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Civic Buildings in Western Australia

In Australia, the third tier of government below federal and state, is local government. Depending upon population, a local government area can be a city, a town or a shire. The term Council is interchangeable with Local Government. In Western Australia there are now 140 local government areas. Pre-1961 towns were known as Municipalities and shires as Road Districts. Here are some pictures of council buildings. Old Road Board buildings are on another page



The majestic Town Hall on York Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by The Mayoress of Albany on 9th December 1886. The stone doesn't actually name the Mayoress. Photo - October 2014



On Almondbury Drive in Ardross is the futuristic looking City Of Melville headquarters. Photo - June 2013



On Jull Street is the imposing Armadale District Hall. Originally built in 1936 in "Inter-war art deco style", the hall has had a number of face-lifts over the years. It was saved from commercial redevelopment by concerned citizens in 2001. Now on interim Heritage List. Photo - January 2012



The sturdy Town Hall. The hall was erected in 1951. It was extended and re-modelled in 1995. Photo - March 2015



The Beverley Town Hall at the head of Vincent Street. This district hall was opened by Sir James Mitchell, Lieutenant Governor, on September 1, 1938. June 2016



At 99 Vincent Street is the old council building. This was built in 1898 as the Council Chambers and for the use of the Roads Board. At one stage later the building was used by the fire brigade. More recently is was used as a doctor's surgery until 1995. Photo - April 2015.



On the Great Northern Highway Highway in the centre of town is the Bindoon Hall. Looking very 1930's/1940's in design which is not surprising as it was built in 1939. Photo - August 2011



Bindoon is the biggest town in the Shire of Chittering. This is the Shire office building on the Great Northern Highway. Photo - August 2011



Polling for local council elections is on today. This is the Shire of Boddington Office and if you're eligible, you can go in and cast your vote today. Photo - October 2011



The original Boddington Town Hall was weatherboard and iron and was constructed on this site in 1924. In 1950, the local Marradong Road Board erected the present building, the Marradong Community Hall, on the same site. This building cost 15,000 pounds. Photo - October 2011



The Bolgart Memorial Hall was constructed in 1932 with additions being built in 1948 and 1953. October 2011


Boyup Brook

The Boyup Brook Town Hall. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Chairman of the Upper Blackwood Road Board, P. D. Forrest Esq., on 1st June 1936. Photo - April 2012



Constructed in 1936, here is the Bridgetown Town Hall, Civic and Community Centre. Photo - April 2012



The Brookton District Memorial Hall looks of 1950's or 1960's vintage. Photo - November 2011



This view of the hall takes in the rear section highlighting the fine brickwork. Photo - June 2016



On Great Southern Highway is the Shire Hall and former Road Board Offices. This has also been known as the Town Hall and Sheridan's Hall. A hall was erected on this site in 1928. The pictured building was constructed in 1928. The hall was refurbished in 2011. Photo - December 2016



The Shire of Broomehill-Tambellup shire offices and library sit in well-manicured gardens. Photo - December 2016


Bruce Rock

The main shopping and business street in Bruce Rock is Johnson Street which runs north-south. Coming into town from Quairading, you enter towards the south end. One of the first buildings encountered in the fine Shire Office building, constructed in 1928. Photo - June 2013


Bruce Rock

Next door to the Bruce Rock Shire Office is the Shire Hall which was built in a later period. Photo - June 2013



Brunswick's Memorial Hall on the South Western Highway in the centre of town. The jacaranda purple offers a complimentary colour. Photo - December 2010



The Bunbury Municipal Offices on Stephen Street. This was built in 1935 and the Foundation Stone was laid by Sir John Forrest. Photo - December 2009



The large Calingiri Recreation Hall is a modern structure. It was opened on 29th March, 1980. This is the main hall within the Shire of Victoria Plains. Photo - October 2011



Calingiri is in the middle of the Shire of Victoria Plains and as such, the shire has made this town its headquarters. This is a glimpse of the Shire Offices. Photo - October 2011



The City of Canning buildings in the heart of Cannington. The fountain and lake full of water birds in their park adds admirably to the vista. Photo - August 2013



The Cannington Town Hall on Albany Highway was constructed in 1926. This has recently been renovated. The City of Canning administration centre and lake are at the rear. Photo - August 2013



The Shire of Carnamah offices complete with colourful wall and a piece of farming machinery. Photo - September 2014



