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A very comprehensive website covering life in Western Australia from top to bottom. Includes a lot of fabulous historic photos and information

A W.A. Government website which provides all the historic information on city suburb and country town names
Weston Langford site is the most definitive railways site I have ever seen. If you have never visited this site, you're missing out! Use the search function
Fairbridge Farm, Pinjarra - all the old photos, magazines and stories
A site devoted to recording and preserving the history of Christian Churches throughout Australia
Route 120 - The Real Rural Adventure - towns on the Great Southern Highway
Some of my site Reference Links  
Proposed Museum - West Bullsbrook Hall paper
Trove - Agricultural Hall for Picton article (1904) - A Stormy Meeting
Chidlow Village Centre Precinct Plan paper
Heritage & The Town of Claremont paper
Town of Clarement page re Freshwater Bay Museum
The CWA Home Page which lists all the branch locations
Denmark Historic Walk
Australia's South West page on early explorers
Geoff Inoz photos of Fremantle on Flickr leave mine to shame
Fremantle Stuff - an informative Fremantle site by Garry Gillard
Invaluable links to State Heritage list of Fremantle landamarks
Gosnells - A condensed history
Harvey - Stirling Cottage, Internment Camp & Harvey old buildings
The history of Christ Church in Mandurah
Maylands Historical and Peninsula Association Inc.
A history of the amphitheatre by Mix Margaret Dylan Jones
Mr Silio Di Marco story of his involvement in the local Catholic Church
Municipal Heritage Inventory
A Wikipedia inventory of Toodyay historial sites
A comprehensive history of trotting in Western Australia by Alan Parker
City of Wanneroo includes historical and heritage sites
Wiki Page for the WAFL History