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Churchlands Edith Cowan University

On the west side of Pearson Street in Churchlands was, up until 2008, the Churchlands campus of Edith Cowan University. Edith Dircksey Cowan was the first woman elected into an Australian Parliament (W.A. 1920 - 1924). In 1982, several colleges were amalgamated forming the Western Australian College of Advanced Education. The College was granted university status in 1991. ECU now has campuses in Nedlands, Claremont, Bunbury and Joondalup


Churchlands ECU - Library

This is the ECU campus on Pearson Street, Churchlands. The last university semester held here was Semester 1, 2008. Soon to be demolished, the land is being sold for residential construction. The blocks are selling for around $500,000 each. Considering the prime location and the price of land in Perth in 2008, they sound like quite a reasonable deal. This is a photo of the university library. March 24 2008. Photos Ref: CECU001 (Since whole campus demolished)


Churchlands ECU - Building 10

Here is Building 10 where the cafeteria etc is. March 24 2008. Photos Ref: CECU002


Churchlands ECU - Walkway past Administration Centre

Looking along the walkway past the book shop towards the Admin Offices at the west end of the campus. March 24 2008. Photos Ref: CECU003


Churchlands ECU - Campus Map

The University Campus map outside the Administration offices. March 24 2008. Photos Ref: CECU004


Churchlands ECU - Administration Offices

The walkway outside the Administration Offices. March 24 2008. Photos Ref: CECU005


Churchlands ECU - Walkway

The walkway from the Administration Offices going down to the Business, Computing & Mathematics buildings and laboratories. March 24 2008. Photos Ref: CECU006


Churchlands ECU - School of Business

Building 17 is part of the School of Business. March 24 2008. Photos Ref: CECU007


Churchlands ECU - Entrance

How things have changed. All of the E.C.U. has been demolished and turned into housing. This is a view up what is now Alumni Terrace and what was once the main entrance to the University off Pearson Street. May 2012. Photos Ref: CECU008


Churchlands ECU - Pearson Street

These houses are on Pearson Street and occupy land that used to be University lawns and the main car park outside the administration centre and a lecture hall. May 2012. Photos Ref: CECU009

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