Cottesloe Public School, was established 1897. It is situated on the corner of Stirling Highway and Keane Street in Cottesloe. Photo - July 2012



The former St Mary's Star of the Sea School is located next to St. Mary Catholic Church and within its grounds on the corner of Stirling Highway and McNeil Street. No longer a school, this building is now used as the church Parish Hall. The Foundation Stone was blessed by His Grace Archbishop Clune on 8th November 1925. Photo - August 2014



Many schools are hard to photograph as they are often well camouflaged behind bushes and trees. Cunderdin District High School however decided to put on this nice sunny face today. It's located on the south side of town. The school was built in 1948. Photo - June 2011



The front of the Dandaragan Primary School viewed from the main street. The school was opened in 1952. Many of the school buildings were relocated here from Merkanooka. Photo - December 2015



The main class room building at the school. Photo - December 2015



Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic school in Dardanup. The brickwork looks great. This building is flanked by the Thomas Little Memorial Hall, the former Hosea House of Prayer, and the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Photo - December 2016



This is the Dardanup Visitor Centre. This building used to be Dardanup's state school from 1897 to 1971. It was restored in 1988 as a bicentennial project to how it looks now. Photo - December 2010



The local school which is on Darkan South Road. Looks good in the two-tone blue. This is the main entrance and therefore probably the administration area. The school opened in 1908 as a single room primary school. It has expanded over the years. In 1962 it became a junior high school then in 1974 a district high school. The school reverted to being a primary school only in 2010. Photo - April 2012



The Darkan Primary School shows off a pleasant sheltered sports area and spick and span verandah. All quiet today as it is the school holidays. Photo - April 2012



In the grounds of the Darlington Primary School is this building which is probably the original school, built many years ago, and still looking good. It is still a functional classroom and these days boasts something the kids of old never had - air conditioning! Photo - March 2012



Darlington Montessori School on Beenong Road. This is the main classroom block. Off to the right are a number of specialist rooms for art, music etc. Out of picture to the left is the a dm ins it ration centre. Photo - March 2012



This is the second Dongara school. The first used to stand where the current police station is located. This was built in 1906. A classic looking old school room, especially with the high-pitched roof. Photo - September 2014



Doodlakine Primary School. This opened in 1963. It seems to be closed now. Photo - March 2015



The primary school is made up of a number of buildings of various ages. This looks like the oldest and probably dates from a time when the school consisted of just a single classroom back in 1912. The whole school is in immaculate condition. Photo - February 2013



A leafy view of Glengarry Primary School library building. The school is on Doveridge Drive in Duncraig. Photo - October 2011



St Stephens School located at the north end of Doveridge Drive in Duncraig. This is the main entrance to the administration area and auditoriums etc. This is a prestigious Uniting Church school. Photo - October 2011



Davallia Primary School on Juniper Way, Duncraig South. An excellent public school with a high reputation. This is the new Administration block constructed in 2011. Photo - October 2011



Davallia Primary School. Here is another new block at Davallia, this this a fine looking facility which is home to kindergarten and pre-primary pupils. Photo - October 2011



Slightly to the north of the main road running through town is the old Primary School. It is disused now. Only one classroom remains plus an out-building. In a community this small that's probably all there ever was. A bit of paint could bring this building back to looking good. The school was erected in 1936. Photo - April 2012



Duranillin old Primary School. Here is the out-building in the school grounds which might have been a sports shed? Photo - April 2012



Right at the top of Newton Street is the Dwellingup Primary School. The school was established in 1911 but of course these building are not original. Nice to see a bit of colour on the wall. The sign over the main entrance 'Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off, Dwellingup WA'. Photo - July 2013


East Fremantle

The East Fremantle Primary School located on the western section of Marmion Avenue. The school was established in 1898 and made largely of local sandstone blocks. November 2013


East Fremantle

Richmond Primary School sits between Windsor and Osborne Roads, near Wolsely Road. This is tghe centre courtyard area. Photo - September 2018


East Fremantle

Looking along classroom doors at Richmond Primary School, which sit behind a weather-proofed verandah. Photo - September 2018


East Victoria Park

On Carson Street this wing of the primary school faces the road. The school was established in 1935. Photo - April 2015



Here is the old Ejanding school building set a few hundred metres along the Ejanding Road East. This was probably only ever a single-roomed school servicing the tiny town and surrounding farms. The building is now abandoned. Photo - April 2012



Here is the part of Ellenbrook Secondary College that faces Main Street. The College opened in 2007 and enrols students participating in years 7 through 12. Photo - July 2011



