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Sport in Western Australia

A favourable climate fostering an out-door lifestyle, the wide-open spaces of Western Australia and the culture of the Australian people are all factors in a fairly high participation rate in a great number of sports, either as players or spectators. On this page are photographs depicting sports, participation and facilities in Perth and around the nearby country. WAFL football (and therefore AFL) can be found in the subjects index as a separate page


Floreat Park

This is the grandstand in Perry Lakes Stadium due for demolition any day now. The stadium faces over what used to be a sports ground, and is off Brookdale Street. This land will be turned into housing. The facility was purpose built for the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games. Since that event, use of the complex has been somewhat sporadic in main-stream sport. Photo - January 2011


Floreat Park

This is the rear side of Perry Lakes Stadium - the west side. This facility has been replaced by the new AK Stadium & sports complex in Mount Claremont which features up-to-date and specialist venues for swimming, ball sports, athletics etc. Photo - January 2011


Mount Claremont

The Challenge Stadium in Mount Claremont home to the West Australian Institute of Sport. This building is to the right of the Stadium main entrance. The inaugural W.A.I.S. director was Wally Foreman who was also an extremely popular and professional sports journalist. Photo - January 2011


Mount Claremont

This (and the other buildings) are part of a new sports complex being built next to the Challenge Stadium, mainly to replace the old Perry Lakes complex further to the east, which is in the process of being demolished. The complex caters for all matter of sport but its probably fitting show this under athletics, at the head of this web page. Photo - January 2011


Mount Claremont

The main entrance to the Challenge Stadium. The Stadium was opened in 1986. It has a fine swimming complex and also a sports arena which is used by the Perth Wildcats (basketball) and West Coast Fever (netball). Originally called the Perth Superdrome, the "Challenge" comes from the now defunct Challenge Bank, a former sponsor which had naming rights. Photo - January 2011


Mount Claremont

This AK Reserve Stadium is complete and in use. The stadium overlooks the arena which is designed and used for athletics. Photo - January 2011

Australian Football


The J. E. Hands Memorial Oval in Bunbury has been the home of the South Bunbury Football Club for decades. Here are their clubrooms. Photo - April 2013



The Calingiri sports ground is currently being maintained. Big piles of soil/sand probably to top dress the playing surface? This looks like a broadcast/coaches tower with the clubrooms alongside. The ground is undoubtedly multi-purpose but football would be a leading code played here. Photo - October 2011



Home of the Corrigin Tigers, the local football ground which looks in tip-top condition. Photo - June 2013



Off Jarrad Street is the Cottesloe Oval Anderson Pavilion, home of the Cottesloe Magpies football club. The oval is off to the left. The building was opened on 27th October, 1979 by the then Mayor of Cottesloe, Lt. Col. J. Anderson J.P. Photo - April 2013



Here in Dumbleyung is Stubbs Park, the sports fields. This is the main grandstand named after Mr Sydney Stubbs, one time M.L.A. for the seat of Wagin. Mr Stubbs was first elected in 1911 - he was in Parliament for many years and rose to the position of Speaker. Photo - February 2013



The Dwellingup football oval close to the town centre and railway station. Photo - August 2009



Visitors in Gingin are celebrating as today is A.F.L. grand final day - Hawthorn versus Fremantle. Many people are in the outside area of the cafe watching the game. At half time patrons decided to get in a kick of two of their own. You can see the cafe in the background. Photo - September 2013



The Harvey Recreation Ground - the Jim Rake entrance. A really convenient and central location and possibly home to Harvey-Brunswick football team? Photo - December 2010



Inside the Harvey Recreation Ground is this grandstand. It is the Arthur Marshall Stand. Mr Marshall was a well-known local identify. Photo - December 2010



The football oval is on the west side of town and this is the club rooms of Centrals Football Club. Photo - September 2012

Avon River Descent


On the Avon River in Northam. This weir was built to shore up water levels in the section of river which runs through town. The Weir was constructed in 1907-1908. This is where the annual Avon Descent event commences. Photo - October 2012



Here is the Northam Weir spanning the Avon River looking west. Off to the right of picture is a very sturdy bridge which supports the main east-west standard gauge railway line. Photo - October 2012