The Claremont Council Chambers at the end of Bay View Terrace looking across Stirling Highway. This building was badly damaged by fire a year or two after this photo was taken. Construction commenced in 1899 with alterations being made in 1935. Photo - February 2008



On Stirling Highway is the Claremont Town Hall (Community Centre) and Library. This was originally a Methodist Church which was bought by the Council in 1981. The Church Foundation Stone was laid by Sir Robert Furse McMillan, Lieutenant Governor, on September 10th, 1922. Photo - April 2013



Coorow Shire Offices towards the eastern end of Main Street. Those guy wires in the foreground help support a very tall communications tower. This building was established in 1976. Photo - September 2014



The Coorow District Hall, now the Community Resource Centre. Photo - September 2014



At the top of Campbell Street is the Corrigin Shire Council building. This was constructed in 1963. A Road Board was established in Corrigin in 1913. Photo - June 2013



The Corrigin Town Hall was constructed in 1929. The large stone set on the front of the building commemorates the 20th March 1929 opening and was unveiled by the then Road Board chairman, J. Adams Esq. J. P. Photo - June 2013



The Shire of Cranbrook office on Gathrone Street. Photo - October 2014


Cranbrook - Memorial Hall

The front of the Cranbrook Memorial Hall, directly next door to the old Road Board Building. Photo - October 2014



The Shire Offices are a little more recent than surrounding structures but nevertheless looks quite pleasant through the trees. The Shire also takes in the town of Popanyinning and a large area of the Dryandra State Forest. Photo - November 2011



This is the Shire of Cunderdin offices which is located next to the local library. Photo - June 2011



On Waratah Avenue in Dalkeith is the Dalkeith Hall and local Community Care Centre. Dalkeith is within the City of Nedlands. Photo - January 2011



The Dardanup Hall is a few hundred metres from the town centre on the Waterloo Road. Photo - December 2010



This is the Shire of West Arthur Hall. At the rear of the hall is the original Pioneer Hall. Photo - April 2012



On Strickland Street is the Denmark Public Library and Civic Centre. Photo - October 2014



The Shire of Irwin office occupies where was once the 1881 Mechanics Institute. Photo - September 2014



Constructed of renowned, local Donnybrook stone is the Soldiers Memorial Hall situated next to the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup administration centre. The Foundation Stone was laid by the then State Governor, Sir William Macartney, on 24th September, 1919. 'PRB' on the top of the building stands for Preston Roads Board. Photo - July 2014



The Dowerin Town Hall is relatively modern structure. The Foundation Stone was laid by E. H. Henning Esq., President of the Shire of Dowerin, on 11th March 1963. Photo - April 2012



On Bennett Street next to the Shire of Dumbleyung administration offices is the local hall. The Foundation Stone was laid by S. Stubbs Esq, M.L.A., on 9th March 1929. Four local pioneer names are also etched into the stone. They are: Geo. Kersley, F. W. Bahr, H. Bartram and W. S. Bennett. Photo - February 2013


East Fremantle

The East Fremantle Town Hall on Canning Highway. The hall has three foundation stones. The first was laid by Sir John Forrest on October 21, 1899. The second by Mayoress Mrs M. L. Moss on the same date. The third by Mayor F. McDonald on Coronation Day August 11, 1902 celebrating the library and institute extensions. Photo - December 2014



The Fremantle Town Hall was constructed in 1887. This is a view from the east end of the High Street mall. At the rear of the hall is the City of Fremantle offices. Photo - October 2010



Any city would be proud to own this Art Gallery building which opened as such in 1984. From 1907 to 1981 this was the Geraldton Town Hall. Photo - September 2014



The former Bank of NSW, constructed in 1929, is now used by the local Shire. Photo - December 2016



This is the front of the Goomalling Memorial Hall. The Foundation Stone was laid by the Hon. W. J. George Esq., M.L.A., Minister for Works, on May 1st, 1922. The artistic effect, the old plough in the foreground, was suggested to be by the rather pleasant lady mowing the lawn in this park. Photo - July 2013



The rather futuristic City of Gosnells Council Office. It is off to the left of the Albany Highway (travelling south), just before you get to the Canning River traffic bridge. Photo - May 2011



This Town Hall is a more recent addition to the town of Greenbushes. It replaced the original Town Hall which used to occupy this site. The Foundation Stone is inscribed thus: "In Memory of David William Stinton Esq., Founder of the Greenbushes Tinfield. Unveiled on the Occasion of the District's 60th Jubilee Celebration. 2nd February 1960. Guy Thomson, Chairman". Photo - April 2012


