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A Perth suburb a few kilometres south near the junction of Canning Highway and the Kwinana Freeway. A Mr Lionel Lukin was granted all the land in the area in 1830. Mr Matheson later acquired the property in 1896 and named it Applecross after a Scottish fishing village of the same name. Many Applecross street names are of Scots origin.
Mr Matheson was also fortunate enough to own all of Ardross as well. Applecross is within the City of Melville


Applecross - Raffles Hotel

The Raffles Hotel has been fashionable ever since it opened in 1896. Originally called the Canning Bridge Hotel, it was remodelled and renamed as the Raffles in 1937 (after the Raffles in Singapore), which coincided with the construction of the present Canning Bridge. In the 1990's the then owner wanted to demolish the building but public pressure prevented that from occurring. This is a photo of the front of the hotel. Photograph January 2008. Photos Ref: APPX001


Applecross - Tivoli Hall

For anyone who has spent anytime in Applecross, this old building - the Applecross District Hall - will be a familiar landmark. The Tivoli Hall was built in 1934 as a venue for social functions and is still used thus today. Photograph January 2008. Photos Ref: APPX002


Applecross - River Apartments

This is a beach-side high-rise luxury apartment block in Applecross. It's only about 100 metres from the Raffles Hotel with great river and city views. This section of the river is popular with evening fishers and families taking out their trawling nets to catch river prawns. Photograph January 2008. Photos Ref: APPX003


Applecross - Canning Highway

A view from the footbridge spanning Canning Highway in central Applecross. This is looking down Canning Highway in an easterly direction towards Canning Bridge. Photograph July 2010. Photos Ref: APPX004


Applecross - Clancy's Fish Bar

Clancy's Fish Bar and other businesses line the southern side of Canning Highway. This is a view from the road foot bridge. Years ago Clancy's was known as Ogilvies. Photo - September 2018. Photos Ref: APPX005


Applecross - Canning Highway Shops

Cakes Delight, Vegorama Indian Restaurant, a small empty shop, then Apartment Buyers Gallery on the south side of Canning Highway. Photograph September 2018. Photos Ref: APPX006


Applecross - Canning Highway Shops

Ma Petite Patisserie Cafe, Kings Pizza and Pasta (it looks like they have moved out), and Bastion 901 on the southern side of Canning Highway. Photograph September 2018. Photos Ref: APPX007


Applecross - Pharmacy

This unusual looking pharmacy building is on the north side of canning Highway, near the pedestrian overhead bridge. Photograph September 2018. Photos Ref: APPX008


Applecross - Ogilvie and Apartments

A look down Ogilvie Road from up on the over-highway foot bridge. Photograph September 2018. Photos Ref: APPX009


Applecross - Bible Presbyterian Church

The Bible Presbyterian Church on Canning Highway, at the top of Sleat Road. Photograph September 2018. Photos Ref: APPX010


Applecross - Heathcote Hospital Site

Heathcote Hospital occupies an elevated riverside site at Point Heathcote in north Applecross. This hospital was one for people with mental illnesses and operated as such from 1929 to 1999. These days buildings have been converted to art galleries, a restaurant and a Challenger TAFE, amongst others. Photograph May 2011. Photos Ref: APPX011


Applecross - Heathcote Hospital Site

The distinctive Heathcote tower seems to dominate the whole place. You can see in there behind this art gallery and museum. Photograph May 2011. Photos Ref: APPX012


Applecross - Heathcote Hospital Site

Down at the river end of the Heathcote site is this fine Bluewater restaurant and function centre. Photograph May 2011. Photos Ref: APPX013


Applecross - Heathcote Hospital Site

This is a photograph of the Heathcote site taken from down at the river. You can see the tower and parts on the buildings. Photograph May 2011. Photos Ref: APPX014


Applecross - Yacht Club

There are a number of look-out platforms dotted along various parts of the Heathcote site, all of which overlook the river. This one looks down on the fine South of Perth Yacht Club. Over there in the background is the Kwinana Freeway and way beyond that the hills.  Photograph May 2011. Photos Ref: APPX015


Applecross - Swan River

From another one of those look-out platforms, this time looking down on the Swan River across Waylen Bay towards the Applecross Jetty (you can see it sticking out into the water) and on west towards Point Dundas. Photograph May 2011. Photos Ref: APPX016


Applecross - Steps

Ok, we're leaving the hilltop site of Heathcote and going back down to the river. This is the way. In this picture you can only see part of the steps - they go down, and down, and down. Photograph May 2011. Photos Ref: APPX017


Applecross - Jetty

This is the Applecross Jetty viewed from the west, along Fraser Road. Photograph May 2011. Photos Ref: APPX018


Applecross - Jetty

We're on the Applecross Jetty now. This is looking back to shore. This afternoon the water is a bit choppy and is splashing up a bit between the wooden slats. Photograph May 2011. Photos Ref: APPX019


Applecross - River Houses

Many fine houses line The Strand and other roads along Waylen Bay. Photograph May 2011. Photos Ref: APPX020


Applecross - Bike Path

This walkway and/or bike path skirts around a few mansions (those above), ensuring continuous access between The Strand and Melville Beach Road. Photograph May 2011. Photos Ref: APPX021

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