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Bassendean is a city suburb located 10 km north-east of Perth city on the Swan River and is adjacent to Guildford. This area was previously known as West Guildford. It was named Bassendean in 1922 as a result of a school competition. The name Bassendean was used in the area as far back as 1841 as this was the name used by property holder Mr Peter Brown (or Broun) whose homestead was located here. This was the name of their English property

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Bassendean - Old Perth Road

Stroll around the corner from Guildford Road and here is a look up Old Perth Road through the Bassendean town centre. The street looks the same as it has done for years. July 2008. Photos Ref: BASS001


Bassendean - Old Perth Road

Walking back to Guildford Road down Old Perth Road on a rainy day. The biggest change around this end of town over the last 10 years (and probably much longer) is the new railway station which boasts three lifts! You can see some of the station complex at the end of the road. July 2008. Photos Ref: BASS002


Bassendean - Hotel

The Bassendean Hotel on Old Perth Road. The hotel was built in 1929 for Patrick Connolly. In those days Bassendean was considered merely as an extension of Guildford. In 1973 Publican Murray McHenry celebrated major renovations. More renovations took place in the early 2000's. July 2008. Photos Ref: BASS003


Bassendean - Hotel

Again, the Bassendean Hotel on Old Perth Road. Here is an updated photo. It looks quite grand. I see today that the hotel is currently leased and it is up for sale. October 2020. Photos Ref: BASS004


Bassendean - Fire Station

The former Bassendean Fire Station on Parker Street. This was constructed and opened in 1934 but after 79 years it was finally closed in 2013. Unfortunately someone has removed the foundation plaque. October 2020. Photos Ref: BASS005


Bassendean - Masonic Hall

The former Masonic Hall on the corner of Wilson and Palmerston Streets. This first operated as the West Guildford Lodge No. 102 then later as the Bassendean Masonic Lodge No. 102. The lodge was constructed in 1934 and was used as such until 1988. From 2012 this has been a private residence. I could not see a foundation stone. October 2020. Photos Ref: BASS006


Bassendean - Post Office

This was the Bassendean Post Office last time I was here (about 10 years ago). Many old post offices like this have been converted to community centres of varying types. Post offices are often now located in regular shops or co-located with news agencies, probably due to the changes in business mix and friendlier accessibility. July 2008. Photos Ref: BASS007


Bassendean - Community Centre

Town of Bassendean Community Centre on Old Perth Road. July 2010. Photos Ref: BASS008


Bassendean - House on Old Perth Road

This fine house on Old Perth Road is once again a private residence (by the look of it). At one stage 10 or so years ago it was used as the Electorate Office for a local Member of Parliament. July 2010. Photos Ref: BASS009


Bassendean - Padbury's Building

Padbury's Building is on the corner of Old Perth Road and Guildford Road and houses (amongst other things) a pharmacy. The structure was built in 1918 for Mr William Padbury. Mr Padbury also owned premises opposite the Rose and Crown Hotel in Guildford. (See the Guildford locality for more on Mr Padbury). July 2010. Photos Ref: BASS010


Bassendean - St Michael's Catholic School

This is the road front of St Michael's School on Old Perth Road, Bassendean. The school was established in 1914 by the Sisters of Mercy. July 2010. Photos Ref: BASS011


Bassendean - St Marks Anglican Church

On Wilson Street is St Marks Anglican Church which appears to have been constructed in 1915 although I couldn't find a traditional Foundation Stone. However, there is a stone on the front of the church simply inscribed "To the Glory of God 1915". There were extensions completed in 1937 which were opened by Mrs Ernest Foster on 3rd October of that year. May 2014. Photos Ref: BASS012


Bassendean - St Marks Benefit Shop

At the rear of St Marks Anglican Church is the colourful St Marks Benefit Shop. May 2014. Photos Ref: BASS013


Bassendean - Shops on Old Perth Road

This small shopping area is on Old Perth Road not too far from Bassendean Oval. Very functional and a much more modern structure than many premises up near the railway station end of Old Perth Road. July 2010. Photos Ref: BASS014