Another photograph of the Ellenbrook Secondary College showing a rather fine looking piece of architecture. Photo - July 2011



Welcome to the Eneabba Primary School. The school was established in 1960. The banner on the left celebrates that the school is within the Shire of Carnamah. Photo - December 2015



A view of the main classroom block of the primary school. Photo - December 2015



The Fairbridge primary school was built progressively between 1922 and 1928. Seven classrooms were originally built. These days about four of the original classrooms remain. Fairbridge W.A. has recently added a few more rooms to cater for their education and training program. Photo - July 2009



Fairbridge Primary School. One of the original classrooms which has recently been renovated and painted. This might have been the original library building. Now known as the May O'Brien room. Photo - November 2012



The Fremantle Technical School is on South Terrace directly opposite the end of Henderson Street. Today is Easter Sunday and a crowd enjoys street theatre in front of the building. Photo - March 2013



On Fitzgerald Street is the Geraldton Primary School. Construction commenced in 1878. This has also been once used as the Geraldton District High School. Photo - December 2015



The Gidgegannup Primary School is on the south side of the Toodyay Road. Like many country schools at present, construction work is going on to extend and refurbish parts of the school, funded by recent Government initiatives. It's actually quite a big school considering the overall size of the town. Photo - February 2011



Here is the entrance to the Gillingarra Primary School situated on the main road, the Bindoon - Moora Road. Photo - July 2012



Gillingarra Primary School. Looking down the verandah along doors to the school class rooms. All's quiet now as the children would be enjoying their holidays home on their farms. Photo - July 2012



This is the Goomalling Sacred Heart Primary School which was founded by the Presentation Sisters in 1912. "Witness the Truth". Photo - October 2011


Grass Valley

Grass Valley old school site. There no buildings here anymore but during the period 1899 to 1945 a school operated here. Photo - June 2011



Central Greenough School was built in 1865. The building also served as a community hall and Anglican church. Around the Historic Settlement grounds are quite a few roaming alpacas. They look a bit skinny because they've just been shorn. Photo - September 2014



Guildford Grammar School. Very picturesque buildings covered in ivy. These buildings face onto Terrace Road. Mr Charles Harper started the school in the billiards room of his Woodbridge House in 1896. Four years later, in 1900, the school was established on the current site. Buildings were constructed and the school flourished and today it is amongst the most prestigious of Perth's private education establishments. Photo - May 2009



The historic Guildford Primary School on Helena Street, across from the southern end of Shenton Avenue. The first school room and headmaster's house were built in the 1860's. Additions were later made in 1900 and 1970. Photo - April 2015



This old school room is within the grounds of Lake Gwelup Primary School on North Beach Road in Gwelup. Photo - November 2013


Hamilton Hill

At 110 Rockingham Road and next door to the Memorial Hall is the former Hamilton Hill Primary School. Construction of the school commenced in 1903 and the pictured building looks like the oldest on the campus. Photo - April 2016



The oldest remaining classroom at the Harvey Primary School is the wooden building to the left of picture. It was built in 1901. The school has seen a succession of extensions and changes over the decades. Photo - January 2014


Henley Brook

On West Swan Road in Henley Brook, this complex of buildings stands out. This is now the Doorndjil Yoordaniny Aboriginal education and training centre. Years ago this was the West Swan primary and pre-primary school. Photo - July 2011


Henley Brook

The old West Swan Primary School. This old building which looks like it used to be a dwelling - probably the old school house - is part of the Doorndjil Yoordaniny Aboriginal education and training centre. Photo - July 2011


Herne Hill

This former primary school building could probably tell a story or two. It sits right behind St Michael's church, on Great Northern Highway. The building used to be located on Argyle Street on the other side of the railway line. It was constructed circa 1935. July 2011. Photos Ref: HERN003



The former Hopeland Primary School built in 1933 on Hopeland Road. This is a few kilometres west of the Serpentine townsite. The school opened in 1924 and then closed in 1954. This building is now used as the Hopeland Community Centre. October 2013. Photo - October 2013



This building used to be the Huntly school house and was relocated to Dwellingup post the 1961 bushfires. It now serves as the Dwellingup CWA rooms. Both Huntly and Banksiadale (and of course Dwellingup) suffered enormous property losses in the fires but unlike Dwellingup, neither Huntly nor Banksiadale were ever rebuilt. Photo - August 2009



The spacious and clean high school now all closed after the end of Term 4, 2016. Photo - December 2016



This is the main entrance to the Lake Joondalup Baptist College on Kennedya Drive which is almost just across the road from Arena Joondalup. Photo - July 2011



