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Chidlow is a hills community on the eastern periphery of the Perth metropolitan area some 40 kms from the city. The locality is named after early pioneer William Chidlow. The town was originally called Chidlow's Well after a nearby watering hole. The town is off the highway and the old Northam railway used to pass through the town. Lake Leschenaultia is a well-known local feature. The lake was purpose built to collect water for steam locomotives


Chidlow - Hall

Chidlow is a small community located in the hills on the eastern outskirts of the Perth metropolitan area. This is the Chidlow Hall. It was opened on 26th January, 1905. September 2010. Photos Ref: CHID001


Chidlow - Post Office

The Chidlow post office and newsagency. This is reportedly one of the oldest surviving buildings in town. September 2010. Photos Ref: CHID002


Chidlow - Inn

The Chidlow Inn was constructed in 1908 following the destruction by fire of an earlier establishment, the Oxford Inn, which was located on a site slightly north of here. The new building (this one) was the New Oxford Hotel. The hotel was re-named as the Chidlow Inn Tavern in 1973. September 2010. Photos Ref: CHID003


Chidlow - Inn

Looking down the front of the Tavern on a December Monday morning. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID004


Chidlow - Real Estate Plus

Real Estate Plus office on the main street, Thomas Street. The building is thought to be of 1940's vintage. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID005


Chidlow - Shopping Centre

This main shopping centre, off the main street, on Rosedale Road. This is the liquor-store and growers market. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID006


Chidlow - Wesco Petrol Station

Next door to the liquor store is this service station. It's a Wesco garage, which is be pretty uncommon brand. That unusual structure next to the petrol pumps looks like an old pay station. Behind is the butcher's shop. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID007


Chidlow - Old School Site

Near the corner of Thomas Street and Old Northam Road is the site of the original Chidlow's Well school - 1897 to 1952. The well was erected in honour of pioneer William Chidlow in 1951. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID008


Chidlow - Old Shop

You can see these old shops all over the place. Trading has ceased and the property has been transformed into a residence. It's a nice touch to retain the front verandah. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID009


Chidlow - Catholic Church

On the Old Northam Road, this is the Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church. The Foundation Stone proclaims the dedication and opening of the church. This was on 16th December 1956 by the Most Reverend R. Prendiville, Archbishop of Perth. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID010


Chidlow - War Memorial

Chidlow's War Memorial located in the park in the centre of town. October 2018. Photos Ref: CHID011


Chidlow - Lake Leschenaultia Entrance

Lake Leschenaultia is a man-made lake which was formed when the Cookes Brook was dammed in 1897 to provide water for steam locomotives on the passing railway. This is the entrance to the park. $6.00 per car. (Later update: The entrance fee has since been abolished). December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID012


Chidlow - Lake Leschenaultia Stokers Kiosk

Stokers Kiosk and Cafe in the park where you can get a drink, a bite to eat and some fun swimming toys. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID013


Chidlow - Lake Leschenaultia and Pontoon

Looking across to the dam wall from the beach just down from the kiosk. That pontoon out there is a popular place to swim out to. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID014


Chidlow - Lake Leschenaultia

From the dam wall looking back towards the beach near the kiosk. A good safe place to swim and a few people were in the water today. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID015


Chidlow - Lake Leschenaultia

Looking across the lake across the pontoon-like structure. The structure is actually only about 60-70 metres from shore. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID016


Chidlow - Lake Leschenaultia Canoe Hire

Anyone for a canoe? It's not open today as there is hardly anyone here as it's not particularly warm and it's also a Monday, albeit in the school holidays. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID017


Chidlow - Chidlow's Well Railway Station

This Chidlow's Well railway station has been more or less whited-out off the park map. It's still here though! Perhaps once a light tourist rail attraction but the track has now been lifted. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID018


Chidlow - Chidlow's Well Railway Station

Looking down the platform of Chidlow's Well train station. December 2011. Photos Ref: CHID019

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