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Old Vehicles Seen in Western Australia

As you venture through the country towns (mostly) almost inevitably you will come across some old road vehicles or farming implements in various states or repair. Enthusiasts may enjoy looking at these but other than what's written in the adjacent script, I know very little about the vehicles. Not only are country townspeople well known for preserving their building heritage, they also seem to have something of a propensity for retaining old transport


Arthur River - Car In Wool Shed

Inside the woolshed is this Morris Minor 1000 which looks in pretty good condition. Photo - February 2013


Bindoon - Museum Sign

Seen next to the highway a few kilometres south of Bindoon is this canary-yellow Austin A30 perched upon a pole and advertising the local motor museum. Photo - August 2011


Bindoon - Mechanical Museum

The Bindoon Hertiage Museum is a little to the south of town, just behind the old Road Board Building. One feature of the complex is this mechanical museum. Out the front sits this old steam roller. Photo - August 2011


Bindoon - Museum Sign

Another sign in a paddock pointing to the museum. This one is north of the museum, close to the town centre. Photo - September 2013


Brunswick - Old Holden

This old Holden spotted in a paddock a kilometre or two north of town. Brunswick is famed for cow sculptures all over town. Very clever! Photo - February 2011


Bullsbrook - Old Fire Truck

Outside the fire station is this fine old fire truck. It's an old Ford called 'Blitzbuggy'. This is actually an ex-RAAF water tanker which was purchased for fire-fighting way back in 1962. Photo - July 2011


Dangin - Old Car in Church Yard

Scattered around the church yard are all sorts of bits of machinery etc and by the look of them, they have been here for many years. How about this old car? It looks around 1940's vintage? Photo - January 2012


Fairbridge - Austin Truck

This old Austin truck sat in the bus shelter at the back of the farm for years. Recently it was pulled out and brought back to shining like new. These days the truck sits outside the farm entrance, in front of the old store. Photo - April 2011


Fairbridge - Fordson Tractor

This Fordson tractor was last seen five years ago sitting in a paddock near the bus shelter down near the old laundry. Photo - July 2009


Goomalling - Old Truck at Bywaters

Country towns often have old vehicles on show, stashed away and alas often falling to pieces in paddocks. How about this great looking International truck, or is it a ute? It's outside Bywaters and CSBP depots. Photo - July 2013


Henley Brook - Charlie's Estate Winery

The fine old Chevrolet sits out the from of Charlie's Estate Winery on Swan Street. Photo - July 2011


Meckering - Old Tractor

Adjacent to the earthquake display park is a group of old farm implements. Here is an ancient tractor. Photo - June 2011


Moorine Rock - Old Car

Almost intact is this vehicle, seemingly an early Bedford utility. Photo - March 2015


Moorine Rock - Old Car

An old Holden quietly rusts away near an adjacent retired petrol pump. Photo - March 2015


Muchea - Old Holden

This old 'FJ' 1950's Holden sits outside someone's property. No use in going and knocking at the door asking to buy it though - look at the number plate! Photo - July 2011


Neerabup - Double Decker Bus

This old Leyland double-decker bus is parked outside a haulage contractor's business and is a bit of an eye-catcher. Photo - August 2012


Tammin - Old Tractor

Ah, old farm machinery. Each one of the towns I visited today, well nearly all, had some museum or display of old machinery. This rather strange contraption - a plough perhaps - is on display in town. Photo - June 2011


Toodyay - Morris Minor Van

How about this for a fine looking Morris Minor 1000 van. It was spotted on the side of a street in Toodyay in 2009. Photo - July 2009


Trayning - Old Chevrolet Truck

These old trucks are everywhere in country towns. Seems like they are just left where they break down. This business has 3-4 old trucks out the front which add to the character of the place. This one looks like an old Chevrolet. Photo - April 2012


Welshpool - Double Decker Buses

On Division Street, this group of double-decker buses are resting on a vacant lot. They look like ex-Sydney buses. I wonder if they still run? Photo - October 2012


Whiteman Park - Motor Museum

One of the big attractions at Whiteman Park is the motor museum. I only had a chance this day to peer through the window. Today, outside, they are featuring this wonderful 'FE' model Holden sedan from the late 1950's. Photo - December 2010


Whiteman Park - Tractor Museum

Another attraction is the tractor museum. Here are a couple of old yellow former work-horses looking rather pleased about their peaceful retirement. Just across the road is an ancient front-end loader, ore trucks, and towering pit head. Photo - December 2010

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