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Canning Bridge

Canning Bridge is not a locality in its own right although a number of businesses and even residents describe their location as Canning Bridge. It is a term commonly used. The Canning Bridge spans the mouth of the Canning River where it joins with the Swan River. Canning Bridge carries Canning Highway joining Applecross with Como. It does not span the Swan River. To do that you have to cross the Narrows in South Perth or the Stirling Bridge in Fremantle


Canning Bridge - Train Station

This is how Canning Bridge looks these days. This is looking west across the bridge. You can see bus ports. Down below, right, is the new railway station which is not yet opened. November 2007. Photos Ref: CNBR001


Canning Bridge - Train Station

Canning Bridge train station now that it's opened. That other platform over there will get you to Mandurah. We're back off to Perth on the next train coming up from Mandurah. January 2008. Photos Ref: CNBR002


Canning Bridge - Boat on River

A boat lazily cruises along the Swan River. Viewed through the pylons under Canning Bridge. January 2008. Photos Ref: CNBR003


Canning Bridge - Under the Bridge

Underneath the Canning Bridge. I never knew this existed. Well, I knew the underneath existed but didn't know you could get down there! Amazing the places you can explore with a four-year-old. Some of the wooden pylons here are etched with XXXIV - 1934. January 2008. Photos Ref: CNBR004

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