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The suburb of Palmyra is east of East Fremantle, bounded by Petra St, Canning Highway, Stock Rd and Sainsbury Road to the south. Palmyra falls within the City of Melville. The first subdivision occurred in 1907. Settlement was popular with working class families because of the cheap land. Palmyra was named the Syrian City (meaning City of Palms) via a council competition. Many local street names are of ancient middle eastern origin e.g. Tamar, Zenobia

West to East Fremantle  

Palmyra - Canning Highway Shops

PowerHouse Surf and Shibuku Japanese Takeaway on Canning Highway close to Stock Road. September 2018. Photos Ref: PALM001


Palmyra - Canning Highway Shops

This row of shops face Canning Highway. An empty shop, Artistic Nails, Fong's Kitchen and MO Hair Boutique. September 2018. Photos Ref: PALM002


Palmyra - Canning Highway Shops

Still on Canning Highway, just very slightly west of the above row is Clothing Alterations. September 2018. Photos Ref: PALM003


Palmyra - Emily's Corner

At 61A Carrington Street, on the corner of Tamar Street is the cafe Emily's Corner. These premises were originally a butcher's shop built in 1930. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM004


Palmyra - Cafe 58

Diagonally opposite from Emily's at 58 Carrington Street is Cafe 58. This building was constructed circa 1900 as a delicatessen. At some later stage this was an antique shop. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM005


Palmyra - Bicycle Shop

At 14 Carrington Street, on the corner of Hammad Street, is Ace Cyclery. The shop is sparkling. A corner shop from days gone by. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM006


Palmyra - Stammers Arcade

Canning Highway very close to Petra Street. This is an entrance to Stammer's Shopping Centre. Stammer's shop operated in here from 1917 to 2000. The store is at the rear, off left of picture. Always a hugely popular store and one of the last truly independent supermarkets in Perth. It is now one of the supermarket duopoly. Great pity. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM007


Palmyra - Veterinary Hospital

On Hammad Street at the rear of Stammer's Shopping Centre is this old building which is now the Palmyra Veterinary Hospital. It seems this was once part of the Anglican Church of St Peter and St Mark which is next door. The building was erected in 1920 and could have been the rectory. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM008


Palmyra - Anglican Church

On Hammad Street is Saint Peter's Palmyra Anglican Church. The Foundation Stone reads "To The Glory of God This Stone Was Laid By Admiral Sir F.G.D. Bedford K.C.B. Governor of Western Australia July 1st 1903". Clearly this stone is one of another church building which once occupied this site. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM009


Palmyra - Primary School

The Palmyra Primary School on Zenobia Street. This was constructed and opened in 1915 although from 1913 classes were held in the former Mechanics Institute's Hall which was on the corner of Carrington and Tamar Streets. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM010


Palmyra - Primary School

A wing of the Palmyra primary school showing off the limestone blocks base construction and row of chimney stacks. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM011


Palmyra - Bakehouse Museum

The Miller Bakehouse Museum and Meeting Room on Baal Street. This was built in 1935 as Miller's Bakery. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM012


Palmyra - Miller's House

Miller's house also known as Theodore on Hammad Street, just next to the Bakehouse on Baal Street. Mr Henry Miller had this built in 1929 as his residence. He was, of course, a baker. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM013


Palmyra - Uniting Church

The Bicton Uniting Church on Canning Highway. The old and the new. The building in the foreground has a Foundation Stone which reads: "This Stone Was Laid To The Glory Of God On 16th May 1959 by Stanley R. Bray Esq. Praise Ye The Lord". June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM014


Palmyra - Seventh Day Adventist Church

The Seventh Day Adventist Church at 10 Cleopatra Street. This was probably built in the 1960's or 70's. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM015


Palmyra - Catholic Church

On Foss Street is the Catholic Our Lady Of Fatima Church. This is a recent construction. It seems that a previous church, St Gerard's (built in 1925), used to occupy this site. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM016


Palmyra - Catholic School

Next to the church on Foss Street is Our Lady of Fatima Primary School. June 2016. Photos Ref: PALM017

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