Green Head

The Green Head Community Centre which also incorporates the library. Green Head lies within the Shire of Coorow. Phone - September 2014



The Guildford Town Hall on James Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by Governor Sir James Mitchell on September 6th, 1937. The Mayor at that time was R. Calder-Crowther. Photo - April 2013



The Shire of Harvey building which was constructed in 1935. Photo - December 2010



The Jerramungup Town Hall was opened in 1958. The hall was re-named the Rootpickers Hall in 2001 in recognition of community volunteers. Photo - December 2016



The Joondalup Civic Centre is located right next to the Joondalup Council Offices on Boas Avenue. Photo - July 2011


Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay is the largest town in the Shire of Dandaragan. At one time decades ago perhaps the town of Dandaragan was larger than Jurien Bay? That's certainly not the case today. Here is the Council office. Photo - January 2013



The Katanning Town Hall on Austral Terrace. This has been extended and modified over the years. The first Foundation Stone was laid by Hon. F. H. Piesse MLA on January 1st, 1901, the day of Federation. Another was laid by Hon. Frank Wilson MLA, Colonial Treasurer, on May 27th, 1907. Further additions and alterations took place in 1928 and 1979. Photo - April 2015



This is the Kellerberrin Memorial Hall. It was built in the 1960's and the site was formerly part of the Road Board complex which housed machinery and plant. This is on Massingham Street. Photo - June 2011



On Gordon Street is the premises of the Shire of Kondinin. Photo - April 2015



On Jones Street is the Kondinin Town Hall. The front section of the hall is very recent. It was opened in 2010. The rear of the hall, you can see the old brickwork, is decades older, dating back to 1934. Photo - April 2015



The Koorda Pioneer Hall on the corner of Koorda Road and Railway Street. The Hall was built to commemorate district pioneers and was opened by Hon. L. F. Kelly, M.L.A., Minister for Lands etc on 9th August 1958. The Foundation Stone was laid on the same date by Road Board Chairman, Alex Aitken, J.P. This has also been variously known as the Agricultural Hall and simply the Old Hall. Photo - April 2012



This is the former Korrelocking Town Hall which was re-opened in Wyalkatchem on July 2nd, 1976. This hall was erected in Korrelocking in 1954 and moved to Wyalkatchem to be serve as the Community Centre. July 2015. Photos Ref: WYAL024


Lake Grace

The Lake Grace Shire Hall. The front section shown in the picture is a relatively new addition. Behind is the old hall which was built in 1930. Photo - April 2015



Lancelin lies with the Shire of Gingin. This is the local shire office. I'd say that Lancelin is in fact bigger than Gingin by quite a margin and will continue to grow. Photo - January 2011



The Leeman Community Centre looks very tidy and functional. Leeman is situated in the Shire of Coorow. Photo - September 2014



Shire of Manjimup administration centre and hall. Photo - October 2014


Margaret River

The Shire of Augusta - Margaret River in sparkling new premises on Wallcliffe Road in Margaret River. Behind the building is Gloucester Park which contains sports facilities including a football oval. Photo - December 2013



The Maylands Hall and Public Library on Guildford Road. Buildings of this vintage invariably look appealing. Photo - April 2008



Merredin District Hall on Mitchell Street. This is the former Town Hall. The front brick section was opened in May 1925. On the building's left, a Foundation Stone was laid by W. C. Woolcar on November 15th, 1924. On the right of the building a Foundation Stone was unveiled by Brigadier General A. Bessell-Brown on April 25th, 1928. Photo - March 2015



The Midland Town Hall has always been such a distinctive and iconic building. It is situated on the corner of Great Eastern and Old Great Northern Highways. The building was established in 1907. Behind this part of the building is the actual Hall which was added in 1923. Foundation stones were laid by Premier C. H. Rason and Mayor W. R. Crosbie on April 24th, 1906. Photo - June 2008



The Mingenew Shire office. The building's Foundation Stone was laid by W. A. Oliver Esq., on 18th December 1917. This building was formerly known as the Agricultural Hall. The previous Agricultural Hall, erected in 1895, burnt down. Photo - September 2014



A more modern building than some of the others in town, the Shire Hall was opened by Hon. David Brand, MLA, on 6th March, 1959. September 2014. Photos Ref: MING015



The Moora Town Hall and Road Board Building. At some stage the original Road Board building was extended at the rear to accommodate the Town Hall. Photo - July 2012



Next door to the Moora Road Board and Town Hall is the Shire of Moora offices. This building was erected in 1959. Photo - July 2012