The Kalamunda State School is well preserved and is located in the Kalamunda Historic Village. The main class room is completely furbished in period (1930's) furniture and chattels and has been named the Millar Room in recognition of Mr Thomas B. Millar's long teaching service and dedication from 1923 to 1946. Photo - September 2012



The local school opened in 1932. Additions and alterations were made in 1948, 1964 and 1972. It seems in reasonable repair but does not appear to be any longer in use. Photo - April 2015



The Mamarapha College on School Road in Karragullen. This is a tertiary bible college for mainly indigenous people and is an arm of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. This appears to be the administration office. On this site previously was the Karragullen Primary School. Photo - January 2012



On the main street, Massingham Street is the C.Y. O'Connor College of TAFE. Photo - June 2011



Kelmscott Primary School on the corner of River Road and Orlando Street. A school has occupied this site continuously since 1882. The school celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2007. Photo - April 2011



The neat and colourful Kendenup primary school in the northern section of town. Photo - December 2016



This is part of a complex towards the northern end of town known as the Barracks as the large, former barracks building is here. The pictured building was constructed in 1863 and was used as a school from 1894. After that, it was used as a school teacher's residence. Photo - October 2014



The Toy Library is on Spring Street. This building was once a school. Photo - October 2014



The Konnongorring school room which now sits in the Goomalling Museum compound. This building was in-situ at Konnongorring from 1906 to 1973. The school closed in Konnongorring in 1973 and the building was moved to Goomalling about 5 years later. The school was a single teacher, single classroom school. Photo - October 2011



This is the old school site at Konnongorring. This was the school site from 1924 to 1973. The school buildings are now located in the Goomalling Museum complex. Photo - October 2011



In Lions Park is the original Koorda Primary School. A sign out the front says Koorda Primary School 1921-1922. Great looking building and very pleasing it is being preserved. Photo - April 2012



A view down a wing of the current Koorda Primary School. It looks spick and span and very smart with pot plants and surrounding trees. Photo - April 2012



Kukerin Primary School, established in 1914, "Small but Strong", looks very smart. Photo - April 2015



A glimpse of a section of the Kulin District High School. Photo - April 2015



Adjacent to Leederville Oval is the old Leederville Primary School. This is one of the original buildings. The campus has grown to be quite substantial now and it is the home of the School of Isolated and Distance Education. Photo - July 2013



The Leeman primary school is as neat a a pin and is quite substantial in size. September 2014. Photos Ref: LEEM019



St Brigid's College Lesmurdie stands out amongst everything else around the district with is beautiful lines and white walls. This is the (Catherine) McAuley Wing. The college was established in 1929 as a girls school and continues as such. Photo - February 2011



The front of St Brigid's College, Heritage Building. This building commenced construction in 1913. The college itself was founded by the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy and has a deep historical connection to St Brigid's school on Fitzgerald Street in West Perth. Photo - February 2011



Mazenod College is a Catholic education institution for boys established in 1966. It's located on Gladys Road in Lesmurdie. This is the main entrance to the college. Photo - February 2011



Mazenod College not only has day students, but provides accommodation for country boys. This building is part of the residential section of the College. Photo - February 2011



Manning Primary School off Ley Street. Photo - September 2018


Margaret River

In the historic village at Margaret River. This building appears to be a former school room. Photo - December 2013



This is the original 1911 constructed Marrinup School which was relocated to Dwellingup and re-badged as the local RSL Hall after the 1961 bushfires. The earlier Dwellingup RSL building was destroyed in the fires. Photo - August 2009



Maylands Primary School. No longer operating as such. These premises are now used by the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation. This is on the south side of Guildford Road corner Sixth Avenue. Photo - September 2012



Maylands Primary School. Another section of the school on the other side of Sixth Avenue. The premises are now used by the School of Instrumental Music. Photo - November 2013



Maylands Primary School. At the rear of this section of the school which is now the School of Instrumental Music is this old school room located adjacent to Peninsula Road. Photo - November 2013



This building is part of the Meckering School. It is actually two old buildings joined together, possibly moved from the old townsite post the 1968 earthquake. The buildings have name shingles. The part on the right is 'Warding 1942 to 1947 (formerly Waeel 1925 to 1938)'. The left building says 'Greenwoods - 1938 to 1945'. Photo - June 2011



The front aspect of the Merredin College. Photo - March 2015



The rear of the Merredin Primary school wing. It doesn't particularly look if it is in use anymore as it appears to be fairly run down. Photo - March 2015



On Morrison Street near the corner of Great Northern Highway is the Franciscan Sisters Of the Immaculate, House of the Immaculate, Stella Maris Convent. Photo - October 2012.



