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Statues, Sculptures & Art in Western Australia

Art comes is so many forms. Passing though the Perth suburbs and south west country towns we have come across many artistic structures or paintings, all outdoors, which I have generally included in its relevant locality page. Here is the collection of what we have found, all on one page


Albany - Heritage Sculpture

This sculpture sits on the west side of York Street. The items depict the town's heritage - the sea, the jetty, ship's cranes and district agriculture. It was designed by Jeffery Somerset-Healy who also oversaw the assemblage. Original old jetty timbers and farming/wharf implements have been used in the creation. This was opened in 1989. Photo - October 2014


Alkimos - Park Sculpture

There are two of these rather impressive sculptures, one on either side of Marmion Avenue which tend the lend some "authenticity" to this area as a real suburb. They stand out displaying their authority. Photo - February 2012


Armadale - Jull Street Memorial

Jull Street statue displaying a pioneer and waterwheel. This was created by sculptor Owen Davies and was unveiled in 1994. Photo - July 2008


Augusta - Wall of Faces

The Wall of Faces, a rather innovative idea aimed at showing 100 faces on a wall next to the hotel. Inclusion is by nomination. I can see one or two faces that look familiar. Is that local pioneer Georgiana Molloy below the man in the beret with the miliary medals? This was inspired by a painted wall in Paris. Photo - December 2013


Balingup - Street Figures

Figures? Effigies? Whatever. Nothing sinister about them though. They are all over town but I don't know why. They certainly add a feeling of festivity to the atmosphere of the town. Photo - April 2012


Belmont - Council Statue

In front of the Belmont Council building on Wright Street is this handsome statue which seems to represent an 1899 - 1999 centenary. Phone - December 2017


Bicton - Dolem

Earth Rising. A Dolem Sculptured in Rammed Earth located in the Point Walter Recreation Centre. This was built in 2015 to use in an annual event presented by the W.A. Men's Gathering. Photo - September 2018


Boddington - Fish Sculpture

Behind the caravan park and next to the Hotham River is Wanda the silver red-fin perch sculpture which was donated to the Shire by the Newcrest Boddington gold mine. Photo - April 2014


Brunswick - Town Cows

On the main street, opposite the old post office, are these rather cleverly built Friesian cows. They are everywhere (well, almost) - the town has well and truly adopted the cow as its emblem, and as a very important dairying centre, why not? February 2011. Photos Ref: BRWJ011


Burekup - School Mural

The River Valley Primary School located on Russell Road has this mural depicting local logging and wood milling activities from days gone by. Photo - April 2013


Cape Leeuwin - Cow near Lighthouse

Perhaps this cow would be more at home in Cowaramup or Brunswick? In the old days a small herd of cattle used to roam around in this area so this was constructed to remember them. Photo - December 2013


Cowaramup - Cows

Just about all over Cowaramup are cattle statues such as this. The rather clever coat is evidence that it's only a few days until Christmas. Photo - December 2013


Cowaramup - Cows

A couple more Friesian cows also adorned in their Christmas gear watch passers-by on the main street. All these cows (and there are quite a lot) are a great idea. I'd guess many tourists who may ordinarily just drive through town would stop and take a look and then perhaps patronise some of the local businesses. Photo - December 2013


Dandaragan - Store Wall Pictures

Paintings depicting life and activities in the Shire of Dandaragan adorn the eastern wall of the store. Photo - December 2015


Forrestdale - Hall Mural

On the corner of Armadale Road and Weld Street is the Forrestdale Hall. One side of the building is painted with an incredibility realistic and detailed mural depicting wildlife on the nearby Forrestdale Lake. The mural was painted by Ian Dickinson. This is one of three close-up pictures I took. Photo - January 2014


Forrestdale - Hall Mural

Another look at Mr Dickinson's mural. This features waterbirds on the lake with the Darling Range sitting off over on the horizon. Photo - January 2014


Forrestdale - Hall Mural

The third picture I took of Mr Dickinson's Forrestdale Hall mural. Tremendous depiction of black swans and lake reflections. Photo - January 2014


Fremantle - Child Migrant Statue

At the front of the new Maritime Museum is this statue, erected to remember so many child migrants who landed at the Port of Fremantle in the last century, and who endured so many hardships but helped build Western Australia into what it is today. Photo - October 2012


Fremantle - Boat Harbour Statue

On this jetty in the Fishing Boat Harbour is this statue honouring all of the many fishermen who have worked these waters over the decades. Photo - October 2010


Fremantle - Bon Scott Statue

Near Cicerellos and the train line is this statue of one of Fremantle's more famous people - Bon Scott of AC-DC. Photo - October 2010


Goomalling - Sculpture

A clever roadside sculpture next to Railway Terrace in Goomalling. You can see the railway station in the background. Photo - July 2013


Gosnells - Train Station Artwork

Sculpture or artwork out the front of the Gosnells train station. Photo - July 2008


Gosnells - Footpath Sculpture

A clever sculpture on the footpath near Centennial Pioneer Park depicts animals escaping from a drain down below via this manhole. Photo - May 2011


Herdsman - Lake Statue

This curious statue on what is currently an island (due to the high water level) in Herdsman Lake is close to Lakeside Road in Floreat Waters. Apparently this statue used to stand at the old A.M.P. Building in Perth City until the building was demolished in the early 1970's. Photo - October 2013