Mount Barker

The Shire of Plantagenet offices on the corner of Lowood Road and Hicks Close. Photo - October 2014


Mount Barker

On Memorial Road is the Plantagenet District Hall. Photo - October 2014



The Mukinbudin Town Hall and Community Centre. The Foundation Stone was laid by Edward L. Calder, Chairman (assume Road Board) and George W. Maddock J.P., on October 11th, 1935. The Mukinbudin Sunshine Club (Senior Citizens) now use the premises as a meeting place. Ph0to - March 2015



The Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale encompasses both of those towns in its name yet is actually located in the townsite of Mundijong, which is the largest and most central town in the shire. The offices are on Paterson Street. Photo - 2009



In the same row of buildings as the Road Board and C.W.A, this is the Public Hall. Construction was completed in 1939. The building was opened by Hon. H. Millington, M.L.A., Minister of Works, on March 2nd, 1940. Photo - April 2015



The Town of Narrogin Town Hall. The building is on the corner of Federal and Fortune Streets. It opened in 1908, a mere 2 years after the Narrogin municipality was established. Narrogin is the centre of two local authorities - the Town and the Shire of Narrogin. Photo - November 2011



At 43 Federal Street is the offices of the Shire of Narrogin. Narrogin has both Town and Shire councils. This building was erected in 1905 and was formerly the Road Board Office. The building underwent major renovations in 1961 when the Shire of Narrogin was established. Photo - November 2011



Here is the Northam Town Hall which sits on the corner of Gordon and Wellington Streets. The building's Foundation Stone was laid by Mayor C. R. Knight on 21st June 1897. One hundred years later the buildings underwent extensive restoration and a plaque unveiled by Mayor J. E. Smith on 12th April 1997 commemorates this. Photo - October 2012



The Northcliffe Town Hall, established in 1929. Northcliffe is within the Shire of Manjimup. Photo - October 2014


North Fremantle

The former North Fremantle Town Hall on the east side of Queen Victoria Street. The Foundation Stone was laid by W. H. James Esq., Premier, on September 3, 1902. Now the premises of Matildas Antique Centre. Photo - December 2010


North Perth

On View Street, off Fitzgerald Street appears to be something of a small historic precinct. This place looks like the one time heart of North Perth. This is the original Town Hall, built in 1902. The foundation stone was laid by Hon. Geo Leake, Premier, on 5th April 1902. Photo - January 2013


North Perth

North Perth soon outgrew its original Town Hall. Here is the second Town Hall which was built in 1910 and extended in 1933. In 1910, when this building opened, it became known as the Main Hall and the former building the Lesser Hall. The Town of North Perth only existed from 1901 to 1914, a mere 13 years, after which it amalgamated with the City of Perth. Photo - January 2013



The smart and modern Shire of Nungarin administration offices. This office and library were opened on December 12th, 1968 by Hon. L. A. Logan, Minister for Local Government. Photo - March 2015



The Shire of Kent administration centre on Richmond Street. Photo - December 2016



Council House was built in the 1960's and, at the time, was the tallest building in Perth. Council House later fell out of grace with some city designers and armchair critics due to its perceived bland 60's architectural style. However, the building is back in vogue again so it looks like staying. This is the home of the City of Perth Council. Photo - April 2013



The Perth Town Hall, one of the oldest buildings in Perth and built largely by convict labour, sits on the corner of Hay and Barrack Streets. It is undoubtedly one of the best known of Perth's buildings. On 24 May 1867, Governor of W.A. Hampton laid the Foundation Stone. The building took about 3 years to complete. In the early days the town markets operated from here. This view includes a rare view of the eastern wall (to left of picture) which may be once again obscured when the new hotel goes up on the old Law Chambers site next door. Photo - April 2013



The Pingelly Town Hall was constructed in 1927. It was opened by the Hon James Price M.L.A., Minister for Public Works, on 14th September 1907. Photo - November 2011



The Shire of Pingelly offices sit off the main road, up on Queen Street. Photo November 2011



The front of the administration offices of the Shire of Murray in Pinjarra. This is just off George Street and on the road to Mandurah. This centre was built in 1964. Photo August 2011



Next to the Shire of Murray Offices is the Civic Centre. Us high-school students used to go here decades ago for Pinjarra High School 'socials'. Photo - August 2011



The Quairading Shire Hall is across the road from the Post Office. This is on Jennaberring Road. Photo - October 2018



