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Town Welcome Signs in Western Australia

Decades ago, most town signs were simply of the standard Main Roads variety, white lettering on a rectangular black background. In more recent times some of the towns have gotten a little more innovative, particularly some of the smaller places as you can see on this page. Suburbs around Perth used to be simply signed so at least you knew where you were, helpful for tourists in particular. For some unknown reason these have largely disappeared



In the townsite is this old sign which may have originated from the old railway station. It certainly looks of that style. Photo - June 2013



Welcome to the town of Augusta, established 1830. Augusta is 320 kilometres south of Perth. Photo - December 2013



The Badgingarra Truly Rural road side welcome sign on the outskirts of town. Photo - December 2015


Bakers Hill

This sign alongside the Great Eastern Highway welcomes everyone to town. Photo - October 2015



Welcome to Ballidu. Photo - November 2014



This bold sign announces the township of Beacon. Photo - March 2015



The Bencubbin welcome sign sits alongside the road into town. Photo - March 2015



A clever fish and boat prow sculpture probably depicting popular activities in town. Photo - January 2012



Approaching Boddington from the east, this the welcome sign you will pass, a few kilometres from town. The sign mainly depicts local mining activity and town attraction, the Hotham River. Photo - April 2014



The 'Welcome to Bolgart' bay on the southern side of Bolgart includes a map of the Shire of Victoria Plains. Photo - October 2011



This sign welcomes you to Boyanup. This one is on the road coming in from Dardanup. Photo - July 2015


Boyup Brook

Boyup Brook - Country Music Capital of W.A. - sign says says it all. Photo - April 2012



Welcome to Brookton, established 1899. Photo - June 2016



One of two welcome signs sitting alongside the Great Southern Highway. Photo - December 2016



Another welcome sign. Take your pick. Photo - December 2016


Bruce Rock

Welcome to Bruce Rock the sign says, ably supported by a nice piece of rock. Not the Bruce Rock, but just a stand-in, so to speak. Photo - June 2013



Brunswick Junction, the cream of the South West. Cleverly refers to the local milk production of course. Photo - July 2015



Welcome to Bullfinch. Golden Valley, the First Major Gold Field. Photo - March 2015



This is Burekup, Henty Country. This attractive park is right in the centre of town. I don't know who Rus is but happy anniversary anyway! Photo - April 2013



Cadoux was established around 1927 when a rail siding was constructed here. It is mainly surrounded by wheat farming land. Cadoux came to prominence in 1979 when the epicenter of an earthquake was very close to town. Here is one of the welcoming signs greeting motorists to the town. Photo - April 2012



Roadside sign proclaiming our arrival in town, complete with a couple of black cockatoos. Photo - October 2011



The Grain Man is a sculpture on Macpherson Street and is the work of Robert Hitchcock. "Rock Solid" signifies a rock-solid community. The sculpture was completed in May 2004. Photo - September 2014



The welcome sign on the highway. Actually it's made up of five signs which can cleverly line up from a vantage point to appear as one. The town has grown from a simple fishing village to a bustling holiday resort and is now far more accessible to outsiders since the Indian Ocean Drive connected Lancelin to Cervantes around two years ago. Photo - January 2013



This great piece of artwork on a tree cross-section welcomes us to Cookernup. The town is just north of Harvey. Photo - January 2012



The rather sturdy roadside sign proclaims that the town of Coorow lies just ahead. Photo - September 2014



Welcome to Corrigin. Actually, this is not on the outskirts of town but nearly right in the centre, showing us the way to the shopping area. The town emblem is the windmill. Coincidentally there is a windmill right behind the sign in this picture. Photo - June 2013



As the sign says, Welcome to Cranbrook. Photo - October 2014



Approaching Cuballing townsite from the south, these two signs proclaim we are nearly there. Photo - November 2011



Welcome to Dalwallinu, A Place of Wheat and Wattle. Photo - November 2014



Dandaragan, Redgum Country, welcomes travellers. Photo - December 2015



Welcome to Dardanup, Merry Xmas and fix your firebreaks! Photo - December 2016



The welcome sign of Darkan depicts the local sheep farming industry. Photo - April 2012



This is not the town welcome sign but in fact marks the boundary of the Shire of Denmark. This sign is right out near Nornalup. Photo - October 2014



Dudinin's welcome sign. On the rabbit proof fence. Photo - April 2015



Colourful welcome sign on the road just outside of town. The town logo is a duck about to land, which may have been inspired by wildlife on the nearby lakes. Photo - February 2013



On a drizzly, misty morning, arriving into Duranillin from the south, along the Darkan Road South. A glimpse of the townsite lays up ahead. Photo - April 2012



The Eneabba welcome sign. In the wildflower country. Photo - December 2015



The Fairbridge sign when entering the Village. The Memorial Colonnade is in the background. Photo - April 2011



This Welcome to Gingin road sign is set a few metres off the passing Brand Highway. Photo - February 2016



This Gnowangerup welcome sign is just a little west of the town. Photo - December 2016



Welcome to Goomalling, junction to the central wheatbelt, and possum country. Photo - July 2013



The South Western Highway used to pass through Greenbushes but the highway now by-passes the town leaving it in its historic peace. Unlike the hustle and bustle of nearby Balingup and Bridgetown, today Greenbushes was all but deserted. Here is a town sign in Heritage Park. Photo - April 2012


Green Head

The Green Head welcome sign is adorned with a brace of seals. Photo - September 2014



At the Historic Settlement, here is the Greenough welcome sign. Photo - September 2014