At the south end of town is the Miling Primary School. It is in spick and span condition and the out-buildings to the rear have been painted in some really bright colours. Most of the children who attend here would come in from out-lying farms. These school buildings date back to 1964. Photo - July 2012



Off the main road, turn right at the north end of town up Government Road, to a small park, and here is the post office and library building. The building was part of the old school. The other part of the school was moved to Gillingarra post-closure. This school opened in the early 1960's and was attended by children from the town and local farms but the majority of children came from the nearby Mogumber Mission. Photo - July 2012



Mollerin school 1940 - 1985. Either the school population got too low or running costs became too high. The government not only closed the school in 1985, but took it with them. Photo - March 2015


Moorine Rock

It was a bit of a surprise to see this operational school in town. It has several rooms and looks bright and neat, as country schools so often do. This school has been here since 1937. Photo - March 2015


Mosman Park

W.A. Institute for Deaf Education is located on Curtin Avenue near Warton Street. It was originally the W.A. Deaf and Dumb Institute and was founded in 1896. The Foundation Stone was laid (In Accordance with Masonic Rites) by Sir Gerard Smith, the then Governor of Western Australia, on 2nd November 1899. December 2011. Photos Ref: MSPK025


Mosman Park

The Beehive Montessori School is accessed from Curtin Avenue but its most expressive face is that from the east as shown here. Opening in 1977, this was the first Montessori School to be established in Perth. In 1977, 20 children were enrolled. In 2013 the school student population is around 220. The school accepts students from 3 to 15 years of age. Photo - January 2013


Mount Barker

The Great Southern Institute of Technology, Mount Barker Campus, on Langton Road. This was formerly the Sacred Heart Catholic school. The old school was opened by Archbishop of Perth, Rev. R. Prendiville, on 27th April 1947. Additions to the school were blessed by Rev. C. W. Cunningham on 20th April, 1969. Photo - October 2014


Mount Barker

This is now the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Most of these buildings were part of the first Mount Barker Primary School (1893 - 1933). In 1983 residents erected a memorial to the early teachers and pupils of the school. Photo - October 2014


Mount Claremont

This face of Mount Claremont Primary School runs along Alfred Road. The school extends quite a way back from Alfred Road and is bounded by Montgomery and Jacaranda Avenues, and Lobelia Street. The school was established in 1917. Photo - June 2014


Mount Claremont

John XXIII College off Mooro Drive. This is the front of the college viewed from up near the main entrance. This is a Catholic coeducational institution which was founded in 1977. Photo - June 2014


Mount Hawthorn

Mount Hawthorn Infants School on Scarborough Beach Road. Now known as the Mount Hawthorn Primary School. The school was established in 1906. This building was constructed in 1933. In those days, this section of Scarborough Beach Road was known as North Beach Road. Photo - July 2010


Mount Hawthorn

Towards the rear of the school is this fine, old, brick block of classrooms. Photo - August 2018


Mount Hawthorn

In the central area of the school is this old, mostly wooden office or classroom. Photo - August 2018


Mount Lawley

Perth College has been here on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley since 1915. This part of the college is on the east side of Beaufort street (heading north) and is north of Walcott Street. Other college buildings surround this one and also spill over onto the other side of the road. Photo - January 2011


Mount Lawley

Running down Second Avenue is this face of Mount Lawley Primary School. This is looking east. The administration block is up there in the distance. Photo - July 2019


Mount Pleasant

The quadrangle of Mount Pleasant Primary School. The school sits off Henley Road. Photograph September 2018


Mount Pleasant

A row of under cover amenties doors in part of the Mount Pleasant Primary School. Photograph September 2018



This is the site of the old Muchea school - 1905 to 1952. The sign says that all that remains of the building now is the brick fireplace but as this looks like private property now, I didn't go in to find it. Photo - July 2011



The Mukinbudin school. These days this school caters from kindergarten age up to year 12. The approximate 2015 total enrolment is in the vicinity of 60-70 children. Not too many years ago, the total number of pupils was around 200. Photo - March 2015



JJust to the left of the Mumballup Hotel is this block of land. As the sign says, this was the site of the local school in the 1930's. I'm sure I saw another sign pointing to another old school site from a different era a little way up the road to Collie. Photo - February 2011



The former Mundaring Primary School on the north side of the Great Eastern Highway. Construction commenced in 1908. These days this is the home of the Mundaring Tourist Association and also the Mundaring District Museum. Photo - May 2011