The Shire of Quairading Offices, a little east of the Shire Hall. Photo - October 2018



The Shire of Broomehill-Tambellup local shire office. They have another office in Broomehill. Photo - December 2016



The first Shire Hall was built in 1907 and was then known as the Agricultural Hall. The pictured building, erected in 1925, superseded the old hall. The Foundation Stone was laid by A. Thomson Esq. MLA, on October 31st, 1925. Photo - December 2016



Construction of the Tammin Town Hall commenced in 1911. Over the decades the building has been extended and renovated many times to such an extent that evidence of the original building is hard to see. The destructive storm of 1953 didn't help matters. The Shire Council office is to the left of this building. Photo - June 2011


Three Springs

The smart Shire Offices are also located on the main street. Photo - September 2014


Three Springs

The Shire of Three Springs Hall, a modern structure sitting on Hall Street. Photo - September 2014



A prominent feature on Stirling Terrace is the Toodyay Memorial Hall. This was once the Newcastle Municipal Chambers. This building was constructed in 1899. A significant extension, the town hall, was added at the rear in 1910. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs W.G. Leeder, Mayoress, on 12th April, 1899. Photo - October 2013



The Trayning Town Hall is on the corner of the Bencubbin-Kellerberrin Road and Railway Street. This was constructed in 1928. Photo - April 2012



Here is the Wagin Town Hall which was completed in 1929. The Foundation Stone was laid by Sydney Stubbs M.L.A. on 7th May 1928. Mr Stubbs also opened the Dumbleyung Town Hall some 10 months later. Photo - February 2013



Adjacent to the Town Hall on Tudor Street and on the Moran's Hotel side of it are the Municipal Chambers. The early morning sunlight helps to highlight the fine brickwork. Photo - February 2013



The modern Wandering Shire Offices on the main street built in 1966. It also contains a library and provides postal services. October 2011



Wanneroo Council offices on Dundebar Street. This building could have been built in the late 1990's when the local authorities of Wanneroo and Joondalup were separated into individual entities. Photo - March 2011


Watheroo - Hall

The Watheroo Hall on the main road. It looks distinctly 1950's. Watheroo is within the Shire of Moora. Photo September 2014


West Leederville - Leederville Town Hall

On Cambridge Street is the Leederville Town Hall and Recreation Complex. This was built in 1904 and extended in 1924. Photo - January 2011



Westonia Cafe & Motor Service, and the Western Australian Bank facades. The Shire of Westonia and its library currently occupy these premises. The building was opened by Hon. Wilson Tuckey, Minister for Regional Services, on September 21, 2002. Photo - March 2015



This is the old Wagin Road Board Office and Hall building. This was built in 1909 and is believed to be the first brick building to be erected in Wickepin. When the Road Board moved out it was then used as a Masonic Lodge. Photo - June 2013



This is the new Wagin Road Board Hall which was built in 1919. The front section is an extension added in 1939 and further extensions were added to the sides in 1963. The hall is on Johnson Street, one street back from the main street. Popular uses were dances, weddings, pictures, balls and sporting functions. Photo - June 2013



The Shire of Williams offices on Brooking Street were constructed in 1959. Photo - November 2011



Next to the Shire of Williams on Brooking Street and probably around the same vintage is what appears to be the Shire Hall. Photo - November 2011



This is the Shire of Woodanilling Administration Office and Library. This complex was opened in 1976. An earlier 1922 structure preceded this one. The original Foundation Stone is affixed to the new building. It was laid by H. P. Colebatch, Acting Premier, on April 8th, 1922. Photo - April 2015



The Wyalkatchem Town Hall. The Foundation Stone is thus inscribed: 'Wyalkatchem Road Board'. The Foundation Stone of this Hall was laid by John Lindsay Esq., J.P., M.L.A. 23rd March 1929. Photo - April 2012



Down towards the lake is the Yealering Hall. It looks strong and sturdy and was built in 1927. Not shown in the picture (around the other side) is the 1990's addition, funded by the community, the Shire of Wickepin and the Government; which was opened by Hon. Hendy Cowan, Deputy Premier, on 11th October 1997. Photo - June 2013



The Yerecoin Hall was erected in 1950. The Yerecoin townsite was not established until 1925, some time after other towns in the area. Photo - October 2011



The magnificent York Town Hall on Avon Terrace. The foundation stone was laid by the Mayoress, Mrs E. H. Neville, on 31st May 1911. Mr E. H. Neville was the Mayor at the time. Photo - April 2004

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