Bassendean - Shop near Station

This rather cute shop is next to the Bassendean train station but not on the main town side, rather on Railway Parade. July 2010. Photos Ref: BASS015


Bassendean - Success Hill Train Station

Success Hill train station is one station up towards Midland from Bassendean station. Some rather nice properties around these back streets. Here you can see The Prospector about 10 minutes into its journey to Kalgoorlie. July 2010. Photos Ref: BASS016


Bassendean - Point Reserve

A few photos around the Swan River. This is at Point Reserve off North Street. Here is one of a pair of jetties that formed the old swimming baths. The jetties protrude into the Swan River. This bit of river is at the confluence of the Swan and Helena rivers. That's the Helena in the upper left of the picture. July 2010. Photos Ref: BASS017

(2020 Update: A few years ago for some strange reason these jetties were demolished and were never replaced)


Bassendean - River View to Guildford

Again at Point Reserve, Bassendean off North Street. Here is a look across the Swan River to their Guildford cousins. That Guildford park over there is King's Meadow Oval. Plenty of fishing, kayaking and swimming in the summer. July 2010. Photos Ref: BASS018


Bassendean - River View from Guildford

This time we're over at Kings Meadow Oval in Guildford looking back across the river to the Point Reserve jetties in Bassendean. April 2013. Photos Ref: BASS019


Bassendean - Swan River Bridge

A nice green winter photo of the Swan River and the Guildford Road bridge spanning it. This side is Bassendean. The other side of the bridge is Guildford. May 2008. Photos Ref: BASS020


Bassendean - Football Oval

Home of W.A.F.L. club Swan Districts - the Swans. Presently it's called 'Steel Blue' oval, as a result of a commercial sponsorship arrangement. Throughout much of its history it has simply been known as Bassendean Oval. In this photograph the 'Steely' looking skies seen on this day are complimentary to the oval's name. May 2008. Photos Ref: BASS021


Bassendean - Football Oval

Well, four and a half years after taking the above picture, the Swans and Steel Blue are still together, an enduring partnership it seems. This is a view of the main entrance to the oval facilities for members and players etc. On game days the public enter through other gates. October 2012. Photos Ref: BASS022


Bassendean - Football Oval

The main club room building, members lounge, administration etc, are in the John Cooper , John Todd Pavilion. Those names are synonyms for Swans, such champion players they were. October 2012. Photos Ref: BASS023


Bassendean - Football Oval

Inside the oval, two more Swans legends lend their names to this fine enclosed stand - Haydn Bunton and Percy Bright. October 2012. Photos Ref: BASS024


Bassendean - Football Oval

I will always remember Bill Walker playing for Swans and what a champion he was. This is a stand named in honour of Bill and the picture is taken from down on the oval. October 2012. Photos Ref: BASS025


Bassendean - Football Oval

Another stand around from the Bill Walker stand is the R. A. McDonald stand which is also pictured from on the oval. October 2012. Photos Ref: BASS026


Bassendean - Football Oval Gates

These gates are the main entrance for spectators entering Bassendean Oval. The gates are at the south-west corner of the ground, on the corner of Old Perth Road and West Road. The gates were constructed in 1929 and are now commonly referred to as "The Heritage Gates". Swan Districts Football Club has called Bassendean Oval home since 1934. May 2014. Photos Ref: BASS027


Bassendean - New Building - The Dome

On the other side of West Road from the oval gates, this new building is taking shape. It is to be called The Dome. What caught my eye is the old railway carriage sitting up on the first floor. May 2014. Photos Ref: BASS028


Bassendean - Post Box

This is perhaps the last red street pillar box in Perth which is still serviced. It is on the corner of North Road and Surrey Street. I hope this can be preserved. Post by 6.00pm. Atop is VR 1876. October 2015. Photos Ref: BASS029

(2020 Update: Still going strong!)


Bassendean - RSL Hall

The Bassendean RSL Hall on Kenny Street. The hall was opened by Mr W. S. Lonnie, State Secretary of the R.S.S. and A.I.L.A., on September 17th, 1960. February 2016. Photos Ref: BASS030

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