Adjacent to the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart is the Sacred Heart School. The school was opened by Archbishop R. Prendiville on December 21st, 1952. Photo - March 2015



The Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School is actually just north of the townsite of Mundijong, on Soldiers Road as the road leaves the townsite. Named after the shire, the school was established in 2006 but only moved to this location in 2009. Photo - 2009



In the townsite of Mundijong on Paterson Road is what appears to be the old primary school. The new one is at the other end of town. This old classroom is now occupied by Landcare Serpentine-Jarrahdale. "By the Community, for the Community" Photo - September 2012



Old Mundijong Primary School. This is another classroom in the old school on Paterson Street. This building is just north of Landcare and the building is simply called 'The House', a play group which meets each Wednesday. Photo - September 2012



The crisp Chapman Valley primary school. The school opened in 1954. Photo - December 2015



Up on Egerton Street the old Courthouse has been transformed into a museum. Built in 1894, this was originally a school. It was the local courthouse from 1905 to 1976 apart from the period 1924 to 1945 when is was used by the Agricultural Bank. Interesting history. Photo - November 2011


New Norcia

New Norcia's St Gertrude's College showing a grand main entrance and the surrounding twin towers. At one time this would have been a Catholic residential college. The College is now available for groups e.g. school camps. Photo - January 2009


New Norcia

New Norcia's St Ildephonsus College, the second (other) old Catholic residential college in the town. Grand architecture here as with most buildings in this Monastic town. Photo - January 2009



On Harrison Street is the Nollamara Primary School. Here is part of a wing of classrooms plus the administration centre. This place is heritage listed though the school website offers no historical information and nor does the City of Stirling site. A plaque next to the entrance of the admin centre says that this section was opened by Bob Kucera, Local Member, on November 16, 2007. Photo - July 2019



The Nollamara Primary School music room, located just to the right of the administration centre. Photo - July 2019



West Coast Steiner School on Mayfair Street. This is a primary school practising the educational ideology of Mr Rudolph Steiner. His philosophy revolves around a holistic and integrated education approach. This is also known as Waldorf education. The first Waldorf school opened in Stuttgart, Germany in 1919. Photo - July 2019



Our Lady of the Lourdes Primary School sits next to the church though the school entry is at the "rear", on Marda Way. Photo - July 2019



On James Street opposite the State Library is the old Technical School. The building was constructed in 1896 as a replacement of the 139 St George's Terrace Boy's School. In 1958 the complex became a Technical School (James Street Annex). TAFE moved out in 1988 and since then the building has been occupied by the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA). Photo - June 2008



In Northam on Wellington Street is the old Girl's School. Art classes are now held here as part of the C.Y. O'Connor Institute curriculum. This building was constructed in 1877 and was opened as a girl's school in December 1896. It has been acquired by the Northam Town Council for preservation. Photo - October 2012


North Dandalup

The North Dandalup primary school. Construction commenced in 1952. A previous school existed on this site but had to be demolished as it fell into considerable disrepair. The school is north of the town and sits on the highway. Photo - March 2017


North Perth

North Perth Primary School. This has also been known as The North Perth Infants School, Toorak/Woodville Primary School and School of Instrumental Music. Construction commenced in 1898. It has been extended and modified over the years. This is the Albert Street face. Photo - September 2017


North Perth

A North Perth Primary School outbuilding on Olive Street. Photo - September 2017



A glimpse down a face of the Nungarin Primary School. Photo - March 2015



On the wheat bins side of Richmond Street is the old Settlers Hall built in 1915. This was the town's school from 1915 to 1923 and then the Road Board Office. It has also been used as a Hall and Church. It was moved from its original Martin Street location to here in 2008. Photo - December 2016



The second Nyabing Primary School, 1924 - 1963, sits alongside Bourke Street. An earlier school was constructed in 1912 but this soon became too small. Photo - December 2016



The current Nyabing Primary School looks extremely smart. The gardens are immaculate. Photo - December 2016



Primary schools are so invariably colourful, uncluttered and clean. The Ongerup primary school commenced here in 1950. Prior to that schooling was undertaken in the old hall. Photo - December 2016


Osborne Park

The Osborne Park Primary School viewed from Albert Street. Photo - April 2019



The Palmyra Primary School on Zenobia Street. This was constructed and opened in 1915 although from 1913 classes were held in the former Mechanics Institute's Hall which was on the corner of Carrington and Tamar Streets. Photo - June 2016