Hyden - Walk Through Time

A very clever set of sculptures which depict a walk through time. The first of the items is this horse and cart. The collection is arranged in a chronological sequence to show how transport and technology evolved over the years. Photo - April 2015


Hyden - Walk Through Time

At the end of the sequence are these bicycles and a motorised truck. Photo - April 2015


Innaloo - Stirling Spirit

At the eastern end of the Morris Street shops are these glass illustrations by Plumb Construction and Design and Mothers Art, entitled Stirling Spirit, which opened in March 2010. Photo - October 2014


Jennacubbine - Farm Gate Sculptures

Close to the town centre is the entrance to Jennacubbine Farm. The owners have certainly added to the colour of the locality via this innovative gatekeeper sculpture. Photo - July 2013


Koorda - Children's Community Sign

Lovely community sign created by local children sum up the way of life in Koorda. Photo - April 2012


Kukerin - Postcode Sculpture

On the outskirts of town is this large sculpture depicting the town's postcode. It is made up of many pieces of small metal, including some words, animals and bits of machinery. Very clever. Photo - April 2015


Kulin - Tin Horse

Tin horses adorn this area and apparently there are quiet a few along what is known as the Tin Horse Highway which runs from here to Hyden, 120 kilometres away. Photo - April 2015


Manjimup - Grape Stomper

The rather curious sculpture on a street corner is entitled "The Grape Stomper". It was conceived and designed by Kearnan College year 9 students, who also assisted in carving it. The plaque neglects to state which year it was completed and erected. Photo - October 2014


Manjimup - Urban Art

Manjimup Youth Urban Art, Blyth Way. The community artist was Gavin Walker who had the help six other young artists. This depicts urban and rural activities in the region. The plaque does not state when this work was completed. Photo - October 2014


Margaret River - Mechanical Cow

Standing outside a hardware store is this cow, cleverly decorated with all manner of mechanical bits and pieces. Photo - December 2013


Midland - Roadside Figures

One of three roadside sculptures which I am including in this page. A railways workshop worker arrives on his bike for work as they would have done in those days. The sculptures are simplistic in materials and design but (to me) reflect a history which my words cannot do justice. Photo - April 2013


Midland - Roadside Figures

Cleverly crafted roadside sculptures such as this can be found throughout Midland. This pair are on the Great Eastern Highway. Depicting a memory of railway workers in town. Fastened the shoe-lace whilst the station master looks on. Photo - April 2013


Midland - Roadside Figures

Another roadside figure, this time a railway worker takes a break to eat his crib. His Gladstone bag is on the ground next to him. This is located on The Crescent. Photo - April 2013


Moora - Horse Memorial

This memorial is a tribute to the role the Clydesdale horse played in doing most of the hard haulage work in opening up of the Moora district in pioneering days. The dog gets a mention as well! The park and statue were opened in 2001. Photo - July 2012


Moora - Horse Memorial Mural

A close-up of part of the wall mural in Moora's Horse Memorial park. Photo - July 2012


Quindanning - Sculpture

At the front of the community centre and adjacent to the Welcome Sign is this metal sculpture. Photo - April 2014


Quindanning - Race Track Sculpture

An eye-catching metal sculpture at the Quindanning race-track entrance featuring a dancing horse and cowboy. Atop is a lamp post and a rather prickly looking cat hissing down at the dog jumping up. Photo - April 2014


Quinns Rocks - Statue

A statue or a sculpture or both? Over looking the beach and ocean, I wonder what this angelic entanglement of metal represents, not that it really needs to? Photo - March 2011


Perth, Kings Park - Pioneer Women's Memorial

Mother and child statue in Kings Park in the centre of a lake, surrounded by fountain jets which periodically spray up in a set sequence. Opened by Lady Kendrew in January 1968. Photo - June 2012


Perth - Laneway off Barrack Street

Not all Perth laneways are dingy. Someone's made a great job of brightening up this one. It runs off Barrack Street just a few metres south of Wellington Street. Photo - March 2013


Rockingham - Dolphin Sculpture

A sculpture of a dolphin sits in the town centre near the foreshore. Photo - May 2015


Seaforth - Railway Station

Seaforth Primary School artwork on Seaforth station. Great idea - it adds colour and life to the station. This practice is quite wide-spread on many of the smaller stations on the Perth rail network. Photo - May 2011


Shackleton - Gallery Sculpture

Crafted in Steve's Studio Workshop and on display at the side of his next door gallery is one of his clever sculptures. Photo - June 2013


Shackleton - Gallery Sculpture

Another of the Steve's Gallery's sculptures. This speaks for itself. Photo - June 2013


Wandering - Pioneer Statue

This statue is near the Wandering Agricultural Hall. This is no doubt to commemorate and honour the pioneer farmers and their tireless horses who worked together to open up this district in the middle-late 1800's. The statue is the creation of Len Zuks. Photo - October 2011


Wanneroo - Statue

This statue stands in the centre of the road roundabout outside the Council offices. It doesn't appear to say what it represents. Photo - March 2011


Wilson - Castledare Wall Mural

Outside the Castledare Miniature Railway park. The mural is painted on the side of a shed and visible from the passing road and nearby Catholic Church precinct. Photo - October 2012


Wyalkatchem - Mural of 1928 Town Scene

On the side of a local shop is a small park with cacti etc, and a giant mural filling up the wall. The mural depicts how the town looked in 1928. This is a small part of the mural. You can see the NAB. Photo - April 2012

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