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Amelup is a small locality situated just north of the Stirling Range. Stirling Range covers an extensive area east of Cranbrook and south of Borden. The Chester Pass Road, which runs from North Albany to close to Pingrup passes through the heart of the Range. The range is over 60 kms wide east-west, and is a protected National Park. Stirling Range is also known as Koikyennuruff. The range is thought to be between 1.2 to 2 billion years old


Amelup - Garage

About 8 kilometres north of the northern Stirling Range National Park border is the small locality of Amelup. Here is the road house. It is pretty handy as there is no fuel north at Borden these days. April 2016. Photos Ref: AMEL001


Amelup - Warning Sign

Someone in the road house has a sense of humour? Although who knows? April 2016. Photos Ref: AMEL002


Amelup - View South

A view across the paddocks from just behind the Amelup road house takes in a farm shed and a fine view of part of the Stirlings. April 2016. Photos Ref: AMEL003


Amelup - Bluff Knoll Cafe

So 8 kilometres south of Amelup right on the Stirling Range National Park northern border is the Bluff Knoll Cafe. April 2016. Photos Ref: AMEL004


Amelup - Bluff Knoll

An 8 kilometre road run off the Chester Pass Road travelling east takes you to the Bluff Knoll lookout. The Knoll looks huge and very impressive and this photo serves no justice. Today is clear. Some days it is ringed with clouds. In winter there may be snow up there. April 2016. Photos Ref: AMEL005


Amelup - Bluff Knoll

Bluff Knoll. There is a pathway via which you can walk to the summit from here! The track is 3.1 kilometres long. Allow 3-4 hours return. The weather can be very changeable. A family I saw, including two primary-school aged kids, had just returned unscathed so it can't be all that bad. They told me they ate their lunch on the summit. April 2016. Photos Ref: AMEL006

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