A wing of the Palmyra primary school showing off the limestone blocks base construction and row of chimney stacks. Photo - June 2016



Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School on Foss Street. Photo - June 2016



The Karri Visitors Centre on the main street. These buildings were constructed in 1919 as a purpose-built school. Prior to the existence of these buildings, schooling was conducted in the Mill Hall. Photo - October 2014



The Pemberton Mill Worker's Hall was constructed by volunteer labour and of donated timber in 1913. The Hall was used as a school between 1914 and 1919. The building has been owned by various saw-milling companies across the decades. Bunnings donated $30,000 for restoration works in 1995 and also ceded ownership to the Crown (Pemberton Progress Association). Photo - October 2014



The Old Perth Boys School on St Georges Terrace. The school was purpose built around 1852 with number of additions over the following 40 or so years. The Boy's School was relocated to James Street after 1896 and by around 1900 it was taken over as a Technical College. The building is now owned by the National Trust and used as a cafe/wine bar. The building recently (2011-2012) has had extensive renovations. Photo - March 2013



The Perth Technical School on St Georges Terrace was constructed in 1910. Between 1900 and 1910, technical education was carried out at the Old Perth Boys School next door. The name Perth Technical College was adopted in 1929. In 1985 this building, together with its neighbours, were ear-marked for demolition. A pressure group called "The Castle Keepers" ensured government and predatory businesses preserve this strip, including the neighbouring W.A. Trustees building and Newspaper House. Photo - March 2013



Mercedes College on Victoria Avenue in Perth city. Pictured is an entrance on Victoria Avenue. The school was established in 1846 by the Sisters of Mercy and provides Catholic education for girls in years 7 through 12. This was the first religious school in Australia. The school foundation was achieved through the efforts of Ursula Frayne and Catherine McAuley, both remembered for their quests in establishing Catholic education in Perth. Photo - August 2010



On the outskirts of Bunbury near Picton is this old school. It was originally built in 1861 to service children in the Glen Iris - Picton region. This is located at the southern end of Vittoria Road near the South Western Highway. The school is now known as the Bunbury John Calvin School. Photo - April 2013



Here is the former Pingelly school building which was opened on January 20, 1898. This is at 15 Parade Street. Such was the enrolment growth that the town soon outgrew this building. A new school opened on Park Street in 1906. This building was then used as the town's courthouse for many years. It is currently occupied by the Pingelly District Museum and was opened at such on 12th October 1979. Photo - November 2011



Edenvale in Pinjarra was built in 1888 by the pioneering Edward McLarty. The original school was built here in 1860 however the pictured building was constructed much later, in 1896. Photo - August 2011



St Joseph's School on George Street. The Sisters of St Joseph opened their first school in Jarrahdale in 1925. The Sisters moved to Pinjarra in 1930 and operated schools in various locations until they moved to this site in 1934. The present brick school building was completed in 1954. Up until 1967 this was also a high school. The school continues to operate. Photo - August 2011



The front of Pinjarra High School. The school was established in 1921. This used to be the main entrance to the school however the school has been extended and modified considerably over the decades and now the new administration section is in another place. Photo - January 2014



Pinjarra Senior High School. Looking down the side of the manual training block. In 1965, the nearer room was used for domestic science. The next rooms were woodwork and metal work. The old Technical Drawing room - a temporary transportable - has disappeared. Photo - 2005



This is the old Popanyinning school which operated from June 1905 to December 1973. The school is now a museum but looking through a window it still looks very much like a primary school classroom inside. Photo - November 2011



A wing of the Quairading District High School which sits across the road from the Catholic Church. The school opened in 1947. Photo - January 2012



The former Quairading State School. Construction of the school commenced in 1913 and it then expanded over the years. This appears to be the original or a very early building. Photo - January 2012



Here is the original part of the old Roelands Primary School. It is now used by the Hope Christian College which enrolls children from kindergarten all the way through to year 12. Photo - April 2013


Rottnest Island

Rottnest Primary School. This is the Rottnest campus of the Beaconsfield Primary School. This two-roomed building was opened in 1963 although schooling existed on the island from 1856. The first official school was gazetted in 1885. Photo - January 2013


Salter Point

The original Aquinas College building on this site. The college is a Catholic school for boys which was established in Perth City in 1894 and later moved to this site in 1937. The Foundation Stone of this building was laid and blessed by Redmond Prendiville, Archbishop of Perth, on July 11th, 1937. This is the Edmund Rice Administration wing. Photo - November 2014


Sawyers Valley

The former school head master's house, built in 1896, sits within the grounds of the Sawyers Valley primary school. Phot- March 2015



