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Butler is right on the northern boundary of the Perth Metropolitan area. This newly developing area is north of Clarkson and east of another new locality named Brighton. The suburb is named after Mr John Butler who explored this area in 1834. Mr Butler was from Claremont and a nearby wetlands was named after him there - Butler's Swamp (now known as Lake Claremont). The City of Wanneroo named this area after Mr Butler as far back as 1979


Butler - Railway Station

This is our first look at the new Butler Station which will be the new terminus of the northern "Joondalup" train line when this station opens towards the end of 2014. Construction is well underway as you can see. October 2013. Photos Ref: BUTL001


Butler - Railway Station

The outside of Butler Station. I assume the main passenger entrance points will be from this side, serviced by buses. At the rear of the station, a large carpark is being built. The main station building is still under wraps. October 2013. Photos Ref: BUTL002


Butler - Railway Station

Here is a view from the south of the station. Interesting sweeping curved roofs. To build the rail line up to Butler, Transperth had to undertake significant re-modelling of the Neerabup rail depot south of here. October 2013. Photos Ref: BUTL003


Butler - New Rail Tracks

Looking south over a road bridge near the station. The rail tracks have been built as far as underneath the bridge. The tracks are yet to go right into the station. Electric overhead cables and supports are soon to be installed. October 2013. Photos Ref: BUTL004


Butler - Railway Station

An update on the new Butler Station. The wraps are off. The track is in. The carpark is built. Electricity has arrived. All we need now are for trains to come and go which will happen very soon. The station opened on 21 September 2014. Photo - June 2014. Photos Ref: BUTL005


Butler - Railway Station

A train awaits its trip all the way down to Mandurah. No-one on the platform except me - the other few are already on the train. Photo - January 2023. Photos Ref: BUTL006


Butler - New Avenue

A brand new avenue runs east (from this point) down towards the growing railway station and bus interchange. Land on either side of this road is obviously being developed. October 2013. Photos Ref: BUTL007


Butler - New Houses

Some new houses in Butler. Rather smart. Quite small building blocks means that houses are built relatively close to the road. October 2013. Photos Ref: BUTL008


Butler - New Houses

This photo is the rear of the new houses above. Garages are at the rear and a right-of-way provides access. October 2013. Photos Ref: BUTL009


Butler - Land Sales Office

One of many colourful land sales offices in the Butler area. October 2013. Photos Ref: BUTL010


Butler - Land for Development

To get a bit of perspective, you can see the new rail station over there in the distance, in the east. In the foreground is land which will be developed as residential and commercial properties over the next few years. October 2013. Photos Ref: BUTL011


Butler - 3 Sheets Inn

This and the next 5 photos down feature structures built on the sand opposite the station in the distance (in above pic). Here is the 3 Sheets Inn, established in 2022. January 2023. Photos Ref: BUTL012


Butler - 81 Exmouth Drive

On the corner of Butler Boulevard and Exmouth Drive, at 81, is a reasonably-sized Medical Practice facility. January 2023. Photos Ref: BUTL013


Butler - BWS and Butler Central

Where would a suburb be without its BSW. I also spied a Dan's just up the orad a bit. To the left of BWS is Butler Central, a shopping mall. January 2023. Photos Ref: BUTL014


Butler - New Empty Shops

Just up from BWS and more or less across the road from the Good Guys etc are these large but unoccupied shops. There are about three of them stretching back into the distance. They look smart and freshly built. January 2023. Photos Ref: BUTL015


Butler - Row of Stores

The Good Guys, Jaycar etc. A few cars parked here but to be honest, I only came across 2-3 other people walking around the streets and they included a security chap. Very quiet. I'll come back in a few years time to see the changes. January 2023. Photos Ref: BUTL016

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