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Up until the last few years this was the northern periphery of suburban Perth but no more - it marches on. Here is the terminus of the north-south passenger rail line thus far. One day it might extend up to Butler. This area is rapidly expanding. It extends from Marmion Avenue in the West through to where the rail station is. Mr Clarkson was apparently an early settler who owned all this land. The Shire of Wanneroo proposed the name back in 1979


Clarkson - Apartments near Railway Station

Many apartments and small houses are springing up around here undoubtedly because of the proximity to Clarkson station. This block is on the corner of Ocean Keys Boulevard and Ladera Drive. June 2008. Photos Ref: CKSN001


Clarkson - Apartments near Railway Station

An update on the above building. Downstairs is now a rather pleasant coffee shop called Somerly Centre Coffee Shop. Love the motto - "Enjoy the daily grind". January 2013. Photos Ref: CKSN002


Clarkson - Apartments near Railway Station

A streetscape just down the road from Clarkson station. I notice the name Somerly is being used quite around here, or it is a leftover land developer's name? June 2008. Photos Ref: CKSN003


Clarkson - Apartments near Railway Station

Many of these buildings have recently been completed and thus far are unoccupied. It's easy to tell whether they are occupied as the buildings go right up to the road and you can see through the front windows. June 2008. Photos Ref: CKSN004


Clarkson - Apartments near Railway Station

Another block of apartments. Same design as where the coffee shop is now but on the other end of the block. Quite good looking although they might be a bit noisy if the traffic ever builds up along this road. June 2008. Photos Ref: CKSN005


Clarkson - Shops near Railway Station

Some shops outside the Clarkson train/bus interchange. It was so quiet around here on this day. Couldn't find a deli or anything similar. They seem to be going out of style in suburbia. June 2008. Photos Ref: CKSN006


Clarkson - Shops near Railway Station

Since we last visited here in 2008, the streetscape has changed a little. A number of shops have now cropped up, including this Lucky 7 Convenience Store and its Indian Restaurant neighbour. January 2013. Photos Ref: CKSN007


Clarkson - Shops near Railway Station

Across the Ocean Keys Boulevard from the Lucky 7 store is this block of businesses - Accountants, Migration Agency and Rose's African Beauty Shop. Wish you all well. January 2013. Photos Ref: CKSN008


Clarkson - Ocean Keys Boulevard View

A view down Ocean Keys Boulevard looking west. Behind us is the train station, shops etc. This road will eventually take you out to Marmion Avenue where I suppose the main commercial area of Clarkson exists. January 2013. Photos Ref: CKSN009


Clarkson - Lake and Park

Here is a rather pleasant lake system and fountain off Ocean Keys Boulevard in Clarkson. This is an artificial lake designed to enhance community living. January 2013. Photos Ref: CKSN010


Clarkson - Railway Station

The front of the Clarkson train/bus interchange. By the time the train gets here there are not too many people left on board. Probably different in peak times though. Just after I took this a heap of school kids emerged - obviously commuting from school. June 2008. Photos Ref: CKSN011


Clarkson - Railway Station

The very end of the north-south suburban rail line. It's about a 70-minutes run all-stations from Mandurah. You'd never do that in a car! At the train station - 2 trains at the platform this Saturday! 2007. Photos Ref: CKSN012


Clarkson - Library

At the Marmion Avenue end of Clarkson on Ocean Keys Boulevard. It's all quite established at this end of town and this is the location of the principal shopping area of Clarkson. This is the the City of Wanneroo public library. June 2014. Photos Ref: CKSN013


Clarkson - Whale + Ale

Also on Ocean Keys Boulevard. is the Whale-Ale Tavern. This establishment is family owned and offers premier dining for families in a homely atmosphere. The tavern also boasts having a wide variety of beers on tap. The tavern was probably constructed during the mid 1990's. June 2014. Photos Ref: CKSN014


Clarkson - Ocean Keys

Again on Ocean Keys Boulevard. This this one entrance to the Ocean Keys shopping centre. June 2014. Photos Ref: CKSN015

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