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A Perth suburb lying east of Fremantle, bounded by Canning Highway and the Swan River, East Fremantle and Melville. Point Walter golf course and beach are prominent area attractions. The sand spit at the river protrudes into the river to such an extent that passing ferries have to navigate close to the far banks. Messrs Waylen, Cooper, Habgood and Duffield obtained separate land grants in the area in 1830. Bicton was the name of Duffield's property


Bicton - Point Walter

Point Walter on an unusually wet and windy October Sunday afternoon. This is the Walter's River Cafe on the foreshore. October 2010. Photos Ref: BICT001


Bicton - Point Walter

Looking east along the Point Walter river foreshore. You can see Walter's River Cafe off in the distance. October 2010. Photos Ref: BICT002


Bicton - Point Walter

People enjoying a bit of fishing from the Point Walter Jetty. The skies are looking very threatening. Across on the far river bank is Jutland Parade, Dalkeith. October 2010. Photos Ref: BICT003


Bicton - Point Walter

Another view across the choppy river. This is at the north-east end of Blackwall Reach. Over on the far river bank is Mosman Park. October 2010. Photos Ref: BICT004


Bicton - Point Walter

A popular attraction at Point Walter is this great sand spit which reaches far out into the middle of the river. It's a pleasant walk out to the end, even at high tide when parts of the spit are semi-submerged. This is a view from out on the river from a Captain Cook cruise boat en route from Perth to Fremantle. October 2010. Photos Ref: BICT005


Bicton - Point Walter

This is the 'land' end of the sand spit. Too windy to walk out any further today and rain is coming! October 2010. Photos Ref: BICT006


Bicton - Point Walter

Taken a few minutes after the photo above, the rain pelts down over Point Walter. October 2010. Photos Ref: BICT007


Bicton - Leopold Hotel

This grand building is the Leopold Hotel on the corner of Canning Highway and Point Walter Road. It was built in 1907 and apparently named after the King Leopold Range in the Kimberley. October 2010. Photos Ref: BICT008


Bicton - Primary School

The Bicton Primary School on Harris Road. This is the school's main entrance. The school was established in 1904. November 2013. Photos Ref: BICT009


Bicton - Primary School

One of the wings on the Bicton Primary School. This appears to be the pre-primary section. November 2013. Photos Ref: BICT010


Bicton - Presbyterian Church

More or less across the road from the school on View Terrace is the Bicton Presbyterian Church. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT011


Bicton - Anglican Church

On Waddell Road near Brown Road is St Christopher's Anglican Church. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT012


Bicton - Anglican Church Memorial Hall

Next to the church is Saint Christopher's War Memorial Church Hall. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT013


Bicton - RSL Hall

The Bicton Palmyra Memorial RSL Hall. Known as the Edinburgh Hall. The sub-branch was founded in 1949. This building was opened by Sir Charles Gairdner, Governor of Western Australia, on June 2nd, 1956. This is on Foss Street. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT014


Bicton - Bicton Cellars

On the corner of Preston Point Road and Bristol Avenue is the Bicton Cellars. I can recall this being an alcohol retailer back in 1972 though it might have been operating under a different name then. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT015


Bicton - Blackwall Reach

Looking west down Braunton Street, across Blackwall reach Parade to the Swan River with Mosman Park being on the other bank to the right. Way over in the distance would be the Leighton area. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT016


Bicton - Blackwall Reach Jetty

The Bicton Jetty at the southern end of Blackwall Reach Parade, next to Rob Campbell Park. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT017


Bicton - Blackwall Reach Jetty

The Bicton Jetty and baths. The baths were built in 1926 and are still in use today. The jetty was built in 1916 as a landing stage for the adjacent animal Quarantine Station. After the baths were built, the jetty served both functions. The Quarantine Station was relocated to Byford in 1983 thus rendering this facility totally recreational. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT018


Bicton - Blackwall Reach Beach

Looking south along the Blackwall Reach river beach on towards the jetty. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT019


Bicton - Golf Club

The Point Walter Golf Course clubhouse which is off Honour Avenue (which serves as an extension to Point Walter Road). September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT020


Bicton - Play Group

Next to the Golf Club and at the rear of The Recreation Centre is Attadale Play Group. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT021


Bicton - Point Walter Recreation Centre

Go right down Stock Road to the river then turn left and you will be in the Point Walter Recreation and Conference. This is the office. It looks old and perhaps was located to here from elsewhere? September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT022


Bicton - Point Walter Recreation Centre

One of 5 dormitories on site. Three of this size and two smaller ones. The Centre is available for schools, clubs and corporate camps/functions. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT023


Bicton - Point Walter Recreation Centre

Earth Rising. A Dolem Sculptured in Rammed Earth. This was built in 2015 to use in an annual event presented by the W.A. Men's Gathering. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT024


Bicton - Point Walter Recreation Centre

One of the team obstacles at Point Walter. September 2018. Photos Ref: BICT025

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