Just a little to the north of the Serpentine River Bridge and to the east of the highway is this old school. This is the site of the Serpentine Bridge School, 1858 to 1954. This particular building was erected in 1902 although there were others (or another) before this. In those days, the South Western Highway was known as the Bunbury Road. Photo - September 2012



At the western end of town is the old school. It no longer operates as a school as numbers dropped below the threshold so the few children left in town catch the bus each day to Quairading or Bruce Rock. A school was started in town in 1923 which was conducted in the town hall. An official school was constructed and opened in 1926-1927. The school closed in 1991. Photo - June 2013



After 1927, the school expanded over the years with new rooms and teachers' quarters being added. At its peak, the Shackleton school had 70-80 pupils. Comparatively big considering the size of the town. These building look in quite good condition. Grass and weeds are starting to grow through cracks in the school playground. Photo - June 2013


Shenton Park

The main entrance to Rosalie Primary School on Onslow Road. The school was established in 1906. Photo - March 2015



This is a view of part of Sacred Heart College looking from West Coast Drive. This is a co-educational Catholic high school which opened in 1967 when Sorrento was right on the periphery of Perth suburbia. Photo - May 2020


South Perth

Wesley Boys College in South Perth was opened on the 11th November 1922 by The Hon. Sir James Mitchell who was Premier of Western Australia at the time. The first intake of students occurred in 1923. Magnificent brickwork and building design are eye-catching features of the Uniting Church Wesley College located on the corner of Angelo and Coode Streets in South Perth. Photo - November 2011



The Subiaco Primary School is located on Bagot Road. The school was established in 1897. Over the years, growth in student numbers saw intermediate and senior children move to other campuses or into extensions on the Bagot Road site. Photo - January 2012



Perth Modern School is right on the eastern periphery of Subiaco, bounded by Roberts Road, Thomas Street and Subiaco Road. This is the northern aspect of the original building, constructed in 1909. The school is the most eminent public school in Perth and is renowned for its academic excellence. Inside the pictured building is the school's auditorium, the boardroom, and amenities and administration rooms. Photo - December 2014



The Stokes Building is an old building on the Perth Modern campus. From 1904 to 1979 this was the Thomas Street Primary School. Since 1990 it has been Perth Modern's English centre. Mr Joseph P. Stokes was a Senior Master (1950's) and then Principal (from 1972) of the former primary school. He later formed the Perth Modern Historical & Museum Society. Mr Stokes retired in 1979. Photo - August 2015



Scotch College, Swanbourne. This very attractive building is the mainstay of the college. More modern buildings - classrooms and the like - are located to the left and rear of this one. It's on Shenton Avenue. This is part of the senior school. The junior school is a little to the north and on the other side of the road. Photo - January 2011



Scotch College opened in February, 1897, and in those days was located on Beaufort Street in Perth and there it remained until February, 1905 when the college relocated to Swanbourne. The foundation stone of this building was laid by the Governor of Western Australia, Major General Michael Jeffery in February 1997 although I daresay this building dates back to close to 1905. Photo - January 2011



On Duke Street North is the old Newcastle School which later was known as the Toodyay School. At other times this place has been the Toodyay Methodist Church and the local Repertory Club. Photo - October 2013



This is most certainly an old school class room but it is unmarked and does not appear to be in use, indeed, it is fenced off. The building is on Fiennes Street. Photo - October 2013


Tuart Hill

St Kiernan Catholic Primary School "Constant and Faithful", in Tuart Hill. Photo - Novemeber 2018


Victoria Park

On Cargill Street is the Victoria Park Primary School. One of the oldest Education Department buildings in Perth, the school was opened in 1894. Due to its age, period design and immaculate condition, the school buildings are Heritage listed. Photo - April 2015


Victoria Park

Ursula Frayne Catholic College fronts Shepparton Road in Victoria Park. This is a view from the rear, from Teague Street. This school was once known as St Joachim's Primary and High School. Ursula Frayne was a founding Sister of the Sisters of Mercy and was instrumental in setting up Catholic Education in Perth, including Mercedes College in Victoria Square in the city. Photo - March 2013



On the north side of town on Watts Street is the local primary school and it looks really resplendent. This school was constructed in 1924 and is still operating as such. Photo - October 2011



Just behind Buckingham House and within the same current complex is this old school room. This building was once the school at Dundebar Road and opened in 1899 thanks to cash and land donation by Mr Buckingham. The building continued as a school room until 1959 and then used for other purposes. After 17 years in Perry's Paddock, it was moved to its current location in 2009. Photo - September 2013



