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Broomehill is a town located on the Great Southern Highway, due south of Katanning and some 305 kilometres south-east of Perth. Broomehill is on the Beverley to Albany railway which was completed in 1889 and owes its existence to such. The town was gazetted in 1890 but was not recognised by the State Government until 1897. The town was first called Broome Hill, named after Governor Frederick Broome. The name was merged into one in 1959


Broomehill - Welcome Sign

One of two welcome signs sitting alongside the Great Southern Highway. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH001


Broomehill - Welcome Sign

Another welcome sign. Take your pick. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH002


Broomehill - Hotel

The Broomehill Hotel previously known as the Imperial Hotel. This was built in 1905. The section on the left is the hotel. The building on the right was erected three years later in 1908 and looks like former commercial premises. I see a For Sale sign in the window. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH003


Broomehill - Hotel

Another view of the Broomehill Hotel probably giving a better indication of its true size. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH004

(February 2022 Update: I see in the press that this place has been closed since 2019 as no buyer could be found and that the Broomehill Village Co-Operative has now bought the pub. It needs work but a fabulous venture by the spirited locals who dug into their pockets to protect this place and rescued it. Good luck, stuff like this that do us all proud)


Broomehill - Museum

This building was originally constructed as a hall in 1898 and was used by the Roads Board. It later became the Mechanics Institute. It was consecrated as a Presbyterian Church in 1929. From 1979 the Broomehill Museum has occupied the premises. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH005


Broomehill - Roadhouse

The Broomehill Roadhouse sites alongside the main highway. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH006


Broomehill - Hall

On Great Southern Highway is the Shire Hall and former Road Board Offices. This has also been known as the Town Hall and Sheridan's Hall. A hall was erected on this site in 1928. The pictured building was constructed in 1928. The hall was refurbished in 2011. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH007


Broomehill - Shire Offices

The Shire of Broomehill-Tambellup shire offices and library sit in well-manicured gardens. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH008


Broomehill - War Memorial

In front to the shire offices is the town's war memorial. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH009


Broomehill - Jones Winery & Cafe

Jones's Building dates back to 1911. It was constructed for Mr Jones as the town's general store. This is now a winery and cafe. The name Jones has been retained. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH010


Broomehill - Post Office

The local post office on the corner of India and Journal Streets. This was erected in 1892. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH011


Broomehill - Old Cottage

An old cottage spotted which appears to be gradually falling to pieces. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH012


Broomehill - Anglican Church

St Elizabeth of Hungary Anglican Church, Broomehill. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mr and Mrs V. Greenslade in the presence for Donald, Fourth Bishop of Bunbury, on April 18th, 1953. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH013


Broomehill - CWA Rooms

The CWA rest rooms sporting their traditional blue and white colours. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH014


Broomehill - Catholic Church

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Broomehill. There is no Foundation Stone on the building. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH015


Broomehill - Railway Station

The foundation to the station building remains but all the buildings themselves have gone. Over the other side of the track you can the the hotel and further down, Jones Winery & Cafe. December 2016. Photos Ref: BRMH016

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