On the east bank of the river, just behind the main shopping centre is this small tower and box which is the starting point of the annual Avon River Descent. The event is a 133 kilometre race from Northam to Perth open to small power boat, rafts, kayaks and the like. An arduous event at the best of times, in years of low rainfall some sections of the river require craft to be carried over rocks etc. Photo - October 2012



Bells Rapids is an attractive part of the Avon River in Brigadoon. Good June rains see the river flowing quite well and a couple of hardy fellows seem to be kayak practicing for the Avon Decent which is held in early August each year. Photo - July 2011



Water rushes across the rocks at Bells Rapids. In the foreground the water is a lot calmer. These rapids can be tricky to negotiate for participants in the Avon Descent. Photo - July 2011


Perth - New Stadium

The is the new Perth Stadium located on Wellington Street in Perth City. Although the complex is multi-purpose, this is the new home of the Perth Wildcats basketball team and as such I have classified it under that code. Photo - March 2013



The Lesmurdie BMX track is part of the Ray Owen sports complex on Gladys Road. Photo - February 2011



Sorrento Bowling Club. Over near Marmion Avenue and just off Warwick Road is the Percy Doyle Reserve which is home to soccer, tennis, and this, the bowling club. Photo - October 2011



Inside the Brunswick show-grounds, off a bit to the west of the main street. This is the Brunswick-Roelands Cricket club pavilion. In this area is also home of Harvey-Brunswick-Leschenault Football Club. Photo - February 2011



The clubrooms of the Midland-Guildford Cricket Club at Lilac Hill Park, just across the Swan River from Guildford. For many years Lilac Hill has been the venue of the opening cricketing encounter for summer visiting international teams. One of the club's most famous players is Dennis Lillee. Photo - July 2011



There is quite a bit of interest in this cricket match at Collie today. Perhaps it is the final as it's time for the season to close. Photo - March 2014



The University Cricket Club pavilion sitting alongside the James Oval cricket ground within the University of Western Australia campus. Photo - January 2013



The University Cricket Club. University is a team in the Western Australian grade cricket competition. To qualify to play for this team you actually have to be enrolled at the university. The club's first season was in 1885-1886. University is one of the oldest grade cricket clubs in Perth. Photo - January 2013


East Perth

The Western Australia Cricket Association ground. This is perhaps the only mechanical scoreboard still in use an a cricket ground in Australia and still used for test matches. Justin Langer is the player on 111. The scoreboard lists some of the most famous ever Western Australian cricketers. Photo - 22 March 2008


East Perth

The Western Australia Cricket Association ground. The Prindeville Stand is behind us. Over there is the Lillee-Marsh Stand. This is the day of Perth -v- Scarborough final and one of those batsmen is Justin Langer. Photo - 22 March 2008


East Perth

The Western Australia Cricket Association ground. The Lillee-Marsh stand taken from round near the scoreboard. Photo - 22 March 2008



The Yealering cricket academy building next to the local sports ground. Photo - June 2013



The name Cannington has long been synonymous with greyhound racing. This is a view of the grandstand and grassed spectator area and part of the dog track. Photo - October 2013



This is the winners podium located in front of the Cannington dog track grandstand. The winner gets to stand in the centre. Second and third on either side. Photo - October 2013



Just off Mandjoogoordap Drive, near Gordon Road is the Mandurah Greyhound Racing Association. Is is located in a part of Kanyana Park. Pictured is a section of the track and the grandstand. The Mandurah Raceway was opened on 5th January 1979. The Sand Track was opened on 12th May 1989. Photo - January 2014



Part of the Mandurah Greyhound Racing Association track showing the starting box (centre left) and the winner's podium in front of the grandstand. Photo - January 2014



Close to Bells Rapids in Brigadoon, on Cathedral Avenue, is the State Equestrian Centre. This is the front of the building. Inside is a shop and administration offices. To the rear is an under-cover arena. Photo - July 2011



Inside the State Equestrian Centre rear arena. Children practice on their ponies on the sand floor with music playing to help them through their routines. Photo - July 2011



Adjacent to the wetlands in Carine is the Helen Strickland Arena. It is a riding school for the disabled. Horses are housed in here or graze in the paddocks off to the left. Photo - April 2010



Equestrian events being held in the Gidgegannup showgrounds. Photo - February 2011



The Go-Kart Speedway track at Jennacubbine is located behind the hall and adjacent to the CBH depot. The judge's box is there on the left. Photo - July 2013