The town welcome sign which naturally features Wave Rock. Photo - April 2015



Welcome to Jerramungup. That is one big sign! Photo - December 2016


Jurien Bay

This sign alongside the Indian Ocean Drive welcomes motorists to town. Photo - September 2014



The Karlgarin town sign featuring a giant gilgie. Photo - April 2015



This sign up on the Albany Highway announces the presence of Kendenup. Photo - December 2016



The road-side welcome side on the northern side of town. Kojonup was established in 1937. Photo - October 2014



Koorda - Corn Dolly Country. A rather strange name. A Corn Dolly is ears of corn crafted into the shape of a doll. The Corn Dolly is the local shire's emblem. The Dolly was introduced by early Cowcowing pioneers, Frank and Tom Lodge in 1911. Photo - April 2012



Lovely community sign created by local children sum up the way of life in Koorda. Photo - April 2012



The town welcome sign says it all. Kukerin is within the Shire of Dumbleyung. Photo - April 2015



This is Tin Horse Country. Kulin has its bush races in October. Photo - April 2015



Welcome to Kununoppin is displayed on these windmill blades. Photo - March 2015



A big, bold welcome to Leeman with its colourful cray fish and boat sail. Photo - September 2014



The Manjimup town welcome sign. Photo - October 2014



These logs and cross-beam have supported "Manjimup" for decades. This is located on the main highway approaching from the north. The Shire of Manjimup Heritage Inventory (2008) states that the construction date is unknown. Photo - October 2014



The Town of Mingenew welcome sign beside The Midlands Road. Photo - September 2014



The welcome sign to Moora approaching the town, depicting a small flock of sheep. Photo - July 2012


Moorine Rock

Moorine Rock's claim to fame goes right back to 1929. Photo - March 2015


Mount Barker

The colourful town sign adjacent to the Albany Highway. Photo - October 2014



A group of fish welcome you to Myalup probably symbolizing good fishing along this part of the ocean. Photo - January 2012



Approaching town, here is their sign. Photo - April 2015



This innovative welcoming sign can be seen on many of the roads leading into Narrogin. This is wheat country. Photo - November 2011



Northampton's Entrance Statement at the southern end of town. Photo - December 2015



Our arrival in Northcliffe. Here is the sign. Photo - October 2014



Welcome to Nyabing, established 1912. The Community that Cares. Photo - December 2016



Welcome to Ongerup. That blue is such a cool and refreshing colour. Photo - December 2016



There are two welcome logs approaching town from the south. This is the 'Pingelly' log. The 'Welcome To' log is on the other side of the road. Photo - November 2011



Welcome to Pingrup. Small Town, Lots of Spirit. Where Lakes and Good Friends Meet. Photo - December 2016



The Popanyinning 'Welcome' sign just on the southern outskirts of town. 'Hard to say, nice to stay'. Photo - November 2011



Welcome to Porongurup, a very small locality. Photo - December 2016


Port Gregory

The town sign featuring the nearby Hutt Lagoon popularly known as the Pink Lake. Photo - December 2015



This sign is sitting out on the York Road. Behind the sign you can glimpse Quairading Seed Cleaners. Photo - January 2012



Not quite a highway-side welcome sign but just about. This clever artwork is outside the community hall and was created by a number of local young people in 2006. Photo - April 2014



The Serpentine town welcome sign seen beside Karnup Road when driving into town from the east, from the Soutrh Western Highway. Photo - June 2017



The town information sign 'The Town that Nearly Wasn't', says that Shackleton's prosperity peaked in the 1950's. Local industries include sheep and grain farming. So many of these towns struggle to survive today as their relevance is diminished probably by modern, fast road and rail transport. Photo - June 2013


Southern Cross

The town welcome sign on the Great Eastern Highway. Five stars in the Southern Cross. Photo - March 2015



Welcome to Tambellup on the Great Southern Highway. Photo - December 2016


Three Springs

The colourful Three Springs welcome sign next to The Midlands Road. The Midlands Road was once the main artery running from Perth to Geraldton and was formerly known as the North West Coastal Highway. Photo - September 2014



The Wagin town welcome sign, home of the Giant Ram and Woolorama. Photo - April 2015



The Walkaway town welcome sign. Photo - September 2014



This three-tiered wooden structure welcomes us into town. Photo - October 2014



The welcome sign on approach to the townsite from the South. You can see part of the townsite in the distance. Looks like canola growing in the paddocks. Photo - October 2011



The new Welcome Sign. The old one in the above picture appears to have fallen down or been taken away. Photo - April 2019



Welcome to Waroona, this sign proclaims, sitting alongside the South Western Highway on the north side of town. Photo - January 2014



The Watheroo welcome sign constructed out of what look like railway sleepers. Photo - September 2014


Wellington Mills

In the centre of the hamlet on Wellington Mill Road is this sign which explains some of the history of Wellington Mills. Photo - July 2018



The rather ornate town welcome sign including a row of models of old town businesses. Photo - March 2015



On the road into town from the north, next to the pipeline, is this welcome sign. Facey Country. This is named after early settler Albert Facey. Photo - June 2013



The Woodanilling sign at the head of the town access road. Photo - April 2015



The town of Wubin is within the Shire of Dalwallinu, the Wheat Shire. Photo - November 2014



The town welcome sign besides the highway. This features wheat stalks and a grain loading elevator. Photo - July 2015



After travelling a little way towards town from the highway there a couple of welcome signs either side of the road. This is probably the more ornate. Photo - January 2014



Welcome to Yealering. Here must be the source of the Avon River as you can see in the photo. This metallic sign features a couple of ducks which probably live on the nearby lake. Photo - June 2013

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