St Anthony's Catholic School Dundebar Street, Wanneroo. The school was established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1935. The school expanded particularly in the 1970's and 1980's. The building pictured is new. The school relocated to the present site in 2000, which is actually the rear of the old site. Photo - March 2011



This is where the Waterloo primary school stood between 1926 and 1971. Photo - July 2018



The Watheroo primary school is pleasing to observe, as just about all of them are. This dates back to 1959. Photo - September 2014


West Perth

The Sisters of Mercy founded St Brigid's School in 1888, The construction of this Fitzgerald Street building commenced in 1899. Between 1902 and 1904 the nearby Church and Presbytery were built. The Sisters sold this site to the Government in 1974 but a buy-back was offered and accepted in 1998. Since 2001 this has been the Congregation administration offices of the Sisters of Mercy. Photo - June 2010


West Perth

Here is the original Hale School which occupied this site off Havelock Street (behind Dumas House) from 1914 to 1961. Sometime after that the building were used by the Education Department - Secondary Education Authority & Distance Education Centre. Since 1997 this complex is used as The Constitution Centre of Western Australia. Photo - January 2011


West Perth

The former Newcastle Street Government School on Newcastle Street. This was constructed in 1895 and appears to have been extended in 1928. The school has also been known as West Perth School and St John's Church of England School. On the front of the building is what looks like an old sign saying Junior Technical School. This complex is now used by the Department of Training & Workforce Deployment. Photo - September 2015


Whiteman Park

The Old School House in Whiteman Park is used as an Education Centre. Inside are chairs and whiteboards which indicates that it's current use is somewhat akin to what it was perhaps in former days. Notwithstanding its current name (House), this certainly looks like an old school classroom and indeed Whiteman has a habit of rescuing and renovating old disused public buildings. Photo - December 2010



The Wickepin Primary School was established in 1911. It is of unmistakable school architecture,a design plan which endured for decades. The school is very well maintained and the grounds are meticulously tended. Photo - June 2013



One wing of the Williams Primary School. Inside looks very pleasant including a large undercroft area for eating lunch and having assemblies. The school was established in 1878. It also served as the District High School during the 1950's to 1980's. Photo - November 2011



Situated a few kilometres south of the Witchcliffe townsite is the Margaret River Independent School. It is rather an attractive campus made up of old buildings and new ones constructed in vintage style. The school was established in 1982 and was originally known as the Nyindamurra Family School. Photo - December 2013



The local primary school is light and bright and still very much in use. The school was constructed in 1951. The previous school burnt down in 1949. Photo - April 2015



On Williamstown Road is the St Catherine's Dominican Convent. Pictured is the Newman Siena Centre which is part of the Convent. Photo - January 2013


Wongan Hills

This is the front wing of the 1953 Wongan Hills District High School. The school's history commenced in 1913 when, as a primary school, the student population was a mere 31. Over the ensuing decades the school has expanded with many buildings being added, facilities and curricula widened, and of course student numbers significantly increasing. The school became a Junior High School in 1958. Photo - October 2011



A section of the former primary school. This school was constructed in 1932 and closed in 2007. The buildings are now used as a private residence. (State Heritage Place Number 11770). Photo - November 2014



Part of the local primary school in the south side of town which was untouched by the January 2016 fires. Photo - September 2016



The Yealering Primary School was established in 1910 with classrooms resembling tents. The school grew steadily over the years. By 1968 the student population peaked at 112. In the years preceding this, classrooms of more robust fabrication were added. For a short time after 1919 the school closed due to lack of teacher accommodation in town. The school continues to thrive. Photo - June 2013



Yealering Primary School. Pictured is the school's Centenary Garden where the children learn basic agriculture skills via their vegetable and herb gardens. 'Grow and Achieve' is the school motto. The school has an environmental and technological focus. The quality of the buildings and grounds are a credit to all those involved. Photo - June 2013



The Yerecoin Primary School sporting attractive colours on the south side of town. The school is currently being extended/repaired under the National Economic Stimulus Plan. This school was established in 1927. Photo - October 2011



St Patrick's Convent School on South Street in York. The Catholic Sisters of Mercy established a school in York in 1852. The pictured building was constructed in 1873 for the Sisters school. The school has fairly recently ceased operating as such. The complex was then used as a public library. It is currently occupied by Chalkies Fine Furnishings and Antiques and is actually for sale. Photo - January 2013



Next to St Patrick's Church is the old York Primary School. It was built in 1866. Today the buildings are used by medical and dental practices. Photo - January 2013

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