The Point Walter Golf Course clubhouse which is off Honour Avenue (which serves as an extension to Point Walter Road). Photo - September 2018



Rather attractive stonework and design of the main entrance to the Burswood Park Golf Course. Photo - January 2013



This section of the Burswood Golf Course will be removed to make way for the football stadium should that project finally go ahead. Photo - January 2013


City Beach

Lush green and fairway on a par 4 hole leading back to the Wembley Golf Complex clubhouse. There is a hint of a rainbow in the sky. Photo - May 2012



In Dawesville just south of Mandurah, this is "The Cut Golf Course". It's off Country Club Drive. This is part of the clubrooms. Photo - December 2011



A tricky looking fairway at the Cut Golf Course. The flag is up there at the top of the hill, past those treacherous sand traps. Photo - December 2011


Preston Beach

The Preston Beach Golf Club which holds its own competitions and by the look of it offers daily rates to visitors which is a bit unusual and great value for golfing buffs. Photo - January 2012



The splendid W.A. Golf Club Inc building on Hayes Avenue. This is a building of substance. It extends back for at least the distance across the front. The Club was established in 1928. The stone attached to the building states "WA Golf Club Inc. This stone was laid by His Excellency The Lieutenant Governor Sir Robert McMillan K.C.M.G. in the year of the state centenary March 9th 1929". Photo - July 2018



Just to the south of the clubhouse building, this view is looking across a couple of fairways and features the club's historic clock. Photo - July 2018

Horse Racing


Viewed from the western side of the Swan River is the Ascot Racecourse and grandstand. In the foreground is the Swan River. The Ascot buildings picture were build circa 1900. It is at this course that Perth's summer racing program is held. Photo - July 2013



The Belmont Park race course grandstand from the track side. The first racing here was held in 1910. The pictured grandstand was built circa 1968. This racecourse is where Perth's winter racing program is held. Photo - May 2008



Easter Saturday is Picnic Race Day at Quindanning. The crowds are starting to build. The horses are being warmed up. Many tents are in the camping grounds erected and used by those who have travelled from afar. It looks like the makings of a good meet. Photo - April 2014



The Toodyay racecourse is a little west of town up Racecourse Road. Behind the racing complex is the golf course. This picture is taken from on the track itself looking over towards the grandstand. Photo - October 2013



Here is the patrons entry point to the Toodyay Racecourse for patrons. This is a tiny weatherboard and iron structure. Photo - October 2013



On the Swan River this wooden boat shed and clubrooms, the home of U.W.A. Boat Club and established in 1919. Photo - July 2012


Mount Pleasant

The Swan River Rowing Club is located right at the top of The Esplanade in Mount Pleasant, just about adjacent to Canning Highway, and naturally next to the Canning river. Photo - July 2010



The West Australian Rowing Club Inc. building featuring Sassy's On The Swan restaurant. This wooden building protruding onto the Swan River was established in 1868. It is located a little east of the main Jetty area on Riverside Drive. Photo - June 2012


Salter Point

The Curtin University Rowing Club Stacey Boathouse at Salter Point. This is located by the river (naturally) at the end of Elderfield Road. Lots of parklands, wetlands and walkways around here. Well worth a visit. Photo - September 2018



In the Percy Doyle Reserve is the Sorrento Soccer Club in Duncraig. These two benches house the home and visitors reserve players, and coaches, during soccer matches. October 2011. Photos Ref: DUNC015



These days Perth Oval is known as NIB Stadium and is home to two football codes. These are soccer (Perth Glory) and Rugby League (West Coast Pirates) The ground has recently had these grandstands constructed and a few years ago the playing area was changed from being oval shaped to a rectangle. Photo - July 2013



Donnan Park is a recreation and sports complex a little to the north of the Tammin townsite. This photo features the grandstand and facility buildings. Today the ground in front of the grandstand is set up for soccer. Photo - June 2011



Friday night was speedway night. This photo is of a memorial in the showgrounds remembering those who lost their lives participating in speedway events. The speedway operated here from 1927 to 1999. From 2000, events are held at the new Quit Motorplex in Kwinana. Photo - August 2009


Mount Claremont

The indoor swimming pool at The Challenge Stadium. Designed for top-level championships, it is a truly world-class facility. Right down the far end is a smaller training pool. Off to the left of photo is a presentation stage. Photo - January 2011


