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Bassendean Train Museum

The Bassendean Rail Transport Museum is located on Railway Parade about 8 kms north-east of Perth. The museum is a journey into the rail past of Western Australia. The museum opened in 1974 on land donated by CSBP & Farmers, a company engaged in manufacturing fertilizer products for agriculturists. The museum is operated by Rail Heritage WA who have spent infinitive, caring hours restoring and preserving retired locomotives and rolling stock


Bassendean - Row of Locomotives

The train museum is open from 1pm each Sunday afternoon and is located on Railway Parade fairly close to Ashfield Station. Good place for little and big kids to spend a bit of time and to snap a few photographs. Here the old Fs460 steam locomotive and friends chatter amongst themselves about the 'old days'. 2007. Photos Ref: BTRM001


Bassendean - Cannington Signal Box

Box B controlled the section of line between Cannington and Gosnells. In the foreground is the West Guildford station sign, the former name of Bassendean. Off to the left is an Australind carriage and to the right old passenger carriages and a guards van. September 2012. Photos Ref: BTRM002


Bassendean - Locomotive Dd592

Steam locomotive Dd592. These 'D' Locos hauled passenger trains sometimes around Perth and worked hard at the old Swan Portland Cement factory in Rivervale. Very much like "Duck" in Thomas! The very first train was built in 1808 by Richard Trevithick. He build a round track in London and attracted the very first paying passengers. His engine was called 'Catch-Me-Who-Can'. 2008. Photos Ref: BTRM003


Bassendean - X1001 Diesel Locomotive

X1001 diesel locomotive probably used to haul the Australind or the Mullewa Express from time to time and of course many freight trains in days gone by. There were a total of 48 X class locomotives (some were modified to XA or XB). They were loyal workhorses which operated right across the W.A.G.R. network. 2007. Photos Ref: BTRM004


Bassendean - Old Carriages

These old carriages could no doubt tell a tale or two. You can go through most of them. In the mid-1800's, George Pullman - an American furniture manufacturer - landed on the idea to build luxury carriages for the rapidly expanding passenger numbers. Even today, the name Pullman is synonymous with luxury train travel. 2008. Photos Ref: BTRM005


Bassendean - Old Carriage

Inside one of the old carriages - nice shiny photo. I wonder where this one used to go to? Two decades after Trevithick, Stephenson won a train design competition (with his 'Rocket') and subsequently ran the first commercial rail service between Stockton and Darlington in England. 2008. Photos Ref: BTRM006


Bassendean - Dining Car

Fabulous view on inside a dining car. I wonder who knows that on-train dining was 'invented' in about 1872 by George Nagelmackers who designed and ran the first Orient Express (and other European luxury trains)! On a final historical note, the very first electric train was build by Werner von Siemens way back in 1879 and, although small, successfully carried over 20 people! 2008. Photos Ref: BTRM007


Bassendean - Metro Rail Map

If you're old enough to remember the old metropolitan diesel passenger cars then you might remember this rail map that used to hang on the wall in each carriage. It's interesting to compare changes with the current passenger network. 2008. Photos Ref: BTRM008


Bassendean - Model Railway

Right down the back of the train museum, next to the old Zanthus station, is a large shed containing a huge network of model railways. Many trains operate on the network including Thomas here, arriving at a station. A delight for model rail enthusiasts and strongly recommended. 2008. Photos Ref: BTRM009


Bassendean - Zanthus Station

The old country station now lives in the city. It was relocated from out east of Kalgoorlie on the 'Trans' line to the Bassendean Train Museum. Zanthus used to be an important watering and coaling point for east-west steamers. 21 December, 2009. Photos Ref: BTRM010


Bassendean - Australind Car

This Australind carriage used to run up and down between Perth and Bunbury in the 1960's. Often when the Museum is open this car has been booked for a child's birthday party so access is not always available. 2011. Photos Ref: BTRM011


Bassendean - Australind Buffet

The Australind buffet section in one of the cars. Anyone who caught this train would remember this? September 2012. Photos Ref: BTRM012


Bassendean - Australind Seats

In the other half of the carriage containing the buffet are typical Australind seats. No air-conditioning, just a couple of fans at the end of the car. The vinyl seats could get a little sticky on hot days. September 2012. Photos Ref: BTRM013


Bassendean - Signal Box

Inside the signal box that used to control the section of lines between Cannington and Gosnells. And interesting array of equipment. Manual signals have been replaced by lights and manual points have all been automated. 2011. Photos Ref: BTRM014

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