Mount Claremont

At the south end of the Challenge Stadium is this out-door pool which, on this day, was getting a bit of a work-out. Photo - January 2011



Slightly to the west of the Burswood Crown Complex and the new apartments, and adjacent to the Perth - Armadale railway line is the State Tennis Centre. Photo - January 2013



State Tennis Centre, Burswood. Looking down from the grandstand across a couple of tennis courts. You can see how close to the rail this is. A train is passing by on its way to Armadale. You can also glimpse a section of Belmont Park station and the racecourse grandstand. Photo - January 2013



State Tennis Centre, Burswood. A view across the courts again. If the new Burswood football stadium comes to fruition, these courts will be the site of a rail station, platforms and tracks etc. The Tennis Centre will have to be relocated. In the background you can see the W.A.C.A. light towers. Photo - January 2013



Burswood Dome. Just walking over from Burswood train station (previously known as Rivervale), here is the Burswood Dome. It's a busy day the day this picture was taken as the Hopman Cup (tennis) is on. The Dome has since been demolished (2012) to create more car parking spaces. Photo - 2007



The Moodiarrup Sports Complex. This is the club house. To the right of the picture are fine tennis courts and bowling facilities. You can also play golf here. The complex was opened in 1982. Photo - April 2012


East Fremantle

Adjacent to Marmion Avenue is the preserved main gate of the old Richmond Raceway trotting track. The track operated from 1928 and 1991 and was later demolished with most of the land sold for housing. This gateway is in Marjorie Green Park. Photo - November 2013


East Fremantle

Over on what was the eastern side of the Richmond Raceway trotting track, this gateway has also been preserved. It is located in the George Booth Park. Photo - November 2013


East Fremantle

in what was the centre of the former Richmond Raceway is a park. On the northern boundary of the park is this sculpture commemorating trotting in the district. The sculpture was opened in 2000 and was created under the direction of Vittoria Ulinovich. Photo - November 2013


East Perth

Next to the WACA is Gloucester Park, home of trotting in Western Australia. Pictured are the front gates. The track was officially opened in March 1930. Prior to this, trots were held at the WACA ground, Belmont Park, and the Claremont Showgrounds at various times. Photo - March 2008


East Perth

Gloucester Perth in East Perth. A view of part of the track and facilities. You can see the WACA in the background. Photo - March 2008


East Perth

Gloucester Perth in East Perth. Another aspect of Gloucester Park this time showing more of the track. Since the demise of the Richmond track in East Fremantle in 1991, this is the only operating trotting track in the Perth metropolitan area. Country trots are regularly held in Northam, Kalgoorlie, Bunbury, Williams, Harvey and Pinjarra (and probably others). Photo - March 2008



Here is the Pinjarra Paceway, the local venue for trotting meetings. This is the main entrance and rear of the main grandstand. Photo - August 2011



Pinjarra Paceway. Today people were busy preparing the track for a trot meet the next day. After all the rain, there is a decent sized lake in the paddock in the centre of the track. Photo - August 2011



Action at the Williams trotting track. A reinsman puts his charge through its paces early on a cool Sunday morning. Photo - November 2011

Wind Surfing


Lancelin seems to be a very sporty town. Many wind-surfers and kite enthusiasts take advantage of the howling wind off the coast near the reef. Some were travelling at incredible speeds. The beaches were however deserted of swimmers today. Photo - January 2011



Up at Halls' Head in Mandurah, a brave windsurfer matches himself against the brisk autumn gusts that were prevailing this day. A little out to sea is a navigation marker and beacon. Photo - April 2013



From Shoalwater looking towards the southern end of Penguin Island and the open sea a wind-surfer and passing boat help add colour to the picture. Photo - February 2012



South of Perth Yacht Club viewed from a lookout at the old Heathcote Hospital site in Applecross. In the background is the Kwinana Freeway and way beyond that the hills.  Photo - May 2011



The Claremont Yacht Club's northern face which looks up to Victoria Avenue. Down below are parking areas and all the boat moorings. Photo - April 2013



The Claremont Yacht Club's "river" side viewed from the Claremont jetty. Behind, up the hill slightly, are apartments on Victoria Avenue or Queenslea Drive. Photo - April 2013

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